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My Hot Take On The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Controversy.

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WITH DELICIOUS FACTS! Apologies if I slipped and said "Czechoslovakia" instead of Czech Republic at any point. I'm kinda old and it's a tough habit to break. LINKS! Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinmurnane/2018/02/19/henry-has-it-easy-in-kingdom-come-deliverance/#4e75913f2591 Heavy article: https://heavy.com/games/2018/02/art-vs-artist-kingdom-come-controversy-explored/ The statistics on ethnic groups in czech republic: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/ethnic-groups-in-the-czech-republic.html Please subscribe and consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Patreon is the primary, and most stable, source of revenue for this channel. https://www.patreon.com/lianak
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Ben L (3 months ago)
Hey, Liana, have you done a video where you go more in depth on how the Witcher games comment on class? If not, I would love to hear that.
Joachim Lothrik (8 months ago)
There is diversity in white folks too.
Matts Island (9 months ago)
Czech Republic and Slovakia were one country up until essentially the 80s/90s. Based on where I'm working in the summer I am actually in contact with a lot of Czechs and a few Slovaks and even people younger than me (and I'm mid 30s) from that area aren't fully sure about the countries separation and fully why it actually happened. I am English and, seeing this happen on the news in the UK when I was younger with the whole Balkan conflict and the troubles in Eastern Europe goes to show how much political unrest there has been WITHIN THE LAST 20-30 YEARS. Hell, I've made that "slip" a few times even recently. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989, so hearing about the war in the Balkan nations is modern history because it happened in the 90s, it was a similar time to the initial war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein. There are countries in Eastern Europe that exist that simply didn't 30 years ago. Hell even closer to home for me (and this isn't about my oppression) it was 20 years ago when the Good Friday agreement to have ceasefire between Republican militants in Ireland and the British military after 70 years of war between the Republicans (represented, rightly or wrongly, by the IRA) and the Unionists (who were represented by the British military) was signed. To put it into context, last year I went to a shopping centre in Manchester England that was BOMBED 22 years ago by militant Irish Republicans. Before 1922, the Irish underwent over 850 years of tyrannical British rule. Ever wondered why the Irish are offended when they get called British? And talking about Ireland, rural Ireland is a completely different landscape when it comes to diversity than a major city like Dublin, Galway or Cork. LESS THAN 7 years ago my niece through marriage (yep, and Englishman married to an Irish woman) was walking through her home town and saw a POC and said "Mammy, that person needs a bath". Her mother had to explain to her that this persons family came from another country where their skin colour is common and that is how they look. Nothing else was said. The child wasn't being racially insensitive, she had simply never been in a position where POC aren't common and she was born this century! When I went back to college at 30 we had 2 people called Mike on our course: One from Hong Kong who's Anglacised name is Mike, and a lad from North Dublin of Nigerian descent. So what were their descriptors so people could differentiate who they were? Chinese Mike and Black Mike. Were these racist slurs? NO! Hell, Black Mike used to joke that, when someone was rapping along to something and that all to common word from "ROC" (rappers of colour) would crop up, that you get "3 N-words a month" before he is offended then would laugh it off. Like sure, if you went up to him and said something like "fuck off back to your own country you fucking N*** he would react negatively but by all intents and purposes he IS Irish by birth. I'm not saying slaves didn't exist in Europe, but Americans are "offended" that when it's pointed out that the slaves commonly weren't black here. They were Irish and/or Eastern European. My wife copped a load of shit by posting an image that depicted Irish slaves being chained and put into basically shipping containers because they'd committed the heinous crime of trying to steal a loaf of bread to feed their family during the Potato Famine. Listen to Irish rebel songs (shit, the Dropkick Murphys have covered a bunch of them). The song the Fields of Athenry gives direct references to the Irish who "dared step out of line" being shipped to the Prison colony of Australia and that's just the one. Trust me, when you're the only Englishman in a rural Irish bar surrounded by Irish people having a sing song to all these songs it can be intimidating the first time, but when you realise it's the Irish way of acknowledging their history and distaste with the British establishment (not the general populace, the establishment) it's a beautiful thing and I feel blessed that I have been able to experience that. And that's coming from someone who grew up towards the end of the militant era and saw the British propaganda against the IRA, Sinn Fein (which until I was educated by Irish people, I thought was another "terrorist faction") and Republicans. This is just some of the stuff that has happened in Europe in recent history. As a European we have had our own struggles with oppressive regimes (my Granded was in the Air Force during World War 2) but the way we handle it is very different to the way those in North America do, because you have had your own struggles. The difference is we only lash out when we are attacked and don't expect people to understand our deep and complex history as a continent let alone that of individual countries. We don't and never have had the racial conflict with POC that the USA have. We understand oppression, but a lot of that has, or is in the process of being eradicated by the general populace. Oh, and please don't talk to me about the whole Brexit situation. The sooner THAT fucks off the better. You got a sub from me, someone who has for the longest time been a feminism skeptic mainly due to the vocal radical minority. I have been binge watching your stuff since I got up and found out about the whole Asia Argento business (not that I expect you to see a new comment on a 6 month old video).
