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Emporio Armani Men Spring/Summer 2013 FULL SHOW | Milan Men's Fashion Week | FTV.com

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Download the FashionTV+ app, and stay tuned: Itunes: http://apple.co/2oxd0Bo Google Play: http://bit.ly/2n6KruT Join F-Club : https://f-club.com/ Chat, meet and find models, celebrities and fashion icons now! Get discovered and become famous. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/FashionTVSUB http://www.FashionTV.com/videos MILAN - FashionTV had the best seat in the house at the Emprorio Armani Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show during Milan Men's Fashion Week. The collection was simply a touch of charming elegance, achieving the goal of a practical clean silhouette for the average gentleman. Sexy male models opened the show wearing long sleeved transparent shirts showing off their bulging pecs along with short trousers as well as long trench coats and layered white shirts. For Summer 2013, Armani delivered hues of sandy neutrals, deep blues, greens, classic black and white and beige. The models walked down the runway in asymmetrical shapes, jackets worn on bare chests, jumpers, sporty blazers and swimwear. Woven double-breasted jackets topped typical tennis shorts with a nice finish of tech-soled shoes. Towards the end of the show, the Italian designer lined up his latest swimwear pieces, opening up the mood he created for the Italian team competing in the 2012 London Olympics. Armani's finale turned heads at the show as the catwalk shut down its lights, the Olympic rings were illuminated and finally models were quickly crowding the stage in stunning swimwear. Appearances: Giorgio Armani, Alfred Kovac, Elmar Johnson, Arthur Kolkov, Joan Mirangels, Ben Waddell, Patrick Kafka, Simon Nessman, Theo Hall, Corey Baptiste, Hampus Luck, Harry Goodwins, Alexander Johansson, RJ King, Thomas Hoefnagels SHOP http://shop.fashiontv.com CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com FashionTV "Fashion TV" FTV "Emporio Armani" Men Spring Summer 2013 "Milan Men's Fahsion Week" Full Show Models Emporio Armani" "Giorgio Armani" "Alfred Kovac" "Elmar Johnson" "Arthur Kolkov" "Joan Mirangels" "Ben Waddell" "Patrick Kafka" "Simon Nessman" "Theo Hall" "Corey Baptiste" "Hampus Luck" "Harry Goodwins" "Milan Fashion Week" "Men's Fashion Week" Milan Men's "Fashion Week" "Male Models" Runway fashiontvFMEN "Fashion Videos" "Fashion Show" "FTV Models" Fashion TV FashionTV.com FTV.com
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Text Comments (99)
Hassan Daher (2 years ago)
I come here to see pietro . He s an inspiration
Sligo 1978 (4 years ago)
Pietro Boselli Mamma Mia!
Kyle Zhang (3 years ago)
+Sligo 1978 Yes,he is amazing!
Nornagast (4 years ago)
pietro boselli <3. Does anyone know if he's going full-on engineering researcher or is he still doing modeling on the side? 
Kyle Zhang (3 years ago)
+Nornagast He is a math teacher in UCL ,but he still doing modeling,the latest one is Moschino on MFW 2015.
suddendee (5 years ago)
Man, without the audio, it's just not the same! :(
zaytzev45 (5 years ago)
5:37 Nice jacket ..
zaytzev45 (5 years ago)
3:25 what is the name of the song plzz ?!!
Ted P (5 years ago)
Does anyone know the title or song that is playing 11:56?
rahul gupta (5 years ago)
Stephanie M (5 years ago)
AGREE, that guy also walked in the Giorgio Armani spring summer, he was the best walker hands down.
Jojo Beary (5 years ago)
who said? :) there are so many gorgeous black male models out in the business!
yassine boss (5 years ago)
1:54 <3
iHeardaGeekNerdy (5 years ago)
i guess its hard to make it as a black male model!!!
duke dioso (5 years ago)
Matthias Willeit (5 years ago)
shaved legs? really?
