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Spilling the Tea! The long awaited Answers video!

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Hey Jedi! I tried to edit out as many of the umm's that I subconsciously kept saying as I could. I didn't realize I had this infuriating habit. Ugh! Lol. Hope it's not too annoying. Love ya and MTFBWY... always! My links and info - Instagram 💋 - blonde_jedi Snapchat 👻 - blondeashleigh Pinterest 💁🏼 - blondeashleigh TeaMi - https://www.teamiblends.com Use code ALC15 for some money off your order! My hair extensions - Irresistible Me - I have the Royal White Blonde (#60) set in 16 inches. - http://bit.ly/IrresistibleMe1161 Don’t forget to use the code GET20OFF for 20% off your first order! Woot woot! My eyelash extensions - Sara at The Spa on Yosemite http://www.thespaonyosemite.com Email for business inquiries - [email protected]
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Malorer Gomez (1 day ago)
I just love you I look forward to your videos your such an inspiration
NanciNicole (5 days ago)
Loved this vid! Actually felt like we were hanging out lol. Been watching your vids forever I just never comment. In regards to the sunscreen. I hate sunscreen, I’m a tanner lol, but now that I found one that doesn’t break me out I use it on my face and neck #31! The Roc brand at the drug store; the only drug store brand that actually has studies to back up their claims. They have a “Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen broad spectrum spf 30.” It’s so good! I use it every morning under my makeup and it’s never once broke me out...I think because of the retinol in it. It’s in a white tube. Hopefully if works for you boo thang 💖
Katelyn Johnson (5 days ago)
Yes to the paranormal mukbang!!!
AdrienneStarr (6 days ago)
Yasss q & a! I loved where you were talkong about your mom, so cool xo
Miranda Hane (8 days ago)
No more scentsy?:(
Maurice Edwards (8 days ago)
You have Very Pretty-Sweet Skin Ashleigh!!❤️😘
Sean T (1 day ago)
Maurice Edwards, do u like teddy bears? do u have any teddy bears? how many teddies do u have?
Jenny (8 days ago)
How many dogs do you have? The one on the couch is so cute 🥰 Must take a lot of time to walk them everyday 😁😁
Sarah Wilson (8 days ago)
Thank you love!!!! 💗
Cindy M (9 days ago)
Hi Ash I have been doing better about yoga cause the cold weather has ended and as for eating before yoga it’s usually about 3 hours or more and then for energy I drink a vitamin water. Thank you for answering my question by the way that was so cool🌅🙏🕉
Evelyn Santiago (9 days ago)
Isolated are more easily absorbed and digested. Casein is a more slowly digested protein hence why night time consumption is best. You look great by the way!👍🏼
Vagabond (9 days ago)
Yay thanks for answering my questions! 😎 and I ended up buying a red miata and I love her! 😏🚗 💕
Dani Harris (9 days ago)
Can you do a “What I eat in a day / meal plan “ video?
Cat Woman (9 days ago)
Is someone snoring in the background? 😂🐶
Cat Woman (9 days ago)
Can we meet your mom sometime?
Wow 90 pounds that's amazing. Good job I've been watching you for a while maybe like 2 years so I've seen your progress and your so focused on your weight loss journey good job
Ariella Apolito (9 days ago)
did you break up with chris????
Cat Woman (9 days ago)
No, her ex boyfriend. Not Chris.
R R (9 days ago)
I am currently doing intermittent fasting .. i dont know if i should go through with it ... did it help u ?
sarah phantom (9 days ago)
yay you answered my q❤️ i’m like that too though, when i go out by myself i’m like a lost lil puppy lol
Bails Dug (9 days ago)
Oh, my gosh! We have the same birthday as each other. ♊️
Hol Faulkner (9 days ago)
Me and my ex split up recently for the exact same reason it’s so hard especially when neither of you did anything wrong and he wanted to stay with me but I didn’t purely because I felt like he was my best friend and I didn’t love him but I really care about him it’s so hard hurting somebody you care about but don’t love!!! I found it really hard it took me months to finally cut it off but now I am feeling so much better I feel like myself again but it still hurts even though I didn’t want the relationship the brain plays crazy tricks on you right? X
Tosha Kessinger (9 days ago)
Does your pre workout give you a boost of energy? I’ve never tried pre workout and am very interested in getting some any recommendations on the best or your favorite pre workout that taste good???