Jiří Heyduk (10 months ago)
1) Since when is Czech Republic / Bohemia in Eastern Europe? Try Central Europe. 2) Moravia is now about 1/3 of Czech Republic in area and population too. The chart at 11:48 is very misleading. 3) "Moors" in Bohemia and Moravia are in 90% gipsies who came to Moravia and Bohemia at the end of the 14th century from the east. 4) The article at 14:46 points at the nonsense which is reaction to statemets from two sides (Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany and Robert Pelikan, minister of justice in ČR) that fighting for or against IS is both wrong.
Vladislav Karásek (10 months ago)
10:18 Czechoslovakia doesn't exist since 1992. Now it is Czech republic (Czechia) and Slovakia. Two separate countries
Nadine B. (11 months ago)
Moravia (Mähren) has absolutely nothing to do with moors. The inhabitants were slavic people, not from africa.
Paul Zaborny (1 year ago)
End of may'18 and game is up to 1.4.3 with 1.5 patch on the horizon and DLC path just announced. Take a look. recommend PC version. game also has mods for PC on nexus website.
Solitary Angel (1 year ago)
No matter how much I read or watch or listen too, I have no idea who a Gamergater or Antigamergater is, no idea which camp I am supposed to be in, if I am in one. I play games, I don't give a shit about game journalists being inept, corrupt, duplicitous, they are journalists and journalists can be ethically bound by their own personal standards or the standards set by the publications they write for or, they can be pond scum lowlife mealy mouthed bits of shit you get on the bottom of your shoe, because, journalists are Human and Human's can range from the almost angelic (like Me) to the oil slick cesspools (like me if I don't have sugar for several days). Collusion between Games developers and journalists is no different than politicians leaking stuff to the press to get free media, it happens, everyone knows that it happens, both sides control their part of the arrangement and no one cares. Similarly with this Gamergate bullshit, no-one for sure can say that this journalist gave a good review...because he was fucking this game developer...he could have given it before he started playing hide the sausage with her, or he could have given the review anyway regardless of the fact that she was sitting on him and waving a cowboy hat around as he tried to buck her and as a gamer, I don't give a shit about their sex life. They didn't invite me to a threesome so fuck them, I don't care about them. So when the statement read that secretly pro-Gamergate and I know some of you watch this channel, I have no idea if that refers to me, because I have no idea what a Gamergater actually is. I saw your video where you felt that the far right was approached by Gamergaters to continue the push and I know that is simplifying things, so, right wing ideology sort of hijacked the movement and because of that reason, I understand that before that intervention it was a different animal than it is today. So...I don't care about Games Journalists being in bed with Publishers or Developers and how that can be seen as unethical. I see Polygon, IGN and Kotaku giving high scores, not because they are fucking someone but because to do otherwise would sever that exclusive access they have and I read into that, a sort of cronyism, journalists working for these outlets, not because of their talent, but because they have access to these huge games corporations. When I want a better more honest review, I go elsewhere. I have no problem with women in gaming, I have no problem with women at all, I think Anita Sarkeesian is an idiot, I think Laci Green is unreal, she lives in a privileged world and has the time and the wealth to contemplate concepts that have very little meaning in the real world. I think most SJW's are the same, they are middle class suburban citizens who have not had to survive hardships like a ghetto child, a war orphan, a sexual abuse victim, an adolescent in a drug fuelled family. The world is a harsh contemptuous place at times and harmony, safety, personal space, gender respect, gay rights, Transexual equality, equal pay, saving the environment, corporate greed, banking fraud, stock market manipulation, female depiction in media and entertainment...NONE of these are remotely relevant to that child being fucked by her uncle while her drug fuelled mother knows and does not care about it. The real world does not give a flying fuck about these ephemeral concepts because they are bits of fluff compared to the torrents of shit they have to swim in. Now if that makes me anti SJW then I am anti SJW and I will stand by my convictions. If supporting the fact that this game was set 700 years ago in a country that doesn't even exist today but is roughly in the area of the Czech Republic (Not Czechoslovakia which doesn't exist either...they separated into Czech Rep and Slovakia because they fucking hate each other and it's an absolute insult to say that word to either group) if you look at ethnic people in the Czech Rep today, 700 years on, there are very few black people. 