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Text Comments (1808)
dan75 (4 months ago)
Here's a thought gamers and moviegoers. Don't order pre-orders and don't go on opening days. Wait for user reviews. Someone has to hold the creators responsible.
Stephen Scordato (4 months ago)
Linus, get some sleep. You sound like the "I.I don't know.." fedora guy. We love you though, papi.
Bemmi Kunn (4 months ago)
Are y0u feeling it, Mr.Sebastian?
Marc Weavers (4 months ago)
mary had a little lamb, it ran straight up a pylon 50k volts went up its arse, and turned its wool to canvas :D
kensyre (5 months ago)
on to the creek pits
quadrplax (5 months ago)
That Vivo phone looks really cool imo
AltarEgo (5 months ago)
Kevin (5 months ago)
Why does some dude off camera keep shouting random crap?
Kuhazan (5 months ago)
I'm really feeling it.
Fresca/Clubman8 (5 months ago)
I've met Brad Sams, and the guy he works for is Thurrott (pronounced as it sounds, not like it was a French name lol).
Lisa Umiko (5 months ago)
Marriot stores Id and passport numbers mostly becuase of peoples penchant to Charge back hotels, most hotels now have to keep that information to fight the often frodulant chargebacks.
Mitch Gordon (5 months ago)
WellBeSerious12 (5 months ago)
So Bethesda has a *FALLOUT* with its customers?!
maidpretty (5 months ago)
That canvas bag is $5 a piece if you order 500+ in China. But they decided to cut costs and go for a $0.5 nylon bag. I guess no one at Bethesda cared about how much something priceless as reputation costs.
jacob armendariz (5 months ago)
The nylon bag has nothing to do about the material and was more about false advertisement.
Anthony Z (5 months ago)
Shut up Linus, you are very annoying. Your videos have more and more advertisements. Don’t try to be another ‘me too’ and just ‘briefly’ mention the Bethesda issues. If you are not planning to do some analyses whatsoever, please don’t try to be a me-too that you need to say something about it. Go look at YongYea’s videos that thoroughly cover the canvas bags
Trey Lee (5 months ago)
Maybe the Nylon bad identifies as a Canvas bag?Any of you bigots think about that?
Anderw Higdon (5 months ago)
doesn't everyone keep a fake credit card (one of those gift card ones from walmart) to use at hotels? useful when you check in at 3 am and the desk clerk photocopies your card (yes... yes it did happen)
ItzDrifter (5 months ago)
Got lost on pornhub how did I end up here?
Kristian Ramsnæs (5 months ago)
everytime some write "This is UNACCEPTABLE" i always think of Lemon grass from adventure time going "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE (deep breath)"
Deathrider (5 months ago)
Mocking people for their legitimate complaints regarding a product is uncool. Stop.
OLLO Productions (5 months ago)
Failed NNN
jjws600 (5 months ago)
What came flying out of your mouth at 3:17?
Nano X (5 months ago)
Spit lol
HaleDynamics (5 months ago)
goddamn companies are evil
Toxic Trash (5 months ago)
6:04 Fallout 76
Raymond Morgan (5 months ago)
BubyM B (5 months ago)
OneTimeCrazy (5 months ago)
I love it how you overcompensate. Brilliant
Pablo Romero (5 months ago)
Fml marriot at commic con!
Alex Voss (5 months ago)
Good thing I can’t afford a marriot
Alvaro Vix (5 months ago)
I want 8k quality in TechLinked!!! ⇓ ⇓ Vote here for 8k ⇓ ⇓ XD
DJ Karat (5 months ago)
"Only going to be used in training" Yeah, for now. They're just testing it and training personnel for it at the same time. That just means it's not in a battle ready state yet.
