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To Live 1994, Full movie with English subtitle

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LUBOV YANG (26 minutes ago)
Sophia’s Vlogs (20 hours ago)
This film is truly amazing. I forget that this is a movie sometimes. The acting and the plots are so real and genuine. Bravo to the casts and director. A great insights to how their lives were back in the days.
georgewu5 (1 day ago)
China needed the communism to get rid of the feudal corruption with greedy government officials such as Sung and Kung, the relatives of Chiang. Then China needed Deng to open the market economy, the urge to make money for oneself, the selfish nature of the human instinct! China is very strong today, even have nuclear bombs to protect the country. No more Opium Wars! No more 8 nations entering Bejing. No more Korean war! And Vietnam war is probably the last war to fight unless someone starting the nuclear war to end the entire world! George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2018-10-21
Xiangyang Zhao (2 days ago)
georgewu5 (2 days ago)
I agree with fee1776 and Leii star completely. The history was all about the human struggle. and the survival is for the fittest as Darwin said ! George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2018-10-21
cui wenquan (2 days ago)
er asdef (2 days ago)
ze yu (2 days ago)
Xia Raymond (3 days ago)
Maria Magpile (4 days ago)
What an Excellent MOVIE this is,truly deserving of an Award! Excellent Script,Direction and Performance by the actors! Thank you for sharing this video with English translation which would allow many more people to watch it ,enjoy it and be able to appreciate and have better understanding of its culture. Let's have many more chinese movies of this kind with English translation! GOD BLESS YOU!
lisa wang (4 days ago)
太苦了 这部电影 不忍心在看下去
爱你呦! (4 days ago)
不可以为空 (5 days ago)
越看越抑郁 唉
Lehnsherr Eric (5 days ago)
Whenever I watch this film, it can always make me cry. I guess the history is too brutal
M C (6 days ago)
Jiayue Ma (6 days ago)
Nika S (6 days ago)
First time, chiken - goose - sheep - ox - communism, second time, he did not say communism, he had knew it is not a good thing.
无棱 (8 days ago)
popopo1976 (9 days ago)
popopo1976 (9 days ago)
+Changping Brunei nau **
Changping Brunei (9 days ago)
popopo1976 我看到哭了。
Guohui Liu (9 days ago)
Tiger Spills The Wine (9 days ago)
The chairmen Mao portrait makes me want kfc
Zhang Henry (9 days ago)
Zhang Henry (9 days ago)
说起来,当年去老蒋棺椁前,只点了个头。我没鞠躬 人生还剩下毛没有去 人太多 希望毕生能完成这个愿望 去太祖爷棺椁前转一圈
Zhi Wang (9 days ago)
黄有光 (10 days ago)
Miriam Pazzaglini (11 days ago)
What is the name of the song in the beginning of the film?
Gene X (10 days ago)
Miriam Pazzaglini 似水流年time flies like running water
工农兵团结起来 (12 days ago)
爱你呦! (6 days ago)
工农兵团结起来 希望饿死的那几千万人能让你安息。希望被文革逼疯的科学家,文学家能原谅你这B话。
工农兵团结起来 (8 days ago)
+无棱 对,。观音土压饿。
无棱 (9 days ago)
Thef Thl (13 days ago)
葛优 倪大红演的啊 哈哈
Sasha Lamb (14 days ago)
Danjie Su (14 days ago)
Jiawei Hu (14 days ago)
Gong Kai (15 days ago)
romeo9782 (15 days ago)
great movie all the tragedies this family suffered and yet persevered to the end excellent acting.
HB H (16 days ago)
Yu Zhang (16 days ago)
田景云 (16 days ago)
China has two worlds. Internal and external of the system. Majority people live outside of the system without enough live conditions, freedom, and dignity over 2000 years. Communism plus authoritarian tradition = to the modern China.