TC 17 (5 years ago)
just top class
Terrence Johnson (5 years ago)
the models are so attractive but I love the clothes
Terrence Johnson (5 years ago)
i don't like sports jacket with shorts look
erzan (5 years ago)
This reads like one serious pervert.
elpoderosaso (5 years ago)
1:46, now that's how you walk the runway.
tenakura (5 years ago)
1st track Tristesse Contemporaine- I Didn't Know...
It's like winter Fashion not summer loooooooool
XxXLattXxX (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Armani picks totally the same looking models? They all look the same..
Denys Baranov (5 years ago)
What are the 1st & 2nd tracks ? anyone ?
starkid77 (5 years ago)
You are fine just the way you are:)
berry nutter (5 years ago)
Just another note to the hair situation. Regard that this is Armani the quintessential Fascist.One looks elsewhere for the unplucked rooster.
berry nutter (5 years ago)
political correctness overkill. Of course it is in my opinion.
berry nutter (5 years ago)
bravo hair forever
Calvin Wong (5 years ago)
i wish i could grow at least 5cm taller :(
sesnuev (5 years ago)
Funny taking in consideration that each 20 ppl "being positive" 1 person can get that kinda body. I know they r models but they must think more-less about the "normal standards"
savvysearch (5 years ago)
Nice to see an asian model opening the show. Dior and Gucci should follow suit and have more diversity in their casting.
Eradk8 (6 years ago)
High waters in fashion now?
shahrooz nikelham (6 years ago)
he is not PIETRO BOSELLI beacause we have not this name in list of EMPORIO ARMANI male models
Winter Till (6 years ago)
Man, Patrick Kafka is one good-looking dude...to bad he's short, though.
Chuck Shrader (6 years ago)
wow!i have along way to go to get ugly enough to Model....wtf?
Stephanie R. (6 years ago)
Those guys are really hot and i love the music track. So sexy.
Jacob Fren (6 years ago)
Not Good .......Bull shiet ,,,,,,,,,,,alles scheiße . Emporio Armani . hat Momentan nur eins Gut und das ist Parfum .......und das ist alles . seit 18 Monaten .
tahhfoun23 (6 years ago)
Un grand créateur de mode, surtout la jolie texture avec la couleur Grise,
championxeneixe (6 years ago)
who is the man at 02:28?
Martin v (6 years ago)
2:26 2:32 as is his name?
tom nakielski (6 years ago)
The first track is "Get Tight" by Laid Back. The second track is Gotye
Jadee (6 years ago)
This was hot,
arlon97 (6 years ago)
does anyone knows the name of the model at 8; 20 minutes? he is so hot, and I love the way he walks.. I want to know he's name...anyone knows please. thank you..
Ohmar Ponce (6 years ago)
please do, he's hawt
vicarioustube (6 years ago)
Oups I saw a nipple wardrobe malfunction ? :-) Ok so it that the boxer hanging out or a detachable inner double layer that one has to wash separately with the whites?
Jojo Beary (6 years ago)
Don't want to bother but would you mind giving advice to an upcoming designer? :) appreciate x
M. ExtraOnlylife (6 years ago)
The "shorter" shorts need to be tailored for men without large inner thighs. Poor choice in models for some.
M. ExtraOnlylife (6 years ago)
the double hem line (underlayer) in the longer shorts is incredible
M. ExtraOnlylife (6 years ago)
I just guffawed over men's legs more than women's on a runway...thank God for 2012-2013
J.R. Holbrook (6 years ago)
What is the models name at 2:30 into the show! We need to hire him! J.R. Holbrook/ Fashion Designer
dboyfff (6 years ago)
Cloissone' was the word I was trying to remember.
dboyfff (6 years ago)
Or better yet, add a pocket for a watch above the anterior wrist and halfway through the forearm of the jacket or shirt to keep a pocket watch there... Instead of having a weighed down wrist or looking in a pocket we can easily reach over the forearm to look and check for time... I'm sure that can be done on a shirt too and uniforms etc...like for the kitchen or a mechanic...or suit...the jacket of a suit.
dboyfff (6 years ago)
The only thing I would do different is add pocket watches, that are also a compass, and water proof with the lid engraved....
dboyfff (6 years ago)
The only change I would make....is we have sensitive skin...and many people are diabetics. How about a pair of soxs that fixes to the interior of any shoe...I think all we would need is velcro for that... That would be practical.
dboyfff (6 years ago)
I am amazed! Excellent! Lightweight, fabrics color palate practical for everyday wear, breatheable, we don't look overdressed nor over done. Very easy to look GREAT with one or two pieces or articles of clothing... AWESOME.
