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Marco Marco Men's Underwear Swimwear Fashion Show SS 2019 New York Fashion Week 2018 Style Fashion W

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Yaers Fashion TV http://www.yaers.com Marco Marco Underwear Fashion Show SS 2019 New York Fashion Week NYFW 2018 HD 1080P Style Fashion Week at Manhattan Center. #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek #nyfw2018 #stylefw Video shot by Jason Chen for Yaers Fashion TV http://www.jasonchen.com Music by Artegon - Back in Time https://soundcloud.com/artegon/artegon-back-in-time-1 Music licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License New York Fashion Week is here! Watch New York Fashion Week 2018 SS 2019 NYFW fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands and designers such as Cinq à Sept, Novis, rag & bone, Sachin & Babi, Daniel Cloke, Ji Won Choi, Jamall Osterholm, Noon by Noor, Vivienne Westwood, Collina Strada, Mara Hoffman, PH5, Pamella Roland, Tadashi Shoji, John Elliott, Christopher John Rogers, Ulla Johnson, Kim Shui, Nicole Miller, Matthew Adams Dolan, Jeremy Scott, KITH, Novis, Sachin & Babi, Tory Burch, Chloe Gosselin, Hellessy, Snow Xue Gao, Jason Wu, Linder, Milly, Paul Andrew, Cushnie, LRS, Monse, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Hu, The Blonds, Jonathan Cohen, Self-Portrait, Marina Moscone, Dion Lee, Taoray Wang, R13, Yuna Yang, Eckhaus Latta, Son Jung Wan, ADEAM, Christian Cowan, Longchamp, Christian Siriano, Jonathan Simkhai, Brandon Maxwell, Pyer Moss, Badgley Mischka, Area, Diane von Furstenberg, Rosetta Getty, The Row, Brock Collection, Claudia Li, Escada, Mansur Gavriel, Romeo Hunte, Tibi, Sies Marjan, BOSS, Telfar, Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, Opening Ceremony, LaQuan Smith, J. Mendel, The Row, Carolina Herrera, Moon Choi, Zimmermann, Lela Rose, Studio One Eighty Nine, Dennis Basso, Yeohlee, Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Veronica Beard, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Gauntlett Cheng, Kozaburo, Anna Sui, Oscar de la Renta, Sally Lapointe, Gabriela Hearst, Tome, Coach 1941, Naeem Khan, alice + olivia by , Stacey Bendet, Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, Vaquera, Cynthia Rowley, Lou Dallas, Calvin Klein, Marchesa, Michael Kors, Calvin Luo, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, LUAR, Batsheva, Marc Jacobs, kate spade new york, Nanushka, Hunting Season, Domingo Zapata, Amal Azhari, Burning Guitars, Mister Triple X, Janay Deann Designs, Femata Couture, Marla Elena Couture, Rebecca Justh, House of Byfield, Sarene Fu, Inifd & London School of Trends, Madeline Stuart 21 Reasons Why, Argyle Grant, Lila Nikole, EFFABB, Snooty Booty, Alycesaundral, Alexandra Bujan, Rutu Bhonsle, Alexandra Popescu-York, R.C. Caylan, Topping Design, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Nathalia Gaviria, Eman Idil, Charles and Ron, Wanda Beauchamp, Monnalisa, Lulu Et Gigi, Carmen Steffens, Bad Sisters, A Modo Mio, Anthony Rubio, Candice Cuoco, Black Tape Project, Cotton Inc, Le Piacentini, Cristina Ferrari Diamond Space Brand, Antonio D'Errico Haute Couture, David Tupaz, Bahmardi, Ron Tomson, Richard Hallmarq, Brian Wood, Romeo + Juliet Couture, Shay Kawaii, Adrian Alicea, Matte Brand, Sweet Talk Swim, Adriana Sahar, Raul Penaranda, Hirun Bangkok, Elie Madi, Rocky Gathercole, Fynnton Gray, Funari New York, BBTC / Love Baby J, Chick, Ydamys Simo, Emma Altman, Father Akki, Smock Me, Marco Marco, Acid NYC, Amensia, Aranyani, KavenLiu Dimor, All Black, CoFi, Naldo Montanez, Rocky Boston, Christian Colorado, Emmanuel Acosta, Stitched by Radically Classy, Kyra by Kimberly Allen, Arkansas Fashion