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My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine - KayleyMelissa

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For this 5 minute ponytail hair routine I'll be showing you the steps I take to up my ponytail hairstyle game. I'll be giving you my top secret tips and tricks to all of my ponytail hairstyles. Let me know in the comments below if you learned how to do a ponytail in this 5 minute hair routine tutorial. ★Follow and Chat with me at:★ **My WEBSITE: http://www.kayleymelissa.com **Instagram: KayleyMelissa **Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kayleymelissa **Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kayleymelissa **Twitter: http://twitter.com/kayleymelissa **Second Channel: www.youtube.com/letsmakeitup2 **For business inquiries: [email protected] ---------- ★What I'm Using:★ -Wet Brush -Alligator Clips -Marianna Bobby Pins (the Sally's Beauty brand ones are good too!) ---------- ★What I'm wearing:★ Shirt: Forever 21 Lips: Maybelline Mattes in Darlingly Nude Nails: Black nail polish from Maybelline, Essie matte about you top coat ---------- FTC: This video is not sponsored. NuMe links are affiliate links. Products sent for review consideration are marked with an '*'.
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Text Comments (1914)
PippyNJune (1 day ago)
I just discovered your channel and your videos are amazing! Great editing, very clear tutorials! Going to try this tomorrow :)
Mechelle Crossan (2 days ago)
Is there a solution for not getting headache while wearing ponytail cause that happens to me every time 🙄
Mechelle Crossan (2 days ago)
Love your hair 🌸I love the tip too! my ponytail always looks shady as 😬
Aarna Prashant (2 days ago)
Aarna Prashant (2 days ago)
*me getting a brain tumor by looking at the ponytail cause it isn't high enough* *SMH* *Me liking my own comment*
Aarna Prashant (2 days ago)
Aditya Pathade (3 days ago)
Hindi nahi aati kya?
Anni • (4 days ago)
guess im the only one that takes 30 minutes to do a pony tail haha
Corina Hojan (5 days ago)
This is genuinely so clever! Love it 😍
tealquoise arts (8 days ago)
0:51 that’s how thick my hair is
NEHA SONWANI (8 days ago)
The amount of time I spend on making a pony tail is 2 sec, because I am always in a rush.
Natasha h (11 days ago)
I don't have enough hair for this
Diana Levin (11 days ago)
5 minutes for a ponytail?!🤣
Francesca Bia (12 days ago)
You are so beautiful and your hair is amazing!! I've always wondered how to make a good ponytail now that my hair is longer (I've kind of always had it mid-lenght but on the short side). I'm going to try your tricks!
Penelope Alker-Jones (12 days ago)
Ok part of this was obviously fast forwarded, but part of it was fast forwarded but not as obvious ,
Lucy Bee (12 days ago)
Damn I’ll stick to my 5 second pony thanks though
Shelby O. (12 days ago)
This was so easy!!!!!
Shripradha Bhat (13 days ago)
Going through the comments and finding out I'm not the only one with thin hair is something else
Anika Hart (13 days ago)
In trying to follow along but all the mirrors in my house rn are occupied bye *the firey pits of hell* and I can’t take it long enough to put my hair into sections
Nushi Wooshi (14 days ago)
You use the same picture for each step of the ponytail. Lazy
Ana Bugulet (14 days ago)
0:01 Bridget Medler is that you?? Plus you remind me of Dove Cameron in your profile pic
shivali amin (16 days ago)
Best high pony tutorial ♥️
LZ (18 days ago)
Girl, you are best!
Lauren C (19 days ago)
My hair is wayyyyy to thick for this. It just fell over lmao.
Ashley Thomas (21 days ago)
"if that seems way too over-achiever for you then use a normal hair tie" it doesn't seem over achiever at all I guarantee it's not going to stay put for more than 30 seconds on anyone with thick hair
Sammy Lee (22 days ago)
Ridgid versitilidad hohohol claw nozzle
charzzzel l (23 days ago)
i attempted this this morning and it took me an hour to perfect it and i was eventually late for sch
Thalia Sewell (24 days ago)
Love this. Subbed. Thanks for the tips! - T
E (25 days ago)
Sorry but that ponytail looks shitty
kagnomi (26 days ago)
Girl you done changed my life
How to have a good ponytail: Step 1: find a pony or a horse Step 2: use their tail and clip it to your hair Step 3: fAbuLous *-no horses were harmed in the making of this method-*
Alisha Oh (28 days ago)
Just did this with my thick Indian hair. It took a bit longer. My arms HURT. It looks pretty though.
Sophie Norris (29 days ago)
Where can I buy the little claw clips? Link me?
Rachel Jenn (1 month ago)
This is so smart, thanks for sharing! I’m so surprised at how many haters there are in the comments...very childish...
