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El-Erian Says 'Resist the Anti-Divergence Trade'

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Oct.02 -- Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz and Bloomberg Opinion columnist, discusses the trade war with China, how President Donald Trump is negotiating and how these deals could impact markets and investors. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets: The Open."
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Voranart Sirisubsoontorn (3 months ago)
The long game for communist china is to turn itself into a democratic nation. Without it CPP will bring china down into hell hole out of its ambitious and selfishness.
Gandalf Earth (3 months ago)
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mingoucz (3 months ago)
Both U.S.-Korea and USCM agreements are free trade agreements, while U.S. disputes with both EU and China are of multilateral WTO agreement. So there is little connection or relevance between bilateral free trade agreement and WTO agreement. If US entered a free trade agreement with China, then China would give alot more concession to U.S. than S. Korea or Canada did. The most realistic way to go is to reform or update WTO, I think.
Marek Kolenda (3 months ago)
He knows what's talking about.

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