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Sting - Brand New Day (Official Video)

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Music video by Sting performing Brand New Day. (C) 1999 A&M Records #Sting #BrandNewDay #Vevo
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Text Comments (2599)
Dark Side (1 day ago)
BUDDHA says when you get up morning open your eyes That is your new born because past never comes and you never know (see) the feature so just say I am best, I can do everything, I am strong .....and you brand new day starts Live happily in present Luv from BUDDHAs land
Mila Mila (2 days ago)
Paul Germana (6 days ago)
3 commercials on one music video?! Bullshit!!
Sandy Mack (6 days ago)
Countless blessings♥️
Dina Samporprelevic (8 days ago)
love b
Melanie Biggins (9 days ago)
I was a senior in high school when the song charted. Loved it ever since.
Chaos Primordial (12 days ago)
Funny thing is if you type Family Guy Sting in the search bar on Youtube this is the second video.
King Kami (15 days ago)
That is obviously Stevie Wonder on the harmonica.
Zenaida Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Bellissimi grazie
Nat B (17 days ago)
Why is he being Jesus? I liked the song, but the video is weird.
bigwille11 (17 days ago)
Clark Kent (17 days ago)
Demonic blasphemy
Don Bon (1 month ago)
2019 ⌛️🙏
Richard Wroblewski (1 month ago)
Why does sting look like a scruffy neil patrick harris?
James Ridgeway (1 month ago)
Our Lord Jesus Christ does this everyday.
Aller Foki (1 month ago)
Спасибо ис.
Wolfgang Hornung (1 month ago)
the song is ok but the video not, shit
James Mcdonald (1 month ago)
Makes me wanna save the world when I hear it
Paul Austin (1 month ago)
rhyming "back" with 'back" ....such talent. I do love this song though....
Chris Hamrick (1 month ago)
Rick W (2 months ago)
What a great song!!! Lyrics are great! Sting doesn't write nothing songs!
Käsekuchen TV (2 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that you can only understand the last words of each sentence?
Dubstepshots (2 months ago)
I'm convinced there is Welsh in there.
Claudio (2 months ago)
What would be of us without music? Music is medicine.
ArtistsAnomalous (2 months ago)
It's only incomprehensible because of his phoney American accent
Ken Yang (2 months ago)
only reason i YouTubed this was because of Family Guy
Rene & Styles Gold (2 months ago)
Tyler Parisi (2 months ago)
LUKE PERRY DEAD AT 52! It’s later than you think
thachiefrocka (2 months ago)
Calligraphy on just like a ghost.
Tom Kloser (2 months ago)
Dayman = Sting During the Daymonian Ritual of DayBreak, Kyle rides his Unicorn wearing the Dragon Robes of Daylight.
Mary Balshaw (2 months ago)
Brought me thru loadsa problems!! Love you Sting for your music in many ways.....Xxx
Mila Mila (2 months ago)
The God :)
Fhuura Liulfr (2 months ago)
omg I had to listen to this song while reading the lyrics, now I UNDERSTAND IT.
Francisco Mariño (3 months ago)
I would buy the hell out of that detergent, tbh.
Nigel Tempest (3 months ago)
Is that detergent available on AmaZon ?
Abdekhak Dz (3 months ago)
تفكرني في cheb Mami hhhhhhh
A Dad Supreme (3 months ago)
Jesus will kill everyone in this video.
Chri'tof God'fighter (3 months ago)
CISPOS JMN (3 months ago)
@Sting I’m concerned about your #CD #Title #TheDreamOfBlueTurtles being a set up to #pin you for my brothers phony #murder as one #JoshAdair aka #DallasMusicMan2 sent me a #photo of two dead #seaturtles on the #roof of #PaisleyPark ....you remember me from way back and how you shared that #phone #number ....I hope someone called the #Coastguard and #DNR
CISPOS JMN (3 months ago)
@PaulSopsic do you #recall #DaveSumner ?
Mila Mila (3 months ago)
He feels himself like Got. And in the same time he is laughing about it !
Timothy Midgett (3 months ago)
Sting we love your music but you are not Jesus, Moses, or the Messiah!!!
Michelle Isiekwena (3 months ago)
Jimmy Fallon did a good impression
Mikey_Suze Four (3 months ago)
Sting just laughs at Jimmy Fallon...Let's see Jimmy write an album and do a comparison. @Michelle Isiekwena
Anderson Dalmeus (3 months ago)
I've listened to this so much that the lyrics don't sound like gibberish and I wish they still did
Alias Fickle (3 months ago)
thank you. sting. u2 boy.
*A M O R F A T I*
Mısra Ak (4 months ago)
Klip çok ilginç
Mila Mila (4 months ago)
Ageless boy
Photo Chicken (4 months ago)
RIP Sting
Photo Chicken (3 months ago)
haha not for Police fans +Mikey_Suze Four
Mikey_Suze Four (3 months ago)
You're hilarious cause he's still very much alive @PHOTO CHICKEN!
Tammy W (4 months ago)
It's a brand new day! Do some good in the world! LOVE!!!!
Timothy Holcomb (4 months ago)
Tammy W Rite-on
Maj Maj (4 months ago)
Lazaro Osle (4 months ago)
😂 "Turn the clock to cereal Buddy no swimming swam da swing SALTING UP A BRAND NEW DAY"
Talkindurinthemovie (4 months ago)
I tried so hard to tell my sisterz this song was real when I was 6...it only came on late at night
Ryanski Akira Saotome (4 months ago)
My goodness, family guy ruined this brand new day....
