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Microsoft Build 2019 Keynote in under 14 minutes

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Text Comments (704)
Edmé Keahi (1 day ago)
I just read the title and did not watch the video but why is it a keynote?!?!?! What happend to pp?
Chinmaya Dhiman (2 days ago)
Google now does all that faster and accurate
Rajiev Ramjatan (3 days ago)
cant wait to slash monsters like in sao in the future
Georgi Ivanov (3 days ago)
Having retarded conversation with my voice assistant while walking is definitely turning me on... :)
Richard Song (3 days ago)
the lady is not following her plan and change all the time just base on prompt up info. like a child
lmotaku (3 days ago)
As customer and client experiences plummet because no personal interest in them is made whatsoever. Everything is done digitally. Nobody has to talk unless absolutely necessary.
Logen M (3 days ago)
Microsoft should ask scripting from Ubisoft. Those guys know how to script better than the actual final product.
David Cooltions (3 days ago)
I only skimmed through but I don't think I saw a single white person.
Edited USA (3 days ago)
It shoul like knows atleast knows what you do Or understand what you saying
lin gao (4 days ago)
trash system, shitty update, bunch of fuxking bugs
Laban Le Fleur (4 days ago)
Props to them for trying to act it all out without stuttering.
adianblabla (4 days ago)
Microsoft should rename itself Indiasoft.
Tharun Ishaan (4 days ago)
The fact is everyone in Indian here
Lj Jones (4 days ago)
Hasibur Rahman (5 days ago)
Looks like Microsoft is an Indian company as all of the presenters here are Indian immigrants 😆
Azfar Thakur (5 days ago)
Hello may I help you ok come again. No thanks
Rupel padhy (5 days ago)
Can anyone tell what's it about ?. The summary of the video. I want to watch it , but after 2 mins, I realised I just can't
Vinayak Malkari (5 days ago)
4:41 71 degrees, Are you serious cortana?
Sagar W (4 days ago)
71 Degrees Fahrenheit
ali mojarrad (5 days ago)
Microsoft The company with tons of great inventions and break through technologies Given to the worst presenters in the world to market it
ゆうた (5 days ago)
There's such a disconnect between how milennials and the older generations use technology. They tried the same thing with SecondLife back in the day. We as the milennials don't want this VR/AR bullshit. If you need to join a meeting remotely, just use a videocall like a normal human being.
rohit11g (5 days ago)
Where these guyz are taking this once Awsome company!! Sad for Gates !!
Ashwin Asp (5 days ago)
2.53-5.25 This is the reason why people feel lonely. Why the heck are you talking to your phone about places to eat, weather and so on? Make some friends for that.
Morgan Kodysz (5 days ago)
We added more phone bloatware into our desktop os....Great 🙄🙄
Odd Tsunami (5 days ago)
Google says hi..
Ebenezer Mondez (5 days ago)
is she using an iphone?
Easy Ebs (5 days ago)
The holo lens demo reminded me how terrible Kinect was for Microsoft
Easy Ebs (5 days ago)
What a garbage holo lens demo and the ar Minecraft thing...just stupid Microsoft cmon get a better PR team
the king (5 days ago)
Holi sheeeet🤯 . Lots of people losing jobs 😂
John Smith (5 days ago)
Same price though
beatemprod (5 days ago)
whats with the obsession of talking to VAs like real people "yes that would be great"... nah just yes, ok, no... orders are enough, i need it to make appointments by voice commands not be my friend, like if people were that friendly with their real assistants.
Fitit (5 days ago)
Very cool. I switched from Apple last year to Win 10 pro on a Surface Pro and it's easy to use and I get a lot of work done. I bought the Dock Block for $137.00 and built a Win 10 Pro Desktop with Monitor for under $900.00 It's easy to transfer files and have real backups of all my stuff. I like Microsoft because they employ a lot of Americans. Also it is nice that they have a Store I can go into and get help.
Merthalophor (5 days ago)
Being rich just got even more amazing
Owner Free (5 days ago)
Schedule my shit for tuesday, NO correction! Now!?!
