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The Secrets Of Vibration & Frequency! (The Power Of Sound!)

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nikki townes (17 hours ago)
Has there been any bad side effects when used headphones n light vibration frequency attached to body?
Nigel Danclar (1 day ago)
Justin Justin Justin another awesome video my brother impactful knowledge and wisdom I truly appreciate you for all you do your videos are inspirational to my life and since watching your videos I notice a great change in myself mentally and spiritually. May God continue to bless you and your family in all your endeavors peace and blessings.
S A (1 day ago)
Could someone tell me what's playing in the background please?
Daron L. Musick (2 days ago)
Check out my Giants artifacts. Artifact found had sonic geometry.
Nells (2 days ago)
Blissed 🐝
dbenning Brakye (3 days ago)
I need help please
Missy Sample (4 days ago)
What a creepy voice! I can't even begin to listen to the message he is trying to send when he sounds like a serial killer.
dolce vita (4 days ago)
Do you create individualised frequency video?
ItsMeMax312 (4 days ago)
I was listening to relaxing frequency sounds or something and it felt like there was a wave or a energy pulling me up and i was dreaming but i was creating my dream, i was creating things and in control of it, it was very detailed like i was hovering through my house and it wasnt just happening like a dream, i was thinking of it and it would apear. Please don't take as a crazy person, could someone please tell me what this is thanks :)
T Saraceni (5 days ago)
Anything we find or discover the higher up people have to take the credit or destroy the ideas. Or turn it around to have human race to destroy each other. With what ever we find. In air water and foods. Our earth is toxic. God will retune it re do it re colate it over to its new birth. Were man won't harm a knew earth. Sin and corruption has played apart for years years. To be pure is to live pure breath pure. All is good. If its positive and love and harmony.
T Saraceni (5 days ago)
Great video thanks.I a long time ago felt a earthquake back in 200010 or 11. Was not sure if it was that or someone in the basement underneath the office building. Than was not sure if that was me my inner self. But I belive I did exsperience that earth quake or a vibrration underneath my feet. It was just for a sec. And that was the end of it. See if tho no one said nothing about it. If it was a quake in sure we all be talking. But I found that to be odd. Only me felt it. So either it was a quake in that location. Or it was my body that felt a strong vibration. It was something I won't forget.
TrendyHits (5 days ago)
This is what I love about 21st century freedom of speech. Nazi Germany 1940s: Suppressed information Today: 1,700,000+ views on this video
silver shark (5 days ago)
639 hertz??? I saw 638 on video
studio developers2 (6 days ago)
thank you You Are Creators !!!! healing us over here from some audio frequencies used against us by you know who, amazing, that they use evil audio frequencies, and we must combat, with the positive audio frequencies
Day Man (7 days ago)
It's pronounced "VAIR-dee"
Qi Huna (10 days ago)
*This is ALL hearsay REPEATED over and over and over again.* *The proof is in the actual presence, the NOW, if you will.* *You, the individual have to take the initiative and assert the Frequencies, in public, in a bar, at a Tedx talk, in a Supermarket speaker system, etc...to distinguish the differences and patterns as proof!* *Forming a group or network throughout each Country of FREQUENCY ENTHUSIAST to input various Fixed Frequencies into the public to determine WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS, WHAT IS PASSIVE AND WHAT REALLY DISTURBS AND IRRITATES THE MASS can really really be a huge game changer among the OVER ALL, HUMAN RACE!*
Dymond Clark (10 days ago)
Piccolo_sun (10 days ago)
interesting i understand it
EmailMeLater2 (11 days ago)
4:25 How would someone know which tone is "true"? Powers that be might tell me the tone in your back ground is 440Hz when it is actually 432Hz. Who am I to believe? How do I know for sure a tone is real and true?
It's what You make it (12 days ago)
Oh, I have NO DOUBT that my Highest Self led me here to your channel! I love and appreciate your giving of this gift! Thank you my new friend! 💞🙏✨🙋
Dante war (12 days ago)
He said 528 is the miracle then said that its the earth's ..
vani m kosaraju (13 days ago)
🙏 thanks a lot
Amazing. 432 and 528 have been the ones I've felt most drawn to and had the most benefit from and have experienced many positive results. So many incredible ways to heal that God has given us. We just need to be aware and seek them out.