Vamporace (5 months ago)
Damn it Linus, I was having a sip of coke when you dropped that "stare into the eye of their victims as they crush their skulls" part... Now my screen and keyboard are all messy... put up a warning next time :-P
Dan R (5 months ago)
Yay dragon
Chris FPV (5 months ago)
Welcome to Linus ad channel
Lister Dave (5 months ago)
How and why does Marriott have information on 500 million people in the first place? That is one fourteenth of the entire world's population. Are we to believe that one in every fourteen people on this planet has been at a Marriott hotel in the past four years ?!?
Theman703 (5 months ago)
When you were mad about the canvas bag you kinda sounded like morty.
Old Account (5 months ago)
11:07 Is Linus still going through puberty? #voicebreaks
Soulthym (5 months ago)
Linux transforms in Morty
Linus's face in the thumbnail brought me here
Jconic (5 months ago)
Oh no!!! A fucking BAG for a video game collectors edition that no one bought is nylon instead of canvas. I can't believe it! The betrayal! This totally affects me, and gaming as a whole! Oh no! Like honestly tho, who gives a fuck? Yeah, 76 is shitty, but holy shit you guys really gotta scrape the bottom of the barrel just so you guys to find justification to hate this game. It's literally a fucking bag.
Solowarrior1221 (5 months ago)
Hey linus, can you do a video or segment in a video on the bethesda data leak?
Frank van Hoof (5 months ago)
Nipples? Prepare to get banned...
Michael554466 (5 months ago)
That hotel thing, that chain has quite a few hotels in China, i bet its china hacking
Awwwwww, naked Linus :3
Avic Solaris (5 months ago)
using the robot exoskeleton as a segue for the Fallout story would've been so great
Wynn Craven (5 months ago)
Does anyone else think linus sounds like morty when hes complaining about the bag??
Quint 256 (5 months ago)
Tell my why i just got the notification -_-
Actual Cancer (5 months ago)
7:37 I came
James Reeves (5 months ago)
"Mary it" lol
A NL (5 months ago)
Just in case anybody cares - Starwood wasn't bought by Marriott until late November 2015.
Squeeks (5 months ago)
Contact Bethesda support with proof of purchase asap as they plan to issue replacement bags.
Tristan Backup (5 months ago)
Too late. Bugthesda website that host the refund stuff has thier information leaked. Bank details, credit card information, addresses, names & more. It's beyond clusterf*cked.
X Black (5 months ago)
Apentogo (5 months ago)
linus looks likes hes either been crying or is sick. hope youre felling better buddy!
Ariez St*r (5 months ago)
When will they understand that we don't want things covering up the display of our cell phones. No notch, no selfie cam, no on screen home, and back button= no service.
Colonel Pepper (5 months ago)
Canada needs more sun. Linus needs a tan.
Michael Wattierrez (5 months ago)
TL needs more 'Linus Shirtless Tips.'
mitchell harding (5 months ago)
this is click bait! "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE"
Tom (5 months ago)
Yessss the msi dragon in the back!
Ben Dworkin (5 months ago)
Did you guys really use a b-roll of hacking using a GUI like that? Come on Linus I thought you guys were better than that. At least use a terminal b-roll.............
Joe Kilbreth (5 months ago)
More of this!!!!! It's like all the funniest parts of WAN show in a few minutes !
Vlad Smith (5 months ago)
3:18 Salivating over having a notch in phones lol.
Stefan Ejegod (5 months ago)
Brandon Shanesy (5 months ago)
Shut the background people up. There's a reason why they're back there
David J (5 months ago)
Linus went off on a Michael Scott rant at the end.
Greg Deocampo (5 months ago)
you're never entertaining but supppper informative.
Aditya Sharma (5 months ago)
Why not just have one camera and a mirror on the back? Of yeah, video calls, my bad.
enlightendbel (5 months ago)
I understand you are trying to be funny, but the collectors edition was advertised with a canvas bag and without warning they switched it out. Besides that, you downplay the "nylon bag" by creating an extremly false equivalence with the canvas bag. Canvas is a relatively strong material, something suited to store and transport a 150 or more dollar helmet in. The nylon bag is so flimsy it'll probably break after taking the helmet out of it a couple of times. And again, they advertised it explicitly to have a canvas bag. Switched that around and didn't warn anyone about it. This is false advertising plain and simple. A bait and switch as clear as can be.
