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SML Movie: Fat Jeffy

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Jeffy gets fat because he won't eat his vegetables.
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robin roque (10 minutes ago)
Nigga Dick (11 minutes ago)
My favorite thing to eat is pussy
BIllal Bah (30 minutes ago)
Pause at 5:51, jeffy's butt
simon sanchez (1 hour ago)
I like to eat cock
Hector R. Briceño (1 hour ago)
i fot parints eat helthy im 6
nakaya church (1 hour ago)
100 likes=I get a jeffy puppet online
coolenderman 2000jr (2 hours ago)
Bad bunny
ultra instinct luigi (2 hours ago)
7:43 hes not wrong
werewolf YT (2 hours ago)
Im a carnivore i hate vegetables im a wolf not a plant eater
Branden Malone (2 hours ago)
Why does Jeffy say his dad is high when he's screaming and he looks like he's high just screaming at his dad
Li'l t Byrd (2 hours ago)
My favorite thing to eat is DEEZ nUTz
Jiggles Puff (3 hours ago)
Why does he have three ads on this video lol
Rayaan Faizan (3 hours ago)
Extra dip no 9s
Kerion Harness (3 hours ago)
My favorite thing to eat is pussy
Pedro Ortega (4 hours ago)
Is it me or jeffy sounded like goodman when he said fuck
Rachael Kayode (4 hours ago)
I don’t like to eat ANY vegetables (except for corn) but yet I’m still skinny and NOT underweight...
Rachael Kayode (4 hours ago)
Mario: You’re not getting any dessert until all those green beans are gone! Jeffy: Well, Abra-F*cking-Cadabra, B**ch!!! I’m literally dying😂😂😂😂 Mario: Jeffy, you know all this dessert is bad for you, right? Jeffy: Well, you know all that crack and smoke is bad for YOU, right?
MatkoPro 2 (4 hours ago)
So i have to eat my balls 🍓that are between my [email protected] ?
Yaboywildcat Lopypopy (4 hours ago)
One like equals one brain cell for Jeffy
My fav is lasagna pizza burger oreos sphagetti omlete chocolate and who knows what else
David Foor (5 hours ago)
How did you make him fat
connor rk800 (6 hours ago)
07:24 wow best joke 09:28 yep
1:39 if all those green beans are gone you get desert WELL ABRA FUCKIN KADABRA BITCH
My favorite thing to eat is biscuits and gravy
im crazy 64 (6 hours ago)
Don't like vegetables but like fruit
Gaming Master (6 hours ago)
Mroie is fucking hight
Mr. Beast (6 hours ago)
XxDark AnglexX (6 hours ago)
SML answer: my favorite thing to eat is yo fat ex wife
dafq alhosani (7 hours ago)
Cats are awesome (7 hours ago)
This was so funny😂 it made me spit out my coffee all over my desk
Theresa McShane (8 hours ago)
High as fuck!!!!!!!!!,!!,!,!!
Elizibeth Arreola (8 hours ago)
1 like= how many times jeffy said fuck
TristanIsLive! (8 hours ago)
What happened to Mario and spaghetti
Darcy Doherty (8 hours ago)
My mum chicken curry
Cason Haynes (8 hours ago)
Favourite thing to eat is anything and everything
XxLittleGxX 111 (8 hours ago)
Tech No (9 hours ago)
Sausage rolls
Amber Pangan (9 hours ago)
i like pizza
Ken Tendo (10 hours ago)
This is how high Mario is...(One like=one ciggerate) | | | V
Isaiah Noriega (10 hours ago)
Mexican food
Lachlan 1 (12 hours ago)
At 7:24 he said thats what she said
Julian Begay (12 hours ago)
7:50 #FourthWallBreak
hello kitty pop (12 hours ago)
jeffy+all the foods=fat jeffy
Willie Gurule (13 hours ago)
Pussy is my favorite thing to eat
The Tiger (13 hours ago)
Cocolate cake with dobble ice cream
Lucas Davies (13 hours ago)
PROJECT ZORGO Member (13 hours ago)
Maria is a savage it’s hard to suck then Mario that’s what she said
The Gold3n Gam3r (14 hours ago)
From The Amazing World of Gumball. That big huge 10 foot meat sack that Richard Watterson ordered at the shop.
