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Marc E. Bassy - Drunk & I’m Drunk (Lyric Video) ft. Bobby Brackins

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Drunk & I’m Drunk ft. Bobby Brackins (Lyric Video) Courtesy of Republic Records Content Studio powered by Talenthouse Song available on the East Hollywood EP Download Today! http://republicrec.co/EastHollywoodEP Stream/Share “Drunk & I’m Drunk” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4OK9L5YHE3pVQWJjNqK56k Connect with Marc: http://instagram.com/marcebassy https://twitter.com/marcebassy https://www.facebook.com/MarcEBassyMusic http://www.marcebassy.com Directed By Natalia Biegaj Produced By Natalie Biegaj Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/natalia.biegaj.7 Twitter: https://twitter.com/NataliaBiegaj Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalia-biegaj-28b9a133 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/nataliabiegaj Website: http://www.nb-animation.com Music video by Marc E. Bassy performing Drunk & I’m Drunk. © 2016 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/hz5OUD
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Text Comments (113)
Kvng Vuggotta (9 days ago)
I’m trying to figure out this vocal effect 🙌🔥
- DS3101 - (1 month ago)
Kaianah Faulks (1 month ago)
Ka Lee (5 months ago)
Good shit💵💵💵💵💵🤘🤘💪💪
jaya prakash (6 months ago)
M drunk n watching dis
Tiay Dandridge (7 months ago)
I dont understand the lyrics but I love this song.
Joseph Sonners (9 months ago)
im drunk what does this mean?
trying whatever (10 months ago)
dank shit yes me like.
Jordan Hensley (11 months ago)
No joke, I used to say (taken for "Granite") for the longest time, until a college professor called me out in front of the class.. It's not "Granded" 1:16 Its "Granted"... I guess It really did stick with me.
Keniah (1 year ago)
MariaC lucky13Me (1 year ago)
awesome !! only one voice one and only for me !! omj! ❤️❤️❤️
Alice K sipes (1 year ago)
I listend to the lyrics then i got the impression that this guys an ass and you shouldent sleep with him . like why not just let her tell you whats on her mind right now. You sound like your pressuring a lady into sex. And you dont even make it sound like she wants to all that bad. She got things on her mind she has a boy friend and is cheating on him with you. Bitch got shit to talk about.
Kaleem Ali (1 year ago)
granded or granted?
saaintt (1 year ago)
Sweeter thank Honey (1 year ago)
I just found this song ang now I wondered where have I been in the past 2 years...
Honey Shmoney (1 year ago)
this sort of sounds like the weekend song by sza
A c (1 year ago)
Qistina Zainal (1 year ago)
idk why but i love the vibe that this song gives 👌🏼💯
Crissa xxx (1 year ago)
Just got here, and it's lit 💯
Sean Holland (1 year ago)
How you gon spell a word wrong in a lyric videom other than that dope song dope vid haha
Alo MusicLife (1 year ago)
wanya (1 year ago)
Jermaih vibe I swear
Sotiris p (1 year ago)
I am drunk
Danish Mikhail (1 year ago)
Put in on spotify plssss!!!!
DeeBags 96 (1 year ago)
Loving your music Marc keep it up
redhotchilifan98 (1 year ago)
His debut is out on the 13th!! I'm so excited!! He's so underrated he finally deserves some recognition
Eliismar FSK (1 year ago)
Brasil 😍
Zack gamerboi (1 year ago)
this some good shit...legit its fire 🔥
Jay's Vlog (1 year ago)
Mark Is Mah Nigga
Nikki xo (1 year ago)
YOZZA YO (1 year ago)
Saucyyy Jessica (1 year ago)
I love this song.💕
Dunz Gaia (1 year ago)
This songs lit
Christian Neil (1 year ago)
maybe in the next generation.... music are just maons, with instruments
Elyca Moreno (1 year ago)
Laxmi S.T. Maharjan (1 year ago)
I had heard this long time ago damn <3
Jk Capulso (1 year ago)
omg why is this song not famous
Fford (1 year ago)
July of 2017 !!
MariaC lucky13Me (1 year ago)
Nadia Phan (1 year ago)
He is a good singer, he should have more viewers and likes:(
30Ninjas (1 year ago)
This is deserves more views
Astro Kiah (1 year ago)
I swear, has Marc always been this good? I remember hearing a song by him yearsssss ago called Cinema. I think I Stan him now...
