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Online Crush Gets Crushed! (The Jerry Springer Show)

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Mia is very excited to meet her online crush Austin! The two had conversations about moving in together except for one small problem…Austin's girlfriend! Subscribe NOW to The Jerry Springer Show: http://bit.ly/SpringerSub Don't miss another episode of #JerrySpringer, find out where to watch here: http://jerryspringertv.com/watch Get social with us on: Website: http://jerryspringertv.com/ Add us on Snapchat: JerrySpringerTV Likes us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JerrySpringer Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpringerTV Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/thejerryspringershow Snag some merch at our Studio Promos Merch Store: http://www.studiopromos.com Watch full episodes of The Jerry Springer Show on demand for free at: https://www.Nosey.com
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Text Comments (18149)
Kanta Bai (29 minutes ago)
Worst acting
Epic Teo (1 hour ago)
I heard beep in every second
Daeyaviaughn Walker (3 hours ago)
She needed a place to stay Bitch please
cassie izy (4 hours ago)
Boyyz are such a coward
GrEeN dUDe (4 hours ago)
Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight
norah Kalunda (5 hours ago)
jayvian (6 hours ago)
6:52 looks like kehlani omg
Kryzzylle Anne Johnson (7 hours ago)
I think the guy just want a sex from the stripper. Just saying
Helen DGL (11 hours ago)
2:10 Mia looked disgusted by the kiss lol 💀
rObErT tHomPsoN (12 hours ago)
she’s shy too? sis aren’t you a stripper
rObErT tHomPsoN (12 hours ago)
that “thank you” @ 2:04 was the fakest thing i’ve ever heard.
Handsome Man (13 hours ago)
N you look like you're going to church!!! Really thats an insalt?
Lacy Alaniz (14 hours ago)
That stripper had a belly lol
Jocelin B (14 hours ago)
the girls back is more bent than my life
Issabella_Playz 945 (15 hours ago)
watching it and was saying aww and all that stuff and then I hear "whos roxsan" and he said 'my girlfriend' and I yelled OHHHH
Olawale Ademola (15 hours ago)
He’s a real ass nigga
Debanhi's World (15 hours ago)
the girlfriend wasn’t even crying
anonymousdemon9 (15 hours ago)
I felt the sus
Alexie Black (15 hours ago)
I felt bad for the church girlfriend until she started calling the other girl (who did nothing and didnt even know they were dating) a used up whore and stuff
Naty Kamian (15 hours ago)
He cute tho
Han Nguyen (16 hours ago)
Santiana Hardy (16 hours ago)
The girl friend look like the type of b!+ch that will burn yo whole thing DOWN🤣🤣
Ngozi Charles (16 hours ago)
At 5:00 that mixed girl putting down her stuff like she bout to fight. Like no twig, u cant do nothing
Teygan Manning (16 hours ago)
She's sticking her but out so it looks bigger, that's gonna ruin her back 😔🤦🏼‍♀️
It's Bella (16 hours ago)
“You looking like your going to Church.” At least she can have God on her side
error (16 hours ago)
She’s actually sorta cute
Just Ad Tia Me (16 hours ago)
Dang the girl in blue got beat all the way up 😂😂while she talking all that trash
KING (16 hours ago)
He bout to ride her 😂😂😂
rene acang (17 hours ago)
She has small boobs and she thinks everyone wants to see them small tities
Abigail Calvi (17 hours ago)
truthfully i stay single to stay outta shit like this cause girls are fake as fuck
Mayumi Garcia (17 hours ago)
Idiots, the lot of them
Saoirse Duffy (18 hours ago)
About to break her back trying to stick her ass out
Alsadig Ali (18 hours ago)
17 and a 20 year old 🚔🚔🚔
Nancy Mueller (18 hours ago)
These hoes ante loyal
Nancy Mueller (18 hours ago)
Great acting
StellaWolf36 Kitty (18 hours ago)
When boys get jealous, it's kind of cute. When girls get jealous, it's like World war 3 is about to start.
Oh Pal (19 hours ago)
He look like Noah from the notebook
Risa Sunshine (19 hours ago)
I really felt bad for the stripper,she didn't know and she was insulted
asha2569 (19 hours ago)
whores wear flats too lol
Thick Productions (20 hours ago)
*her eyes look black frfr*
Aiyanna Lopez (20 hours ago)
Dam he dumped her for a her that's f crazy
creepercraft 123456 (20 hours ago)
Someone that goes to church is better than someone who goes to a strip club for drunk guys that give you money
Rainbow Diamond (20 hours ago)
What is being bleeped out? Is t bad orrrrr
Anna Modeski (20 hours ago)
what is a f.. cheep program?
Music N0te_gamer (21 hours ago)
I understand she was cheated on but she had no right to call that girls those names
Nijauh boston (21 hours ago)
That boy is fine 😍😍😍
Vixi Arts (21 hours ago)
This dude..