hanshuey broqueza (14 hours ago)
My favorite to eat is potato's and meat
Castillo Brothers show (14 hours ago)
I will be made 😡 if I have to 🍅
hanshuey broqueza (14 hours ago)
Mario just give him a egg
Mario: when all the green beans are gone you get dessert Jeffy: *aggressively knocks green beans off the table* *"WELL ABRHA FUCKING KADABRA BITCH"* I laughed way harder than I should have
XxBoicusxX 25 (15 hours ago)
wait y does jeffy need to move if he can levitate
Sieha Jones (15 hours ago)
Like if agree👌👌
Sieha Jones (15 hours ago)
He said daddy you must be high as hell
XxBoicusxX 25 (15 hours ago)
video made 5 dayz before X died
XxBoicusxX 25 (15 hours ago)
actually ppl who r older have to eat veggies kids same but kids can eat bad food yall feel me
Hãrmøńie W. (15 hours ago)
~ *pAsS mE a TwInKiE dAdDy* ~ -Jeffy Jeffy
Staring into the sunset. (15 hours ago)
Logan Perez (15 hours ago)
One like=Mario is a shit
Sitaiai Ioane (15 hours ago)
HellNo I will not eat my vegetables
Craig Jr (15 hours ago)
duckplayer Goldvalut (16 hours ago)
End the beg for likes
scorpion mortal kombat x (16 hours ago)
Jeffy:i'm not fat Me:i'm thicc
Cars are Cool (16 hours ago)
Mine is fruit roll up
Cars are Cool (16 hours ago)
I know yours is your mom
Nkume oof (16 hours ago)
Why does Mario not beat jeffies ass already
jose gamer (16 hours ago)
CAN You Kids STOP asking for likes
PlaidHangover (16 hours ago)
One like 👍🏻 one more puff for daddy I I I I I I I I V
Julian Begay (12 hours ago)
PlaidHangover So he’s not high anymore
Kaldima Sumbasi (16 hours ago)
Chocolate donuts with the filling inside
Isaiah.edits (17 hours ago)
Trust me it’s good
Isaiah.edits (17 hours ago)
My fav food is at fries Oreos with cheese sauce on it
Angel Gomez (17 hours ago)
My favorite food to eat is pizza
Crisel Elias (17 hours ago)
Expired celery
Supreme Killer (17 hours ago)
Supreme Killer (17 hours ago)
Supreme Killer (17 hours ago)
Supreme Killer (17 hours ago)
5:08 doe
Blue Gacha (18 hours ago)
Plot twist... Mario: tell me when to stop Jeffry: ... Mario: tell me when to...stop 10 hours later Mario:tell me w..when Jeffy Jeffy: when Mario: J...JEFFY Jeffy: this is what I wanted Btw the house was covered with chocolate sauce
gg furries animated (18 hours ago)
and with the onion too, omg i love b.t.g more than jeffy
Mario is super super high af
Greydis_ Vlogs_! (18 hours ago)
1like=Mario gets fat and jeffy makes fun of him
gg furries animated (18 hours ago)
i love how fuking random it got with the levitation
Greydis_ Vlogs_! (18 hours ago)
I love to eat cupcakes but my favorite vegetable is lettuce
M3RK DayThreeFilms (18 hours ago)
My favorite thing to eat is penis
T o a s t i i e (18 hours ago)
It'sDee (18 hours ago)
Jeffry weight over 9000!!!!!!
Dankey Wolf (18 hours ago)
How else is looking at the comments and all you see is like how much ???
Mayson Wheeler (18 hours ago)
Cereal but instead of milk mayonnaise and Coca-Cola mixed together
Elias Karadaglis (18 hours ago)
I like shit a big shit
Richard Encinas (18 hours ago)
Jeffy cuss out his dad
Jelly baby Time (19 hours ago)
My fave thing to eat it corn dogs
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
A lot of poor people and lots of poor kids eat garbage.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Lots of poor people are eating garbage sand dirt.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Poor people don’t have anything to eat, they’re all hungry and unhealthy. Their bodies are too thin because they all look like twigs and sticks. And then they die.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Poor kids and poor people have no food, they’re all very very very hungry.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
I got my body fat removed at the youth hospital. The doctors helped me out by using a straw like tube to get rid of the fat cells in the persons body, to prevent weight gain.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
All these people in the land are very poor. So much poor people.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
They’re all crying very hungry.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
They get sick and then they die.
Gabby Gonzales (19 hours ago)
One like that is how fat Jeffy is
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
I think we should probably get jeffys fat cells removed at the hospital for a whole body weight loss surgery. That doesn’t even hurt at all, it was just like the day I got my epidermal cyst bump removed at the McMaster children’s hospital in downtown Hamilton, that did not hurt at all and I was not scared.
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Mister Choi (Doctor/Specialist) (Asian)
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Mortimer, be quiet! Mortimer shook his head yes.
Big bad Pandas (5 hours ago)
Daniela Karaula die
Ethan Arellano (19 hours ago)
1 Like = how many times jeffy pats his diaper
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Medicine (Freezie medicine) (Medicine freezie) (In the freezer) (In the medicine cabinet)
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
POPSICLES/FREEZIES (One-year Old Baby girl)
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
LIKE A BOY (Just like a boy)👦🏽 (Boy) (Baby boy) (Little boy) (It’s a boy) (Patch) (Nikola) (Jesus)
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Benjamin’s ball (Taken from big comfy couch episode “hoopla”) (Hoopla - Episode from the big comfy couch series 2)
Daniela Karaula (19 hours ago)
Benjamin’s ball bounces away

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