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Mall Shopping for Spring & Summer Fashion Styles & Outfit Ideas, Women, Awesome over 50

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Join me on this video vlog as I go shopping at a large mall for Spring & Summer outfits and ideas. I'm looking for a jacket, top, purse, shoes & even pants. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but in the end I put together a outfit that I love using other clothes at home plus some accessories. Although our videos have views from many women over 50, this vlog could be of interest to a woman in her 30s or 40s too. Enjoy and thanks for tagging along! By the way... We were accepted by Amazon and opened our new Awesome over 50 Storefront with my  *makeup, *fashion, *kitchen & comfy *home goods *Gifts for Her *Gifts for Him & more (here's the link...) https://amzn.to/2DzxRwC (new items added to it weekly) **Note: You still pay the same as what Amazon always charges, but we make a bit of commission, so THANKS for that! Fold Up Bag https://amzn.to/2SSj2I6 Lightweight Raincoat https://amzn.to/2ETQOZS Shades of Blue Blazer/Jackets https://amzn.to/2VKFGUB Compact Umbrella for Pocket or Purse https://amzn.to/2Hlukmb Shades of Blue Blouses https://amzn.to/2EFWVj2 Navy Slacks https://amzn.to/2J9MmdI Gold Casual Purse/Handbag https://amzn.to/2CaRQil Women’s Pumps https://amzn.to/2EIdcE1 Shell Necklaces https://amzn.to/2SNC9Df Tassle Earrings https://amzn.to/2Urazxb Seashell Bracelets https://amzn.to/2ToFehX Awesome over 50 Mugs, T-Shirts, Pullovers & more in many colors...Thank You for your support while you show the world how awesome you are!!https://www.teespring.com/awesome-over-50 Awesome Online Stores Website for at-a-glance shopping with over 30 online stores people already know & trust  https://www.awesomeonlinestores.com/  Other Social Platforms... https://www.instagram.com/awesomeover50/ https://www.facebook.com/Awesomeover50/ https://www.pinterest.ca/awesomeover50/ ... and one more thing ... We recently discovered a way to have a “Tip Jar” ($5. per month) to support & help with the costs of our videos. More info at   https://www.patreon.com/awesomeover50 Our heartfelt gratitude if you help, we really appreciate your support to keep our videos going.We also have included some perks too for anyone supporting us including Exclusive Q & A's, behind the scene videos, bloopers, specialty videos & lots more. We call it the AWESOME OVER 50 CLUB so a big THANK YOU if you do join, You're Awesome!   -from Myself (Heather), Bill & little Hurricane XXOO
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Text Comments (107)
Jayne Brandon (26 days ago)
I agree a nice white pair a flowy black bear with a white top yeah I don't think I could wear the whole one color thing keep shopping..
Videos (1 month ago)
I am a new subscriber - yay! I cannot find that jacket and matching top. Can you say where you purchased them?
Awesome over 50 (1 month ago)
Sure I got them from the Aritzia store and the make is Balaton who also has stores in many malls. Hope this helps and so glad you're a new subscriber, welcome!
Nancie Blackburn (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing! Please more fashion videos! I need a make over and all the help I can get!!!!
Awesome over 50 (1 month ago)
I'm noticing lots of people like you love my fashion videos so I will be doing more, especially when the weather here gets warmer!
Victoria Emele (1 month ago)
Love your videos!!!
Awesome over 50 (1 month ago)
Thanks Victoria!
Victoria Emele (1 month ago)
What state and town do you live in?
Awesome over 50 (1 month ago)
I'm from Toronto and this was in one of our biggest Downtown malls.
Ramona (1 month ago)
The shell jewelry is hot right now. Love the jacket.
Awesome over 50 (1 month ago)
Yes and I just dug those up from my old jewelry. Sometimes it's great to shop your own stuff! I do love my new jacket though!
Sheila Hall (2 months ago)
New subscriber, enjoyed your video 😀
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for subscribing and WELCOME Sheila!
Patricia Parsons (2 months ago)
Gotta love the Eaton Centre!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
For sure!!!
Mary Baker (2 months ago)
Carla honey (2 months ago)
Love the blue on you. Gorgeous.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks Carla, sometimes it's just right, so glad I finally found this jacket!
patriot one (2 months ago)
Love everything about you . You are beautiful and carry yourself with elegance and class with just the right amount of silliness .😆 I love that you are a natural down to earth woman . Other fashion U-Tubers wish they had your charisma and grace.💝
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much! Your comment just made my day!!
