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Is Microsoft Actually More Successful Than Apple? Microsoft vs Apple - Tech Company Comparison

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The first 1,000 people to sign up to Skillshare will get their first 2 months for free: https://skl.sh/infographics32 Microsoft and Apple- both these tech giants brought computers to the fingertips of people all around the world. Both got their start around the same time and both became iconic worldwide brands in a short period of time. Both diversified in different directions yet still competed fiercely for market share. But who delivers the better products? And who, out of these two, are the more user friendly and globally compatible? Which of these two giants is the biggest, the best, the fairest, and ultimately superior? They both have their own pros and cons for sure, and as we will see in Today’s episode of the Infographics Show they each have their own brilliant histories. Let’s have a look at these two tech giants in today’s show – Microsoft Vs Apple. SUBSCRIBE TO US -► http://bit.ly/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE (SUGGEST A TOPIC): http://theinfographicsshow.com SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► https://www.patreon.com/theinfographicsshow SOCIAL: Twitter........► https://twitter.com/TheInfoShow Subreddit...► http://reddit.com/r/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode: https://pastebin.com/D83bBrGh
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Text Comments (2796)
The Good Guyz (3 days ago)
Let's agree that Microsofts PC and Apples iPhone are both good
sailesh 1670 (3 days ago)
1:42 Microsoft is a CORPORATION!!!
Zentical (4 days ago)
For a gamer, PC and Windows is better. For a full idiot i prefer a Mac! Haters gonna hate.
The voicer in this video is from fuzzy and nuts.
Terrytheterror10 (5 days ago)
financial clout wtf lmao
Jeremiah Quilla (6 days ago)
This video is sponsored by Apple. Lol
猫ちゃん6017 (6 days ago)
Microsoft software is more user-friendly. Apple software is so complicated they have to add extra crap to prove themselves different and make my life difficult
SilverNoob HD (6 days ago)
When I buy products in Microsoft: *successful!* when I buy products in apple: *your request couldn’t be completed at this time. Please try again later.* *I BREAK MY IPAD*
Stephen Cothran (7 days ago)
Linux is the best!
Lewis Bassett (8 days ago)
In my eyes the only good thing windows has made is the Xbox. Apple are so much more user friendly and made better, the price is just what you have to pay when you want a premium product.
Korean Junhyeong (8 days ago)
Fortnite doo doo on macbook
Uganda Knuckles (8 days ago)
Xbox is trash
Uganda Knuckles (8 days ago)
Microsoft is garbage my Microsoft laptop is pretty bad
Khai Mrant (9 days ago)
Apple is consumers targeted while MS is corporates targeted though the reality isn't accepted by neither company. A lot of people at work don't know what Win10 looks like. When I ask them the type of devices they have at home, most answer they got either an iPad or a Macbook.
Noah Oliver (9 days ago)
I got an apple ad before this video
Edward Ghahramanyan (9 days ago)
Apple is sh*t
AGreat TopDog (9 days ago)
I've grew up at Microsoft My dad is at Microsoft Apple... no
NafTheBorg (9 days ago)
atimholt (10 days ago)
The only Apple product I've ever owned was a used Apple Newton, given to me cost free. They just don't appeal to me. Every time I consider buying a new electronic device, I look at various products' feature sets, and the competition is invariably better.
OnlinePorkchop (11 days ago)
I like Microsoft better...but I’m using an iPad (Apple tablet)
cad hary (12 days ago)
Dude apple is just passing by with the iPhone. When it comes to computer and gaming microsoft is second to none.
jimmy yadav (12 days ago)
there is no denying that we pay too much for what Apple products give in the market. Unnecessarily over priced, quality might be good but still, money matters more.
Carl Johnson (12 days ago)
Apple: *You Pay More they Give You Less* 😑
Samuel (13 days ago)
Wow 230,000 views and still not 1,000 of them have taken the skillshare offer
Tech Zambo (13 days ago)
windows 10 now has 750+ million active users. anything else ??
sarfaraz alam (13 days ago)
Nice. Mobile
Harsh Vardhan (13 days ago)
Kids use apple Legends use microsoft .
