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IMG Models

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IMG(international Managment Group) have the it girls of fashion,movies and sports including: Maria Sharapova Gisele Bundchen Jessica Stam Miranda Kerr Kate Moss Liv Tyler Sasha Pivovarova Angela Lindvall Naomi Campbell Carolyn Murphy Jacquetta Wheeler Gemma Ward Carolyn Winberg Others...
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36emeArtprod (6 years ago)
making of shooting with img model Olivia Levebre ! youtube.com/watch?v=MzCoFSM6HvI
jess blessinglight (6 years ago)
LOVE miranda kerr! :) how could you not have barbara palivn?????
Wendy Hsu (8 years ago)
What's the name of the first song please??? Very urgent. Thanks.
GagaOopsy (8 years ago)
love jacquetta wheeler, freja beja erichsen, and sasha pivovarova.
Ian Johansen (8 years ago)
type in "won" before youtube.com
Daniel Padilla (8 years ago)
Where can I find this song??? What's it called?
TheChriskimpton (8 years ago)
This sucks Why do you like this Are u girls
GagaOopsy (8 years ago)
MY favorite is sasha pivovarova
Bianca Acuram (8 years ago)
Hey. Where's lily donaldson?
Ardi Satwiko (8 years ago)
@bladee21505 I just rated you down bcos of ur question.
Carlos Garces (8 years ago)
can someone give the name of the music please thank u
shred305 (8 years ago)
Hey what about Margherita Missoni!!!
Bianca Acuram (8 years ago)
The antm winner gets a contract with img? Hmm... No offense but most of the winners don't have what it takes.
Davin Yu (8 years ago)
@taoworm2323 These are high fashion models. They're usually not conventional beauties.
Dow Mah (8 years ago)
bit . ly/jerku
reggaimon (8 years ago)
2rage (9 years ago)
Freja, Lily Donaldson, Hilary Rhoda, and Gisele Bunchen are my favorites
junkfood1991 (9 years ago)
liv tyler?????????????????????????????
Brina Somrak (9 years ago)
gemma<3, freja beha, lara, jessica stam, lily cole, sasha, du juan, hana, lily d. (Y) gisele, naomi, music (N)
superninanova (9 years ago)
i love freja beha!! she's ssooo hot!!!!
TomLinkens (9 years ago)
It's a shame what happened to Tanya...she left IMG and signed with Elite.
0dour (9 years ago)
i love Tanya and Du juan
0dour (9 years ago)
Shes not with IMG or Marilyn now o_O
TomLinkens (9 years ago)
I'ma fan of all those models. Well...except maybe Naomi Campbell. But she'd do what about me not being a fan?
Mariposa_Marie (10 years ago)
whats the name of the first song ? =)
Anyalinha (10 years ago)
It's Caroline Winberg, not Carolyn!
Aylin Kesapli (10 years ago)
heidi is the best!
melody rose (11 years ago)
what's the name of the second song?
tawny tonie (11 years ago)
i came to notice that successful supermodels were from IMG..i see why gisele left Elite, she's right she have to move for more improvement, IMG gave her that
Mezzano (11 years ago)
bernardosgtg (11 years ago)
Cool video! I just think the names should be placed at the bottom of the screen not over the pics. 5 stars anyway lol. What's the name of the second song btw?

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