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Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate

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Michael Kiwanuka's new album 'Love & Hate' is out now. iTunes: http://po.st/qVaET7 Spotify: http://po.st/oIIWR7 Amazon: http://po.st/kcNAUT HMV: http://po.st/RoN04k Store: http://po.st/dP6EU8 Sign up to Michael’s mailing list here to be the first to hear about new music & tour dates: http://po.st/KiwanukaNews https://www.facebook.com/MichaelKiwanuka https://twitter.com/michaelkiwanuka https://www.instagram.com/michaelkiwanuka http://michaelkiwanuka.com/
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Text Comments (5330)
MATT STUTCHBURY (1 hour ago)
Amazing 😀
Da Beaman (5 hours ago)
Great stuff right here..
Cecilia Bomfim (5 hours ago)
Hj, 20/02/2019, às 21:00, uma tpm das piores que já tive, uma crise com uma filha adolescente, me sentindo a pior das pessoas com um amontoado de problemas e ouvindo essa música que me transporta à momentos que nunca vivi, a uma melancolia persistente e ao mesmo tempo gostosa de se sentir...
Baxtiyar Guseinov (9 hours ago)
The people are bomb high.
Baxtiyar Guseinov (9 hours ago)
Можно и без кайфа кайф словить от этого.
Fredzel Lomin (10 hours ago)
Pyramind (11 hours ago)
Really amazing!! Would love to know when you will be in San Francisco!!
cynthia jetton (1 day ago)
At 56, I find my taste in music opening up more to appreciate more. Michael Kiwanuka has the ability to soothe the soul with amazing voice~
Alexander Lysenko (1 day ago)
James Macdonald (3 days ago)
Stunning song, absolutely awesome
Yılmaz DALKIRAN (3 days ago)
Sound volume is too low. ????
Eurika Webster (3 days ago)
Michael’s music truly moves my soul🙏🏽🙏🏽♥️♥️
Sheri (4 days ago)
Just found this amazing poet, hes an old soul.
Alex I. (4 days ago)
brilliant !!!
Daniel Flannelly (4 days ago)
This music transcends ages.We could be in the 60s.Still good music
Daniel Flannelly (4 days ago)
Wicked music and a wicked fro.Youre talented boy.
nergis ermin (4 days ago)
Sergio Cerro (5 days ago)
Aléxia Calazans (6 days ago)
There is hope.
ercan bilgiç (5 days ago)
Anro Trollip (6 days ago)
He forgot the the lyrics for the whole intro
Javier Jesus Quintero (7 days ago)
I feel the beat
TwitchtvTrigun52 (7 days ago)
*POPE* > *JAY*
Photo Saving (7 days ago)
Иван Иваныч (7 days ago)
Нет комментариев на российском языке. Очень жалко, что у меня дома не внемлют такую красивую музыку. Спасибо брат, весьма духовная музыка. До слез...
Mario Sarreon (8 days ago)
Marvin Gaye vibes
adam Shar32 (8 days ago)
Harriet Manning (8 days ago)
I love this guy. Best kept secret!
Piano (9 days ago)
Incredible as usual
mireia magon (9 days ago)
Beautiful, hugs from Uruguay.
Masha N (9 days ago)
This guy is amazing! Check out Firme Prostitute...another great band and video
M.O (9 days ago)
Linda canção!!!!!!!!!!
João Estegue (10 days ago)
Simplesmente perfeita essa música!!
Welsh steveee boyo (10 days ago)
I think my neighbours starting to like Michael kiwanuka. Now that he is starting to get to know him 😀obviously it's irrelevant because it's my music and my fucking yard,(yah man) on a serious note though. It really saddens me to say this, look what's become of the American music industry oh those so fucking clever music executives tending to choose looks over Talent no wonder the UK is now voted number 1 and the US a poor number 2 in the top 10 of countries that produced the best music. Such a shame with all that untapped Talent, or Maybe we're just an island of ugly bastards... yeh it must be that.? For fucksake get real before you go down to number 3
pagents (10 days ago)
I played this album when I took my daughter away to Uni (hurting) , and again when I brought her back a week later (feeling better) , great for all occassions :)
Austin Chaney (11 days ago)
I thank god for music everyday, if it wasn’t for music and the connection I feel, I would’ve committed suicide long ago, I’m only 21.
VoReason (11 days ago)
So beautiful wish I found it earlier in life
Alex Lemos (11 days ago)
Animal kingdom brought me here
WiLL Fellas (11 days ago)
Elementary season 5 brought me here. R.I.P. Shinwell💔
This song makes me feel like I can fly
Brenda van der Biezen (12 days ago)
This is so good❤️❤️
younes badache (12 days ago)
Animal kingdom? 😂
man... wonderful .. well composed.. for a moment i thought i was music by myself .. great guitar work in the end .. well done keep it up fellas
NS Technology & Life (12 days ago)
Suits <3
Evgeniy Gray (12 days ago)
Oscarín (12 days ago)
love this!!! what other artists are like him?
Ray Hughes (13 days ago)
Love this guy, great song and Michael you got the voice man.
Danniel Cohen (13 days ago)
Clotilde Marzullo (13 days ago)
Love at first hear
atlasshrugged23 (13 days ago)
here because dear white people
Val Lizardi (14 days ago)
Nimish Beriwal (14 days ago)
Absolutely amazing song. Really transports you the place you want to be.