School, Abby Alba, Ghussoun Kassem, Ramon Linares, Meenakshi Budhraja, Jazmine Barnes-Gates, Freddie Lee Reynold, Crystal Hamilton, Holley Patton, Amberly Holiman, Anna Garland, Donna Brown, Alexandra Pizzigoni, Keren Espina, Amaya's Couture, Kizzed, Royal Eminence, Luna Godai, Irina Shabayeva, Elier Aubret, Gates x 800West, Tiena, Lainy Gold Designs, Naldo Montanez, Street Lux by Charda Simons, Tyleah Miller, CG Atelier, Joan Madison, Madame Adassa, Mariah Lynn Designs, Delia Alleyne, BA3, Rochelle Nicole by Rochelle Minors, Videmus Omnia, Charistopher Palu, Kimberly Goldson, Edward Newton, Korto Momolu, Mychael Knight Collection, Studio 189 by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, Kittenish by Jessie James Decker, Mery Playa by Sofia Resing, Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva, DFBK - Defend Brooklyn, Bonnie Bouche by Angela Simmons, #Unfiltered by Jessica Abo
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Text Comments (214)
纪杰 (12 hours ago)
very special,
Nice to meet you
Model from Malaysia
Ron Migatz (2 days ago)
If it weren't for the beautiful male models, I wouldn't even think those "Things" that those guys had on would even be sold.~!!!! absolutely horrendous!
Wellington Godoy (3 days ago)
0:56. 😍😍😍😍😍
pong pong (4 days ago)
Who is he? 1:35
Justin (5 days ago)
0:25 too much material in front and back of underwear. Lots of pieces just don't fit right
Allex Collins (7 days ago)
What the model 1:46
Lachlan Shaw (8 days ago)
3:53 I think one of the Oompa Loompas escaped from the factory
ammara ghazal (8 days ago)
Halo booty 😆😆😆😆
Ryan Gooi (10 days ago)
Some of them walk better than professional model
Matthias Blasi (10 days ago)
For boy For girl and for gay ?
Господи где он их набрал😳
Tom Szaw (19 days ago)
gay parade ha ha
Dab_on_da_haters (20 days ago)
Why are theses men so short compared to the ladies 😂😂
Donnald Ssaurus (29 days ago)
ULTIMOS TIEMPOS (1 month ago)
Graciias por tu Licencia licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License, podemos compartir este video a todo el mundo, saludos..contacteme, [email protected], para anunciar, tus video.
Ana Martinez (1 month ago)
Todo tipo de cuerpos... EXELENTE viva Marco 😘😘😘😘
Ana Martinez (1 month ago)
Quee bellos!!
Bongso Kusuma (1 month ago)
Whats wrong with the model? So painful to watch them walk 🙈
Matthew Jordan (1 month ago)
5:50 😍😍😍
Fray Uribe (1 month ago)
напишите мне , изволь, будто зовут модель на 2.59 минутке, весьма прошу
MARJO ROBI (1 month ago)
I keep reading comments about this online, on many other videos, such as "Oh but they are not attractive" "Ewww, come on, look at their hips" and things like that. Since when is that a matter of attraction? It's a matter of people wanting to exist without fear, to live, without judgement. Hearing and reading things like these do not help them. People that want to live without the opression of Trump. I understand the personal opinions, but it happens too often. They are people, equal, period. I do not think it should be a comment that is always left online... But then again, i am not for political correctness, and everyone's freedom of speech. It just... pisses me off everytime i see a comment like that. Nobody will never ever cease to exist because of Trump's ignorance. I am so proud of you, all beautiful human beings, never stop being fierce and strong! YOU GO GURL! Watching this makes me so proud, happy for them. I don't think they have a lot of opportunities like this on the runway. It brings me back also to voguing and what the community brings to people <3
Tom b (1 month ago)
2:30 HELL NO! What kind of underwear are that?Disgusting.
w23857980 (1 month ago)
Are the underwear for men or transgender men?