Stuart C (6 years ago)
so hot....
govindaksr (6 years ago)
Who is that bloke @ 2.30 He has the besst cuts and bulk i have seen soo far..
roy limasa (6 years ago)
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
tom nakielski (6 years ago)
Last half of music is "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye feat Kimbra
tom nakielski (6 years ago)
Men are hot and so is the music ....Gethigh by Laid Back....probably a remix.
Stephanie R. (6 years ago)
the mens are hot ;). Name of the music??
Lhin Doh (6 years ago)
He's the one designer that cant grow old. He just cant-
Korina Cuatianquis (6 years ago)
Vanguardista;fresca y muy comada para ellos..!
Dude Mdna (6 years ago)
Gorgeous !!! mr.Armani is an Icon of elegancy. Excellent collection. Now is time to workout my legs hard it. :)
TheCherrinelle (6 years ago)
This music is amaaazing:-)
Collin Brewer (6 years ago)
... see comment above ...
Collin Brewer (6 years ago)
... see comment above ...
Collin Brewer (6 years ago)
... see comment above ...
Collin Brewer (6 years ago)
... see comment above ...
Collin Brewer (6 years ago)
see commend refered the sound ...
Collin Brewer (6 years ago)
tracks are ... since 2:29: Laid Back - Gethigh (ipad mix) ... Gotye feat. Kimbra (miami nights mix) ... ;- ) ...
Simon Veith (6 years ago)
somebody i used to know
Guillermo Zavala (6 years ago)
de lo mejor para la primavera del 2013
Andre Sank (6 years ago)
I love the songs... Somebody know the names?
Daisy Vargas (6 years ago)
MrGaara92 (6 years ago)
anybody knows the track from 3:05?:D
fendiefendie (6 years ago)
3.41 is Hampus Lueck
Maira Canales (6 years ago)
The collection was wonderful and unique. The finale was Epic.
KobinaStyle TV (6 years ago)
Slick, fantastic!
mzrealm (6 years ago)
Men's fashion is nothing but gay nowadays.
Flexmeister (6 years ago)
more pecs the better--luv the mesh
Niladri K. (6 years ago)
who is the guy with the long hair at 7:36
Anthony Feliciano (6 years ago)
What's the name of the artist and track name of the first song? Please
Kohl Kovet (6 years ago)
when can we start buying these pieces. The mesh see through stripe long sleeve I must have
Emporio Armani puts together a stylish show collection for the runway of Milan. E.A.
Gold (6 years ago)
the best collection when it comes to Shoes and hand bags!!! love it!!!
William Urbano (6 years ago)
Big collars and lapels return? Layered spring/summer looks. Perfect!
Donny (6 years ago)
UMM Best part of the show!!
TheRamrod100 (6 years ago)
Armani shows never disappoint the only flaw was the shaved legs. Ugh!
dolcevitausa (6 years ago)
Jeez enough with the flooders...who wants to see men's ankles?!? The double breasted jackets are cool though...
Jamie Bancroft (6 years ago)
Love the remix of Somebody That I Used To Know. Who does that mix?
Floyd Brownlee (6 years ago)
Whats up with the shaved leg's?
rednats (6 years ago)
anyone know the music tracks ?
rednats (6 years ago)
best show of season so far...guess I better shave my legs
Stephen Tong (6 years ago)
Love everything about this show! I mean, there's some erotic garments revealed in a excited way from a beginning. This has good choice of those handsome selected models.. It is definitely sexy! :D
FTV (6 years ago)
What did you think of Armani’s finale?

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