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Law of Attraction simplified by Sadhguru

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Text Comments (1696)
srishti aggarwal (2 days ago)
Such a beautiful video
Zachary Dchan (3 days ago)
Thanks Sadhguru for explaining the "Law of Attraction" in such beautiful and simplistic manner.
Jaya N (4 days ago)
Wuv! A well organised mind is a kalpa vrisksha. Its as simple as that. Training your mind till it becomes like kalpa vriksha is our task.
peacock trader (5 days ago)
They are putting sanction on them self by sanctioning china
peacock trader (5 days ago)
Now become the amarica have great evil
peacock trader (5 days ago)
I unsubscribe from gawd my gawd is bhramha vishnu mahes
peacock trader (5 days ago)
Guruji i they have weather weapons too
Sachin Mahindrakar (6 days ago)
Thank you Guruji
Eamanuel Spada (7 days ago)
The Human mind/consciousness needed to connect us all as one😯😊
Alagar samy (7 days ago)
Farah Mughal (9 days ago)
Thank you 🥰
zelen plav (9 days ago)
The ingrained habits of being negative and depressed, is not easy to break, especially if you are surrounded by negativity, which creates more disasters.
zelen plav (9 days ago)
If you think you can or think you can't, you are right. Creating starts with thinking and feeling. It happens whether you know it or not.
zelen plav (9 days ago)
Be as a child, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.(internal). Having the Belief of an uncluttered mind. Jesus spoke in parables.
Rama Krishna (10 days ago)
Excellent Guruji
Julie Marie (11 days ago)
The Hebrew word for faith is emunah which means “support.” This is perfect because faith is like God support” to us because he is working in every situation for his glory and for our best now n forever
Gunjan Nagar (11 days ago)
Thank you..so much..sir..you are having a very comforting voice..you changed my life...
One of my flaws is excess over doing
Consuming becomes you and then you become part of the Earth
I just had a conversation with someone from India and help teach what you are teaching
Disagree with 2 things. One I can fly because drone is next to me. 2 Technically gives me the opportunity to connect with the world. Complete change in life starts with a Great idea
Sweety Tarika (15 days ago)
no words for your every lecture....
manikandan mani (16 days ago)
Namaskaram Sadhu Guru Ji
“Today wherever I go I will create a peaceful and joyful world.”
Water Fairy (20 days ago)
Om Namah Shivay 😇🙏
maggie scott (20 days ago)
Songs are signs and visions of u fill my heart and mind..........Sandgur. you're naturally heaven sent ..I know you're one of my kind
maggie scott (20 days ago)
Once upon a time when the world doesn't chew on greed. .and human spirit sees as one...
Mahsa Rastgar (22 days ago)
Thnx alot for this amazing video. Its more than law of attraction. Many people are in the service of heaven, WOW! That blows my mind up. Please kindly change the subject of the video and share it again.I believe that the core subject of his message is how the belief system works for us whether we have a religion or not. Namaste
CrimZa. Ghe (22 days ago)
Conflict ❌ Negativity ❌ Wishy washy✖️ Faith✔️ ☯️ balance ✔️ Commitment ✔️ Service to others ✔️ ✴️Creating inner peace ❇️love✳️ ✴️ joy to the world..for the world..✳️. ✴️
Abdul Shohid (23 days ago)
Salah kabis!!!!!
Mr. Bury (24 days ago)
Anyone know how to get a hold of the creator of this video? I love it. I'd like to show it to students and wanting to get permission.
Kayo K (19 days ago)
Just Do it.. SadhGuru is and belongs to the world. Write to him and he'll tell you the same. Remember: You strive to do the right thing and leave the rest to the creator and nature. 12:50. So, then are you? Yes? then just do it. The kids deserve it. Amen.
Vishnu Sasikumar (24 days ago)
That was an eye opener!!😊
ela nsr (25 days ago)
How to stop overthinking? How to have a peaceful mind?
M&K Crypto (24 days ago)
I reach this with reading Quran
Bel Filippone (1 month ago)
This is life changing, thank you so much ❤❤❤❤❤
Ram chityala (1 month ago)
All good emotional expressions possible for human beings unfortunately exported to heaven in the name of god that is God is love ,god is joyful, god is merciful etc
Yasharth Sharma (1 month ago)
Amazing ❤️😊🙏 Thank you so much Sadhguru
Debbie O'Bomsawin (1 month ago)
This was a missing piece. Thank you Namaste
Jacob Tyler (1 month ago)
19:25 amazing, the way he relates everything to the one core thing we all want and seek.
racine manas (1 month ago)
Words of wisdom. Thank you.
