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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star Is Born)

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Listen to brand new music from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga from the 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack: http://smarturl.it/ASIBSoundtrack Get tickets to see the film: US: http://www.astarisbornmovie.com/#/GetTickets International: http://www.astarisborninternational.com Follow Lady Gaga: Facebook: http://gaga.lk/facebook Twitter: http://gaga.lk/Twitter Instagram: http://gaga.lk/Instagram Snapchat: http://gaga.lk/Snapchat Spotify: http://gaga.lk/Spotify Email List: http://gaga.lk/News
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Text Comments (84702)
Checkerzzz gaming Hi (1 minute ago)
Most humanity behavior is very shallow never looked in my soul kind soul torn apart from shallow Humans
Mdcn (9 minutes ago)
Let's make Shallow #1 on Billboard!!!
Meryl Montgomery (14 minutes ago)
This song gives me so many feels 😪
Mucha Información (23 minutes ago)
Mucha Información (23 minutes ago)
#ShallowStreamingPartyOnSpotify goo goo ♥
teresa edwards (23 minutes ago)
I dedicate this to my daughter and her boyfriend who died 3 days apart. They can’t hurt you anymore. 😭
Gaga is sooooo beautiful without makeup. Gorgeous!!
Ana Sandra Vojvodic (33 minutes ago)
Met`allurg (37 minutes ago)
вот это , ну-ка вы понимаете, я не знаю. с родни человеку какой в вас лицезреет неприятеля, а сам отходит вспять. Его принципам следует ксюша собчак, элита, не нарываться. продуманые до мелочей.
GarfieldDa (39 minutes ago)
Shallow must win the Oscar!
Met`allurg (40 minutes ago)
Познер это всё сделал, во франции. еврей куев. в Америке его отправили на куй ,во франции попросту игнорировали, а в Росиии у Позднера слава его НЕНАВИДЯТ, вот к чему шол старенькый и упёртый еврей не к почитанию, а к ненависти. =у нё на лбу написано будто он любит, с сучьим уклоном, мама этак воспитала-гордыня!
Mucha Información (24 minutes ago)
hha wtf Вы уже приняли свои лекарства?
Tony Clarke (43 minutes ago)
Awesome performance
rickbowman911 (44 minutes ago)
Not only is she Physically Gorgeous but her voice is So Special and Beautiful....Perfection in this movie
Jeffrey Romine (45 minutes ago)
Met`allurg (45 minutes ago)
в 65 лет приплетётся, будто произнесет,я не знала. Популярная она там, на куй мы необходимы, лишь её там кинут под лавку, будто желали сделать с Майклом джексоном, здесь-же они будут в рф либо в китае либо в индии. продажные не они, это система либо им голову отвернут, вот кто ТАКАЯ звезда в АМЕРИКЕ стопроцентно зависима от страны. в России тоже самое, полное рабство ТЕЛЕ и РАДИО!
Molly Turner (46 minutes ago)
Hey Gaga, seems like you're tied up in Vegas for a while, but feel free to come see us in Maine..
tushar majumdar (51 minutes ago)
She is pretty i didn't knew that because of her 1kg of horrible makeup
Met`allurg (52 minutes ago)
...в России можно располагать , мы не сволочи!
rickbowman911 (53 minutes ago)
Lasy GaGa I think that you look very Beautiful without all the makeup and costumes. I saw a thing on the internet where they called you one of the Top 20 ugliest people. I swear to you maam If I could find that scumbag who wrote that I would defend your Honor. Please Do not let any of these people get under your skin. ...YOU ARE A VERY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and any man should be honored to be with you. Keep your head HIGH... One of your Biggest fans (Rick Bowman--Lexington Ky.)
Fülesdi Vanii (53 minutes ago)
Best music❤
xoxo Gaga (59 minutes ago)
omgaga 4.6 M views in last 24hs
xoxo Gaga (59 minutes ago)
vote for Shallow little monsters!! tus20.mtvla.com
William Johnson (57 minutes ago)
Simplesmente fantástico! Não paro de escutar a música! Esplêndido Gaga, você nasceu para brilhar!! 👏👏👏
312,598,169 views👀 2.5 Million likes👍🏻 69k dislikes👎🏻
Nawal_ N_Heaven (1 hour ago)
Beautiful! ❤️
Julio Padilla (1 hour ago)
This song will hit the number 1 spot on billboard.
André Ri (1 hour ago)
#ShallowStreamingPartyOnSpotify For the Oscar's week, Gaga deserves this #1 on billboard hot 100. Go Monsters.