Kaylynn Jones (12 days ago)
Dowen O'Hara It's OK Sis..
Dowen O'Hara (12 days ago)
w23857980 only sure those are for brave men
Dowen O'Hara (12 days ago)
Kaylynn Jones I'm sorry ( you are right. I just made, like, sassy respond to bs. Stupid thought
Kaylynn Jones (12 days ago)
Dowen O'Hara Sexualizing Bigotry is not cute, Sis.
Dowen O'Hara (12 days ago)
w23857980 you can put it in my mouth
w23857980 (1 month ago)
How come the men are shorter than the women?
hope truth (4 days ago)
there were no women in this show
cyk (1 month ago)
Even though this could've been much better... THIS IS A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT OVER THE LAST ONE WHICH WAS A HOT ASS MESS I only wish for marco to keep improving cause this one was a great first stage of improving!
Bruno Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Terrible clothes
دعني اراك (1 month ago)
لاهاي هيه راحت رجوله الله رحمت الله
Ricardo Flores (1 month ago)
Who’s the guy at 3:39?
Rafa Hernández (1 month ago)
Laith Ashley De la Cruz
Archana Devi (1 month ago)
Nice look
Amina Zgh (1 month ago)
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😖😖😖😖😖😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 what the hell is this !!!!!
Lucy Lu (1 month ago)
Why the male models are short??
TR E (2 months ago)
omg so ugly
anime goreymas (2 months ago)
Carlos Hernandez (2 months ago)
The end🤷🏼‍♂️💯💯💯💯💯💯
Chelsea Gaertig (2 months ago)
Was the girl with green hair Gigi gorgeous
GmoneyStylez (2 months ago)
What are those shoulder strap thingies called? I'll totally rock that ish
sec5 (2 months ago)
ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ (2 months ago)
Shipping to Greece?
Wary Estar (2 months ago)
I smile when I watch
the final countdown (2 months ago)
I often wonder how many smiles there were in Sodom *_Seconds From Disaster_*
papa Emeritus lV (2 months ago)
1:56 name of model?
garethsh4w (2 months ago)
Khaem Whast Liam Cutler
gold gold (2 months ago)
Ugly collections
abdelghani el hanaoui (2 months ago)
The name of the femal on 6:03 please??
abdelghani el hanaoui (2 months ago)
+KittyJinx thanks kitty
KittyJinx (2 months ago)
Carmen Carrera
abdelghani el hanaoui (2 months ago)
The name of the femal in 7:00??
the final countdown (2 months ago)
That's not a female...
Harsh Thakur (2 months ago)
6:30 So Aggressive 😂😂!!!
AlexAlexandra (2 months ago)
извините, однако это ржака)))
عبوسي عبوسي (2 months ago)
محد عراقي عنا خرب شنو هل ازيائ😂😂😂😂
nourhanne Salem (1 month ago)
عبوسي عبوسي Haha بس حلوين
gh jhguhy ghfyhgjg (2 months ago)
bal badem (2 months ago)
Svetik Svetik (2 months ago)
coco mac (2 months ago)
Disgusting- the clothes we just awful
Sabrina Scott (2 months ago)
Love it 😉💃
Eddie Ramos (2 months ago)
The only FTM that is passable is Ashley Laith. You got a man with a beard and boobs? Thank God Dominique closed the show and no more gays in stilettos!
Taylor Lovenkramds (2 months ago)
Taylor Lovenkramds (2 months ago)
Are these guys gay ...??
Amir Hossen (2 months ago)
Riley Universe (2 months ago)
🔥🔥👌👌 iconic as always .
Privileged Wolf (2 months ago)
Stephan Paulsen (2 months ago)
Stephan Paulsen (2 months ago)
Ok, ok baba. I'll take it down.
BrandonTheMyth (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching, weirdo.
eduardo sp (2 months ago)
amazing  fashion underwear ,  all  models is a beautiful  ,
boobio1 (2 months ago)
Bitchy Yahya (2 months ago)
Most of the male models are transgender
j c (2 months ago)
All of them are
King L (2 months ago)
9:56 name?
