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Microsoft Build 2019 // Vision Keynote + Imagine Cup World Championship

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Microsoft Build kicks off Monday, May 6. Tune in to a livestream of the Imagine Cup World Championship at 8AM PT, and watch Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote speech at 8:30AM PT. Join us to learn what’s next for developers: https://news.microsoft.com/build2019/ Learn more about Imagine Cup online: https://imaginecup.microsoft.com/ and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/imaginecupmicrosoft Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories #MicrosoftBuild #ImagineCup #Microsoft #MSBuild
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Text Comments (101)
Happy Merchant (4 days ago)
Imagine Cup: the safe space for spoiled weird aliens to be cheered by the very leftist SJWs they hate on their own land. Accelerationism is not fast enough.
Sambeet Mohapatra (6 days ago)
Personal computing and mobile computing will be behind us in a couple of years. It will be more of AI and Cloud . MS is on the right track :)
Gayest intro music ever. Gaycrosoft. Wtf...
Tanmay Sen (9 days ago)
System.out.println("Nadella is awesome");
Achyuta Krishna (9 days ago)
Great work whole microsoft team. Sathya ( Truth) proved Bill gates trust on him. one of the finest decision Bill Gate made in 21st century. Sathya not only saved microsoft from greatest struggle to greatest company for next generation. Somany old alumini of Microsoft employees to should thank him in big way. Sathya has more challenges in his day to day family life. Still he focused on his own dream. That is called commitment. God bless you Sathya. Live long. He opened new Takshasila in USA. USA is building capitalist economy. South India is producing knowledge people to world.
surya darshan kandari (10 days ago)
The echo is so annoying
bawitdaba1337 (10 days ago)
Ballmar and Sesame Street was more interesting, what the hell did I just watch
Ryan Connolly at Work (10 days ago)
Here is a link to that awesome stage space background https://wallpaperhub.app/wallpapers/4662
manozr (10 days ago)
full of indians. even in google io was similar
Frank Mojiavio (10 days ago)
What is the true meaning behind the open source strategy?????????????!
Tez Mogess (11 days ago)
Great job by Satya, no doubt about it. He’s building huge amounts of computing power, it’s pretty exciting!
Zoran Mirkovic (11 days ago)
Is it just me or are this freakish Lady make heavy to enjoy the Show, isn't this enoying like a p.i.t.a. sry. please be cool or quite
Amir.h Akbari (11 days ago)
where is bill gates?!
Suren Konathala (11 days ago)
"Want to make Azure as World's Computer" is a powerful vision!! Love to see the passion.
Carlos Segura (11 days ago)
All the "AI" jargon is getting ridiculous, and this video takes it to the next level. And for that reason, I am out.
Camden Dexter (11 days ago)
Dear Microsoft, All I want for Christmas is a surface phone.
Dora A Verdureira (10 days ago)
Coming soon (Next Century)
The Deviant Developer (11 days ago)
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Marketing BS incarnate. Nadella is the least engaging human on planet earth. At least we could laugh at Balmer, at least we didn't feel dead inside. Monotooooooone. There's no story, there's no narrative, there's no suspense, there's no beginning middle or end. It's just a lump of boring words. The anti-steve jobs. He never pauses to allow people to take things in, because nobody gives a s.
JAY MCC (11 days ago)
Azure is awesome 👏 I like it with Microsoft software computing technology with windows 10 software computing. I want see what’s next with Microsoft. Ai is neat on any level
The Deviant Developer (11 days ago)
Nadella could be saying "an asteroid is going to hit the earth in 11 minutes" and I would still tune out. The most waffly boring marketing buzzword man on earth. The entire presentation has no peaks and troughs, it's just 1 lump of nothing. His speech is 1 lump of nothing. Get better presenters. Scrw it just get SG to run the company.
The Deviant Developer (11 days ago)
Microsoft has been fully taken over by the Diversity Powlice. They can't actually do anything useful BUT they aren't the untouchable caste (white/Asian men), and if there's one thing we hate, it's untouchables. So it's a safe assumption, anyone there who isn't a white/Asian man, doesn't deserve to be there, and is only there due to diversity initiatives (aka racist and sexist hiring practices). This harms any non Asian/white men who do deserve to be there the most. Funny how these extreme ideologies tend to backfire eh. Meritocracy now. End Racism and Sexism Now.
The Deviant Developer (11 days ago)
Nadella is like some buzzwords AI tasked with outputting nonsense marketing phrases until you press his stop button.
Aravindh Subramanian (11 days ago)
Wonder!! How much more cloud and AI for a cup of coffee!!!
Christian Gäng (11 days ago)
Its so sad that Windows is unimportant right now. No mention at all.
Sambeet Mohapatra (6 days ago)
Yeah .. they are going for cloud computing .. Personal computing and mobile computing will be behind us in a couple of years. It will be more of AI and Cloud . MS is on the right track :)
frankie4you2013 (11 days ago)
There was NO moon landing and Microsoft knew it since long time. Even the blue smurf stage light show didn´t helped to save the lousy presentation :D It´s karma for telling the developers and public a big lie. Microsoft deserved it.