Philippe Brossaud (11 days ago)
L'amour va de paire avec la haine. moi je préfère voir la passion pérenne, non destructrice et dévorante. C'est vrai mais n'est qu'une résultante d'un mauvais choix, d'une mauvaise gestion de nos valeurs humaines, de nos sentiments ou notre évaluation de l'autre ce qui sont sain c'est l'amitié. Une valeur sûre qui dure et s'inscrit dans le temps à travers les yeux de l'autre et non l'inverse. On se doit pour soi-même et surtout pour l'autre de ne pas faire cet amalgame douteux et trompeur qui ne créer que souffrances et désillusions et nous persuade que nous sommes mauvais et nocifs (nocives) pour les autres ce qui est faux, comprendre, être à l'écoute de l'autre, hommes ou femmes , de nos différences, de nos attentes communes à travers le respect, la confiance, la communication malgré nos vies discordantes, éphémères, ou chacun y va de son point de vue alors que nous avons tous et toutes besoin des uns et des autres et dont nous inspirons toutes et tous à la même chose, le bonheur, alors pourquoi ne pas s'en donner les moyens en admettant cette simple vérité. Nous ne sommes pas parfait, vulnérable et faible face à l'amour sans compréhension de l'autre. L'égalité entre hommes et femmes est là en se comprenant les uns(es) avec les autres, par le dialogue, sans guerre des sexes stupides en cherchant qui à imposer son point de vue et qui aura le dernier mot ou qui aura raison, et surtout qui aura le dessus sur l'autre alors que que nous sommes essentiel les uns pour les autres. Vérités ou mensonges ? A chacuns (es) d'y voir le reflet de sa propre vérité, d'en assumer les choix, de vivre avec ou de vivre dans un mensonge. Laissé le libre-arbitre à l'être humain et il fera toujours le mauvais choix. et pour en finir, entre désir et réalité, la frontière est mince et on peut s'y perdre facilement.
Mariah Munar (14 days ago)
Young Michael , from 24 hour fitness .. i hope you see this , i came back for you this morning :)
Carmen Ruiz (14 days ago)
SawedOff Shotty (14 days ago)
Reminds me of Al Green
Ray Write (14 days ago)
Sophies (14 days ago)
loop loop loop
Andrejus Smagin (14 days ago)
saw this before 5k views
denise lee (15 days ago)
I cant believe Michael Kiwanuka isn’t an international superstar! I heard his music in a movie and i cant get enough! His albums are FREE with Amazon Prime. I thank God i found his music, it literally speaks to my soul .
napalm6969 (15 days ago)
I need something give me something wonderful
Dimensional Plane (15 days ago)
Amazing stuff Mr. Kiwanuka! Keep up the great work!
Yusuf Aközenler (15 days ago)
Masterpiece. I can listen to it all day long.
Laker Logic (16 days ago)
Real music, with real instruments...Beautiful.
Darryl alexander (16 days ago)
truth is all the mixed culture stuff is smashing up culture from within
Paul Bradford (17 days ago)
Love this song. I am a 66 year old man, and I love Michael's music, production, his lyrics, and the whole atmosphere and aura that surrounds his music and makes it unique. May he have a long career. A truly creative soul. Speaking of soul, I've seen Michael live. There is as much soul and energy coming across to the audience as when I saw James Brown back in the day. Different music style, same vibe. Continue the craft....Paul
Simmy T (17 days ago)
that fuzzed up solo will always smash any shred am I wrong?
Sue McArthur (17 days ago)
so great
Romeo Sanpedro (18 days ago)
Alejandro Hernandez (18 days ago)
U2 Troubles
Mia Bishop (18 days ago)
Absolutely my kind of tune. 👌🏼🔥🔥
Christine ODonnell (18 days ago)
a personal favorite
alajae jenkins (19 days ago)
7 seconds brought me here. Would love a new season
masterofany (19 days ago)
Good music is not dead yet. This is really good.
Martin Schmidt (19 days ago)
Rammstein Frühling in Paris
yannick guyard (19 days ago)
iréel , céleste , merci Mickael from France.....
Lake 42 (19 days ago)
Raymora Thomas (20 days ago)
Just found a singer I just love! Your voice touches my heart! Thanks, for sharing your gift. I felt so peaceful. Calm and peaceful!
agianialex (20 days ago)
Respect.. bro Michael and your band..
Edney Silva (20 days ago)
Watch Netflix's Lovesick, guys! :V Oh, yeah, this is such a great song!
Lakeeva Mitchell (20 days ago)
Bill withers
Lakeeva Mitchell (20 days ago)
The melody sounds familiar. What did you sample?
xaris win (20 days ago)
One of the most emotional songs ever!!!
Robert Jahoo (21 days ago)
🎼From🎧 Polen🇵🇱welcome🌍
Max Harrison (21 days ago)
seriously talented young man and excellent production
Adrian Gladwin (21 days ago)
God thank you
Sarah Alaskari (21 days ago)
CathyAnne Tysinger (22 days ago)
Play that guitar baby❤❤❤
CathyAnne Tysinger (22 days ago)
Treezebees B (22 days ago)
Thanks for this song helping me trough 2018 and more years I will stil listen to your music
otclo (23 days ago)
SY Si (23 days ago)
Why does this song reminds me of a late summer night at the beach in LA even tho I've never been in LA before
Svetlana Star (23 days ago)
Beautiful song, great team work. Michael is amazing. Thanks guys for sharing.
Richie Rich Rich (23 days ago)
kick ass guitar solo
Richie Rich Rich (23 days ago)
beautiful brother x
hajji amnay (23 days ago)
Aemish Ko (24 days ago)
theo papas (24 days ago)
Πολύ καλό!
valeria grigio (24 days ago)
I LOVE YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ske Ma Men (25 days ago)
I love it with all my heart, esspecially the smile from the lady in the middle of the background vocal section, she's magic :)

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