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Alexa... flush my Sh**

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Text Comments (1121)
Soumyadeep 980 (2 months ago)
Lvl 1 Alexa: Play Despacito Lvl 50 Alexa: Flush My Toilet Lvl 100 Alexa: (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)
flameshana9 (2 months ago)
A car that adapts to you. It vibrates and massages you and supports you emotionally. So basically men are becoming obsolete?
zoel (3 months ago)
Alexa, eat my shit!
Edgar Larios (3 months ago)
Alexa, flush despacito.
Prius cupholder (4 months ago)
This is so sad. Toilet play despacito
Lil' Dill (4 months ago)
"Alexa, open the toilet!" "Sorry, I'm not sure how to help."
devtank (4 months ago)
at 4'25" did anyone else see the identical twins and the ketchup flowing up the walls? its there for like 1 frame
Joe Jupiter (4 months ago)
5:16 Why on Earth would you put the display for the right rear camera there? It made sense to look there when it had to be like that because, ... well, the right mirror had obviously to be on the right side. But that doesn't mean you should put the display there instead of right in front of the driver. That's the same mistake they are doing with round smartwatches. "We're doing it like we always did. It doesn't make any sense in this context but we're used to it."
V (4 months ago)
Who paused at 5:38?
Aurimas Knieža (4 months ago)
ALEXEY, pour me Vodka!
Andrew Hunt (4 months ago)
35w TDP APU... c'mon. 65w Desktop CPU in a laptop ftw. The 2 that exist, are awesome, if they could put a better GPU in them. I use the ASUS GL702ZC.
Derik Gutowski (4 months ago)
Alexa, focus my camera.
Adam Siekierski (4 months ago)
Nice corridor
iBoolGuy (4 months ago)
5:37 best joke I heard in CES19 😂😂
J J (4 months ago)
Anyone else cringe a little because you know how loud and pestering that must be to have someone recording loud, clearly annunciated video in the hotel hallway, probably with multiple repeated takes. I wanted the video to end with someone leaning out and giving them a shush. 🤫 fine video, just made me cringe a bit. Imagine sitting in your bedroom, trying to relax, and all you can hear is these guys make Alexa jokes.
Anthony John (4 months ago)
Boeman1995 (4 months ago)
mitre (4 months ago)
3:53 they’re the powerhouse of your pc
RandolFPV (4 months ago)
the echo in this video! AHHH
Ian Pieczynski (4 months ago)
What flip phone did you use to film this?
Petr Szturc (4 months ago)
"high five from a FIVE G router" ;)
Hayden H (4 months ago)
Alexa, play bless the rain by Weezer *Okay, searching "porn" on the web*
TheFooledGhost (4 months ago)
AMD in chrome books? Wow.... they're shipping them in overpriced trashcans.
Kiyoshi Matsutsuyu (4 months ago)
006LG9: MAKEJOKE.EXE - well done.
ja b'aaron kowalski (4 months ago)
nothing pisses me off more than clicking on videos like this and waiting waiting waiting for the intro to fucking finish and get to the god damn point and then all the sudden im watching bullshit sponsored ads for a fuckin monitor i will never buy. time is precious. fuck off. that is all. thumbs down motherfucker
alexandsimba (4 months ago)
Alexa flush my dookie was my favorite band from the 1990s.
finsarg (4 months ago)
The focus is great but dat sound tho!
MightyTor (4 months ago)
He's actually pretty funny!
EnGeRus (4 months ago)
no one complained about the noise in the hall I wonder?
Lukew (4 months ago)
As I saw the Seasonic ad. I just gotta say that gold plating contacts aren't used because of better conductivity (which is actually way worse than copper or alluminum) but gold is way more stable and doesn't corode, so that's why it's used.
iris (4 months ago)
those ryzen mobile benchmarks, they grab the numbers after 5 seconds before they thermal throttled and the intel chip left them for dead?
iris (4 months ago)
that echo tho...
Codeplayer (4 months ago)
LTE 4G routers today are available for 300Mbit symmetrical connection and with Release 10 we will have 1000Mbit speeds. What is so special about routers with SIM cards? Aren't they common in US?
Kris Bright (4 months ago)
No, they are pretty much nonexistent in the USA.
jagardina (4 months ago)
Can I get that t-shirt in the store?
William Moyers (4 months ago)
Omar Ortiz Meraz (4 months ago)
so much echo.....
haxxy (4 months ago)
You should have used an autofocus camera because your manual focus .. sucks!
widowmaker777 (4 months ago)
what happens in vegas, goes on youtube
Mark Hide (4 months ago)
noticing your bandwidth is crap... whats the go? the 1080p pic is more like 240p
WellBeSerious12 (4 months ago)
Something tells me he likes Green Day...
mjc0961 (4 months ago)
Crap, I don't want to "loose" any unsaved information!
CRAZYGAMER14 (4 months ago)
This channel has grown
Andrew Smith (4 months ago)
So it will promise happy poopie time?
Michael Martin (4 months ago)
Jakob Kaelin (4 months ago)
I can already interact with an oven using my wrist. I call it "Turing a knob"
CIRUS MEDIA (4 months ago)
#GreenScreen on pre-recorded footage!
TheCrusaderBin (4 months ago)
Don't have a phone with 5G, than you get a WiFi modem for 5G to use on phone at home... Where you probably have a PC with cable and unlimited data plan? And data plans under 5G last for what, 30 seconds of top speed use? Why in the hell?
slykrysis (4 months ago)
5:39 - "loose" #fail
Giovani Gambero (4 months ago)
Camera quality on this video is Garbagio
Krzysztof Wieczorkowski (4 months ago)
Alexa ... fflush xD
Aciimov (4 months ago)
I thought you are in 1:1 ratio, edited with gaussian blur in 720p. That hotel's hallway gave me some weird feeling, man... XD
David Vissers (4 months ago)
Linus? Beard?