700 Years ago there were less. Look at another country nearby, Hungary and how today they have put up fences and actively push immigrants away even though the EU tell them to accept a certain number, they chose not too. It is typical of Eastern Europe that they just don't care much for foreigners, black, brown, white, male or female...they don't care. The UK, Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia...we are multicultural societies that have embraced immigration but Eastern Europe has never really accepted it, not then, not now and to say that is pro-Gamergate? What, to say a statistical fact means you are anti SJW. That is bullshit, absolute bullshit and SJW's need to get their heads out of their collective arse. The fact is, there is no controversy here, just like the Christopher Nolan remake of Dunkirk where he was criticized for not having black or female soldiers on the beaches...because it was 1942 and there were none! For fucks sake, some SJW's were saying yes we understand the historical accuracy...but...include them anyway because it will make us feel better. No, fuck that argument, that argument is pathetic. The artist has a right to create their vision and nobody has the right to tell them what that vision should encompass and I don't care if the artist is black, white, brown, man, woman, child, monkey, alien visiting from Betelgeuse, Transgendered or conjoined fucking twins. It is their vision so if you want what you want then make your own art. This developer had a right to create his own game and there is no controversy, never was. it was just a bunch of twats who created one for no other reason than to get some attention to themselves and they did that by taking a huge shit on the guys head. Does that make me a Gamergator for saying that? I wish I fucking knew because I really don't. Okay rant over. P.S. And I would love for you Liana to do another chat with Sargon, I think both of you talk smart, both have valid points and it was an absolute joy to listen to you fencing one another without resorting to stabbing, you both sounded like you enjoyed yourselves immensely.
saifis (1 year ago)
Ah, a fellow rimworld addict, I know the pain, I don't know how you can go on day to day.
Paveway (1 year ago)
I distinctly remember watching the Berlin Wall come down in 1989. It was a momentous thing, watching that on TV. It had a profound impact on me, watching those thousands and thousands of people pouring out of Eastern Germany into the West. These were people that desired a modicum of freedom, yet were shackled by force behind the Iron Curtain. I was 12 years old watching that. As a 40 year old adult now, it is far easier for me to see the evils of Socialism / Communism. I see college kids just screaming and crying to force society back behind that curtain, and needless to say, I fight against that stupidity. In the end, these youngsters have been molded to believe what they do, and since they have no sense of historical accuracy or experience, I easily dismiss their ideological views as nothing more than the ideology itself grabbing hold of them and refusing to let go.
NemFX (1 year ago)
This was really unfocused and meandering
Greg Mattson (1 year ago)
I think you are misunderstanding what the 'wrong side of history' means. the whole enlightenment program may be on the 'wrong side of history' in that it is unsustainable, and may fail... but it is on the 'right side of history' in the sense that it is more humane. That being said, in THIS case I don't think the SJWs are on the 'right side of history' IN ANY SENSE. As a humanist, favoring political correctness over the truth is just SO WRONG in so many ways. As you point out, bohemia is primarily white, it is just absurd to claim otherwise. Medieval times were pretty brutal. If we can't deal with reality as it truly is, then we won't be able to deal with our problems and the only way we will govern is by force. that's just the plain truth. orwell's ingsoc had a slogan 'who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.'. and it didn't turn out so well for winston smith in 1984. The SJWs logic here is dangerously close to that.
Terry Pease (1 year ago)
The character of Henry looks interesting to play. As for all the controversy about racism I could care less. I am downloading the game as I watch this video and think I will very much enjoy this game for years to come. Kudos to the Warhorse team for keeping the game close to historical context of that time period. As for the controversy I do not care about it other than to entertain myself with the laughable argument that the game is racist.
Marty toofree (1 year ago)
Sláva Slovanům :P we don´t have problem with feminism because we solved it thousands years earlier then west europe, women are respected for what they are, and damn, even after few years after this game takes place, women were even parts of peasant armies that defeated 9 crusades, we don´t want mass immigration because we are not blind what happened to west europe, we don´t like hiearchy that much, because we didn´t have it in ancient times, and violence? east european countries are actually with the lowest crime rates in whole europe, especially in czech republic, here is like 1-5 murders in whole year, not like in america, you can be a women in miniskirt walking alone in the night thru park, and you will feel absolutly safe, is it because most people here are white, it is.. is it rasist? it is, but it´s truth, when you will drag million of muslim arabs here, everything will change like it changed in sweden and I hope it never will change that way, cause I love my country, sadly we are in EU, and that is even more communist than real communists were
Dke721 (1 year ago)
I was struck by what DV tweeted about saying the truth. During the 1970's in the Soviet Union the Soviet version of a Psychological Society announced a new policy on dissidents. The concept was that the USSR was a 'workers paradise', therefore anyone who criticized or dissented against Soviet society must be mentally ill because only a mentally ill person would dissent against a worker's paradise, even if their criticism was demonstrably true. Law's were duly passed that allowed dissidents to be committed to psychiatric institutions and 'treated' for their conditions with drugs, electro-shock, and even brain surgery. With that in mind imagine what it must be like for Daniel Vavra to be attacked for simply speaking the truth.
