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funny lion king pictures

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some funny images from lion king 2
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gachatuber girl (26 days ago)
I disliked not funny weirdo
Huskylover Forever (3 months ago)
Lol the comments are not funny ha ha
Copper Bunnies (5 months ago)
Lol Nuka is just funny  =D good video. Ninja tune good ol windows sample music RIP
Copper Bunnies (5 months ago)
Ninja tuna*
It's not funny anyway
Crystal Ingham (1 year ago)
anyone else think that Nuka looks like a crackhead drew him?
laylena da kitten (1 year ago)
Crystal Ingham he has problems in his head
sadiemys (2 years ago)
great timing! timeing? what lol sorry idk XD but really good time
Pastel Pootz (2 years ago)
1:49 😂
Maria Gonzalez (2 years ago)
not funny
keaton223 (2 years ago)
Miimi Wolf (3 years ago)
Faz Don (3 years ago)
1:51 Hilolarous
Avery Munroe (3 years ago)
Shy Wolf (3 years ago)
sooooooooooooooo boring
Horse lover2015 (3 years ago)
Yeah very funny! Jklol these are not funny
Vallie Brick Studio (3 years ago)
How are these funny?
The Unicorns (4 years ago)
Well it is funny
Mist the SkyWing (4 years ago)
poor Nuka. :( So misunderstood.
Graham Thomson (3 years ago)
gbnvbnhhjkkjhgbhjkjhivchgi Hugh tiki and
Mark Stevens (5 years ago)
not funny it is. boring.
Aaron Moore (5 years ago)
How Is This Funny?
Msp Master (5 years ago)
Not Funny -.-
Savanna Stewart (5 years ago)
this is not funny at all
trash monkey (5 years ago)
Sophie Field (5 years ago)
Sophie Field (5 years ago)
rodney calpito (5 years ago)
this is not funny!!!!!!!!!!
Ian's a Deviant (1 year ago)
Leoniepard and Friendz they can have their own opinion. Learn to respect opinions.
Leoniepard (1 year ago)
rodney calpito Neither are you.
Cher Lee (5 years ago)
Oops! I ment 1:07 sorry
Cher Lee (5 years ago)
0:17 -- that's just cute o3o
WolfSilver (5 years ago)
1:22 ahhhh!!!!!! I NEED A MANICURE MY PAW IS HIDEOUS!!!!!!!
Muhammad Shoaib (5 years ago)
not that funny
imma (5 years ago)
Very funny.
Leah Young (5 years ago)
2:47 air humping Lolz
Puppy_x (5 years ago)
Quark Size (5 years ago)
Are they looking at.....at 1:11?
Quark Size (5 years ago)
Lol most of the pics are Nuka! XD
NightcoreFan (5 years ago)
00:51 Pumbaa and Timon: *crying* Zazu:lets hope the Savannah won't flood
Lucyy20_ (5 years ago)
1:49 it's like Kiara: Here have a flower Kovu: Ew
Rip Van Winkle (6 years ago)
Nuka is king of funny pictures.
Quark Size (6 years ago)
The last one was the same scene that that lion died
Type:Nebby (6 years ago)
Surprised kittehs!
cameron christie (6 years ago)
The pics arnt even funny
Kelsey Rosales (6 years ago)
I know that part was pretty sad to me...
denimlemur (6 years ago)
I was so happy when nuka died i said: yay from now i dont have to see nukas ugly face anymore
Philip (6 years ago)
Best are at 1:16 and.at 1:50 xDxDXDXDXDXDXD
Sam Wilson (6 years ago)
none funny
Xx_Savage412_xX (6 years ago)
not funny
Misty Frugone (6 years ago)
last pic not as funny cuz thats when Nuka dies.
PuppyCrazy (6 years ago)
then wont... it said right on the back of the 2nd movie... the last sequle to the movie... :(
PuppyCrazy (6 years ago)
this should be a try not to laugh video...
ElectricPoodleArtInk (6 years ago)
What made the image of Kovu swallowing that fruit even funnier was one of those advertisments that pop up on the screen saying, "Hard to believe it's dairy-free. You're so gonna love this." At least, to me it was funny. :)
thedisneystuck (6 years ago)
theres lion king 1.5 but some consider that as 3 but i agree they should make a 4th
Scones and Jam (6 years ago)
0:13 Nuka trying to make Vitani laugh
Tanglemane Wes (6 years ago)
Dick in a Flower instead of a Box 1:48
emily arpey (6 years ago)
0:48...invisible wire!!!!!
emily arpey (6 years ago)
emily arpey (6 years ago)
1:25... get outta my way ya' stupid root!!!!