EstebanN H (1 hour ago)
#ShallowStreamingPartyOnSpotify for the Oscar's week, Gaga deserves this #1 on billboard hot 100. Go Monsters
Yankees Fan 2798 (1 hour ago)
Such a great fucking movie
¡Music! (1 hour ago)
Ya rebasamos Telephone y ahora vamos por Judas ♥
Cindy G (1 hour ago)
My God, Bradley Cooper can sing!
Mucha Información (20 minutes ago)
this Sunday will do it live do not miss the oscar♥
Bülent Gezer (1 hour ago)
manyaklar dii di8i diii anlayana kalbm .
Cedrick Ward (1 hour ago)
Paige 🌹
Bülent Gezer (1 hour ago)
uzuluyorum bitiriyorum istnbul depremi gibi.Cok tutum sizden fala yeter son 2 Bende kslcak
janray mosher (1 hour ago)
the w0rst s0ng ever made....shalalalalala? really?
Mucha Información (21 minutes ago)
out of here
Mak Vino (1 hour ago)
From pretty hurts Beyonce to this video, and I feel so how girls are be free without make up 😘😘😘
Bülent Gezer (1 hour ago)
Ben Asla birakmam di.
Bülent Gezer (1 hour ago)
yokki siganagim birde Nerdesin bak karanlik bi isik cak. gordunmu ..
Bülent Gezer (1 hour ago)
Cokci cektim ..mkBitirdi ona buna suna bomak kimsiN ,
Jordian Pinheiro (1 hour ago)
Eu amo uma mulher
susan and the nine (1 hour ago)
aus dir wird leider nichts werden, es sei denn du glaubst an dich wie ich an dich glaube.
Maverick - (2 hours ago)
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Maverick - (2 hours ago)
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Chris Peplinski (2 hours ago)
I do wonder if shallow could win the Oscar for original song.
Damián Nungaray (2 hours ago)
Good song and movie!
Maverick - (2 hours ago)
The truth is difficult to SWALLOW, not shallow! Or stop supporting these religious crooks who rule rich countries!
Roshin Mathews (2 hours ago)
Repeat mode.
Flavio Sousa (2 hours ago)
And the Oscar goes to...
Ángel Robles (1 hour ago)
Lady gaga😮
Irish Reaper YT (2 hours ago)
I like this lady gaga here, the other look she was rocking was mad but this one more natural
Give me a Bradley Cooper
Silvano Silva (2 hours ago)
We prefered Lady Gaga without makeup. So beautiful!!!!!!
Talisson Felipe (2 hours ago)
Debbie Langworthy (2 hours ago)
Love this song, Lady Gaga you are beautiful!! Great song together, from one Italian to another perfezione at its finest!!
Suvasish Panda (3 hours ago)
Eduardo Müller Ávila (3 hours ago)
does anyone else think lady gaga is really pretty without makep ? or is that just me
Simply Shilo (3 hours ago)
I just gone done with the movie. 'Why?" That is what I keep repeating to my self.
Vicky Gacha (3 hours ago)
Amo esta cancion
ima piledriver (3 hours ago)
she's actually petty without the crap she nomally wears
Remedypaws (3 hours ago)
♥ ♥ ♥ Tell me something, boy Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void? ♥ ♥ ♥
Met`allurg (3 hours ago)
..это естественно, когда переполняет не лишь Тебя, а ВСЕХ!
Remedypaws (3 hours ago)
I want this movie to win best picture on Sunday!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE it so much
LifeWithSelG (3 hours ago)
God... I'm in love
Gabriel Soares (3 hours ago)
Quando escuto essa música eu viajo
Ronald Paez (3 hours ago)
Aquí un Thalifan que ama a Gaga. Esperamos verlos comentando en Lento, Lindo Pero Bruto y Por Lo Que Reste De Vida
Lisa DC (3 hours ago)
Is there anything Gaga can't do? Just an amazing talent! Same with Bradley!!
