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Hey Guys! If you have an questions about this procedure feel free to comment below! Laseraway.com Instagram:@laseraway Location: LaserAway Tribeca http://www.nofuzz.la/MissChrissyJaye ♡MY SOCIAL MEDIA♡ ___________________________ 👻SNAPCHAT: @MISSCHRISSYJAYE 📧BUSINESS :[email protected] Wanna be a Chrissy doll? Subscribe to my channel here 👉🏾 https://www.youtube.com/user/MissChrissyJaye Instagram:@misschrissyjaye Twitter:@misschrissyjaye Tumblr:@misschrissyjaye Facebook:@iamchrissyjaye
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Text Comments (52)
Jada Bright (1 month ago)
How much do lip fillers usually go for? Ur lips look amazing
Alphabet Soup (1 month ago)
Wow, you look good naturally!! I loved your lips before as well. 😍 But your injections look great as well, I'm glad they didn't come out looking crazy. Some folks go overboard, lol.
MissChrissyJaye (1 month ago)
Thank you 💕😘😘
Staci Young (2 months ago)
getting mine tomorrow. I'm gonna attempt to use the whole tube because I don't want to regret it and wish they were bigger!
Staci Young (2 months ago)
Got them today! On a scale of 1-10 it hurt 6. I made her use the whole tube lol She also filled in a scar on my forehead. They are swollen but I love them! Getting some lipstick like yours!
MissChrissyJaye (2 months ago)
Wish I would of used the whole tube. The bigger the better lol
Sophie marck (4 months ago)
U look great but the sound of that bum made me cringeeeeee
Sophie marck (4 months ago)
MissChrissyJaye (4 months ago)
Wait what bum? 😂
MyStar Misterioza (4 months ago)
It looks very natural - like you were born like this. Good idea not to do the duck lips!
DEE J (4 months ago)
Ms.Beautiful Degross (4 months ago)
You look beautiful regardless but I love how confident you are it’s such a inspiration to me 😍😘💕
Bee ess (4 months ago)
Not pookie lmmfao oh em geeeuhhh
Nay Coats (4 months ago)
Love it lookin into doin this also did it hurt or sting
PurpleHazePro (4 months ago)
GIRL I can't wait for your laser hair removal video. I HATE shaving LOL.
PurpleHazePro (4 months ago)
"Two faced lip injections" 😂 that was funny
HHC suki (4 months ago)
Is this... Lorde? You know, from Royal
antoinette Helm (4 months ago)
My lips big enough...😔 ur's look natural.
seaven lokeni (4 months ago)
Serving dark evilness yasssss 🔥
Jessica Marie (4 months ago)
when is ur next storytime?
DEE J (4 months ago)
MissChrissyJaye can you do the story of when you tried out at the strip club with your friend?
Jessica Marie (4 months ago)
Yay! I hope its about ur Dominican hair salon experience lol
MissChrissyJaye (4 months ago)
Sooner than you think ❤️
MichaelMakeup (4 months ago)
And No bruising yas sis!
MissChrissyJaye (4 months ago)
None! 😝
Amor Renee (4 months ago)
Love them. Your pout is so cute. Can't wait to see it fuller. I've always felt that way about my lips too, like my top lip could definitely be fuller. My bottom lip is fine. I like the way yours look. Did you have bruising to your skin like dark marks after the injection?
MissChrissyJaye (4 months ago)
alittle under the lip but nothing noticeable they did a great job!
PrettyGirl JasmineRae (4 months ago)
You look so beautiful without makeup😍💕
MissChrissyJaye (4 months ago)
Thank you darling ✨
The Real Sincerely Tokyo (4 months ago)
They are definitely cute! Just for that new subby 😉😘
Pretty Sadiddy (4 months ago)
Your so pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Miss A (4 months ago)
how many ml's did you get?
Darcy Hernandez (4 months ago)
your lips look scrumptious! I've got them done as well, after going one time I could not stop going back either :-) next time ask if they have Juvederm Plus sometimes they cost the same
Darcy Hernandez (4 months ago)
Raven Reid in Tucson az, it costs 250 a syringe. which is the same as Chrissy got. for a full one it is 450 or so. i believe it's cheaper here in az
Yaheli Israel (4 months ago)
Darcy Hernandez how much does it cost?
wow ok (4 months ago)
you look amazing either way girll yass!
Nizzy's PlayHouse (4 months ago)
I didn’t notice until u said some now I can’t stop looking!! Lol 😂 I love the lip color by the way!!!! 💕
shygirlcomplex (4 months ago)
I love your lip 😍 I swear I thought they were so pretty and I never would have known sis ❤️❤️😊💯
Amour Vougé (4 months ago)
Yes miss Chrissy jaye!!!! I’m loving the look😍🦄🤩
dkcmusic (4 months ago)
How much did it cost?
Ebonie Bee (4 months ago)
Do the Dominican hair salon story
Nichole ReNessa (4 months ago)
Ooop came out with no makeup, yasss natural beauty 🙌🏽
Keke1980s (4 months ago)
Prefect pout forreal! They look natural which is so bomb 🔥
Quanisha Hall (4 months ago)
Great video btw where did you get that necklace?
MissChrissyJaye (4 months ago)
minime diamond (4 months ago)
its looks so good look like u didnt get nothing dne queen coming thur with the juicy lips tho im scared of needles
qtbeddecor (4 months ago)
You look fabulous!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
D. Thompson (4 months ago)
You look gorgeous as always 😍💙
Audriana Bent (4 months ago)
Yaaaas😍😍😍😍😍😍 Love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕
naru chii (4 months ago)
Wowww Im obsessedddd your lips look soo goooddd 😩 I was always tempted to get my lips done cause I feel like my lips are big but they're not there lol
naru chii (4 months ago)
Yessss Ive been waiting for thisss 😭💕✨
Ariana Jefferson (4 months ago)
Ur hair is cute Chrissy

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