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What was Epic thinking!?

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Text Comments (1833)
Mussun Mussun (1 month ago)
Why you leave so much nonsense to videos? You start speaking to cameramen in the middle of the video? And sponsor in the middle of the video? Where has professionalism gone? You have 806 thousand subscribers
Stiches (1 month ago)
CAN WE ALL PLEASE STOP MISPLACING BLAME? You wanna blame someone for the fact you can't buy your games on Steam, don't blame the game companies or Epic, BLAME VALVE. Valve are REFUSING to drop their revenue split to 12%. They can afford to, but that would cut their massive profit margin to less than half and they don't want to. Valve want you to stay loyal to Steam and keep making (probably) billions, but they still refuse to make Portal 3, Half-Life 3 or anything new and awesome. Imagine you own a game that'll sell several million copies. You wanna sell the game in the store that carves 30% of your earnings or do you wanna sell it in the store that only takes 12%? It's pretty simple maths: Sell 1,000,000 copies at £40 each (I'm a Brit, I work in £) so that's £40M. Sell with Steam: you keep £28M Sell with Steam and use Unreal Engine: you keep £26M Sell with Epic: you keep £35.2M That's before tax ofc. Quit blaming Epic and the game companies when the only thing keeping these games off Steam is Valve's greed.
Hans Nyström Pastor (2 months ago)
they are thinkin about take your money
Joel Robb (2 months ago)
I think we need more videos hosted by James :)
Gabe Walters (2 months ago)
I thought this was click bait at first.
Team Alpha (2 months ago)
Dope Team Alpha Gaming Certified ;)
Jigz (2 months ago)
Never trust Facebook. Never trust Epic Store.
Tussan 150 (2 months ago)
video begins at 1:11 ish
The Seton (2 months ago)
i like you.
Stephen King (2 months ago)
What's a jigga hertz?
Norikazu Oshiro (3 months ago)
Steal? It's completely fair.
Keith R (3 months ago)
Epic's launcher platform is garbage. They do not give you full speed downloads. Takes me 40+minutes to download 1-2gb update for fortnite. Took me 20minutes to download entire Apex game on Origin, like 13gb. Steam also gives me full speed. On that note... Epic can kiss my hairy bum.
Simic SRB97 (3 months ago)
But Epic and Steam work together?
hakker2002 (3 months ago)
I think Steam has actually lost it's plot a while ago they have abused their power, players and developers at the same time. They have thought they are above everything and everyone. So I am all for leaving steam and using developer's platforms to play the games...
Chada n (3 months ago)
Its only cheaper in dollars.. in euros its 60€ in both stores.
Jeremy Kline (3 months ago)
Subscribe with confidence!
André Niemand (3 months ago)
For 10 Dollars Cheaper....not everywhere. A few countries NOT USA or UK will have to pay the same or actually MORE. IT'S BULLSHIT
Twisted Saint (3 months ago)
I still don't trust anything with the name iRobot. Gonna have to get Will Smith in on this
Notch Johnson (3 months ago)
"djikka Herz"
wisico640 (3 months ago)
Have you ever tried Epic's customer service? It's my best reson to wait for it on steam!
LordKarlito (3 months ago)
Gaben didn't like that
Gandalf (3 months ago)
Business is unfair OMEGALUL
Martin Kalimukwa (3 months ago)
Real gamer's don't care whether they download from epic launcher or steam, Only narrow minded brats care about such trivial matters.
DJay (3 months ago)
Apple doesn't really care It's just that its the only thing it can brag about,even tho android could do that but if you're on android you're free unlike ios
Andreas Larsen (3 months ago)
exodus is 10 dollars MORE on my epic launcher then it was on steam
Andreas Larsen (3 months ago)
0:26 he says jiggahertz :D
Andreas Lehr (3 months ago)
He Linus GJ hireing that guy !
Liam Phillips (3 months ago)
intel our here using big boy words
pvt mclaren (3 months ago)
i thought THQ died
ProTurials (3 months ago)
Wtf ok you never published a game but.. It's not the store's decision at all. It's all on the dev. Epic games just had the better deal of not taking 30% of the revenue and the dev decided to publish it there instead. There was no input from Epic games at all. I dont understand why people are now mad at epic games. Makes no sense.
ForOne814 (2 months ago)
​+ProTurials first: steam doesn't restrict developers from publishing in other stores. Ubisoft requires you to use 2 launchers at a time because of that. Second: no, they literally payed for the exclusivity. Either way, as a consumer I will ignore every game that ends up "exclusive" in that store and will pirate it if I'm interested in it. I won't support people who force me to use their shitty launcher instead of steam.
ProTurials (2 months ago)
+ForOne814 no they don't. They just don't take that much money and thus offer the better deal. So yeah, compared to steam you could say they offer them money.. But they don't do it literally. Publishing a game costs money. Steam takes 30%, epic games takes 12%, steam takes 100$ initially, Google play takes 25$. they will never pay you to publish your game on their platform. you pay them so you have access to the massive audience the store can present your game to and manage sales for you. The ones that pay you for publishing your game exclusively are the console developers. Sony and Microsoft. Because their products are getting sold more if there are great titles that people want to play but it's only for Xbox or ps4. On PC stores, mosts stores don't allow publishing your game to another store so that's why they say "exclusively for epic games store" because every fucking game on steam is also exclusively on steam, an steam definitely didn't pay for that.