Tamra Allore (2 months ago)
Hi Heather and Bill, may I ask you for the name and location of the mall in this video. I live near Toronto. Thanks!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
They're up on the upper floor!
Tamra Allore (2 months ago)
Awesome over 50 Thanks for letting me know, all those stores I saw I thought were only in the US!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
You could probably visit it tomorrow, it's the Eaton Centre!
cpgde (2 months ago)
When you were in “Free People”, I was looking at the clothes Bill was filming and I was all “try that on, no wait, try that on”. I do not like the pastel from head to toe. It reminds me of a retirement community in Florida! Lol! There is just enough shoulder padding to give the jacket structure, I like it. When do we go shopping again??!! Lol! Take care and many hugs - Barbara
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll go shopping at the Home Show, tag along Barbara!
Terri Elliott (2 months ago)
Great look!!!!
abbie karic (2 months ago)
I love the blue jacket on you. Really stunning. BTW what happened to the blue earrings you showed on the video. I loved them. Didn't see them on Amazon. Thanks for another great video.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I have the 5 outfits video using this jacket coming up this Friday. I thought they suited a jean look better so you'll see them on that video. We'll try to find the matching link but can't always, sorry about that.
Patricia M (2 months ago)
Love the beautiful blue. I am with you one colour is not for me. I even tried with it with a silver chain to break it up. I am curving it is a no go. Love the purse with the outfit.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
We don't always have to follow fashion trends and I agree this monochromatic look is a no-go!
Joan Campbell (2 months ago)
Beautiful outfit and color on you including the purse!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks Joan, now to mix and match the jacket for my next video!
sealed54 (2 months ago)
Heather..love that you chose baby blue. I find that this color is great year round. You look great in this color with your hair color btw.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I actually don't have much of this color in my wardrobe and I do love it!!
J. Ann Miner (2 months ago)
Love the blue jacket
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Sylvia Fenech (2 months ago)
Looking good Heather.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks Sylvia!
Mary Lou (2 months ago)
Oooooh love the jacket! Can't wait for next week. I'm glad tassel earrings are still in. :) Mary Lou
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Those earrings are lightweight too! I'm sorting some mix and match outfits shortly for that video Mary Lou. Have a great weekend!!
Rhonda Flanders (2 months ago)
Hurricane looks like he's saying "so what did you get me Mommy?". Lol! I love quarter sleeves. But shoulder pads make me look like a football player. Think I'll go purse hunting for Spring, even if my hubby says" Whaaat? Another purse?". Heather, Bill & Hurricane (((HUGS)))
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Love your comment, you make me smile. Fortunately the shoulder pads are quite thin. You can never have enough purses LOL!!
RISING SUN DANCERS (2 months ago)
Looks fabulous Heather, your new bag is sort of like a light rosegold colour, which I love, the shoes go fabulous with it as well. Don't think I will go back to the bell bottoms, with the 6 inch or 15cm platform heels? OMG what a nightmare, when you took your shoes off! Love your videos, , always so positive, which is what we all need! Take care Heather, Bill & little Hurricane. Love Debra xxx
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Did you see the new bell bottoms that are above the ankle? I'm not sure I'd wear them but they are for sandals and lower heels. Have a great weekend Debra!
Ginny Wrenn (2 months ago)
Hello Ms Heather and Bill! I love these type of videos, its like we are on a field trip LOL. I so enjoy seeing all the variety of neat stores, ya'll have an AWESOME mall there LOL! I so lve that blue on ya Heather and the navy blue pants was an excellent choice, it goes with that color shirt so pretty and it also goes so good with your shoes and new purse! It looked like you had so much fun shopping and we were right there enjoying it with ya ! Tell Bill and Hurricane Hello!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for tagging along with the shopping. Have a great weekend Ginny!
Anglena Waller (2 months ago)
Love the look and think going totally monochromatic would have been a bit much...you look gorgeous!!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks Anglena, I think the monochromatic look might be a short-lived fashion look.
Teresa Tillery (2 months ago)
Well, that was fun! Going shopping at the mall without the fatigue! LOL! Loved the outfit you put together and I do exactly the same thing.... putting a small purse inside a larger one, especially when I travel! Loved the gold color!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
The rose gold purse will go with everything. Thanks for tagging along Teresa!