Dave mate (21 hours ago)
Why does that look like brad lemon
Fizzer_YT (21 hours ago)
Fight, fight, fight, fight!!
TheYoutubeAccount (22 hours ago)
At the 2:09 the stripper does not like the kiss, look at her face
Kimberly Riko (22 hours ago)
At 2:07 she kissed him then she made a Disgusting face 😭🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀😭
Skyler Havins (22 hours ago)
I don’t think the stripper deserved to be called ally shoes things . You don’t know what’s gone on in her life to make her become a stripper , some people have to do what they have to do . She didn’t know about the girlfriend . And the girlfriend had no right doing that if she didn’t know .
Clorox Bleach (22 hours ago)
She’s to pretty to be a stripper anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️
Destiny xox (23 hours ago)
I like the stripper girl more than the gf, cause she was Hella rude to the poor girl she didn't know
Chip Munkz (23 hours ago)
This dude is mama boy
Jagdeep Kaur (23 hours ago)
why the hell is she the one getting dumped .. girl u should be the one dumping his ass and also you shouldn't be calling the girl a used up whore bcz the one behaving like a whore is your so called boyfriend .
Domino'sDiamond (1 day ago)
yes girls fix ur weeves
Paradox Aqua (1 day ago)
She love drama she be wating jerry springer
Mo vdb (1 day ago)
This show is fake asf
Krista Vlogs (1 day ago)
ILeeSir XxRGxX (1 day ago)
That’s one interesting couple.
Roach City (1 day ago)
This would make a good Wattpad story lmao😂😂
Divine Odef (1 day ago)
STAGED!! this is fake ahh
TrEy GaNg (1 day ago)
This ain’t pornhub babyyyy
Unique Unknown (1 day ago)
Why are the girls so salty toward each other? THE BOY PLAYED YOU BOTH
Professor xPop (1 day ago)
Austin is a butthole
Mad Gacha (1 day ago)
Imma go woop his ass for treating those women like that!
I get that she's mad about him cheating with a stripper but I she shouldn't have said this things about her, I get that they're bad but she's a human too
Savana VanDenBerg (1 day ago)
One day, I want to see a girl come on this show and knows how to fight, not that dumb flinging hands left and right shit like actual fucking eye of the tiger stuff.
Evelyn Zekaj (1 day ago)
Man is that truth ???
I feel bad for the stripper because she got roasted so bad and she looked so sad but she roasted Austin's girl so I think they r even
Faith Burns (1 day ago)
Suck This (1 day ago)
Ohhh ahhhhh hahahahaaaaa
ImFyre (1 day ago)
This show is so boring. Everytime the same. Fighting like kids. Premium Plus security
a k m a i i (1 day ago)
Mxali (1 day ago)
*sUcH a BeAuTiFuL DrEaM*
Cheyenne (1 day ago)
The stripper looks like one of the roach like creatures from Men in Black lmfao
Unicorn Lover (1 day ago)
They should have beat him up together but that's none of my business 🐸☕️
baby • (1 day ago)
i’m cringing
Shouto Todoroki (1 day ago)
These girls should not be fighting over this manwhore. These girls deserve someone better
Sharpe Family (1 day ago)
Bruh 5:35 I swear black girls don't pun ch we drag
mandy - (1 day ago)
mia: -puts down box- I KNEW SHE WAS GONNA THROW HANDS
Empress Jones (1 day ago)
Damn player.
Legodude10 (1 day ago)
What a fucking palinee. You donut
Molly Fordham (1 day ago)
The gril with the black dress is thrash
XxX Penny XxX (1 day ago)
Yooo I’m going to hell and I feel really bad but I’m weasing likeee🤣🤣
The white girl would have left him any way
Matthew Connors (1 day ago)
Audience is so fucking extra omllllll😭😂😂😂
maya papaya (1 day ago)
shes really pretty though
Chicko C (1 day ago)
This show is so scripted always guys live hot women for some shit
Axel Trejo (1 day ago)
6:55 thought she was like 30 tbr witchu lmao
Colleen Kyle (1 day ago)
Wh-What's so bad about going to church...?
Super Wenie Dog (1 day ago)
God ....she's ugly
Colleen Kyle (1 day ago)
I felt so bad for the stripper though. When she found out he had a girlfriend, her face was this type of uncomfort of not knowing, and I felt really bad that she didn't know.
Adrienne Berg (1 day ago)
why are there random beeps placed every 7 seconds lmaoo
Kaelyn A.S (1 day ago)
What have we learned today kids Kids: for the girl we have to say this YOUS A HOEEEEEEEE
Lone Wolf (1 day ago)
I feel bad for girls who have to deal with men like this I swear. Like just talk and break up with them before you do your slutty shit
Lone Wolf (1 day ago)
Wtf is she wearing lmao
Emeraldguy 101 (1 day ago)
She took so damn long to open that present damn 😂😂
Meriem Behlil (1 day ago)
"CoUnTrY bOyY, i LoVe YoUuU" 😂

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