Eric Xavier (5 months ago)
Ill keep watching for gratuitous nudity.
Adriano Montanha (5 months ago)
I love this "HATER" Channel =D
Gim Samonte (5 months ago)
Yeah, whatever Linus said but unironically
Andi McGaw (5 months ago)
Don't hate on books
Mopantsu (5 months ago)
Bethesda caved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCMDfghTqNo
Promo Deals (5 months ago)
He has something in his mouth.
NexAngelus405 (5 months ago)
I keep getting calls with offers from Marriott and now I am so glad I ignored them.
Sharath Krishnan (5 months ago)
Linus is like Gray from Fairy Tail who removes his shirt😂😂😂
wayawes0mer (5 months ago)
Less stripping pls
Adriaan S (5 months ago)
Linus takes as many sponsors as I dodge
eugene l (5 months ago)
okay Linus I see you
BlazeTornado100 Gaming (5 months ago)
Look just following what everyone else is saying .
Yumiko (5 months ago)
watch angryjoes review for fallout 76 if you want some waffs and giggles c:
Alex Brown (5 months ago)
Too many smartphones
Branden mcfeeters (5 months ago)
Linus sounds like Morty lol
mercedesbenzformula1 (5 months ago)
MSI dragon in the background lol! Taiwan #1
CRAZYGAMER14 (5 months ago)
So far o counted 4 channels that Linus has how many more are there?
PhiveWalls (5 months ago)
It's not a notch anymore, it's a mole.
4MAZ (5 months ago)
Nice placement of The MSI Charmeleon
Simon Spencer (5 months ago)
Nintendo removing their resitrctions on streaming is great news... or at least until the EU launches Article 13 - which will force YoutTube to, probably, put them all back in place. Bureaucracy strikes again. The THR-3, however, is something I think should be pushed to use on Mars one day. If we can get MarCO transmission latency down to a few seconds, rather than several minutes, a remote-operated robot would better support manned exploration.
Lygris (5 months ago)
I've worked at a thrift store. Unless it was a carrying case for a valuable item and said item was present inside of it, all nylon bags donated to us were instantly discarded. They were worth less than the tape and ink it took to price and shelf space they took to sell.
SUPERMILK (5 months ago)
Hey Lucky is in the video xD
Rens Ezi (5 months ago)
We have confirmed a global shortage of canvas for 2018.
Creative Jenius (5 months ago)
loving the msi dragon in the back lol
Any chance you could stop using click-bait titles? This seems to be a new trend on the channel so there's still time to turn ship!
WolvenSpectre (5 months ago)
It is pronounced THUR-rawt and is named after Paul Thurrott, a guy who specializes in Microsoft news and stars in the Windows Weekly Podcast. https://youtu.be/e4KCH4qUqxw
tamm iste (5 months ago)
The Riley behind just turns it to shit, really annoying!
Cody Jacques (5 months ago)
*Fun Fact:* If you accept the 500 Atoms of in-game currency, you will likely retroactively forfeit your right to participate in the inevitable class action lawsuit.
Thej Yhome (5 months ago)
Hololens and wireless remote controlled exo suits... We're all dead, good bye cruel world.
NWinnStudio (5 months ago)
I had a Kyocera FLIP phone that had a tiny screen on the front so you could, at least frame, your pictures well. Glad to see that smartphones have caught up to 2010...
J Walker (5 months ago)
Bethesda I'm surprised they're still around lol. They literally release poor quality games every release. Same problems same bugs and never fixed yet they use the same editor every time.
Muchen (5 months ago)
These click bait titles are “UNACCEPTABLE”

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