Reddy Sriram (14 days ago)
Alex (14 days ago)
any music with all those vibes?
SS Academy (15 days ago)
Nice video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzugnjyZpdM
Pyramid1974 (15 days ago)
This is how ufo's make those intricate designs in crop circles from the air.. I also believe that solid rock has a frequency to be found that will temporarily alter its structure or character making it pliable or lighter in weight.. This is the technology that has been lost from the past..
Live Life (16 days ago)
Nipsey Hussle’s Album Victory Lap has a lot of healing frequencies. Long live Nipsey Ermias Hussle🏁
DJ Nadim (17 days ago)
How do I use my vibration to attract a redhead?🤔 Just asking for a friend. He’s crazy for them. 😂
Anthony Watkins (13 days ago)
😂😂😂😂a friend huh...
Gavin Sandlin (18 days ago)
So I used to listen these frequencies while I sleep, my girl friend was tripping out about it. She said, “If it works in your subconscious, who knows what kind of programming you are putting in their tracks.
if u have adobe soundbooth you can create 432 frequency and mixed it to the instrumental music you have .
Cindy Weaver (20 days ago)
Thank you for your videos. I appreciate you
Jayden Chiha (20 days ago)
REPLY ASAP PLEASE; Since there are all the frequencies which positively affect the brain and make us feel a specific way... what would be the other negative and neutral frequencies? Even a link to the information would be helpful, love your vids!!
darkx yangsta (20 days ago)
638 or 639??
andyn333 (20 days ago)
My question is...is it better to use headphones or is it better to have a speakers in your house where you can feel the music all over your body? Or use your car to encompass yourself in these frequencies? I want to test these methods out and see what works best. Thank you for your video!
Harry Samson (17 days ago)
*✔️ Ⓡ >> Ǵé́t thé́ fú́ĺĺ 15 ḿí́ńú́té́ ḿá́ńí́fé́śtá́tí́őń ṕŕőǵŕá́ḿḿḿ, 60-dá́ӳś 100% ḿőńé́ӳ-bá́ćḱ ǵú́á́ŕá́ńté́éé! ( śúbćőńśćíőúśśś ḿíńd ṕŕőǵŕáḿḿíńǵǵǵ ) >> Ⓡ ✔️ **https://tinyurl.com/y23crch8?-6yTUjhU765REDsAJ*
Meera Sharma (16 days ago)
damon witt (22 days ago)
Why are you talking like a sneaky masseuse
Adam Ruff (24 days ago)
Any body know any good books on this?
keen observer (24 days ago)
We are all energy and vibrating at a range of Frequencies
MOH666 (25 days ago)
X knew this... He used this, but in a good way
MOH666 (11 hours ago)
+AntAnt10 no problem bro, have a nice day
AntAnt10 (11 hours ago)
+MOH666 yh bro didnt mean to insult u or anything but thought was still necessary to say that
MOH666 (2 days ago)
Guys I said X knew about it, not that only him knew...
AntAnt10 (2 days ago)
and its also in many songs just ppl are asleep ... go look at the song by raekwon .. "north stars" look what it talks about ... not just the lyrics .. the talking too just one example of course
AntAnt10 (2 days ago)
literally all rappers (and others possibly however i know mostly about rap) know ,,,, thats why when they speak out smth is done ... like odb ... he knew ... pac biggie prodigy , X etc. and also others .. like marley,
Reinert Zerker (25 days ago)
I use my wifes vibrator to raise my levels.
Tamu Mongillo (25 days ago)
Thank you ..
Lonely (25 days ago)
So how did x use this in his music?
Zofka Channel (26 days ago)
why is the music in this video tuned to 440 hz?
Cairo Steez (26 days ago)
Howe can we find out more information about the negative and detrimental frequencies. How can we tell if we are being negatively effected by those or test if the music we listen to is feeding us negative frequencies?