Dr Majid Awan (16 days ago)
best movie ever,made my chinese even better than before, actually i watch chinese movies to improve my Chinese language skills :)
Charles Zhang (16 days ago)
翻译也是跪了 翻译的太丑了
Typhoon Chaisarn (17 days ago)
Fine movie
刘清 (17 days ago)
we can not make so exllent movie like this any more now。the goverment doesn't allow
Richard Anderson (17 days ago)
A very fine piece of story telling. This is a great film.
georgewu5 (18 days ago)
Any foreigner, even some Chinese traitors would love to see China is miserable forever ! like the two opium wars the Jew Rothschild with his opium from India , along with the British gun boats, took advantage of China again and again ! George Wu, ARCHITCT, A.I.A., NCARB 2018-10-5
贾龙 (18 days ago)
易居岩 (19 days ago)
many years ago,china was so poor.but today she is very different.i have a peace environment,and i can enter college,get a job to make money.although china is not a wonderful country,she give me a good life.thank you,my hometown.
易居岩 (6 hours ago)
r u chinese?
刘清 (17 days ago)
You must work for the government.don't lie to the world for the money the government give you
Hang Su (19 days ago)
I read the this movie’s original novel at 15 and I depressed for 2 months. Believe me, Director had mercy in this movie... It is more miserable in the novel...
c山龙隐秀 (20 days ago)
令人流泪 活着
Ken (21 days ago)
These people can really make good movie.
Yuchen Xue (21 days ago)
can't watch it wanna cry
Alan Medina (21 days ago)
Very good story and acting a Gem.
gu zhan (21 days ago)
forbidded movie in China? Great one, i like those movie with theme of great ear changes
胡凌翔 (23 days ago)
it reflcts an era,a crazy era.which our young people do not experience.after watching it ,i realize how big change in china in the past 70 years,living today,i feel so lucky. 电影反应了过去那段疯狂的时代,那段我们90后,00后没有经历过的时代。这几十年来我们生活水平飞速提高,我感到非常幸运生活在现在。
Robert Snopkiewicz (23 days ago)
Great actors; great movie - the lesson for today and for future.
T smith (24 days ago)
politics & history aside, it is difficult seeing good people hurting - Chinese/American...whoever. This movie touches me like no other, California, USA
Kay Chen (24 days ago)
Xiaolin Sun (3 days ago)
Shirley Wang (19 days ago)
孙红康 (24 days ago)
James Lee (24 days ago)
Jun Liu (25 days ago)
他是故意输光财产的 时代的大背景下 个人的梦想 只能隐藏于心 起码他懂得亲人的可贵 我 亦能懂你
shoubo Zhou (25 days ago)
Poh Soon Sim (25 days ago)
黄彬源 (26 days ago)
xinren wang (26 days ago)
This is the china's Forrest Gump, but more touching, with more life and more pain, and more real.
Sandeep P S (26 days ago)
Long live Zhang Yimou. Gem of a movie.
ecugag (27 days ago)
maria revantene (27 days ago)
So beautiful film..
antonio veruar (27 days ago)
文化大革命是中国有史以来最黑暗的时期。 当时的人为了维护毛泽东所谓的无产阶级社会主义已经达到了疯狂的地步,这导致我国文化受到了无底线的破坏。 毛泽东领导的“新中国”在科技和文化落后了最少20年,直到改革开放。 而现在的中国人却把毛泽东这样的独裁暴君当作神一样,这是非常讽刺的。 有不同意见的在下面留言。
georgewu5 (5 days ago)
​Mao and Deng were among the great Chinese leaders ! George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2018-10-18
li zi (5 days ago)
zhang ting (15 days ago)
심일남 (17 days ago)
拿毛当神的人,是自己也能成神,可是时代变了,别 做梦了
amazingdany (27 days ago)
Thx for uploading this great film. I watched this movie back in the 90s on tv and I was glued to the screen. Absolutely incredible! So many good sequences and one I liked was the military running down the hills at 38:52. If there was such a thing as a Chinese New Wave, it was certainly among the best. I hope it'll never be deleted!
Bing Yang (27 days ago)
Evans Lin (27 days ago)
OMG Its So Chinese Style!