Lorena Duche (3 hours ago)
Que canción tan perfecta 💞
treyyyTell’dem (4 hours ago)
I haven’t repeated any Gaga’s song like i did with shallow. Truly a Golden Song
Olavo Vito (4 hours ago)
Lady Gaga é a melhor artista do mundooo
Sophie Bourcier (4 hours ago)
I love this song 😍😍😍
Jordan Annette (4 hours ago)
Lady GaGa looks so much better without all that makeup ❣
kimberly gardner (4 hours ago)
Swear they are the perfect couple!! More movies please!! 🙏
Egberto Gomes (4 hours ago)
kimberly gardner (4 hours ago)
Hell yeah she is beautiful!! I don't know who I want more, Cooper or Gaga... Both are beautiful ❣️😀
Ingrid Prestes (4 hours ago)
shayliciousable (4 hours ago)
I love this song and the movie
Thomaz Nogueira (4 hours ago)
Em breve Oscar winner
Itz Yanii (1 hour ago)
+Ángel Robles Claro!! Eso hago todos los días, además me alegro porque está canción está subiendo muy rápido de vistas pasa solo un día y sube a 4 o 5 millones de vistas +
Ángel Robles (1 hour ago)
+Itz Yanii lo único importante es hacer que gaga siga de pie, y la forma en que podemos es seguir viendo sus videos originales para que tengan más vistas, en especial este video, para que llegue al billón de vistas!
Itz Yanii (1 hour ago)
+Ángel Robles Tienes razón, los fans de madonna son los primeros haters de Gaga, sin embargo Madonna ya está muerta y no vende discos porque Gaga y otras le destruyó su carrera pero aún así la apoyo y le doy like a sus vídeos aunque los madders odien a los little monsters
Itz Yanii (1 hour ago)
+Ángel Robles Tienes razón, los fans de madonna son los primeros haters de Gaga
Ángel Robles (1 hour ago)
Todos los que le dan dislike, es por que son fan de madonna o de alguna plástica del momento
Cris Guadalupe Amores (4 hours ago)
This song is art
Nate Pike (5 hours ago)
I wonder if these two would have fallen in love real style if they both weren't already with another.....
Nate Pike (4 hours ago)
+Ivan Martinovic I just watched the live in Vegas clip where she invited him onto the stage, and man.......there's some deep and profound love between them.
Ivan Martinovic (4 hours ago)
Lady gaga just ended her engagement last week, just sayin'
Gretchen Thies (5 hours ago)
Bradley Cooper is an excellent artist and brings out the best in those he works with. Thank you Bradley for a movie that brings a lot of meaning to us. You two compliment each other in a way that makes the heart pull at my strings. Loved it so much. My heart cries out too.
chi chi ne (5 hours ago)
I love this !!!🤗
V D (5 hours ago)
Amazing song but ends too soon
Gretchen Thies (5 hours ago)
Lady Gaga is a beautiful lady inside and out. She is a wonderful artist and totally is amazing.
Roxy G (5 hours ago)
I relate a lot to this song. A lot of people probably do so I can see why it became so popular.
ME You (5 hours ago)
You both are the best actress and actor in this world. Lady Gaga you look very beautiful without makeup. You both are fantastic musicians. You both deserve to win a few Oscars on this Sunday. I can’t stop listening to you both singing Shallow song. You both won my heart. I love you both. Successes always and successes forever to you both!
Lucy Crowle (6 hours ago)
This movie made me cry.
Ingrid (6 hours ago)
Oscar Winner song ❤❤
cloud day (6 hours ago)
She looks so gorgeous with natural style. All of her.
Simone Prado (6 hours ago)
Mais algum Brasileiro também apaixonado por esse filme e essa música?<3
Jorge Rocha (6 hours ago)
Naah de Sool (6 hours ago)
Parabéns Lindaa❤, Arrasou, Que Sempre Você Seja Dedicada A Sua Carreira🙏🙏🙏
Tanya (6 hours ago)
I just watched this remake for the first time yesterday, and WOW!! Both of their singing blew me away! AND their acting!! I was truly BLOWN AWAY by their performances!! Still, Rami Malek for BEST ACTOR OSCAR!!
M D (6 hours ago)
Biggest song of Gaga.
Kiera Kershaw (6 hours ago)
this movie is so sad i can’t count how many times i cried, not only because of the relationship more of the story behind it 😕💔💔
Sajiky (6 hours ago)
I'll be damned, turns out Lady Gaga is actually beautiful. Perfect example of how too much makeup is more likely to hide beauty rather than enhance it. If it's obvious your wearing it, it's more like looking at a painting than a person.
Sajiky (6 hours ago)
I always assumed she was hideous, or at least quite plain, based mainly on how hard she works at hiding her actual appearance behind artifice.
Cahil Robinett (6 hours ago)
Wow lady Gaga is so good in this I have to take a moment to take it all in.
Lorena Paz (6 hours ago)
I was like , this is not lady gaga
Reynier Felipe (6 hours ago)
Mariana Santos (6 hours ago)
i love so much this song.

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