m (9 days ago)
I'm curious what she thinks too! I just started taking some and it tastes awesome but makes me feel a lil crazy. My face flushes, I get antsy, palms itch but I do workout so much better on it
Tosha Kessinger (9 days ago)
YASSS GIRL SOO BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS, I’ve been binge watching your channel I’ve recently subscribed to your channel couple months ago your seriously amaze balls ness love your content & how down to earth real you are it’s inspiring to me to know I’m not alone that I have severe anxiety I’m also 30 and I’m learning how to try to be independent and it’s super scare AF and I have super bad anxiety and being in huge crowds is frighten n makes me anxious so thinks for the tips on listening to music or asmr videos wile shopping or doing stuff alone because I’m a divorced single mom of 2 which scares the shit out of me I used to be so dependent on my ex husband and it became insanity so I’m trying to take it one moment at a time and you’re a huge role model and I just Love you and your Vibe xoxoxo Tosha
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
Thanks so much for the love. Anxiety can be a bitch but I know we can both conquer it one day at a time! 💖
♡ Ashley Elyse ♡ (10 days ago)
Was he a capricorn? Lol im a gem toooo 💗😜 glitter everything 💎💖💎
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
My ex was an Aquarius and my current beau is a Leo
Artsy JRey (10 days ago)
You should do a what you eat in a day :)
AnDrea Araiza (10 days ago)
The long awaited video is finally here lol thanks for sharing. It's so great to see you happy and living life to the fullest.
Lady Liss (10 days ago)
Do you this he watches your vlogs?
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
I’m not sure. I hope not, for his sanity. Lol.
Debbie Breehl (10 days ago)
Ash you are looking awesome, you inspire to keep working out
Jasmine Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Yesss paranormal vid!
Samantha Negrete (10 days ago)
I’m so proud of you, you’re such an inspiration 😭❤️
I literally cried when you read my question and said my name #dying #heaven #fangirl
RMPKenpachi (10 days ago)
Cool video Ash
Mrs D Gonzales (10 days ago)
Yayyyy I’m so ready for this video!!!! Love seeing how happy you always look now!
Sharlene Villnave (10 days ago)
May 16th is my bday,girl! I'm a Taurus, so funny, I love your videos always!,
Shay Huf (9 days ago)
Sharlene Villnave That’s mine, my daughter and my nephew’s birthday too! ♉️
TBSxFAN (9 days ago)
Sharlene Villnave That’s my birthday too 🙂
Fortune (10 days ago)
This was awesome had my coffee along with u lol 😁. Try the la roche posay anthelios sunscreen. Its @ the drugstore but very good quality brand and formula for the face. Not the cheapest tho lol xo! Ps- congrats on 90 lbs holy cannoli quite an accomplishment woman! 👏👏
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
Thanks for the suggestion girl! 💖
Kalen Ahart (10 days ago)
Thanks for talking about your ex. I know you didn’t have to but I was honestly so curious. Good for you for being classy about it And about the school thing I totally recommend you to take as many classes as you can to finish. I’m currently in my senior year of college and I’m taking 6 classes. I’m broke as a joke.....But I’m almost done! Anyways I just recommend to get it over with because that’s what I did. I took as many classes as I can to get my bachelors.
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
Get it gurl!!!!!
Candice Marie (10 days ago)
I agree 1000% on blocking exes. When my first serious boyfriend dumped me, I started blocking him on social media WHILE he was breaking up with me. 😂
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
Kyla Ward (10 days ago)
I’m going to be 30 on May 26th!! What day is your birthday in May? Btw you looked too cute in this vid ❤️
Ashleigh C (9 days ago)
May 22nd 💖
its yasi (10 days ago)
you look super cute

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