Jennifer Israel (1 month ago)
The bump at the top is weird though...
sandhya bhatta (1 month ago)
Even though I watch a lot of tutorials like this but I can't really make any of them 😭😭
Cori Hayunga (1 month ago)
Hey Kayley! I have really fine, smooth hair, and whenever I try to tease it it doesn't work...do you have any tips for how I can get my hair to tease so I can get that volume?
sunshiners100 (24 days ago)
Jenny Lee thanks!! That’s definitely helpful. For better or for worse, I dont use conditioner...and my hair is still like this!! Like you said, I can never hold a curl lol. Only with copious amounts of very strong hairspray. I’ll have to try the dry shampoo thing!! 🤔 I’ll let you know if I do!! Thanks again for your reply, I appreciate it. ☺️
Jenny Lee (24 days ago)
Dunno if this will help, but I'm guessing I have a similar hair type to you. Mine does not held curl at all. Last time I tried a curling technique though, I did some reading, and I tried a suggestion to skip out on conditioner in the shower, and I actually managed to get really intense curls. Just like skin types, there are hair types and from what I understand, moisture levels ties into that. Very very curly hair is dry, which is why if you watch a hair care video from someone of African descent, or from someone with a lot of frizz, a lot of the advice, and suggested product comes down to adding moisture back in. Very fine, straight, silky hair like ours naturally has more moisture in it. With fine, thin, straight hair, if we want it to hold shape, we need to give it extra grit and texture, basically. Skipping conditioner works, but obviously you'll only want to do that occasionally. I've heard mousse can help (hasn't done much for me, historically), and I've heard that spray-in dry shampoo also helps (though I have not tried this one myself. I'd like to, though!) As for teasing, I typically manage to do it okay with a fine-tooth comb. Dunno if that makes a difference, compared to using a brush or something. I hope this helps, and if you try the dry shampoo, let me know how it goes!
Lulu Nevaeh (1 month ago)
My pony looks better and i just flip my head down and just throw a hair tie lol 😂😂
Fatima Ataoui (1 month ago)
Lucila Ramos (1 month ago)
I prefer the "before" one, why would I want that much volume? doesn´t look very esthetic to me
J and J Football (1 month ago)
*whats the difference*
bonnieabbzug (1 month ago)
I just tried this. It was an epic fail. I think it's all about having just the right hair length, texture, and thickness. I can't even get a ponytail holder with bobby pins to go all the way around! Looks nice on her, though.
undergroundalcoholsi (1 month ago)
my ponytail takes 0.5 seconds. aint nobody got time for this
Sophie O. (1 month ago)
5 minute ponytail? If it's taking you 5 minutes, you're doing something wrong.
Prachi Bisht (1 month ago)
The best ponytail trick❤👌
Namneet Kaur (1 month ago)
Very good
Shraddha Bakshi (1 month ago)
Best ponytail
Liusila (1 month ago)
I tried this and my scalp gets fatigued and starts to hurt pretty quickly.
litastardreams (1 month ago)
Ponytails get uncomfortable and slip out of place all day. This has clips and Bobby pins and teasing, it would get uncomfortable so much faster and you couldn’t redo it easily. How about we just be okay with how normal ponytails look instead of wanting them to look like actual cartoon pony butts?
TheMarine2214 (1 month ago)
Drinking game. Take a shot for every ponytail word said.
KFGirl81 (1 month ago)
Do you find you end up with a headache with all the clips, pins, and double hair ties?
Disha desai (1 month ago)
When I pull my hair back for a ponytail my hairline looks receded.. it looks like I am bald or something even though I have good volume at the back .. so can you suggest something?
Lee Tiffany (2 months ago)
Before: look forward After: LOWER HEAD Wow how easy she can get the volume! lol
Mandy Marie (2 months ago)
It's beautiful but i don't have enough hair to do it...
Keisha Huet (2 months ago)
My hair is a lot thicker and it also hates me
Baby Cakes (2 months ago)
I would love to see you do a makeup get ready video and how you choose your hair colour for your skin tone,,
Wiktoria Willer (2 months ago)
Americans with their PoNYtail HOldErs
payal jadhav (2 months ago)
perfectly done
Erin F (2 months ago)
"5 minute ponytail" _video is 4 minutes long_
Same L (2 months ago)
The zamboni truck is smoothing out the ice
Crystal Queens (2 months ago)
U are so beautiful 😍..
Sammy Lee (2 months ago)
The zamboni truck is smoothing out the ice
Eva Fiskeman (2 months ago)
Safyia sent me here. Impressed, fun yet informative. 50 sec in and subscribed
Qian Neko (2 months ago)
gorgeous! can it withstand 5 minutes of jogging though?
I LOVE cookies (2 months ago)
This hairstyle is sooo hard to do
I LOVE cookies (2 months ago)
It looks sooo cute
Cory Lynn (2 months ago)
Love it! Thanks!
Sammy Lee (2 months ago)
Wood woooooodd
Sammy Lee (2 months ago)
The engagement music
Wasifa Zainab (2 months ago)
Thanks a ton Madame Kayley💞 It was amazing 😘
Feste Platte (3 months ago)
Your pony looks amazing? Ho told you the shit?
Estudios Banana (3 months ago)
5 minutes is too long, I take less than a minute!