Radka Kavalcova (1 year ago)
Moravian here. We definitely are not Moors. Just like Bohemians, Silesians, Poles, and Slovaks, we're West Slavs. There are around three million Moravians in Czechia, however, most of them declare Czech nationality because they're citizens of Czechia and because for the last seventy years, the Moravian identity has been systematically undermined. We're definitely not a minority in your understanding of that word. Almost all people living in Moravia call themselves Moravian, simultaneously they call themselves Czech, which in our language means both Czech and Bohemian (this is very confusing to foreigners). Calling us Moors is like calling an Anglo-Saxon a Mongolian. We used to be more diverse country - our largest minority group were Jews - now, when most of them are gone, we're ethnically very homogenous. Somebody should ask our German neighbors what happened to them.
Dawaleeb Alhawa (1 year ago)
any game that pisses off SJW I will buy in heart beat. I always buy 2 extra copies for my children. Actually we now wait for the SJW review of a game, and if they are pissed you can be assured that game is brilliant. i judge games on how pissed SJW are :-)
letecmig (1 year ago)
Moravia had some 'romanized Moors' as its inhabitants?? And the proof is probably that 'Moors' and 'Moravians' have the same first two letters:) OMG, this is just insane. 20 years ago ,it was thought that the internet will bring new era of access to information,new era of enlightement.... now we know that it brought era when anybody can broadcast their own particular version of ignorance and nonsense. How ironic
Irena (1 year ago)
Liana, you seem to be a sensible woman, so please, get this right: Moravia has NOTHING to do with Moors. The country is named after the Morava river at its eastern border and the name (like many other river names in the region) actually comes from the pre-Slavic inhabitant, just like Bohemia is named after the Celtic tribe of Boii who had lived there prior the Migration period of 4-6th century AD. Moravians are the inhabitants of Moravia, just like Czechs are inhabitants of Czechia (which is the Czech name for Bohemia). The present-day Moravian ethnicity is based on the regional identity because for many people, it doesn't make sense to refer to themselves as Czech when they are from Moravia and not Czechia. There is no visible difference between people from Czechia and from Moravia, regardless what ethnicity they claim. If there ever existed any Moor units in the territory of Moravia (I am unaware of anything like that), they left zero trace in any regional culture, and for the purposes of the game, located a good way off Moravia, might as well be nonexistent.
cindercatz (1 year ago)
I absolutely love this video, and so you've got a new subscriber. :-) I would caution that nationalism, in itself, is not always a bad thing, and absolutely has its place in Europe at the moment. So that's really what this post is about, as it turns out, but it does relate to Vavra as well. We tend to recoil at the idea. I'm very liberal myself, but that's part of what's at stake now. People associate nationalism with racism, "white power" groups, organizations like the Minutemen, etc. But they're not the same thing. The middle eastern muslim refugee flood isn't like a humanitarian crisis on the scale that we tend to conjure up in our familiar contexts. It's a historic mass migration, the kind that can displace or genetically outpace the local, native population. If you look at Sweden, which has around 9 million residents, less than the size of our largest cities, but is historically, culturally (linguistically, artistically, etc.), and genetically distinct, and has been seen as a jewel of the world for as long as I remember, approximately 1 million of its 9 million are now middle eastern and african muslim migrants, as of last year. They have significant poverty now in Sweden because they're not equipped to handle the numbers involved. They have a massive spike in rape, against natives, because not everyone flowing over the border has good intentions, or sees their hosts as equally valuable human beings, small a percentage as they probably are. A small percentage of a million people is significant. There is an ISIS directive specifically to target Sweden in that way, because they are a small country and reluctant to turn people away. This has been one of the truly brightest lights in the world. They are so free, so civilized, that they signed up for this EU open border policy (via Turkey as the entrance point) without limits originally, and now that beautiful culture and that beautiful people are already experiencing massive upheaval. Their government has asked their people through ads and public postings and statements not just to accept that migrants may have entirely different social requirements and customs, an opposing religion, and all these things, but that they adopt these strictures and accommodate all of their new social requirements, even when they are in conflict with Swedish culture. So accepting and accommodating are the people of Sweden. Is Sweden valuable? Are Sweden's culture and its people worth preserving? They are to me. Here in the United States, we're estimated to have around 500 million people. In order to understand the relative magnitude of the impact on Sweden, we'd have to import roughly 55.56 million refugees (well, more really, as that's simply dividing from 500) from places like Iraq, Syria, and Libya within about a decade's time. Can you imagine the negative impact and upheaval here were we to do something like that? We'd be an entirely different country. Integration into our way of life, as we value