Cairo Steez (26 days ago)
Rapper XXXTentacion spoke on this and thats what brought me here today. Like if X helped you start this journey.
Cairo Steez (8 days ago)
+Ozzy Blass Never dwell too long on the surface level
Cairo Steez (8 days ago)
+Ozzy Blass No sir.... Most rappers do just that. Words have frequency by themselves. So a lauange artist can taylor an entire journey of emotion (containing frequency and vibrations) in just one track.
Basil Lashley (8 days ago)
Ozzy Blass you obviously no nothing about X. Don’t judge a book by its cover. He was a very evolved soul, and had knowledge and abilities that most would claim are supernatural or other worldly. He wasn’t just a “rapper”. That community was simply the audience of his souls mission.
Basil Lashley (8 days ago)
Dan Adams, X was an indigo child. He knew since a very early age of things which many are just beginning to gain knowledge. It doesn’t have so much to do with being smart as being an evolved soul. X once said in an interview, that one of his first memories was the frustration of having to experience life again and again. In the last years, he knew he had to make a positive impact of the lives of others to break the cycle. That is why in the weeks before his death, as he anticipated his death, he said his only hope is that his music and words will have a positive impact on many.
dimz77 dimz77 (14 days ago)
+Ozzy Blass just goes to show what u know. Narrow minded.
HelloMrRose24 (27 days ago)
Excellent. Just subscribed
Yvette K (28 days ago)
Wow never know I guess you learn something everyday thank you
On the move (28 days ago)
This is mind blowing! This is my first time hearing about this.
Sebastian Sem (28 days ago)
Carlos Mariano Music (29 days ago)
You waiting? I am too.. for peace, love, and understanding. For steadyness and not ups and downs.i guess we are both waiting
White Pineal Stone (29 days ago)
Justin Macri (29 days ago)
I do not see the links in your video description to listen to some examples. Please reply with them here.
Jacqueline Walters (1 month ago)
Justin Perry🙏 There's only one way to find out, I will most definately apply these frequencies, and test them out on myself, I came across the Z App, or the Rife Frequency App an hour ago and was hugely excited in being able to use sound frequencies as a healing tool and an uplifting tool, I'm a believer, so followed up with a question, what are the frequencies that the Systems have used to manipulate people and your video came up, one needs to be aware of the positives and the negatives as well so you have helped answer that question for me thank you, I love Solfeggios, yet Cyamatics I have'nt used but was aware of it, therefore now I have a better understanding I will look further into that as well but for now, I have a couple of health issues of which the Z App treats with a set of frequencies that I will use from now on consistently for a set period of time and see what results come up for me. I AM soo freaking happy, thank you for adding to my understanding, feel my appreciations. 🙏
Jade R (1 month ago)
This is very cool. Thank you so much for sharing.
Dylan Jones (1 month ago)
Powerful stuff. Thank you.
What (1 month ago)
Nelson Diaz (1 month ago)
Thank you. I'm grateful for you Justin.
TLOKE 57 (1 month ago)
Can I repost this on my page I will give you the credit and everything just want to share your vid
J Rhawk (1 month ago)
You start with the spinning ball!???
The Sober King (1 month ago)
I'm ready to risk my life for the pursuit of truth.
Josh Hull (28 days ago)
The Sober King I’m good now lol just on that hippie shit
The Sober King (29 days ago)
Josh Hull I hear ya. I also stay the "happy warrior" in a war. Hope you are okay.
Jeffrey Moxey (1 month ago)
Thank You Kindly. Your Amazing!
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
Great... So, if we have mental illnesses, esp 1s difficult or impossible to treat, we're cursed w additional negativity bc of lack of emotional control... Yay for life then! Woo... Big deal. 😑 As of the psychologically disabled don't suffer bad enough. 😔
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
Sounds, esp absent to human ears, shape the brain. Not just visuals. That's also where the Power of Light comes into effect.