TheDeadlyAvenger (12 days ago)
52:23 - LOL, about as successful as Windows 10 with it's forced updates breaking peoples PCs
tirlangi ram (12 days ago)
Seriously I know, a lot of indian's work in Microsoft but I didn't know this many indian's work there, almost 60 % of presentation team has indian's including the participants in the tech competition. But I liked few things in this build like elections verification, 3d virtual meeting etc. Satya keep up the good work, its goona take times to modernize Microsoft from legacy and be a future leader. And don't get me wrong I am an Indian too.
Not weird considering that the amount of engineers from India is astoundingly high.
krons (12 days ago)
Slow video if you'd like to rewind https://i.imgur.com/RWThqoY.png
Joe Cassara (12 days ago)
Great moon landing demo. MSFT never disappoints in disappointing. 👌🏻
Thaddeus Zylka (12 days ago)
Privacy is a Human Right, I totally agree. Is the Government listening?
G3ØRGE (12 days ago)
Mmm... an Indian-American CEO and suddenly half Microsoft is Indian-American. Only 3/4 white men were present. The person in charge of the Diversity and Inclusion Program had a field day. Unlike the person in charge or running all the demos smoothly.
Adrian Gordon (12 days ago)
so what
Daniel (12 days ago)
<regarding hololens meeting at 2:08:00> the doll model he pulled up looks better than the avatar rendered by hololens for a real person. As an Apple fanboy I’ll add that memoji look better now.
Lawson Culver (12 days ago)
WOOOOOOWWWWWWW.... it's even cooler on the INNNNNSIDE!!!!!
Daniel (12 days ago)
<regarding Cortana demo at 1:44:00> It looks fun for the stuff we have now, or had 2 years ago, but now we have watches and hey Siri in AirPods, and smart glasses soon, so this whole conversational assistant concept can be done with AirPods alone or AirPods + Watch, or glasses alone soon. Tech of assistant is amazing, but idea we should look and say stuff at phone all the time in future is idiotic. Phones are becoming ancient tech soon. Voice though...they are at least right about that.
Daniel (12 days ago)
When did Microsoft become so boring?
Brandon Bwn (12 days ago)
Build start at 54:36
rajesh sharma (12 days ago)
Caeli is Good
Her Şey Var (12 days ago)
IndiaSoft :) i love indians dont get me wrong cheers
Michael Bay!!!
GregoriusMagnus (12 days ago)
It's so exhausting to listen to the host screaming all along. She has a mic, please use it! I mean I understand that this is Build, but enthusiasm does not have to be built by volume.
GregoriusMagnus (10 days ago)
+Techosarus RexThat lady screaming around before the Imagine Cup and in between the Cup and the Keynote.
Techosarus Rex (10 days ago)
What host
Alex Martinson (12 days ago)
I don't know how but Nadella has the capability to make the build conference one of the most boring developer's event of the year. 👎👎👎
Tony lee (12 days ago)
whats wrong with your pants ?
Tanmay Sen (12 days ago)
Music plzzzz😰😰
Tanmay Sen (12 days ago)
+GregoriusMagnus the intro music is superb what is the name of that song
GregoriusMagnus (12 days ago)
Pro Gamer YT (12 days ago)
Wow that Edge features are great Hats off to Microsoft
miine (12 days ago)
finally. But still bare minimum... . Will be interesting to see what Third Party developers can do with either Edge or an Edge browser framework for UWP apps
费跃 (12 days ago)
Conversation Transcription starts in 1:18:05
fotoac mak (12 days ago)
Why is this video so jarring!??
Arlo Godfrey (13 days ago)
1:39:40 Cortana plans 1:41:32 Cortana demo
cristais paulista sp brasil .
Chris Schenk (13 days ago)
The Deviant Developer (11 days ago)
Yeah anything is better than Nadella. I bet he's great fun at parties (not).
The Deviant Developer (11 days ago)
+Lalos SAW At least Balmer was interesting. Nadella is a personality free meaningless marketing buzzword AI who just drones on forever.
Chris Schenk (12 days ago)
FrankTheTank (12 days ago)
You are the only one then
Skeptoptimist (12 days ago)
Sure would have been fun to see Balmer for 3 mins clowning around, but then also make sure that he left the building after that. Nadella so much better!! Him and his teams just rock.
Jonathan Crossland (13 days ago)
I cant stand this. Going to watch cats.