here, wouldn't likely result from that. We'd be forever changed for the worse, just speaking truthfully. We have limits on the degree of annual immigration precisely for that reason, to protect our people and our way of life. Merkel continues to push for open border policies across Europe, rather than reasonable limitations (because that's what the banks want, just like "austerity" a few years back. The Native American sides of my family suffered great loss to turmoil resulting from another mass migration. A very recent genetic study of European populations resulted in findings that illustrate the impacts of mass migration throughout pre-history, and there are a number of cautionary tales there, genetic groups being displaced from the continent and even driven into extinction over and over again. Our European ancestors are not descended from the people who migrated into neanderthal regions, rather those who came on later migrations from different regions. Europe has seen terrorist bombings all over the EU, multiple mass muslim riots in this last decade, increasing pressure to change local laws and dress codes, a reduction in sexual freedom expressing in things like required beach attire, and muslim appropriate school dress in Sweden for example, and serious pushes for it including public marches and violence in places like France, where Paris eclipsed 30% muslim ten years ago. This culture directly opposes our liberal ideals. Their religion directly opposes our faith. Their structure directly opposes our liberty, and they are not going to integrate like people here like to think, in those great numbers. Rather they are demanding Europe conform to them. Europe absolutely needs some rational nationalism right now. We need to be smart about numbers and ideologies of the people we allow in, and we need to stand on the principles of preservation of what's unique and good about our people, and integration into our ways of life rather than ceding to theirs. Not hatred at all, but rationality. We should value who we are and what we have, protect and cherish it. Vavra, if he is leaning that way concerning this mass migration, he's right. Our ideologies shouldn't blind us to reality.
117Haseo (1 year ago)
Nice breakdown and I learned some things about Eastern Europe =).
CZpersi (1 year ago)
Some of your facts would need correction (Moravians are West Slavs, not Moors), but I like, how are you trying to understand the Central European soul and the different cultural background of our game developers.
Adam Zaoral (1 year ago)
its not czechoslovakia, its czech republic and slovakia, they are two separate countries now
Please, Moravia has nothing to do with Moors. That is just misinformation. Moravia is just a region, just like Bohemia. Historically, they were a mix between bohemians(czechs) and slovaks(hungarian vassals) and you can see similarities in all three of these regions.
Grey Jedi (1 year ago)
“If you really want moore scream it out louder”.
Viktor Samoja (1 year ago)
Fun fact, word slave had been derived from the word Slav, how is that for oppression.
letecmig (1 year ago)
The developer is not "eastern european"-check where the studio is locate: it is in Prague, which is nearly exactly north of Rome.How could the developer be 'eastern european'?
letecmig (1 year ago)
I know where the terminology comes from:42 years of cold war. Sure. But the Cold war ended nearly 30 years ago:) And by the way, again, Berlin is not West of Prague, Berlin is NORTH of Prague;)
Arterial Spray (1 year ago)
letecmig because folk from North America think of Europe entirely in terms of the cold war. Berlin is central Europe, Everything else is East or West. Lol.
PH (1 year ago)
Fantastic analytic, sober, intelligent and modern point of view, the backlash against the game is inadvertently everything they are pointing against the game, people need to pay attention when they point at each others decisions and opinions, we need to think I am pointing someone for racism but am I committing racism against them, whats their culture, whats their story or history, what is the world Iam and what is theirs, am I living in a egocentric bubble where my needs is absolute and unquestionable, respect is a great point when we talk about racism, I don`t see disrespect in any of these stories and as far as I am in the game I didn't see any point of disrespect and it is for sure between the greatest RPG, amazing characters, writing, innovative mechanics and great game design for an open world and now is safe from some annoying bugs.
Viorp (1 year ago)
The Nazis didn't kill Czechs. The Czechs were on the Nazi side during WW2. What the hell?
Irena (1 year ago)
Willingly?! What the hell are you talking about? The ethnic Germans from the Sudettenland did want to be part of the reich, which then led to the Münich dictate that meant either relinquish the land, or fight Germany at a time when no-one else was fighting and no-one was willing to help. And after losing the borderland territory with all the defence structures, there really wasn't much fighting against an enemy encircling out territory from three fucking sides. There was resistance and there were guerilla fighters during the war, and there were Czech units at both the Eastern and Western front. Also, Czech units were never part of Wehrmacht because Czechs weren't deemed worthy by Hitler. Aren't you, you know, confusing Czech republic with Austria? Because they were considered fellow Germans and as such, were under the obligations to serve in the army. - But I don't know much about Austrian history, so I cannot say one way or another. Just let me guess: you're definitely not Czech, and most likely not even European, right?