Lokesh Kumar (4 months ago)
When he said space time continuum . Thats when the halway seemed not ok to me.
lolerilol (4 months ago)
then elon musk watch this and next week u see that just for tesla xdd
Ian Taufik (4 months ago)
It's just not the same without the heckling. I'm sure Tech Jesus is willing to oblige.
Sherlan G (4 months ago)
The blue screen of Riley
TheXxxexplosivexxx (4 months ago)
Riley’s in the Matrix!!!!
some guy (4 months ago)
Where is my favorite dragon?
Robb403 (4 months ago)
I foresee an interesting election add in 2020 that asks, "Is your President smarter than your toilet?"
Bro Den (4 months ago)
Hey look, a caveman.
Vladimir K. (4 months ago)
But *IT IS Christmas* by the old Julian calendar! (7th of January by the new Gregorian calendar)
Yannik Brűgger (4 months ago)
Riley looks like fucking gabe newell a few years ago
Honorien/MarquisBs (4 months ago)
When everything needs to be smart... Will Alexa analize your poo after you took a sh**? Then send it to Amazon to recommend me the right toilet paper? I really dont understand why anyone thinks we need this.
MADBONE (4 months ago)
focus.... focuss.... ah ill just listen to this as a podcast in the car.
GaLoS (4 months ago)
A 5G router? We pay $100 for like 5 gigs of data in canada, wtf am I going to do with that?
General Chat (4 months ago)
POWER SUPPLLYYYYY. My PSU just broke yesterday after installing 2 new fans. 2 FANS. Darn you poorly placed ad putting salt in open wounds!!
Sam E (4 months ago)
stop making my echo turn on!
gameflux (4 months ago)
Cool !
Adittya Abir Dhrubo (4 months ago)
Why you give us rage by scrweing up the first news subtitle?
Juice FPV (4 months ago)
Wipe my butt Alexa
Thomas Aranda (4 months ago)
It's Wednesday and nothing was posted yesterday what a lie
Charles Beckler (4 months ago)
What happened to teach linked every day this week... sad face
Sze Ki Li (4 months ago)
i like the sense of humor here
Mono (4 months ago)
omg where are we?
Bryton Massie (4 months ago)
Where's our video guys? it's beeen a whole dayyyyy. like Riley says "Don't hold me to that." I hope the delay is because of YouTube and the internet and not because Riley got harmed in the making of the video.
The Chaos Pope (4 months ago)
What happened to the guy off camera shouting funny yet disparaging comments?
nicky pass (4 months ago)
699k subs
Esteban18 (4 months ago)
Vic Trader (4 months ago)
I'm waiting for the twin girls to pop out behind him....
Spencer James (4 months ago)
Why are you gonna be loud as all get out in a hotel hallway at night, pretty rude lol
Diego Martinez (4 months ago)
I.. just love u Riley
Diego Martinez (4 months ago)
A fatal exception 0E has ocurred at 0069:Makejoke.exe
All my LMG notifications are going to the spam folder, maybe Google is trying to tell me something... 🤔
KJR Channel (4 months ago)
What worries me is one day someone could tell an A.I to suck them raw and it would do it. I think AI's need to be deleted before that happens.
Marcus B (4 months ago)
clearly in green screen i would be so pissed if i get woken up by him filming a video
Henry Curran (4 months ago)
Ben Shapiro
TJ Rooger (4 months ago)
I liked the hallway, sort of like an infinity mirror. Needs more random bell hops tho...
DELTACX10 (4 months ago)
if i buy a expensive car with more computers in it than i want threadripper in it
Dalton eLMN (4 months ago)
That Burger King headline right after 6:00 is pretty wtf....
Brett Prior (4 months ago)
So... A: Self driving cars are horse shit... They cannot happen.. as the degradation that occurs with vehicles long term is something that would be far far far far far far far far far far far beyond fatal when combined with autonomous vehicles. B: The cell phone data plan router... in the same era where pretty much every single carrier will throttle your data if you go over a certain amount, as no carrier actually endorses using their mobile network for home internet reasons... or they will throttle and ding you with hefty overage charges... depends on the carrier. What a stupid fucking thing most all of everything actually is. It ALL sucks... It's ALL shit. Alexa, flush
Azarilh (4 months ago)
Controlling the car with the smartphone is the worst idea ever.
Power of 27 (4 months ago)
6:02 what i'm more curious about is how bad of a bathroom mishap that would have had to have been for that man to get his "free food for life" taken away
Power of 27 (4 months ago)
oh he was promised the free food because he was trapped in the bathroom, and they just stopped allowing him to get his free food for life after a couple of weeks
T Ray (4 months ago)
Quid pro quo, subscribe and maybe they won't be in a hallway next time.
DJ Chizzlesworth (4 months ago)
Less Internet of Things, more Internet of Turds
Always Glackin (4 months ago)
Ayyy yall hit 699K
veizour (4 months ago)
My R.E.A.D. seems to be broken... it's almost always red... till I have to go... then it's brown... unless I need to go and I'm stuck in traffic, in which case it's brown light with bits of whispy red. What? We're live? You're typing this in the comments section? No, don't submit
veizour (4 months ago)
FT TEVWCSAVPS seems to be the way of the future... technology... system... thing.
COMBO (4 months ago)
This hallway reminds me of P.T.
Andrew Taylor (4 months ago)
Plan to focus in the future?
Big Man Xan (4 months ago)
Whos phone recorded this

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