Anon Baba 10M (14 days ago)
microsoft sucks
Mamunur Roshid (14 days ago)
i like microsoft better
Phenomenal Adi (14 days ago)
Microsoft wins
Anil & Arya (14 days ago)
Linux man doesn't mind windows or 🍎 apple
Sumanta Sikdar (14 days ago)
microsoft best
enigma mist (15 days ago)
I think Microsoft as a company is more stable but for other aspects Apple is better, Innovation wise and product wise.
Wong Tik Ki (15 days ago)
When I need to take notes in class, check email, type essay...I use my MacBook. When I need to do real work, i.e. use some softwares for molecular biology research, I always fall back to a windows workstation.
ARA Żąîñh (15 days ago)
Apple vs Samsung please
CrowLuck 707 (15 days ago)
Really Apple never given the chance to those people to come closer to technology affordably, but MS did it. Whatever the Apple's products, If you want it you need to pay a lot of money, event it a small cable.
Guest9055397 Mother (15 days ago)
Why cost expensive if you can pick Apple on tree?
JP 5311 (15 days ago)
Apple phones are good. Now it's time for Microsoft because it's the most powerful.
Alex BLAH (15 days ago)
Arturo Gomez (16 days ago)
Apple sells lies
JGaming (16 days ago)
For not being racist but i think the orange haired guy is suppose to be saying "Shut up" cause he looks like bill gates
But for gaming PC i choose Microsoft MAC SUCKS AT GAMING
Battle Toon (16 days ago)
Ms is best
vivek baranwal (16 days ago)
Biased! not equally compared...lots of Microsoft tech was not even mentioned!
Rafael Washington (16 days ago)
I'm more of a Windows guy, however I did install MS Windows® on an iMac and it worked beautifully. Windows works even a vacuum cleaner., ATms and much more.
dinbandhu sharma (16 days ago)
.microsoft are always up 🔥🔥🔥😃👍
Jobs does from pancreatic cancer.Pancreatuc Cancer stand for P.C.
Aaron Lecciones (17 days ago)
Microsoft Productivity tools + Surface Computers = innovative future. Microsoft has my money, waiting for the Surface Phone! I sold all my Apple products!
Kesaya Hofland (16 days ago)
arijit patra (17 days ago)
From my experience Microsoft is better. My first PC was a Microsoft+Linux pc, apple was too expensive then and is still now. In college I was having an argument with my friend supporting Apple that Microsoft doesn't have any role in the hardware prices, however in my opinion it is the only reason that PC's are affordable. They created a product that can run on a huge number of hardware that was easy to learn, compared to linux which depended of command line interface a lot. d Due to this manufacturers trageting low to high end customers started competing in terms of hardware as they knew they dont have to worry on the software, and eventually prices got low to the point we see now. In the other case if Microsoft made their own hardware you bet they would have increased their prices if it sold well (just like the rising iphone/ samsung prices). People complain that Microsoft sucks as they are not optimised however they made a product that can run on everything and it takes time to optimise all of them. The blame should be on manufacturers and Microsoft both. Microsoft provided free computers back in my village(2005) for free and setup the internet infrastructure as part of their csr activity, and hundreds of kids who never saw a computer before got to experience it and I will always respect them for that.
Ryn 176 (17 days ago)
Did anyone notice that the triangle at the chart moves to the middle? (7:09 - 7:14)
Geek (17 days ago)
Apple is better! Because Apple makes perfect products, and Microsoft only sales trash, like Windows.
Sam Walker (17 days ago)
It’s simply whatever products you grow up with. I grew up with a Mac, so now I’m an Apple fan. I’m not saying Microsoft products are inferior, because they’re not. It’s all preference.
Sethu Senthil (17 days ago)
Powered by Google
Todd McGuckin (17 days ago)
Apple was the first trillion dollar company, so... NO.
