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Skipsea Coastal Erosion . Road falling into sea. East Yorkshire. Video 1.

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This is part of the old coastal road between Skipsea and Ulrome that runs through the camp sites. Until a few years ago, you were able to drive along it and buses went on it daily. It is sadly falling into the sea due to the coastal erosion
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The Source (9 months ago)
the sea is now nearly level with the fish and chip shop on skipsea sands. Surly you would think everyone would chip in and make some wire boxes with stones in like you see on other parts of the cost to stop erosion?
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Charlotte Murphy (4 years ago)
I was at Skipsea a couple of days ago and the road is completely gone and the arcades are derelict. The cliffs are now up against the end of the houses back gardens. I went in July and it has got worse since then. The reason why it's eroding so fast is because the land is clay and Flamborough's land is chalk, so the rate of erosion is slower there and faster at Skipsea. If the government would put sea defences there, it would slow down the rate of erosion and help people and businesses to stay put for longer.
Mark Cooper (4 years ago)
I checked this out last year and the road is now totally gone. The amusement arcade is still there - but the old owner Charlie seems to have sold up and retired. 
Bernice Field (5 years ago)
I used to live along Green Lane, and drove to work along this road.
Mark Wood (1 month ago)
The memories you have must be great, I've walked on this road dozens of times from the late sixties up to mid eighties and I have many fond memories ,I can remember one of the bungalows was called red roofs, happy days.
BILLYnKAREN (5 years ago)
Thank you for uploading, great memories of Skipsea / Ulrome in the 1960's n 70's. Went to revisit after 40 years on 21/09/13, even this bit of road, and more, has gone since you filmed it. My parents had a caravan on the front overlooking the sea, where the amusements were, there was about 20 caravans between the road and the cliffs in the late 60's, now not even the road is there. Very sad for all us that have memories of great holidays and great friends to meet every summer.
SophieeElizabethh95 (6 years ago)
Wow this scares me, only seems like 2 minutes since we used to drive round there, we haven't been to our caravan in ages but last time we went there was absolutely nothing left of the road
matt kemp (7 years ago)
Just been there this week and almost nothing is left of that road.a lot has gone since last year.
Mickdavis94 (8 years ago)
Went there today and im sure that road isnt there anymore! along with part of the caravan sight. If i was in the right place. the road by the entrance to the caravan site?

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