Ayman Bukar (9 days ago)
You probably never got to the good part
Ahmad Haruman (13 days ago)
Gaming starts at 2:12:02
ax_0101 (12 days ago)
Dr H (13 days ago)
Speech demo background information can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/new-advancements-in-spoken-language-processing
Gabriel I (13 days ago)
your stupid updates bring bugs.i installed the update received last days and my cpu loaded to 100% ,start menu dont work ,apps dont open..after i uninstall the update all back to normally.only bugs with your updates
Lalos SAW (12 days ago)
Works perfectly for me. I use a ten year old pc
Terry Wu (13 days ago)
Wow, it's even cooler in the inside! Lol, so fake 2:09:34
brothertax (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ZbpjLchrYgw?t=7787 #fellowkids
start music details anyone please. Thanks
Uzair Ali (12 days ago)
GregoriusMagnus Thanks
GregoriusMagnus (12 days ago)
Supermodel V Factory
Uzair Ali (13 days ago)
I also want to know that
Ahmad Haruman (13 days ago)
Build 2019 starts at 54:30
Nazar Maksymchuk (13 days ago)
Thanks. I was about to stop watching it with the awards stuff dev competition.
Ahmad Haruman (13 days ago)
52:10 Epic failure on live demo for Halolens. 🙄
Astynax777 (12 days ago)
I see what you did there... :) #EpicGames
Haluk YILMAZ (12 days ago)
Holo lens still busted for me
Justin P (12 days ago)
They cancelled that lame demo. The REAL and better HoloLens 2 demo was at 2:05:50.
Haluk YILMAZ (13 days ago)
hahaha classic Microsoft banging
Siddhartha Singh (13 days ago)
Where’s Phil Spencer?
Sing Nussama (12 days ago)
E3 2019
GeraldEvans (13 days ago)
Galois and FreeAndFair.us at 58:30!
Frank Quin (13 days ago)
53:40 Build actually starts
Bishnu Mahali (5 days ago)
Thanks for saving my time man! 🙌
Fransisco Wijaya (13 days ago)
Web development starts here: 1:46:28
Sushruth Sastry (13 days ago)
Doing the lord's work, son!
Connor (13 days ago)
Missed out on the entire keynote due to a power outage. Who could have guessed?
Petko Stoyanov (13 days ago)
Just press play, my friend
Google I/O 2019 (13 days ago)
Chromium-based Edge cool
AgainstTheMachine TM (9 days ago)
+Ayman Bukar: The reply <just above> are mostly my own words (that I created myself). Whatever is copied, & pasted is referenced. I do not plagiarize. You can check all of my referenced reply <just above> with any known plagiarizing software. I have no reason to plagiarize someone else's creative hard work, & creative thoughts. Before accusing someone of plagiarism -- you should double their wording within a text of contextual wording content through plagiarizing software. I personally am a published author, & writer. I want to personally apologize to you for not typing in all my reference footnotes in my reply <just sbove>. If Alphabet Inc. (Google) gave us (humans) the proper formatted space to put referenced footnotes in my reply - - I surely would have. I really do hope you accept my apology. My deepest sympathies. PS: Please tell me / (inform me) where I copied, & pasted this from? Where? From myself. I am allowed (by law) to copy myself / (plagiarize myself). Am I not? PS²: If I know - - where I could copy my reply <just above> from -- it surely would've saved me a lot of time (indeed).
Ayman Bukar (9 days ago)
+AgainstTheMachine TM you pasted this
AgainstTheMachine TM (9 days ago)
Amogh Phadke : are you joking, or being sarcastic? Do you know what Chromium is? This is what Chromium OS is: Chromium is an open-source project code. Chromium is the software code for Chrome, & many other web browsers that use Chromium. Chromium aims to provide a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web. Google designed Chromium's user interface to be minimalist because Google: Wikipedia: (Copy, & paste from Wikipedia) : (continued) wanted its browser to "feel lightweight (cognitively and physically) and fast". Wikipedia: (Copy, & paste from Wikipedia) : Licensing: Chromium is an entirely free and open-source software project. The Google-authored portion is released under the BSD license. Other parts are subject to a variety of licenses, including MIT, LGPL, Ms-PL, and an MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. Do you know what Chrome is? Chrome is Google's open-source web browser project which is a fully functional browser; & Chromium supplies the vast majority of code for the Google Chrome browser. So, what does all this mean; & what is point? With Microsoft Edge using primarily Chromium software code within Edge -- it will give Google yet another way / (yet another main browser) to collect our information for Google's collection use -- to serve our needs for Google, & for Google's use. It is all within the code of Chromium. It is not the Chrome browser collecting our information for numerous uses -- for Google -- it is the code (Chromium) doing it. I do really hope you understand this This is the simplest way I can think of -- to type this explanation to you. I can explain this to you -- in much more detail (if you wish me to). Why do I think Microsoft have decided to use Chromium open source software for Microsoft Edge? First to save a lot of money -- instead of having to constantly write, & constantly update their specific somewhat closed software codes for Edge. And, second of all -- to easily enable, & allow Edge to work easier with a lot of other website platforms (like YouTube, etc., etc., etc.,....) -- outside of Microsoft's website platform products.
Amogh Phadke (13 days ago)
Bye Google chrome ... your days of spying on people are over ... Play nice with Edge don't break stuff
Of course they would deny it. But they've done this before too.

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