Mohit (17 days ago)
People made Apple a valuable brand and Apple made their products invaluable. This is the definition of foolishness. An Apple a day keeps the sense away.
Mr MadMan (17 days ago)
microsoft is up
Hemanth Kumar.C (17 days ago)
Microsoft should have brought Apple in the troubled times instead of funding it... MS could've been 2trillion $$ company by now (&phone would have been co-branded as MS iPhone! If happened😜 )
INSANE Animations (17 days ago)
Microsoft is better at PCs and Apple is better at making mobile. End of discussion
Golden Boy (17 days ago)
I have a surface book, but the idea of getting into the Apple ecosystem is very appealing. All of their products have superb build quality and it's by far the most cohesive tech ecosystem in the world. The rest of the companies all seem fragmented in comparison.
Rayan alsheikh (17 days ago)
I think Microsoft is awesome because its for gamers apple is not
Nasouh Almrstani (17 days ago)
Apple is suck,
Aravind N (18 days ago)
I have used both the computer , in home i use windows laptop ,i have 5 laptop and only one is working, i work with a mac book pro in office , mac is very user friendly and its amazing speed and their display quality is great.But if i wanted to buy one i need work at least for 3 years here to buy one mac, so i will go with windows.
Would love to know where Google fits in this.
Faraz khan (18 days ago)
No matter my favourite is and will be Microsoft.
Abdul Basit Suhail (18 days ago)
According To Apple They NEVER Pay For Product Placement In Movies
Mark Tristan R. Ocampo (18 days ago)
*I loved Apple during Steve Jobs' time. Now, it's just a company focused on making money. We'll never see Apple the same way again.*
Triple A (18 days ago)
Apple is just stupid. They lie to people dude. Their products have so many stupid problems even to this day. This year's Macbook Pro has heat throttling problem. The iPhones? Well, I don't have to explain.
Lalos SAW (18 days ago)
The black surface devices are the hottest thing ever. Also Microsoft has more market share on schools
Anne Haworth (18 days ago)
Som Nath (18 days ago)
Apple is Just a Hype..
Mim Moshreffi (18 days ago)
Microsoft is the best.
gwgux (18 days ago)
Fact check: Microsoft didn't develop DOS. They bought it. As for which is more successful, as much as I hate them, the winner is Microsoft. One of the things left out in the video is that Apple almost went under and Microsoft bailed them out. This was back when Microsoft was under fire for being a monopoly so they invested in Apple and were able to convince people that they were not a complete monopoly because Apple was still around. It was also Microsoft with their software that allowed anybody to build their own computers and get everyone using a computer in their home, school, and at work. Apple can't hold a candle to that level of impact. The iPhone, for reasons unknown to me is popular, but it's just one device. Macs are still not nearly as successful as PCs (and support for games sucks on MacOS). Sure by the numbers, Apple is on top now, but it won't last. Their computers and devices are prohibitively expensive to most folks and it's only a matter of time before people switch back to PCs because PCs are cheaper, perform better, can be upgraded, and most importantly: CAN BE FIXED BY ANYONE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE TO DO SO. Apple goes out of its way to make it so that ONLY APPLE CAN FIX APPLE PRODUCTS. Apple's model is not sustainable and will eventually either implode or end up with a crap ton of regulations to protect consumer rights (or both).
writerpatrick (18 days ago)
Apple isn't cool anymore. It's just common.
Rémy Heinis (18 days ago)
Well, on fact now DoS is Android now...
k Naidoo (18 days ago)
Microsoft and Apple are very good computer for work in the gaming section Microsoft takes the lead in video production Apple is phenomenal, now, now I'm not saying Microsoft is terrible at video production the come very close. I think cortana is way better than siri.
Lucas de Rooy (18 days ago)
Don't like either but I would take Microsoft over Apple any day
Dukhanstmichmal (18 days ago)
I dont like being locked into one eco-system. I also dont like not getting a lot of value out of my money. So no Apple for me.
