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Buildings falling in Hong Kong, China #TyphoonMangkhut

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A construction elevator shaft on top of a housing development project in Tai Kok Tsui fell onto the roof of a nearby building during #typhoon #Mangkhut on Sunday. A police spokesperson told HKFP that they received no reports of injuries as of Sunday afternoon. The police said they received a report that an elevator shaft had collapsed at the Enchantee housing development construction site around 11:39am. The structure fell onto the roof of a nearby building at 241-243 Tai Kok Tsui Road. The police evacuated 40 residents – 21 males, 18 females and a child – from the building. The police said they have notified relevant authorities to check the building’s structural safety. The world’s most powerful storm this year pummeled #HongKong and densely populated cities along the coast of mainland #China after slashing across the Philippines, where it left at least 40 dead.
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TRENDING24X7 (5 months ago)
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Camp O-Weigh-cis (13 days ago)
Fucking lying thumbnail bait.. don't waste your time with this asshole...
Jazzel Lizama (2 months ago)
These are not Falling buildings

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