Cathy D (1 month ago)
Wow amazing
boing bryan (1 month ago)
Tq sadhguru...
Simar Wadhwa (1 month ago)
maggie scott (1 month ago)
every breath of bright yellow sun . blue sky come..wild life fun and we overcome in the best days of justice done
Jon Ewing (1 month ago)
The Law of Attraction has often been misused by people who are selfish and greedy. If one could not afford a house, why not find moral ways to make extra money instead of asking the universe to manifest it for you. If you can not make more money, then be grateful and content with what you have. Using Law of Attraction with selfishness and greed to manifest will still work, but doing it this way will also manifest evil to you. Good in, good out; bad in, bad out. So be careful what you ask for. Help make this world a better place by living one's life with pure intention, benevolence, and compassion. Law of attraction will spread the love. Joy comes from being grateful and content. Does not matter if this world is real or not, we are in it now so let's make the best of it. Peace.
Tamchoz TG (1 month ago)
Sadhguru does a lot of spin to his viewpoint, smh.. He talks learned perspectives, surely good intellectual but not from great beyond. Btw, if you're interested I'd like to mention some Enlightened Beings you can access on YouTube- OSHO, ECKHART TOLLE, JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI, TEAL SWAN..
Madhu the awesome (1 month ago)
Sadguruji... Please don't wish. You already have a powerful mind. Please let your mind see that we already are creators and we have access to the Creator Himself and we shall definitely become what your mind is thinking. Please see us performing all the miracles and I have faith that it will inculcate.
Madhu the awesome (1 month ago)
..... But you said what we think in our mind we xultivate it in reality. Thatsbis what happens to us. So if we think of heaven... We can create heaven on earth.... If we think God is love then our response to the mother earth will be love and it will be the same for others. Like you said.. Everything first happens in the mind.... If mind is good all things on earth will also be good. right?
Mahsa Rastgar (1 month ago)
Thnx alot for sharing such amazing video. Its wise words. Great attitude about God and religion.
Kanchan Dhiman (1 month ago)
Its very powerful .. Its true.. Depend on your mind power
aman bhal (1 month ago)
That's not true Allison. We are the nature. Don't exclude your self from the nature.
clara m (1 month ago)
Manoj (1 month ago)
@Smarter by the day....can i have the transcript of this video...?? pls give any link or text or email ?... it would be a great help for me !!! thank u in advance !
Dr Anathi Ntozini (1 month ago)
Great video!!! I am a creator. I am peaceful within me and around me. I exude greatness and i create pleasant experiences within and around me.
Amy Xia (1 month ago)
Summary: 1. Extremely important to creat right things in our mind and Manifest clearly. 2. Learning to create our mind the way we want is the basics create the world we want. 3. Organize our body/mind/emotion/energy these 4 dimensions in one direction and keep it in a certain period of time is the principle of law of attraction. Yoga helps people to organize these 4 dimensions. 4. Faith/commitment/positivity/stability/consistency are elements to determine how we want our life to be. 5. We are creators, set up intentions everyday and live the life with pleasantness within and around. Thanks for reading.
Dr Herbert M Shelton (13 days ago)
There is more TRUTH here: Watch Mark Passio - Natural Law Seminar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASUHN3gNxWo This is the morning session of Mark Passio's one-day seminar "Natural Law - The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life."
Manoj (1 month ago)
FRIENDS...Its really a worthy video..if u cant understand this...simply write the subtitles in a paper & then read 2 or 3 times....then u will easily understand & then try this in ur life...God bless all !!!
Međimurka BS (1 month ago)
Novi Sad :9
IYI (1 month ago)
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Gitana LI (1 month ago)
the thing is that we have great power to destroy, but we are not interested in having the same powers to create and to help this planet, that is what i do not understand about people... why to create destruction?
Nadia Thaman (1 month ago)
This is a great message, it is rewarding when we are fully aware and consciously make decisions.
swati wavare (1 month ago)
Never heard motivation like this ..its just woww
Academy (1 month ago)
each individual is gods creation then why people are not respecting each other
j pugh (1 month ago)
i want to manifest a boyfriend ive nver had one
JustMe Shivoham (1 month ago)
Łunar Çraft (1 month ago)
More people need to see this 👍
Łunar Çraft (1 month ago)
Very powerful message 🌟🌎
Joshua Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I absolutely love to watch this video when feeling down, or when I have lost hope in life. I highly recommend for people to watch this video about how to manifest anything into reality. here it is. https://bit.ly/2HOIGNC
C J Lewis (1 month ago)
So very true.