McBhB (18 days ago)
Savage your time, the answer is no
Let's Grind Gaming (18 days ago)
u forgot to mention at the fact that microsoft saved apple when it was dying.
Biyi Momoh (18 days ago)
how do you make videos like this? anybody???
TEKNOCRAFT (18 days ago)
Wellz at least both of them didn't get any exploding phones...
Nonth Suriyan (18 days ago)
7:40 affordable and upgradable \*cough\* surface studio
Nonth Suriyan (18 days ago)
I guess he didn't do enough research on that topic. Microsoft is clearly one of the first company to make an OS for smartphones. Also, I heard that early-day Microsoft was making software exclusively to Apple's system, but somebody (namely IBM) wants a OS, so they contacted Microsoft and the rest is history.
T Bone (18 days ago)
You can't just say that the truth is that neither are better because that's an impossibility. One is certainly better/bigger/more successful. Apple is dominating right now. Why? Because people actually want apple's products. Most people buying a windows PC do it because it's cheaper. Not because they actually want it. This is why customer satisfaction is much higher with Apple. If we only had Apple we'd be fine.
Nishant Bilkhiwal (18 days ago)
why people are so crazy about apple. I love Microsoft products
Abdullah shaban (19 days ago)
The narrator is a Apple fan boy....
HappyEmigrant (19 days ago)
Microsoft saved Apple long time ago from failure. What are we talking about? Is not even a question if Microsoft is more successful than apple. Only apple sheeps will neglect that
Naveen Kumar (19 days ago)
Are you aapplefan.....?
21Vicroy (19 days ago)
You are missing a good chunk of information on Microsofts surface team. Microsoft is now getting much more attention. You're really doing them a disservice. Especially in the enterprise market where they are very dominant.
Ian Coleman (19 days ago)
Microsoft is becoming less user-upgradable. Their new surface products are about impossible to upgrade. To me apple is the choice for professional work.
Zentical (4 days ago)
Professional work is a joke from apple.
Neil Shah (19 days ago)
apple = innovations!! are you joking??
Njoi Fontes (19 days ago)
You have a couple of things wrong. Microsoft, right from the beggining had the explicit goal of a computer on every home, not apple. Also nowadays choosing a windows device does not, by any means, mean that you have to choose a cheap product. The beauty of windows is that you can choose anything from a cheap laptop all the way to an expensive alienware or surface book. I think that the main reason Microsoft is a superior company is that they don´t have all the eggs in one basket like Apple do with the iphone. Even if windows was gone tomorrow Microsoft would be fine. If people stop buying iphone apple is screwed.
Blondie TheGood (19 days ago)
Apple might be big in the US, meanwhile Microsoft is big around the globe.
elite falcon gaming (19 days ago)
Apple Worlds first trillion dollar company Microsoft fans Oh my gosh Microsoft has always been more successful
Alex Farooq (19 days ago)
Apple has become a money vacuum cleaner, it sucks $$ out of consumers pockets clean and dry. Thanks MS for keeping laptops affordable and in reach of many people that are working/studying.
Emma Bentley (19 days ago)
lol this is full of so many inaccuracies it's incredible !
Red Programer (19 days ago)
apple products are overpriced that is why these are only a few Indians who can afford the expense of iPhone.
Josh Kaufman (19 days ago)
Apple has the brand that everyone wishes they had. There is so much momentum there, that they can ride it out for years after Steve Jobs died. Brand loyalty = automatic brand support regardless of the products. This wasn't good in the USA when customers were proud to "buy American" even if foreign cars were getting better. Mind share has a measurable effect on consumer purchases, you must factor it in. Having the "best products" is only a part of the equation. The best thing for consumers would be if everyone evaluated each product as it comes out and switched to a competitor when they were let down by a company. This would force companies to give the consumer what they want. Apple thwarts competition by making their stuff incompatible and proprietary. A walled echo-system, so you have to be either IN or OUT. If products and services all worked interchangeably, and you could pick which ones you liked from any company. I'd like to use some Apple products, but their "All or nothing" approach repels me into Windows/ Android.

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