Romz Narvaez (1 year ago)
good shit right here
Ace The Win! (1 year ago)
nice 🎶👏
Elliot Thompson (1 year ago)
lol ("I took that shit for granded")woops
Clark Alamban (1 year ago)
caitlyn okurrr (1 year ago)
I love this song
Reo (1 year ago)
comic sans!
jimmy (1 year ago)
so much history we need 2 retrace....
sid wah (2 years ago)
I was so disappointed when 2amclub went on hiatus but damn Marc has such a great voice,glad he is making music. He has such a unique voice. :)
yeahgees (2 years ago)
Lyrics all wrong
Kolby Cruff (2 years ago)
i cant believe he doesnt have more subs!
Devin Chauvin (2 years ago)
i love powerpoint
MANEL artigues (2 years ago)
perfecto vídeo bro
Hotcatfish (2 years ago)
love this song so much, could only imagine how famous this would have been if g-eazy was in it instead of Bobby. Marc e bassy so underrated hopefully these songs will get my popular soon
Cwat 69 (2 years ago)
This needs to be heard
fe Tee (2 years ago)
love this song right now
Epic peter (2 years ago)
I love this song😍
Antonio Afu (2 years ago)
I can't read the lyrics
Danni Obryan (2 years ago)
I just discovered marc e bassy and I instantly fell in love with every song I listented to. didnt matter what song I clicked on it was good af. Surprised he isnt more famous. His voice is amazing!!
Dwbt (2 years ago)
my kinda song
RhythmicAmbition831 (2 years ago)
Marc has a unique voice. Easily one of my favs out right now😁
Gabriel Libanan (1 year ago)
RhythmicAmbition83wtf u mean unique voice?
SnapCrackle NoPop (2 years ago)
Sioeli Tuinei (2 years ago)
Marc is my nigga no joke
Sergio Astudillo (1 year ago)
Sioeli Tuinei jesus christ is mah nigga
Aladdin Peko (2 years ago)
mMy shit
Gloria Elster (2 years ago)
Leilani Faatupu (2 years ago)
i love it xoxoxoxox.....................mwh mwh mwh
SophieBeDerping (2 years ago)
sorta getting bellion vibes
Kyra Passion (2 years ago)
underrated 😍
Mya Navarro (2 years ago)
so underrated
local.hero (2 years ago)
I love the song but wtf is going on with the video? Comic sans? for real?😷
Travis George (1 year ago)
It's actually one of the few times it makes sense to use Comic Sans soooo... It's not a resume or business letter fella.
kaera maki (1 year ago)
probably on a budget ? if this song dies good he might update it lol
Tania Brown (1 year ago)
local.hero that's the irony of the "comic"
kate. O. (2 years ago)
comic sans deserves love too.
Semaia Va'afusuaga (2 years ago)
Epilepsy warning No offence
Virgil (2 years ago)
Save that shit for tomorrow girl
Ashley Harris (2 years ago)
can't stop listening to his music.
Blaire Grey (2 years ago)
Soon he's gonna become so popular
Giovanna Lambroia (2 years ago)
Loving on Marc E. Bassy, check this out: https://umusic.box.com/s/vvlhyn2y5t21p1nczbb9gfzd17h4vyxd
Demetria Freeman (2 years ago)
100℅ fire you're gonna be big dude
Edwige Die (3 years ago)
i like this song <3
Jonah. (3 years ago)
He is so underrated
Joe-Jah (6 months ago)
That part!
John Jonny31 (2 years ago)
Gonna suck when he blows up cause people are gonna over use the song but atleast he will be famous though!
Jessie Agatoni (2 years ago)
Jordan Johnson (3 years ago)
Kayleigh Garvey (3 years ago)
love this song
Lexilex A (3 years ago)
ugh is voice is so amazing 😍
Sarah Dean (3 years ago)
Waiting until he blows up...
Trehnt (3 years ago)
whoever did the typography fucked up some of the lyrics lol
Tracy Kalisa (1 year ago)
Prolly drunk too
Camia W (3 years ago)
I caught granted "granded" lol
Just-In-Time (3 years ago)
YES!!! Now for an official music video next please!!
Austin Ruiz (3 years ago)
Around 1:16 I believe it supposed to say "granted," instead of "granded," but great lyric video least to say.
Candace Patterson (5 months ago)
Thank you for noticing. There are several other typos.
Sahara BO (3 years ago)
I luv this....perfect...I will get the wine..😀
shook eth 47 (3 years ago)
Right keep making that good music that's some good stuff right there
like the song
werid video what the heck
itamar Ayenau (3 years ago)
nice song🔥👍
Marie Andrée Mariotti (3 years ago)
the best
E Styles (3 years ago)
This kid can sing
makeabitchbleed (2 years ago)
the only kid here is you
Nice work
TitaniumTigerz (3 years ago)
keep making good music Marc!
DotDotFade (3 years ago)
Good shit yo
Elisabeth Marroquin (3 years ago)
7th person to view

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