Annemarie May (3 months ago)
Pony tails are so boring and typically worn by equally boring Millennial feminist types. They look particularly bad on professional types eg lawyers. A pony tail should only be seen on a girl of about age 5, if mum had no time to braid her long hair, but a smart mum would keep her kids'hajr cut very short, to save time and hassles each morning getting ready for kids'school and her own job, if she must have a job at all. If I go to a lawyer, any gender, or similar professional wearing a pony tail, I automatically assume they are either politically correct if female ie good cause to not use them but find better. Or, if male, I won't have much confidence in their capability eg a bureaucrat or accountant with messy or even tidy long hair hardly inspires confidence in their capacity for orderly thinking, tidiness etc necessary in such occupations. If you must have long hair as a female in such jobs, tie it back in a neat, tight, symmetrical style that attracts no attention when you move around, unlike the highly sexual looking female ponytail on feminist lawyers and similar professionals. Even in poorly paid jobs, it looks crappy and unprofessional eg the waitress whose sexy swinging pony tail ends up swishing into your meal, when it should be securely tied into a tight Bun, out of sight, ideally under the clean caps waitresses wore in an earlier era, with better standards. The only adults who may be OK with a pony tail swishing around are strippers in sex clubs or some kinds of music artists, though not all. Mainly troubled young men and innocent looking young performers singing/playing/dancing innocent, non sexualised songs etc. Ban the pony tail. In many European countries, it is regarded as a sign of extreme bad style and vulgarity for women to wear a pony tail, because it has certain connotations eg what comes out from under the horse's tail? Shit. And what do people do on horses? 'Ride' them. So the pony tail is considered to be sexual and obscene and no self respecting woman would be seen wearing this style. If she values her image and reputation eg to get/keep a job or a man etc. It's a definite No No and, if you are a tourist innocently sporting one, along with certain other styles and behaviours of Western feminist modern women types, you are actually signalling that you are pretty 'easy' and inviting 'holiday experiences'. Like being raped, abducted, even murdered, especially if travelling alone or with other raucous women out for a good time abroad, playing up sexually etc because nobody back home need know what they did with who and how, where why. Well, not until the HIV, STD and other disease test results come bavk to remind you and also let others know, via information technology privacy failures and deliberate breaches.
cindy gamcsik (3 months ago)
This works so nicely. Got the basics immediately but did have problem with bumps and lumps. Since figured out that little issue and live this pony tail the best. It is very easy.
KdramaLovers! (3 months ago)
*uhhhhh GIRL! i dont have time to do a 5 MINUTE pony tail! thats a lot! my pony tails takes only 40 seconds!*
Same L (3 months ago)
Lovely the band broken
Rhiannon Bond (3 months ago)
That was an excellent tutorial, thank you!! I just followed it now, and found your instructions easy to follow and the results were lovely. 😁 Thanks!! No more limp ponytail for me!
life with aysel ayman (3 months ago)
5 min ponytail i do myn in like 5 to 10 seconds
Same L (3 months ago)
C Fine
Same L (3 months ago)
Mobile rail spotter rxr
Invalid Comment (3 months ago)
How a ponytail take five minutes
MiniBiscuit Heart (3 months ago)
Hi random person scrolling through the comments because they don’t know how to do a ponytail I feel you 😂
lol u r absolutely right
beatris danila (3 months ago)
My ponytail takes less than 5 seconds...
Sachi Jimmia (3 months ago)
My hair is thick like one elastic is not enough but I do have a straight hair
Jeff Lee (3 months ago)
Broken up ipad screen baboon
Jeff Lee (3 months ago)
crazy shrimp lady (3 months ago)
Your hair is so thin compared to mine. I don't need volume. I try to reduce volume on my head.
Sydney Felicino (3 months ago)
My hair so thick and long its hard to do a ponytail because its too heavy for me to handle
Dove (3 months ago)
Hey i just want to say that I'm a dude and for some odd reason i like watching woman doing their hair, it's odd, weird and maybe even a little creepy, but for some reason it's soothing.
Adorable_ dorks_ (4 months ago)
I have thick wavy hair 💀
Julio Luna (4 months ago)
Beautiful hairstyle and you are even more beautiful
German Dimplez (4 months ago)
My hair is thick and down to my ass. I have the hardest time trying to make my hair look like it has volume cuz it’s so heavy. 5 mins seems like a long time (for me). Thx for the vid. I will try. Wish me luck. 🙏😘❤️
Forever Spring (4 months ago)
Why is women's life so difficult??..😥 honestly in my world nobody bloody cares about the volume of my pony tail hairdos.
Cupcake Queen girl (4 months ago)
How do you put the hair tie on that's why I watch these
Soothing slime ASMRS (4 months ago)
FINALLY a hair tutorial for people with thick hair
Alana Mcbride (4 months ago)
My hair is wayyy to thin fir this :(
Ana Valeria :v (4 months ago)
Thx so much ❤️❤️
Mitty Jazz (4 months ago)
You have thick and beautiful hair I don't think it's gonna work with thin hair
zohra zafar (4 months ago)
Andrew Cole (4 months ago)
100 Pack Black Hair-Ties Bulk (3MM) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MKDQGTR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_7L6jCb63F5STR

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