Troy Valos (6 days ago)
I wonder what new and exciting plans they have for breaking more of their older applications!?!
Imran Hasan (6 days ago)
Cortana on iOS lol
Pulkit Kumar (6 days ago)
Jesus at 3:35, who speaks so loudly while going to office in office lobby. Man, my office is so quite, lol
Krish J (6 days ago)
had to think of the movie "Her". Imagine one day, everyone is talkting/ having funny conversations with their phones with an AI instead of a friend, colleague, mom, dog? where are we going? Notice I didn't include wife/husband :D :D :D
Sob Phiri (6 days ago)
Call me old fashioned, but I write down my schedule so much easier hussle free.
Shandy Sulen (6 days ago)
That dude really wanted to finish up that Fluid demo
Total GAMIX (6 days ago)
9:45 am i the only one who is really impressed by that? Its the beginning of ready player one lol😂😍
Ayush Gupta (6 days ago)
Oh man magic is going on the hololens part
Rob Austen (6 days ago)
MineCraft VR tho
Mohammed Shafei (6 days ago)
Maybe fix office freeze and slow down problems first...
R Sauvalle (6 days ago)
Cool but the diversity factor is almost at a cringe level. 70% Indians?
Harris Murtaza (6 days ago)
Meanwhile window can't search a simple folder or file that is placed on the desktop and you can see it.
Ravish Sharma (6 days ago)
Transcript from Sonia says different to what she is actually saying. 1:02
Aniket Kapse (6 days ago)
Im I the only one who thinks no one cares and no one is gonna use this crap?
Amellia Mendel (6 days ago)
So essentially nothing new, try back next year
Hitul Shah (6 days ago)
Why she is using Apple iPhone instead of windows?
alex (7 days ago)
Benjamin Macintosh
Red Ninja (7 days ago)
I wish my windows search is as fast as Google :)
Jansher Khan (7 days ago)
And yes we are in the future now.
Jansher Khan (7 days ago)
Who else caught editing fault at 5:06 when assistant says (Tuesday 10 am) and on the screen was it (Monday 10 am) 😂😂
chao cui (7 days ago)
after windows mobile died, now cortana runs on iphone...
Wenzel Massag (7 days ago)
Ok, that Assistant scene was perfect. Now, when will this happen? Because right now this is so far off reality, it’s almost funny.
Mr Rivera (7 days ago)
This makes Siri and alexa look terrible 🤗🤗
WulfCry (7 days ago)
I'll bet if you turn the filter off, You'll see the real technology "Isn't working like that at all". None can beat Google, Alexa or Siri. None can make it like them. I pity Cortana its just a NPC character from a game fueled by software that can't up the ante.
Aditya Aserkar (7 days ago)
Indians seem to be taking over all the keynotes, and yet Cortana cannot pronounce names properly!
Emtiaz Abrar (7 days ago)
They are trying to make same stuff that google already have since last couple of years. Why can't they just give up on internet explorer! And the augmented reality for corporate meetings is too early like their Windows phones
Juan Pablo Melo (7 days ago)
4:22 dude.. I'd never be friends with her.. shit
tpnguyen88 (7 days ago)
Use case for new tech like Spatial starts with 'p'
Mike Trieu (7 days ago)
The forced artifice in some of these presenters is off the charts. It's one thing to be upbeat, but quite another to cram your humanity into the Uncanny Valley.
Mark Simpson (7 days ago)
2:53 who wants these chatty bots? I don't want to start my day with "Say Yes for English".
Better Life Reviews (7 days ago)
What's sad is that they have some really cool technology, but they just aren't any good at presenting it. Meanwhile Apple's technology is much more simple, but they make it seem like it's amazing.
Swastik Singh (8 days ago)
most of the tech industries has nothing more to contribute now a days .Everything is already almost saturated
Arch 2D2 (8 days ago)
save money with *HEIKO*
Pinetree1984 (8 days ago)
11:00 I almost vomited, had to skip this shitty hollow lens horror movie
00:07 -> This is what happens when Robin sharma loses too much weight ! 02:22 -> Imagine to cross domains and create 1 app to work with IBM/Google/Apple/Microsoft, maybe tatz wat he means ! :-) 04:18 -> Looks like the lady is busy scheduling meetings allday, but does she attend 'em ? "Remind me, did I miss all of my meetings last week ?"