Jc cr (1 month ago)
Jacqueline Barnard (1 month ago)
Justin thanks so much❤🙏😇
richard bello (1 month ago)
Also how sound vibration frequencies can alter your moods thoughts and actions and even feelings, how sound frequency can disrupt natural frequencies in your brain, as an example music hypnotizes and mesmerizes the human brain as it changes the natural frequencies of the brain, music puts the listener into a hypnotic state of amnesia that alters your mind. The repetitious nursery rhymes repeating over and over again the same thing actually brainwashes and ingrains a thought that isn't your own, this is why you can remember every single word of a nursery rhyme and the melodies for years and stays stuck in your mind until death as it's meaning has struck a memory in you and now you can't get rid of it. Have you had a song stuck in your head and found it difficult to remove ? and have you remembered songs for most of your life ? I am speaking about most music that have hidden magical linguistic spells as language is used to cast spells as the human race has lost their ability to be telepathic due to mostly fluoride in all drinking water some people still have their telepathic skills in tact, but many more do not. There are insidious and nefarious things being used on human beings that affect the spirit and soul of the human race such as weaponized cellphone towers that emit low sound radiation psychotronic microwave Lilly wave frequencies that can alter the brain and alter your moods thoughts and actions and can even emit inaudible voice commands directly into the brain called the voice of god, this being used on all of the human race and can be directed at an individual or a group of people, or a race of people, or a town of people or an entire city population, and raising the low sound psychotronic radiation microwave Lilly wave frequencies and can even kill the above aforementioned within minutes to hours. Everything has a sound frequency from the tiniest molecule to the entire earth itself as all life is vibration sound frequencies all life is made of vibration sound frequencies. Royal Rife discovered the he could cure all kinds of cancers using sound frequencies by knowing the frequency of the molecule. Nikola Tesla also knew about everything there is to know about sound frequency technology as he would have put the entire human race hundreds of years into the future giving for free wireless energy of all kinds to the entire human race, but greedy people like JPMorgan destroyed Nikola Tesla and enslaved the entire human race to the mind control money system now every man woman and child are enslaved by your bills. Sound frequency key in music has been altered to keep the entire human race enslaved by changing the frequency also changes the vibration frequencies of the human brain. The spirit and souls are under attack by black magic linguistic spells also in the music that is most common and popular. The spirit and souls are in a prison earth in a prison human body and we spirit and soul beings must be aware that humans are under attack, it is an invisible force and we are in it's domain as this earth does not belong to the human race but are imprisoned by it, nothing is ours and most of the time not even our thoughts, as the spirit and souls are in a state of amnesia and more than most can not remember who and what they are, as most spirit and soul beings are held captured in a bubble an entirely enclosed system that has changed the natural sound frequencies that keep all life in a prison called earth. This I share with you and I hope it doesn't sound as gloom and doom as we can keep our sound frequencies in a good state by meditation and knowledge.
timwins31 (1 month ago)
This guy sounds like a fucking moron. Mozart usually tuned to 415Hz, and Bach to 425ishHz, his tuning varied. But aside from that, why the dumbass whispering, tryin to sound all cryptic. Nice pronunciation on Goebbels too btw.
Dan Carson Wolf (1 month ago)
Thank you brother... Shared Widely
Soul Streams 333 (1 month ago)
Brilliant! Very much appreciated 🙏🏻
Udo Matthias drums (1 month ago)
love it!!
Patricia A. Williams (1 month ago)
geezass price (1 month ago)
Dumb ass people lol
geezass price (1 month ago)
Democracy they say lol
geezass price (1 month ago)
Your government wants you to die young lol
geezass price (1 month ago)
And you think that the government is your best friend lol
John Smith (12 days ago)
geezass price fuck the government which was created by freefucking masons who are servants of that witch in the fucking goddamn england
James McElroy (1 month ago)
This is what the people on mother Earth need thank you God bless you
Evemix (1 month ago)
What are those "obvious reasons" exactly?