Viorp (1 year ago)
Are you fucking retarded? True there was a huge French legion in the German army, but France at least tried fighting Germany. Poland fought like a rabid dog the entire war or every single front. The Czechs were allies to the Nazis. They willingly and without resistance joined the german reich, the Czech army was assimilated into the wehrmacht and the Czech high-class proffited from spoils of war.
Irena (1 year ago)
The Czechs were about as much on the Nazi side as the Poles, Danish, French and everyone else whose territorry the Nazi occupied.
Wow, I thought it was common knowledge that Moors are group of muslim Iberian people which predominantly Arabs. I was confused why MiB using them as sample of black people. Is this one of those things which American commonly mistakes that there weren't any arabs in Nothern Africa? Considering American should've familiar with Egypt, Libya, Morroco... oh wait... don't tell me they are considered Middle Eastern countries??
Eirexeyes (1 year ago)
Can I marry you!?
Radomír Časta (1 year ago)
Please don't talk about Czech history. There's no Czechoslovakia for 20 years now. Not knowing something that basic really makes your claims about "Moors in Moravia" creadible. Moravians are white Slavs and always were.
Iain Vos (1 year ago)
I come from a Western European country that was occupied by the Nazi movement and was raised by my grandparents who were very much alive and at an age where they were both conscious of their surroundings (i.e of an age where they consciously knew what was happening around them) and they lived through the bombing of my hometown, and worked their asses off to rebuild it. My grandfather flat out told me that he didn't care what kind of woman I came home with as long as she wasn't German. Incredibly racist, though coming from a place I can understand very much. As you stated the folks in the countries East of the Berlin wall went from the frying pan and into the fryer. Also I've worked with many different nationalities from that region and there is one thing you can do to universally piss them off... call them either a fascist, or a nazi. And Warhorse have basically made a game that's infinitely more ambitious than any recent AAA game. Instead of placing this against the same yardstick as a AAA game which have infinitely more resources than this tiny little 80 man dev team, and when (not if) they get the myriad of bugs out of this game it will be an incredible debut game by a dev that have poured their heart and soul into this for many years. I would strongly recommend that anyone that doesn't agree with the opinion of this man to still buy this game. It rewards you for you getting better at the game in your own right instead of you magically unlocking skills suddenly, it has a great story so far, and it looks great.
Ojuara Onateac (1 year ago)
This is a very smart video, wish everyone else was as nuanced as this video.
Petr Sixta (1 year ago)
Moors are not Moravians. Goddamned, they are white as czech they just speak in their dialect.
bloodygentleman (1 year ago)
wait what Moravians and Moors? what? those two start with letter "M" that's the only connection, I am "moravian" :D it's just a region in east czech republic nothing more (more also starts with M but has nothing to do with Moors) :D Morava is a name of a river in that area, etymology of the word Morava goes back to pre celtic, pre slavic date around 1200 b.c. from indoeuropean - mar meaning big water or marsh. then romans renamed it to Marus and then slavs renamed it to morava in like 4. century a.d.
Jorn Soer (1 year ago)
WRONG WRONG WRONG, moravians are NOT moors, moors are from northern africa with black slaves from south of the coastal region they inhabitted. There where NO moors in central europe. Moors where the blood enemies of christian europe more so than islam and would be killed on sight! Stop spreading BS. The people who escaped slavery from the turkish empire and setled in eastern and central europe where natives from southern europe. Moravians are NATIVES of central europe not later escapees from southern europe and certainly not fecking moors from northern africa.
exlibrisas (1 year ago)
So in short, SJWism rises from uneducation and low intellect. Because people tend to forget that world has had different times and different geographical areas. P.S.: Agree with Varva. I wish more developers trolled SJWs. And also, Europe seems to be more badass. Why? Because Europe suffered. Suffering hardens and melts sugar coating.
Hans Hubner (1 year ago)
You DO NOT have a higher moral ground just because you are a socialist or a communist. Socialists and communists killed more than 100 million people. Everywhere they went, they only brought misery, poverty, oppression, bullying, restriction on free speech, radical propaganda, restriction on travel, restrictions on owning private property or businesses. Nazis were national socialists, Soviet Russia was pushing for international socialism. They both were socialist, totalitarian regimes.
Kissamies (1 year ago)
Finland was never occupied by the Soviets or forced into the Warsaw Pact, but was so terrified of the Soviet Union that people were very careful to avoid offending them. Accusing someone of being anti-soviet was similar to accusations of racism today. Self-censorship was rife. Sadly, not having to actually live under communist rule means that many of the leaders have not learned the lessons Eastern Europeans have. Now they kowtow to EU.