ForOne814 (3 months ago)
Yeah, except they literally pay devs to publish in their shitty store.
Amerlad mad (3 months ago)
really.. what did you expect to come out of a company called ''COCK media''.
Weasle 65 (3 months ago)
You could use that CPU to edit 8k raw Maybe If you're lucky and have a rocket
Weasle 65 (3 months ago)
why is the lower third not in the lower third?
Jonny Boy (3 months ago)
If you dont like it dont buy the game. Money talks and bullshit walks
Jean Dedios (3 months ago)
Nobutto (3 months ago)
THQ isn’t the fucking dev? 4A is the dev XD
Eli Lopac (3 months ago)
After fallout 76, I'm boycotting every store that isn't steam or gog. Valve is the only big tech company I trust at this point, and gog doesnt do this shit that annoys consumers.
cibili pipili (3 months ago)
we wont forget paragon just one reason for hate
Sokar80 (3 months ago)
Metro Exodus is perfect reminder why NOT EVER PRE ORDER ANYTHING you don't know what happen before it is in your hands
SIC66SIC66 (3 months ago)
Who doesnt want a basic 28 core system? You just need a 3000 dollar CPU, a 1500 dollar motherboard, a 1000 dollar cooling solution, 1000 dollars of memory and 2 PSU's. I just dont see what all the complaining is about.... Sounds perfectly reasonable to go with my 2500 dollar graphics cards. What?!
Opiophobia (3 months ago)
I love the way these videos are filmed. the banter is hilarious
Gordon Freeman (3 months ago)
I hope people pirate Metro Exodus lol
William Kappler (3 months ago)
Epic is worse than EA. Mark my words, this company will destroy PC gaming if it isn't stopped.
John A. (3 months ago)
you've let the robots outside, and with blades... this is the beginning of the end right here... maybe.
Anthonyspartan514 (3 months ago)
$10 dollars cheaper only for us
Norbert Tömő (3 months ago)
iSQUIRELY (3 months ago)
Not only metro, but division 2 also disappeared from steam and is now available for pre order on epic
Yasin Hasan (3 months ago)
damn ios is buggy af
Zahir MD (3 months ago)
YO! What's with the linustechtips shirt brahhh? it's techlinked!
Stephen Girty (3 months ago)
So when do we think Ninja will start streaming Metro Exodus?
Emulation Everything (3 months ago)
If Linus won't wear the shirt then I am not buying it!
Rutger (3 months ago)
Mmmmm Project atlas *Bob Lee Swagger intensifies*
Allstora (3 months ago)
i play games in my pc meow: 8 gb ram Intel cora i3-3240 CPU 3.40Ghz GeForce GT 730 2gb 128 bits .......... Tell your Scrap pc gamer down in the coments.
Kas Kas988 (3 months ago)
arrrr arrrr
rubbers3 (3 months ago)
Yeah, $10 cheaper... in North America. Everywhere else the price is the same or even higher...
Mi6Pritom Gaming (3 months ago)
Metro Exodus is on PC? Will it be on PC?
Maxim (3 months ago)
6:05 interesting...
Dn25 Crow (3 months ago)
Another platform eating dirt, steam will win again, no steam no buy ... For exclusive i just go pirate simple like that.
GR0UNDC0MMAND3R _ (3 months ago)
Epic should have just offered the game at a discounted price on their store. Gamers who would have appreciated Epic Games Store's offering would have easily bought it there, if the product was any good. Making anything exclusive is *not* consumer friendly because it limits consumer choice. I would have paid $10 more for the game on Steam because I appreciate the features Steam has, for example, but many people I know who don't give a crap would have bought it on the Epic Games store to save $10. That's a free lunch for just buying the game somewhere else. Aggressive moves like that are bad because Epic is trying to knock out competition rather than actually compete.
- Fetch - (3 months ago)
Timed exclusives are anti-consumer. Sure, its better for companies to have to compete for consumers, since it ups the quality, and forces them to listen to the consumer.
ENEKO TORRES (3 months ago)
3:00 what a bad time to be me :c i dont use facebook and i would love to get paid for doing that tbh, i would use old phones that i have and create account on fb for that, i want money ;-;
S3BI (3 months ago)
Well i guess i wont buy metro exodus now
wabachi (3 months ago)
1:28 check again about that "10 dollars cheaper" ...
SlippyD (3 months ago)
How come James sounds like the guy from the Company Man channel
FROZEZONE (3 months ago)
I just want to thank epic games for bringing the console bribery war to the PC. Why make a great store with real competitive features when you can throw fortnite money at publishers
xorkatoss (3 months ago)
lol Epic trying so hard to kill Steam, I like the competition :D
It's CMD (3 months ago)
Please tell me the "Jiga hertz" was a joke
Oskari S. (3 months ago)
4.5 Jiggaherz. Also, Eero is a man's name in Finland.
U_r_stupid (3 months ago)
Was going to buy Metro Exodus but if they're going to pull it from my favourite platform to a crap platform then they ain't getting my money.
zixitix (3 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with people. Why are you angry about epic store.