X Z (28 days ago)
King Cong (28 days ago)
simon wang (29 days ago)
It sounds strange, but this movie makes me feel nostalgic. Not for all the turmoil and suffering, but for the humbleness of Fugui and Jiazhen, the pure innocence of Fengxia and Youqing, the loyalty of Chunsheng and the kindness of the village cadre. Also the warm smiles of the villagers and they got together and the comraderie of Erxi's fellow workers. I used to see that everywhere in China. You can still find some of it in small towns and villages but these qualities have slowly faded away.
Ann Zee (29 days ago)
A great film indeed. That was a time that you have to thank Mao and communist party on your wedding day. Because Mao is more benevolent than your own parents!
Chen Cai (29 days ago)
Elisa Li (24 days ago)
Chen Cai 没错 还有演她老公的姜武 哈哈
Stephen Li (29 days ago)
Elisa Li (24 days ago)
我也是先看霸王别姬再看活着 最,
xiaoguang ye (1 month ago)
xiaoguang ye (18 days ago)
孙前 (19 days ago)
Sam Y (28 days ago)
Sam Y (28 days ago)
smart lee (1 month ago)
OldSchoolLad (1 month ago)
this movie made me cried so hard
will逆来不顺受 (1 month ago)
Ding Ma (1 month ago)
Ding Ma (1 month ago)
Gary Wong (1 month ago)
Some finest Chinese actors/actoresses played minor roles in this movie, too.
Jeffrey Sucipto (1 month ago)
This movie is so deep, especially the last conversation.
Jie Zhang (1 month ago)
Why no mentioning the great famine, 40 millions starved to death. not only nature disaster, but man-made. 😡
Grady Man (1 month ago)
toodgs (1 month ago)
Not only a wonderful movie but something of an attempt to humanise the very sad effects of Maoism. but then it may have simply sought to portray the essential supportive nature of Chinese society even in the hardest of times. I have watched twice now and will watch it again.
李了凡 (1 month ago)
Wang Xinhua (1 month ago)
Chuka Amur (1 month ago)
This movie shows difference between living and actually living
zehui su (1 month ago)
the real story is his grandson and son-in-law were both died.only he is alive,so sad.
平凡 (1 month ago)
Evelyn Acido (1 month ago)
Very nice movie,Gong Li is still the best actress as she is,cast is very goo too
Braden Potts (1 month ago)
Watched this movie for my Chinese culture in film class and I will say it is a wonderful masterpiece, with tangible emotion and real acting. I laughed, I cried, and most of all I felt. Well directed and well done.
Jerry Xiong (1 month ago)
I have to say that the original book is more tragic and dramatic
孙亮 孙亮 (1 month ago)
rhonbeth dalso (1 month ago)
Nice movie but a bit sad story but the family still happy
John Webb (1 month ago)
A good film about where America is headed. Communism is evil to the bone. God damn the Democrats!
Varrun V (1 month ago)
My all time favorite Chinese movie! How I relish this piece of art. To hell with high budget techno crap they release nowadays and Hollywood. Being an Indian, I love the 1990s-2000s Chinese movies. I feel like I'm living with the characters. I wish the two countries were at the same level.
Yifan Zhang (1 month ago)
Chinese people experienced too many tragedies, and many of those just caused by ourselves.
Yifan Zhang (1 month ago)
This movie was shot more than twenty years ago. Since then chinese movies is worse and worse, the director's inspiration has dried up. Nowadays, almost all chinese movies are just terrible, falsehood and ugly. Only a very few of Chinese movies managed to have some audience.
YUNFENG HAN (1 month ago)
我超尼玛毛泽东 你解放 我无意 尼玛的暴动文革 草泥马 我一家 被打的家破 好好的大爷被打的白痴 我超呢你们 满们竭尽 反正你那二逼孙子 跟猪八戒似的 生了也不一定是你家的
YUNFENG HAN (1 month ago)
富贵儿子 感觉 必有出息
YUNFENG HAN (1 month ago)
我是喜欢共产党 也不是封建式 半半 你有多大本事你发挥

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