Chase Lonnergan (1 year ago)
Separating art from artist in order to enjoy entertainment is a necessary life skill for any type of conservative. If I couldn't do that one thing, I could enjoy just about 0% of entertainment on earth because of the undeniable fact that almost every creator of content I enjoy would rather see me dead than not because of my personal beliefs.
Joe H (1 year ago)
the game is good. the save and lockpick system is a headache at first, but the minigames, combat, planning, and bueaty of the world is amazing. All political views aside. Y'all need to play this game!
Dawe Slayer (1 year ago)
Wow it seems that you know more about ethnic groups in Czech republic more then me and I'm Czech... and I thought I know what lives there :D It's interesting to see this theme, of course it's all bullshit, at least I know more about my country.
Grace Sprocket (1 year ago)
I don't think Moravia has anything to do with Moors. Being one of the active 'border' regions during the Roman period it probably has more to do with the concept of 'marches' - neutral or buffer zones on the fringe of empire.
silent tempest (1 year ago)
28:20 Not so different from current Germany :(
Jan Procházka (1 year ago)
Hi there from Czech republic. You made some prety nice and fair points on this issue. I hope that all people will understand real message of this game. It is not fantasy or fairytale. It is mirror to the historical era of my countery reflecting truth and I mean that both in good and in the bad way. I am glad you can and want to see stories behind people opinions becouse that is what I am trying to do in my life as well. I thank you for it and wish you well :-)
RUTHAN667 (1 year ago)
Im from Czech republic and this is ridiculous..
Jonas K (1 year ago)
22:22 "Conservatives, to Americans, are Darth Vader." — surely American conservatives don't view themselves that way? The sentence, as you phrased it, implies either (a) that they do view themselves that way, which seems very strange; or (b) that they are not Americans, which contradicts the assumption that they're Americans. This suggests to me that maybe you're othering American conservatives. Maybe. I don't know your thought process, only your words; you othering conservatives seems like an explanation that fits my observations, but there may be other such explanations, one of which is more correct than "you're othering conservatives". (Have I hedged enough? Have I made it clear that this is a hypothesis, not a conclusion?) I hear that othering is a not-nice thing to do. If you were (and/or are still) doing that, I think your values and principles are such that you want to reflect on that, and do less of the othering in the future. On the flip side, I'm sure that (much to my disappointment) there are more than 0 communists and more than 0 (neo)nazis in eastern Europe, so the corresponding statement you made about Eastern Europeans not liking is only-almost-accurate in the same way. On the doubly flipped side, I lean towards guessing the numbers are different: ~50% of Americans are conservative while ~1-10% of EEs are commie-nazis. As always, thanks for videoing.
Philipp Schmid (1 year ago)
I really love your content you are a true voice of reason, but I do have one slight critizism. When analysing the ethnic make up of the czech Republic you seemed to look at ethnicity trough a very americanised lense, you have to remember that Germans, Hungarians ect in there are that they are Hungarians with their own distinct culture, and often times even recognizable physical features they are not this american concept of a melting pot white/black culture.
CK MONDAVI (1 year ago)
Is wrong to me assume you shop at Victoria Secret Liana? I assume you like their clothes and perfumes and not their unmentionables! ;)
Michael Hurlbut (1 year ago)
I'm going to buy this game, glitches, bugs, and all just to annoy the SJW's.
Helbeard (1 year ago)
You know what would be a good game? Cross "Rimworld" and "The Sims". Call it "The Rims".
OiranLala (1 year ago)
AMIB has a massive history of that kind of hypocrisy, he was actively harassing trans/black/gay/women in GG and outside for not being the right kind trans/black/gay/woman Also regarding the sicilian aspect of the moors and being darker skinned, my family immigrated from sicily somewhere around the 30's and were still considered too dark, come 2010's we are now classed as white by people like amib (sicillians haven't gotten lighter though)
oberon oberon (1 year ago)
Waht i sometimes wonder is which group people mean if they say "White", some use Caucasian instead. But the Caucasian region stretches prety far east, and south. EDIT/PS: "Private sphere" is also a big point from such times.
Argyrus (1 year ago)
Nontroversy you mean?
Want to have dark skin people in Bohemia? wait for 100 years when Ottoman invade Holy Roman Empire.
Mictlantecuhtli (1 year ago)
They were stopped at the borders between Vienna and Brno, so not really.
Goblin Hero (1 year ago)
I think the controversy has done more for the game than advertising. Games Press must be horrified right now.
Ackwell (1 year ago)
At least the game is not sexist because they have King Wenceslas IV as "the damsel in distress", they are breaking boundaries! Now the game only needs a female plumber to get him out. :D
Flamerule13th (1 year ago)
Liana, Moravia has nothing to do with Moors at all, romanized or otherwise. It's named after Moravian tribe that settled there in 9th century, and they were West Slavs, by no stretch they were black or middle eastern
Gayo Mentula (1 year ago)
The name Moravia is related to the river Morava that crosses the region. There were no moors there at all. The root of that name is clearly indo-european - *mori=water.