GmoneyStylez (2 months ago)
+the final countdown Just feel yourself man I'm straight yet I dont mind seeing what other people are wearing plus I might rock those shoulder straps some day shit why not? Better than what you are doing bashing people probably because you feel some type of way
GmoneyStylez (2 months ago)
+the final countdown You may be gay if your drawn to these videos ... just saying
the final countdown (2 months ago)
first name _homo_ last name _sexual_
FranktheTank (2 months ago)
the final countdown (2 months ago)
Sodom + Gomorrah
Gregory Reed (2 months ago)
nourhanne Salem (1 month ago)
Gregory Reed !
nourhanne Salem (1 month ago)
Yeah transgender Are you have problem !! Or you are just liked gays !!
James Ireland (2 months ago)
Yeah they are. Not that it’s any problem to your perfect world mr self righteousness
Encore 4K (2 months ago)
Fk no men pls....... 🤢
kandy sweets (2 months ago)
Music please???!!!!
Carlos Harvey (2 months ago)
BrownMan (2 months ago)
omg... 11:45 "I look too good not to be seen" Elektra House of Abundance ... POSE!
BrownMan (12 days ago)
Filips Dominique Jackson from tv series Pose
Filips (13 days ago)
Who is she?
Austin D (2 months ago)
Dettol Disinfectant (2 months ago)
I’m all for a trans (LGBTQ+) fashion show but atleast make sure that the people walking can actually “model” Half of them couldn’t even walk in a straight line 😒 smh
the final countdown (2 months ago)
_what's your real name_ WARREN IPSUM? Like you literally just generated all of that? All I said is leave modelling to women, I didn't state they had to be starving, or cis-gender. Gender: Women.
Warren Williams (2 months ago)
the final countdown , Now the question is....”which women”? You think it’s much better for cis-gender women? Should they be size zero on death’s door from starvation or are you ok with Ashley Graham’s of fashion too? Seriously, broaden your vision so you can truly see the world we live in. Your limited scope isn’t all there is.
the final countdown (2 months ago)
leave modelling to women simple.
Yago Mendes (2 months ago)
Vai tomar no cu.
Warren Williams (2 months ago)
Dettol Disinfectant The thing that should be given focus is opportunity. Not many of the men in this show would meet the requirements to model in the industry overall. Instead of focusing on the negative, it would be more productive to promote the positive and the bravery to hit the runway all. I doubt many of the men want to pursue this as a full time career but some may be approached for other opportunities just because of the experience and exposure. We spend way too much nitpicking at the obvious than applauding the growth of the individual and huge step forward for an industry so walled off to many.
Clarissa Earl (2 months ago)
I LOVE it!
This is the most subdued show of Marco2 that I have seen. Miss the flair 😃
JCRich001 (2 months ago)
Beautiful show! I loved every moment of it.
KittyJinx (2 months ago)
everyone on this is so Attractive omg 😍
REYSON AL (2 months ago)
Is there a woman?
the final countdown (2 months ago)
the final countdown (2 months ago)
This is a disgrace to all straight men, calling this MEN'S fashion. Who the HEEEELL is gonna wear this an claim to be straight. I wouldn't even wear this in my bathroom.
the final countdown (2 months ago)
*My head hurts.* Your poor use of grammar, sentence splices, spelling, incomplete clauses, lack of punctuation... What are you 6? ... Anyways, I didn't say anything about the straps, *young groot.* I was more complaining about the underwear —no way in hell that I'm wearing that— as they don't seem manly. Now go away before I infect your computer with a spelling virus.
GmoneyStylez (2 months ago)
Ide wear the shoulder straps no doubt straight male here not afraid of seeing men in underwear as it does not phase me one bit like seriously I feel nothing just see a model doing their thing. Your manhood that fragile though haha like oh no I'm gay now! Lol what!?
Tomas Andrew (2 months ago)
This show put a smile on my face. Love love love!
Qishi Li (2 months ago)
That's not men's underwear. That's gay's underwear.