Alison Laiblin (6 years ago)
Some of those weren't even funny!
none (6 years ago)
on the last one he waz like ahh dont spy on me when im in the bath!!!!!!!!!
Lucky Miraculer (6 years ago)
i laughed at the dislike bar
Scones and Jam (6 years ago)
1:48 lol kiaras on crack!
24LionHearts (6 years ago)
0:33 oh yeah... that feels so good. 0:41 No wai! 1:45 smelling crack 1:51 kovu's apple
MegaBrandi1996 (6 years ago)
It's like on almost every computer.
korabli lavirovali (6 years ago)
0:64 buuuuuuuuu
Sebastian I (6 years ago)
1:26 wtf is that XD
Artsy Insanity (6 years ago)
in 0:49 simba is like: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!! trolololololol!!! hahaha!
Artsy Insanity (6 years ago)
and in 0:41 seconds they are singing opera lolz hahahahahaha!
Artsy Insanity (6 years ago)
in 0:22 he is jiggling his boobies lol look closely and u will see hahaha!
Artsy Insanity (6 years ago)
Fanni Joó (6 years ago)
Why are these funny?
Lety Gtz (6 years ago)
1:18 Kovu (derp) duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh.....
Annastasia Ludington (6 years ago)
Momo Lia (6 years ago)
1:45 smelling crack? O.o i can just imagine this: Kiara: C'mon Kovu... It's fun.... Kovu: Smells like wet ass...!!
Hafrinna (6 years ago)
lol 0:11 XDD
ShadowVector175 (6 years ago)
1:18 where the fuck am I?
Pim Yoso (6 years ago)
1:51 nice smile Kovu ;p
KAT (6 years ago)
same here ...hah kids ...
TheLilyBilly (6 years ago)
no its simba
JazzyH (6 years ago)
1:33 nuka is crazy enough I don't think he should be smoking
mjzebragirl (6 years ago)
10 or more have kovu 7 have nuka
Iceshadow911247 (6 years ago)
Yeah. I loved Nuka. And thank you!
IceKat9494 (6 years ago)
any sane person didnt laugh
IceKat9494 (6 years ago)
yes i did & i didnt like it. Nuka was sad, not funny. *mutter* insensitive jerks *mutter* btw i like ur name :D
IceKat9494 (6 years ago)
1:57 NOT funny!!!!! poor guy was staring death in the face and u call that funny!? ppl like you disgust me.
Cars2fan172 (6 years ago)
Eat My Fist Zira!
myusernamereallysux (6 years ago)
myusernamereallysux (6 years ago)
No, you're just stupid, it's obviously simba
IamBierdo (6 years ago)
It's Simba. Have you not seen the movie? It's from the ending fight when Zira hits Simba.
Sandy Sandborg (6 years ago)
TheIcelandicWolf (6 years ago)
Lol at 0:52 they're squirting tears out of their nostriles, or however you say your nose openings thingys! xD
Lola Doygood (6 years ago)
YOU WISH ANIMATORS WERE LAZY! If you're not an animator and you call animators lazy, you're the only lazy one in the situation! And YES, that's SIMBA, NOT Kovu. Go watch the movie if you don't believe me.
Lola Doygood (6 years ago)
Yeah, that's not Kovu, it's Simba.
doom431000 (6 years ago)
1:17 kovu: what you looking at xD
Mars (6 years ago)
1:53 A bath? NOOO
Bree (6 years ago)
djjazzyjef37 (6 years ago)
1:34 "dis ish got me goneeeee!" hahaha
MegaPonyTron93 (6 years ago)
At 1:17, it looks like Kovu's totally drunk:P lol
Vicar Amelia (6 years ago)
It's what I do
Taylor Dodge (6 years ago)
Damn!!! You chewed him up!!
AyyeItsLyd (6 years ago)
look. ur supposed to act them out. then they're hillarious
Midnighty Bloom (6 years ago)
O.O Wth did I just watch?... Wheres Kovus scar when he's flying in the air? Its like... POOF IM MAGICALLY GONE
Vicar Amelia (6 years ago)
No shit

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