Hex Pandyr (1 month ago)
thank you thank you thank you
Cathrine Redhouse (1 month ago)
*Ṭḥḙ Ḷạẉ Ợḟ Ạṭṭṛạḉṭḯợṇṇṇ Ṗṛợḉḙṣṣ Ṭḥạṭ Ẉợṛḳṣṣṣ Ḟợṛ Ṃḙ ḘṾḘṚỴ ṢḮṆḠḶḘ ṬḮṂḘ! (Ṭḥḙ ỤḶṬḮṂẠṬḘ Ẉạỵ ṭợ Ṃạṇḯḟḙṣṭṭṭ!) **https://bit.ly/2UFI4fv?-BhUJyu76gfDER44*
Campbell Scott (1 month ago)
396Hz = Grief to Joy and liberation 417Hz = Cleanses traumatic experiences and facilitates change 528Hz = Known as the natural frequency of the earth it repairs DNA and brings transformation and miracles into your life 639Hz = Enhances communication understanding tolerance and love in other words it strengthens relationships 741Hz = Leads you into the power of self-expression which results in a peer and stable life it also helps clean the cells of toxin 852Hz = Helps awaken intuition and returns your vibration to spiritual order 963Hz = Helps restore the spirit to its original settings it is directly connected to light or God use these frequencies often to restore the mind body
Hedonist Euphony (1 month ago)
Tune your instruments at 432Hz or 444Hz. Not 440Hz
Jackie (1 month ago)
440 Hurts
Venice 111 (1 month ago)
Not all waves and vibrations through frequencies are good, spirit creatures operate on these frequencies too, I have seen people become possessed through the singing bowls opening up chakras, quantum physics also opens us up onto these demonic wave lengths..How are we to know what vibrations we are tapping into..We live in a dimension which just doesn't exist of flesh and blood, but spiritual entities..Be careful eve wanted knowledge which was forbidden to her, it's not everything that we are suppose to know..Yes there is truth, but what part is the lie? It's New Age, be very careful..
Rare Portal (1 month ago)
maybe the bowl was tuned to a demonic channel
Bella Vista (1 month ago)
Thank you for your extraordinary helpful work, wisdom, knowledge, skills and gifted availabilities,and expertise. You are seriously a wonderful gift to the world. Thank you for making the world a better place by sharing this fantastically helpful, inspiring, encouraging information. Blessings, prayers and love to you for continued creative ideas and helpful videos. So grateful. Appreciate all you are doing..Mucho Gracias
Fin (1 month ago)
Laura Harris (1 month ago)
Frequencies depend on the medium they are traveling through, be it air, liquids, or solids. What is one frequency in air is a different frequency in water (our bodies are mostly water). So, which medium do the stated frequencies apply to, air or water?
Sasko Rajcevski (1 month ago)
Thank you brother. You are send from god💪
Pratibha P (1 month ago)
Frequencies plus meaning..nice combination 😘😘
Pratibha P (1 month ago)
+Starry Night I'll. Thanks for reply......have a great life 😃😃
Starry Night (1 month ago)
yes but check the comments about getting an APP to check if you've got the "correct" ones; Spectrum Analyzer App....
Diana Møller (1 month ago)
HOW can we have the right frequenzy around us by music - we do not see this wave on the radio - the dab radio - we need to have a scala screen near by - or how ?
star win (1 month ago)
Clout- Ninja (1 month ago)
Jamies Playground (1 month ago)
I enjoyed the video.
Opportunity (1 month ago)
what frequency is a fart
Starry Night (1 month ago)
+Opportunity - JEEEZ. I've been reading sooo many serious comments... I actually chuckled. Thx, and I hope you get your answer.
Abhishek Sharma (1 month ago)
what are the obvious reasons?
Daniel Marone (1 month ago)
Keelee Hudson (1 month ago)
Ahhh!! I resonate so hard with Pinky and the Brain😂😂💜💜
Keelee Hudson (1 month ago)
I have literally conditioned myself to speak with the perfect frequency in any situation. I live with high functioning anxiety. It’s so insane for me to hear my voice vs what I feel.
Tiffany Kraft (1 month ago)
Thank you!!!
christian apodaca (1 month ago)
I thought it was 432 hz
christian apodaca (1 month ago)
The earth body

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