Pamela Morley (2 months ago)
Your new outfit is really pretty. Love the new bag, shoes and jewelry pieces you chose for the look. You seem to be quite good at putting a look together. Thanks for sharing and letting us tag along with you to the mall. 💚💐
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
So glad you enjoyed the look. Now I'll find 5 more for next week's video, hope you enjoy them too!
Hunnie B (2 months ago)
I LOVE Mall shopping, and this mall looks absolutely amazing 💖 Oh my gosh.....the light blue jacket and top to match look stunning on you, excellent choice here Heather, and your new purse is gorgeous, love the color and style, thank you for taking us along with you 👜 this was so much fun......wishing you and Bill a wonderful week-end take care 💕
Hunnie B (2 months ago)
+Awesome over 50 Thanks again girl ☺
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much, it is an amazing mall. Thanks for tagging along and have a great weekend too!
Christi Gallup (2 months ago)
The bell bottoms on freepeople!! I don't want those to ever come back!! That mall looks really nice. Love the jacket. Great color
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
That's what makes us..well.. us!! I love that you march to your own drum Christi!!
Christi Gallup (2 months ago)
+Awesome over 50 bell bottoms not here at my house!! Definitely a no for me. Yes, I love fashion but I love to be able to pick and choose what I love!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Looks like the bell bottoms are here LOL whether we want them or not. Truth be told I never bought a pair of ripped jeans so we can say NO to some fashion Christi.
Rebecca Blashock (2 months ago)
Your outfit looks so classy and beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing your shopping! Also, liked the fun music on this one! :D
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Bill is really rocking it with the editing. He picked the music and it was so perfect. I'll let him know what you said Rebecca.
cobweb afternoon (2 months ago)
Yes, I would definitely wear bell bottoms! I hear they are good with pear shapes like mine, lol! Heather the blue top and jacket look awesome on you! 😁👍
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I will be wearing the bell bottoms for sure!
Semi Country Living (2 months ago)
I love monochromatic!! I think all powdered blue with a white top under the jacket would break it up a bit. Go back and get the pants!! xoxo
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I'd love to say yes but... well...you would have had to see it on. Probably would look good on others but not for me.
Gloria Aguilar (2 months ago)
Look at you, Influencers with press passes! Look forward to that video too.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I know, it's so awesome!!
Pam B (2 months ago)
Love the jacket. I’m not much for monochromatic. I like to mix and match. Great shopping with you. That’s a great mall.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
It is an incredible mall. Thanks for tagging along with me with my shopping day!
PaynePatti (2 months ago)
Love the jeans you had on..what brand are they?
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I'm in Canada and it's a store called Reitmans.
Beach Seeker (2 months ago)
Heather, I'm not into the monochromatic look, but I loved the look of the blue jacket with your white tank and jeans! You were rockin' it girl! 😉 The jacket fits you really well. I'll be looking forward to your video next week with the 5 looks with the jacket. With your youthful, upbeat personality and eye for fashion I think it would fun shopping with you. ❤️🌸🌷
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
So glad you'll be tagging along on the mix & match video. The jean look will certainly be there!
Robin Lewis (2 months ago)
Love the tips to make the whole look slimming. The powder blue is gorgeous!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
So glad you loved the tips and I really love this blue!
Patricia Bond (2 months ago)
Hey guys loving that powder blue colour 😀 & I think it looks great with the darker trousers . I won't be wearing one colour all over as I like to mix & match lol great video xx
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
We can say NO to a trend if it doesn't work for us. Someone here said it was Golden Girls to wear all one color., it really did age me.
bhollantu (2 months ago)
I'd say that purse you picked up is a rose gold, which is on trend. And flared jeans are back in - will definitely be getting a pair or two!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
You're right it is a rose gold. Such a beautiful color! I'll be wearing the jeans too.
Jan Upczak (2 months ago)
Hi guys! Heather, I loved the powder blue blazer! Love how your accessories look with it too. I was saying out loud, "Oh get that blazer Heather!".... My husband said from the other room, " Who are you talking to?" Lol! Thanks so much for taking us with you. I could feel the endorphins when "we" walked into Nordstrom! ❤
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
That's so funny, but keep talking to me, I love it LOL!!! It's weird how you look at something and you know it has your name on it, I totally felt that way with the blazer. Can't wait til WE go shopping again!