Saikat Roy (4 months ago)
Here after the 2019 version
Ninfa V. (4 months ago)
UndeadSlayer 420 (4 months ago)
so.. sting thinks he Jesus?
Shadowman4710 (4 months ago)
@UndeadSlayer 420 Uhh, thanks?
UndeadSlayer 420 (4 months ago)
+Shadowman4710 fellas this is the biggest bruh moment of the night 🙀👌🏻
UndeadSlayer 420 (4 months ago)
+Shadowman4710 fuuuuck, u right 👊😩
Shadowman4710 (4 months ago)
More like Jesus thinks he's Sting.
Stephanie Hand (4 months ago)
Lorenzo Voghera (4 months ago)
Dean Bonham (4 months ago)
I listen to this every New Year’s Day! Have been since 2000.
James Love (4 months ago)
Martin Vasquez (4 months ago)
Sounds like “I was made to love her” Stevie Wonder
Martin Vasquez (3 months ago)
Sheldon66 maybe sting didn’t want to be accused of stealing the song and asked Stevie to play on it 😂
Martin Vasquez (3 months ago)
Sheldon66 oh wow cool!
Sheldon66 (4 months ago)
It IS Stevie playing harmonica on this track.....not sure why he would make it sound like one his songs? But who knows? It's Stevie....
Jon Hansen (4 months ago)
Ratmann3684 (4 months ago)
Underrated song.
Tammy W (4 months ago)
Love this one Sting!!!! Love baby..... Love!!!!! Spread the Love.....
Endrit Shabani (4 months ago)
why Sting's Brand New Day has more views than Bryan Adams's Brand New Day ????
Create Tube (5 months ago)
Scott Pantera (5 months ago)
samamastuhmastahmesteemuhstahnolimoleemolammolee starting of a brand new day
Ryan Hunter (5 months ago)
Sting knows how to work the camera...lol, he’s all charisma in this video. 1:27
Steven Mctowelyey (5 months ago)
Does he say "one day you could be looking through a home booking when you're cooking" lol???
Edith Arnaiz (5 months ago)
Consider Vosu (5 months ago)
kazoo kis
Gulam Muhammed Al Kibria (5 months ago)
More than excellent .................
beautiful angelic voice sting so happy u are up again. God Luvs u. ☁💟💟☁💟💟☁ 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 ☁💟💟💟💟💟☁ ☁☁💟💟💟☁☁ ☁☁☁💟☁☁☁
Becky Amos (5 months ago)
"Love has a cruel and bitter way of paying you back for all the faith you ever had in your brain."
Ninfa V. (5 months ago)
EinNamenloser (5 months ago)
Samona stema stena stine hemo no hemo libo la polayl stabbe noba Brand New Day
noiseintheoffice (5 months ago)
I don't believe advertising affects ME, but I feel strangely compelled to buy laundry detergent.
JPMcFly1985_#Bernie2020 (5 months ago)
Now that I know the words are "I'll sell the stocks, we'll spend all the money" I can't unhear it from the Family Guy version lol
Erik Helmersen (5 months ago)
Love is Stronger than Justice
MrAvant25 (5 months ago)
"Wait a minute!" "WAIT A MINUTE!!" "WAAITT A MINUTE!!!!" When Sting fell in the water, did the cast prank him???? 😂 😂 😂
Diane Wills (6 months ago)
Love Sting-Love his music-this reminds me of being the shoe manager at Lord and Taylors I loved listening to this every night when I came home- That was a time-
Mikey_Suze Four (5 months ago)
After a hard day @ Safeway where I was cashiering, I'd be able to pop in a Sting CD and be calm again @Diane Wills. :-) Those were great times until I got married to the 'right lady' 2 yrs. ago.
Erik Helmersen (6 months ago)
Evereryday is a new day, I grew up on Sting, who loves this song?
Mikey_Suze Four (6 months ago)
*I'm the bat and you're the cave.*
vitaminwaterlover (6 months ago)
I have seen Sting in person, and he really has that visible aura around him like in this video.
jrpark05 (6 months ago)
Love this song.
a simple username (6 months ago)
What is that....
Nicole De Grâce (6 months ago)
Gate wide open; Come and Get Me..... You King of Mine ..... No wonder Love I'll take You back
1blessedbrotha (7 months ago)
forgetting the past, starting my life over!!!!!!!
Gerald Collins (7 months ago)
Classic If it can happen to me It will happen to you!
Shakel Cato18 (7 months ago)
Who else here because of family guy?
Eva Burnz (7 months ago)
this song simultaneously delights and saddens me
SweetDick Willie (7 months ago)
Good to see Sting has a healthy opinion of himself....
Cameron Coutu (7 months ago)
I remember being infirst grade humming this songs melody while in line going to lunch lol
Rick Ross (7 months ago)
Had to google it to be sure but I THOUGHT that sounded like my guy on harmonica. STEVIE WONDER !!!!!!!!
cloudscholar22 (7 months ago)
karaoke! lol for class! extra credit
Mila Mila (7 months ago)
He is soooo cool.He will be neuer old... And it s so funny, cause like each Buddhist he thinks he is a God, but in the same moment he laughs at himself.
Slank〽an (7 months ago)
3:11 they predicted flat screen TVs pog. This was shot in 1999
Sarah Greenhalgh (7 months ago)
Definitely hearing Stevie Wonder on this...great job!
Sebastian Chiaramonte (8 months ago)
Sting as Jesus really makes my faith restored

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