Robert Kohari (3 months ago)
we shall see how fast it gets cracked and torrented :D
MAYUS (3 months ago)
Lawn mower robots are a thing for years here in Europe
gabie dubin (3 months ago)
For everyone defending Epic store: • ⁠They have terrible security. ( 80 MILLION ACCOUNTS were exposed last week!) • ⁠They have terrible customer service. (Just Google it) • ⁠Games are more expensive on Epic due to regional pricing . (Metro Exodus being an example since while is US price is lower, the EU price is still around the same as it was on Steam. Let that sink in. ) • You can't play games offline . • ⁠Limited social features . • ⁠No screenshots . • ⁠No controller support . • ⁠They broke EU laws! (And still do!) • ⁠Scummy tactics. (You had to tick a box to opt out of emails, etc.) • ⁠They are partially owned by Tencent. (A Chinese company that SELLS USER DATA TO THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT! Read that again. ) • ⁠No achievements . • ⁠No cloud saves . • ⁠No game forums. (Many people went to Steam for Subnautica support.) • ⁠Epic makes you pay the transaction fee when purchasing games (Like this.) • ⁠They are anti-consumer! (They pay for exclusive rights to games to try and force you to use their store.) • ⁠They can refuse refunds even if you meet the criteria . Read that again. • ⁠No reviews , so you can't tell if a game is bad or not unless you Google it. • ⁠No Linux support. *not mine* let your wallet speak guys don't buy from the shitty epic store , epic games are dicks right nwo
Blackbird (3 months ago)
I wish steam completely banned the publishers/developers that do this from ever returning to steam
You can still find from some digital vendors Steam keys for Metro Exodus, but only the Standard version. :(
Maarten Wisse (3 months ago)
0:18 Nice voicecrack
Balázs Márián (3 months ago)
What is "Epic thinking"?
Caleb Hawn (3 months ago)
Wow, I can't believe this buy guess what I was doing before I even clicked the video! "Who needs a cat when you've got Roombas?" I'd say you need a cat to sit ON the Roomba.
Joe Colon (3 months ago)
It is pronounced "giga Hertz" not "jigga Hertz".... English do you speak it?
Duke Skhopper (3 months ago)
How is making a game exclusive to Epic Games, good for competition? Wouldn't letting everyone sell at their own price be more competitive? If Epic wants to be competitive they should sell for a lower price...like they did.
Jae UU (3 months ago)
Are you fu*[email protected] kidding me $10 cheaper you millenials
rajesh koothrappali (3 months ago)
Jigga hurtz.
Carl_ Wheezy (3 months ago)
rip i clicked on this video by mistake
Ford Rollhaus (3 months ago)
Look on the bright side Exodus is $10 cheaper
Markku Hyttinen (3 months ago)
I don't understand this channel...
Sly25 (3 months ago)
Timed exclusives is the opposite of competition
ParselBoy (3 months ago)
I’m not downloading Epic for Exodus. I don’t even want to take he chance of accidentally downloading Fortnite
K S (3 months ago)
Riley just calling shit out from behind the camera cracks me up every time god damn it lol
NWinnStudio (3 months ago)
Now you can _pay_ a insanely large amount of money to be spied on by eero! Wtf guys this is a seriously disturbing sponsor. Also who the f would pay nearly $700 to only cover 3500 sq. ft. I have one centrally located Ubiquity-Pro AP that covers my 3 story (4 with basement) lath & plaster 4000+ sq. ft home that only cost $250. Hell I get a bar or two outside around my house too.. Normally I don't mind your choice of sponsors but this one rubs me the wrong way.. Might just be me thought, still love the content! _Edit: Thought was supposed to be though._
Techdude Sonic (3 months ago)
Facebook should be called 2 Facebook they apologize for breaches with one face while stealing all your info with the other.
JankaG (3 months ago)
Metro Exodus a single player offline game. Epic platform hasn't offline mode so you are bound to have a broadband/internet connection to play an offline game.
DiBoguy (3 months ago)
gigga hurts...
Frosty. (3 months ago)
and by "competition" epic means.. locking you to one choice? i like it. very telecom of them
jenesuispasbavard (3 months ago)
I mean, if it makes games cost $50 instead of $60, I'm all for it.
Apathetic Millennial (3 months ago)
James Strieb's eyes look like they got some stories to tell.
Manu Vázquez (3 months ago)
Ugh, Linus.
James Love (3 months ago)
Valve has no competition? What is battlenet and Origin? Hell some games you have to go to their site to download like League of Legends.
Abdou Menouer (3 months ago)
Epic fail ?
Hiiva (3 months ago)
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420468116905132034/539832826451984395/image0.jpg epic vs steam features comparison
zepled112 (3 months ago)
Epic games will never get any of my business, and they shouldn't get yours either.

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