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"Light & Shadow" by Johnnie Liliedahl, #5 in the Illuminations Video Series

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Buy now: https://lilipubsorders.com/products/johnnie-liliedahl-light-and-shadow Click to download or request a free catalog: https://lilipubsorders.com/pages/catalog-request This is a short preview of DI-5, Light & Shadow by Johnnie Liliedahl. The first four videos in the Illuminations! series introduces you to the language of painting and provides the foundation that this new video is built on. Continue the exploration of painting truths and visual relationships in the study of light and how it determines the shadows in every painting composition you attempt. Learn the so-called rules; then learn when and why to break them. Focus on Value and Color Temperature.
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Lytton333 (10 months ago)
Of course, the more the subject is exaggerated, the more the picture is about the essential character of the artist rather than the essential character of the subject. Great art is about getting both in equilibrium, or to put it another way, the great artist must see what is really there for everyone to see, not what he or she deludes himself is there so that everyone can see the artist and nothing else.
Dan Thomas (1 month ago)
Hense most modern art, which is mostly a narcissistic impression of the subject.
Dreamlife Films (3 years ago)
i prefer her instruction. it is so honest and literal. some instructors tend to get too vague

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