Katalin Gerstenberger (2 months ago)
You nailed it. I would not do head to toe pastel either, for me it is a bit Golden Girls-ish😂 Great look w the mother of pearl necklaces. Can’t wait for Spring!🌷🌞🐝
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I can't wait for Spring either and it's OK to say NO to a fashion trend if it doesn't work for us.
caroljoywolf (2 months ago)
I love that blue top on you. The way you put it together was like looking at something from Coldwater Creek...very classy! That was fun shopping with you.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for tagging along with me!
Kim Watts (2 months ago)
Hi Heather, The pale blue jacket and top look very pretty, I remember the bell bottom trousers, and the brightly coloured ones called looms:) I’m just getting used to the slimmer jeans😀 Thank-you for sharing, Have a nice weekend. KimX
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I was also loving my boyfriend jeans. Oh well, that's fashion for you!
Rachel Ross (2 months ago)
That was fun Heather, thanks. You look so pretty today, fresh and bright. Love to know the makeup you are wearing. Maybe in future you could list the makeup you are wearing that day? Thank you.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I'm wearing the Estee Lauder all day foundation. The eyeshadow palette is from l'oreal and the mascara is Diorshow. I do have a lot of my favorite makeup items at www.Amazon.com/shop/awesomeover50 I hope that helps
doris goodhind (2 months ago)
I love this sort of jacket , I seem to be buying a few ie red , fawn , blush pink . I used to buy a lot of dresses but my shoes are almost flat now , foot trouble , oh how I miss my heels great vid thanks heather ❤️
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
You can never have too many jackets, good for your Doris!
Mari Bostater (2 months ago)
Heather, what a great video!! The mall that you were shopping at is gorgeous!! I love the outfit that you picked, that powder blue is a beautiful color on you and with your hair. I love the purse that you picked and the tassle earrings!! How fun!! You have great taste!! It's always wonderful seeing that precious Hurricane too and I can't forget your hubby Bill who does an awesome job of all of your wonderful videos!!xoxoxo
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
Thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement Mari, so much appreciated!
Teresa Keough (2 months ago)
Hi Heather, Love your outfit! The blue looks so pretty on you. Love your purse too, the color is timeless. Wow, press passes to go the homeshow! I ran across an awesome quote recently I'd like to share with you. "When you talk, you are only repeating what you know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." --Dalai Lama Love and happiness from Teresa
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
That is so true. Thanks so much for sharing. We've now filmed the Home show and my feet are sore!! Love and happiness to you too Teresa!
Cindie McReynolds (2 months ago)
The light blue top and jacket look fabulous on you!....they really bring out your beautiful eyes! I only do monochromatic in black....and I wear a black top almost every day because I love how black looks next to my silver hair lol.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I think all black would be the only monochromatic I could do. I agree, black would really show off those beautiful silver locks of yours!
Gwen Carpenter (2 months ago)
Your just so pretty
Brett Nine (2 months ago)
It's just gorgeous, Heather. I love the sleeve length in the jacket; I always pull my sleeves up. I'm not fond of the full monochrome look either, especially in pastels - it can look a little 'mother-of-the-bride'. The colour is lovely on you, and the accessories are perfect, especially the purse. Really cool, and very stylish, yet easy to wear. Thank you both so much. Great video. Hugs to the sweet little one. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I just went to a gala yesterday and some women commented that they loved my gold purse. So versatile! Thanks again for your input, have a great weekend too!
Mariejeanne Ribbink (2 months ago)
Love the tassle earings. I think I saw something like that here in Ireland. Most have a look. Great video again.
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
I'm seeing a few women wearing the tassle earrings so I will certainly wearing them for the 5 outfits video for next Friday.
Judith Sullivan (2 months ago)
Great outfit, I'll be interested in how you mix and match. I noticed those bell bottoms! I don't think I'll be purchasing any, but I remember looking good in them back in the day :). The Home Show is going to a wonderful video (videos?) Wish I could go with you!
Awesome over 50 (2 months ago)
The Home show was fun but my feet are sore from all the walking. 1st video should be out for that on Tuesday. I'll be sorting my clothes for the mix & match and that should be out Friday, thanks so much for watching!!
Older Women Rock (2 months ago)
Judith Sullivan Love watching Heathers Fashion. Great to see some new styles . Inspired me to keep being stylish as we age and share here on YouTube 😊

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