Pradeep Kumar (1 month ago)
vishwanath Mahapatra (1 month ago)
I don't look good but I don't care! I know my comment is useless but this is what going in my mind right now!
Edan Brown (1 month ago)
I cried twice listening to this. What made me cry was how as a black adult man, how often I feel the racism that’s prevalent in his world. Had my dad thought about staying around and alive, taught me to be a creator, my life would not have seemed so meaningless. When your origins walk away and leave you destitute, you tend to feel you’re not worth anything but a recognized mistake that has to fend for itself, to live without guidance. It’s like walking in complete darkness everyday, only imagining walking in light everyday.
Whitley Langley (1 month ago)
Powerful words
Iman -Faith and Belief (1 month ago)
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VGNSK8RQU33N (1 month ago)
Excuse me, but it's not really technology that's destroying our planet and us; it's animal agriculture. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLidWfkAksLQDb0pTkaQ1G-CqoaBHP6k41
Debora Hernadez (1 month ago)
Can someone elaborate on the idea of turning the banana into a human?
Manmeet Singh (1 month ago)
hinduism should hv proud of this fellow..............................
Mallikarjun Ullagaddi (1 month ago)
Please kannada trslet
ednolia Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Olá sou do Brasil se puder escrever em português agradeceria para participar do canal. Entendo apenas uma palavra ou outra, mas as imagens falam mais. Tentarei interpreta-las. Boa tarde!. Obrigada.
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Companies Sugest (1 month ago)
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EGNALYN NGWE (1 month ago)
Thanks a million teacher. I am a creator.
Gaming Susan (1 month ago)
Not possible
Angelita J Vaughan (1 month ago)
Amazing wisdoms and so true. He had changed the way my mind thinks now. Thank you Sadhguru. 🙏🏾
CJ Hunter (1 month ago)
🙈🙉🙊🐒 lesson of the day...... don’t monkey around 🐵
Sir Tsar (1 month ago)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sadhguru....❤ One Love everyone and have a great day
mymanifesting (1 month ago)
I wonder..., Sadhguru, does your Male ego only recognize and extend to the Male gender? Perhaps it's about time you recognize "We" exist and address us accordingly. YOU certainly wouldn't be experiencing your acclaim... if it wasn't for the fact that your audience is primarily female and the fact that you came from your Mother's womb. Woman - by virtue of being the life giver - is infinitely on a higher spiritual realm than the male. One only has to look at the devastation of both life and earth due to male dominance to know this.
Law Of Attraction (1 month ago)
Law of Attraction. good
Jo Wood (1 month ago)
Would love to have dinner with Sadhguru so so interesting and a wonderful human view on the life we are living
lincon jeet (1 month ago)
That Almighty is like a mother, as a good mother knows is best for her children, so that mother don't let her children do go on a wrong path or do a wrong thing. So does Almighty is doing for humans
lincon jeet (1 month ago)
If humans just remove this thought that humans can just wish and do anything on their own, whatever humans are doing is just the command of that Almighty.
Calm Sea (1 month ago)
So much clarity...I loved hearing about this...
Love N Light (1 month ago)
I don't understand how could anybody press the thumb down for this video!!!!!!!! Sudhguru you are my hero always. the best explanation I have ever heard about the law of attraction.. Sudhguru you are my hero and thank you for being her at this time with us, you are the sun that shine upon those who are awakened. thank you sooooooo much. love you Sadhguru......
Basmah Alhalees (1 month ago)
focusing on the negative < lol
jason axel (1 month ago)
jason axel (1 month ago)
We just cant change the outcomes for living right or wrong, we can change our thoughts and get either rewarded or live in pure chaos!!
Demendra Ravi (1 month ago)
Aapne problem hi solve kr dia mera ,
pratik ahamed (2 months ago)
Just one word, outstanding!
Mysteries and secrets (2 months ago)
namaste, we done a great video on law of attraction, a great teacher.
neha arora (2 months ago)
So motivating 😊😊
brokenupsound (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting. The popularity of two cup method for a car or to get back with an ex girlfriend is alarming and gross
LogicPak (2 months ago)
For all those who are saying they want to win the lottery, trust me you don’t. I won £3 million in the UKs lottery 5 years ago and I wish I hadn’t. And 5 years on I’m back to working a normal job, with barely anything left. Something weird about lottery money, makes your life more miserable and the money doesn’t last.
Vera M (2 months ago)
Amen. It is done.

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