Bavani Sankar (8 days ago)
Collections is WOW! Cortana would be wow if it works like in the video, though.
Patrick Lynch (8 days ago)
Well that was weird
4DDi (8 days ago)
Stop creating features and make Windows MODULAR first. I don't want 99% of the crap in Windows. I just want it to be for ME.
JackHasFriends (8 days ago)
Cortanas reputation has bombed so much I don't think anyone will learn to trust it again.
Lau Yick Sing (8 days ago)
why are they using an iPhone for the demo?
The Flash (8 days ago)
No Edge No Chrome We are Firefox
James Valentine (10 hours ago)
No edge no chrome no firefox We are Netscape Navigator
Dinesh Kumar (8 days ago)
4:18 Isn't she using an iPhone for the Google's assistant preview........???? 😲
Jules Dias (8 days ago)
This woman doesn't reply to a single text, just talks to her phone.
Kalp Kumud Kumar (8 days ago)
how many indians do you have in microsoft ???
Eric Willoughby (8 days ago)
I feel like Apple did this same conference over 5 years ago.
XxMrWink3rxX (8 days ago)
Yeah nobody is going to walk around their office talking at their phone about rescheduling all their meetings. This is why assistants have never really taken off
Shubham Tripathi (9 days ago)
This is some really cool & powerful tech being built! Much more productive & relevant than the useless tech at Google or the dating apps that FB is building..
whats in a name? (9 days ago)
Wow! I am amazed!
Gajendra Karle (9 days ago)
The last best product from Microsoft was Azure. I am not seeing anything exciting after that.
g gerace (9 days ago)
Most people will never need any of these features.
Phoenix Ultimate (9 days ago)
11:52 This is gonna be a meme
Osama Anjum (9 days ago)
4:45 Retard Units
Arthur N (9 days ago)
4:45 not an independent woman, she needs her phone to do everything for her...
Monie Yang (9 days ago)
one day AI robot will take over the earth...
Anupam Mahato (9 days ago)
iPhone using cortana
Suning Starseeker (9 days ago)
Damn the new White Win 10 interface along with new Edge look so cool!! Cant wait for the May Update!!
EMAX (9 days ago)
*YAWN* talk to me when cortana even gets close to Google Assistant LUL only thing I'm impressed by is hollolense and the new terminal
RandomTalkingGuy (9 days ago)
Elitist Prince Dizzy (9 days ago)
I cannot wait to unistalled chrome so bad... If it wasn't for some of the extensions that I have I would use a different browser
James Valentine (10 hours ago)
You can use Edge Chromium version Right now... and it's seems stable...
Luredreier (9 days ago)
Hum... Ok, I might actually reinstall edge then... It still won't be my main browser anytime soon. But at least it has shifted from being useless to me to becoming something I might actually use occasionally.
Scott Wallace (9 days ago)
They are pretty late to google docs haha
Liam H (9 days ago)
Wouldn't be a Microsoft keynote without sweaty armpits
Achyuta Krishna (9 days ago)
Great work whole microsoft team. Sathya ( Truth) proved Bill gates trust on him. one of the finest decision Bill Gate made in 21st century. Sathya not only saved microsoft from greatest struggle to greatest company for next generation. Somany old alumini of Microsoft employees to should thank him in big way. Sathya has more challenges in his day to day family life. Still he focused on his own dream. That is called commitment. God bless you Sathya. Live long. He opened new Takshasila in USA. USA is building capitalist economy. India ( esp South India ) is producing knowledge people to world. India need PM's like Sathya, not Modi.
R Sauvalle (6 days ago)
That guy just too sjw
Ted (10 days ago)
looks pretty shit lmao
A1 B2 (10 days ago)
Yura Burmistrov (10 days ago)
I too have to organize at least 50 meetings, send 200 messages and complete 500 schedule entries on a daily basis
kevin jensen (10 days ago)
And still no page width option in Onenote :P

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