David Werner (2 months ago)
This is my wet dream come true & my future husband Lucas.....OMFG!! 😳😜🤟🔥💪❤💙
the final countdown (2 months ago)
― David Werner, Lessons About Sodom & Gomorrah
Erin Goode (2 months ago)
The models were awesome!!......clothes not so much
Маша Євчук (1 month ago)
Чоловіки - моделі особливо жахливі...
Miguel Juarez (2 months ago)
Holy crap. This is worse than last year. Awesome that he used all trans models but shit, couldn’t he make better fitting clothes? Mama this is garbage.
RC ann (2 months ago)
That kid Lucas looks absolutely HOT
David Apolo (2 months ago)
Lucas @ 4:10 is hottttttt! What a rockstar!!! Get it! Follow his Instagram @cooltransluke RIGHT NOW!!!!
Roberta Excell (2 months ago)
This whole thing makes me so fucking happy. Also, SUPER stoked to see my main man Lucas Elliot in this (4:35)! Been following him for ages and it's so rewarding to see someone this awesome get the spot light. 👏👏👏👏
the final countdown (2 months ago)
sigh what a waste
Dani Castro (2 months ago)
I think this is my favorite marco collection!😍😍😍
Dani Castro (2 months ago)
+the final countdown my favorite place to be...see u there
the final countdown (2 months ago)
I think God has a favorite grill for you to roast on
ICONIC LYRICS (2 months ago)
I actually love how the women tower over the men
btszaynptx (2 months ago)
the final countdown yes, because we should strive for it to still be common sense, too bad a lot of people are dumb 👊😔 also i know you weren’t replying to me when talking to "iconic" but they definitely ARE women, do you not have eyes
the final countdown (2 months ago)
and thus young cabbage, shall one call it _common_ sense when it's not so common again. ICONIC no they aren't
btszaynptx (2 months ago)
ICONIC yes just pointing out the obvious, you’d be surprised how much people lack common sense now a days 💀😂
ICONIC LYRICS (2 months ago)
the final countdown yes they are....
ICONIC LYRICS (2 months ago)
M1ND0FM1NE well duh?..
ICONIC LYRICS (2 months ago)
Treka Double (2 months ago)
Yeah but he didnt to know what to do for a pose when he was in front of the runway. Kinda sad
Doriane Clt (2 months ago)
Yes he is so beautiful
the final countdown (2 months ago)
that's not a guy
James Ireland (2 months ago)
It’s mainly boys using the gender thing as a way attack them haha because they are too easy. They probably don’t like the fact that it sounds way better people working harder to make themselves than those having it given to them straight away at birth
Yago Mendes (2 months ago)
She asked for his name, not his gender.
Giannis Stathakis (2 months ago)
FemiNazi fashion.
I'm happy for these people who say they are "transgender",(even though you can't ever change your gender),however this to me was boring,I liked it much better when drag queens modeled,no one models like a drag queen! I hope Marco didn't just use us drags (especially the drags from Rupauls drag race) to get to a certain level to then turn his back on us,cause as Courtney Shayne said in Jawbreaker,"we made you,and we can break you,just as easily."
James Ireland (2 months ago)
Also those who have to try harder than others in our world because they don’t have the pleasure, luxury and advantages as much as others to succeed is far more interesting and fascinating than those who get handpicked so much more easily for things.
Patricio Salinas (2 months ago)
luapur (2 months ago)
09:23 ❤️👀
p P (2 months ago)
p P (2 months ago)
Jajajaja qué patético eres jajajaja mejor encierra te en una iglesia y deja de juzgar y molestar con tus tonterias 🤣🤣
the final countdown (2 months ago)
I often wonder how happy Sodom + Gomorrah was seconds before disaster
Dakotah Jane (2 months ago)
This was a flop. Marco can do way better fashion than this. This was entirely messy and trashy nothing fit right and it looked handmade last minute. Bye.
白花吗如maru (2 months ago)
Project runway 10 minutes challenge
Dakotah Jane (2 months ago)
Carlos Harvey does want excuse this one from being trash compared to his first couple collections
Carlos Harvey (2 months ago)
I think this was better than the last collection
the final countdown (2 months ago)
they all look like Ed, Edd n Eddy toys that my dog ate
Alex Manzur (2 months ago)
WOOOOw ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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