Blind Ryan (1 year ago)
It's not really that unstable. I've only had one crash in 28 hours and there are mods that allow saving infinitely.
Amadeus Debussy (1 year ago)
Sigh...Moravia and Moravians have nothing to do with Moors, it's name comes from the river Morava. Please don't just make stuff up, this is how we got in this nonsense mess we're in.
Mimi Sardinia (1 year ago)
I find the whole argument about black people in Medieval Europe is something I feel too many people want to attribute far more POCs than it probably really had. Did it have POCs? Probably, but I don't think it was every second person, and an average Middle Ages European could live their whole life never seeing dark brown skin. In fact I tend to think POCs would have been more common in the big port cities where POC traders would have brought in merchandise, and some servants in upperclass families as well. This is an issue that has bugged me because it gets used as an excuse to say that various pieces of media needs more black people because of a presumption that Europe had piles of black people in the Middle Ages. Two fandoms I have seen this used on is LotR and Frozen. LotR did imply darker skintones, it was just that the main location was the part of Middle Earth where the white people lived. Frozen is set in a psuedo-Scandinavian country and some people I have run across are trying to say that just because she has magic, Elsa should be black, because magic equals no need for genetic heritage logic or a white royal family in a psuedo-Scandinavian country. Can you see how much this bugs me? I wall-of-texted your comment section.
Mimi Sardinia (1 year ago)
Also on the thing about the Eastern Europeans telling their stories, I totally agree that they should not be attacked for telling their stories - stories that are about oppressed white people whose oppressors were other white people.
Targa7W (1 year ago)
Its worth playing now, I'm @ 30 hrs play time, I've had one crash to desktop and one script glitch that forced me to quit out. The save mechanic isn't a problem the "saviour" schnapps potion is not difficult to get and beds are free and also plentiful, not saying the mechanic wont add a small wrinkle, but its at a trivial level. If anything at least for me, the problem is not the bugs or save mechanic, but the trivial nature of gaining gear, the map has multiple trunk with uber gear in them, one in paticular basically has a full set of plate in it and once you get that its a totally different game. It kind of breaks the flow of game, but you can always ignore them I guess.
Lenka Koláčková (1 year ago)
This controversy has got some attention in local media but they didn't really pay it more attention other than it existing and tbh most about everyone in this country laughs at the topic with something along the lines of "Crazy Americans."
wingsclippedwolf (1 year ago)
I found the bugs hillarious for hours, until the game crashed after a hard section without saving. Then it was time to patch.
The Sparkle Zone (1 year ago)
11:00 Just listening to the video, not sure if you get to this, but just to point out: Part of the sundry discourse here might be misunderstanding... Moor's aren't just a race an empire, a culture, etc. they're also a description. 'Moore' or 'moor' means 'dark'... And it actually spans across multiple periods, locations, etc.. Which logically means: it's also a multi-racial class. All you need to be called a moore is to be darker skinned than where you are. You might recall a few people named 'Moore' or 'Morris'; that's their proper name, because one of their ancestors was dark skinned... Literally anyone of any race can be called moor, even whites from the Mediterranean. Hah! You know I was looking this up in wiki, and I'm surprised to see I"m not the only one who noticed this... "The term 'Moors' has no real ethnological value." -Encyclopaedia Britanica It's funny, I picked this up by working my way backwards from the linguistic aspect of Moorage .
Lynch85 (1 year ago)
Daniel Vavra did no wrong.
Nick s (1 year ago)
Whats more bizarre than their obsession with publishers from Eastern Europe having to make games with the exact demographics and identity politics of the United States is the idea that women should be portrayed as being treated very well in the 13th century. These Maoists don't get that rewriting history to promote their politics, effectively does the opposite. It erases the generations of progress and important figures that have brought us to where we are. "This guy massacres your whole village and kills your parents in front of you, but he's half black and uses the correct gender pronouns while doing so. Isnt this game progressive??"
LittleNemo (1 year ago)
Haha, I also say "Czechoslovakia".
Tim Ogul (1 year ago)
Rob Freebeard (1 year ago)
This is the kind of video that keeps me coming back.
Aurondarklord (1 year ago)
The thing that always frustrates me is that you can't ever just be WRONG in an argument with an SJW. You are wrong AND evil. The slightest inaccuracy about the prevalence of POC in some ancient society brands you a racist, a misquoted statistic about women in the work place makes you a sexist. If you are not immaculate on the facts (in their opinion, which may or may not ACTUALLY reflect the facts), and you don't immediately capitulate when they talk down to you and insult you demanding you do everything their way, that makes you a monster who deserves to be ostracized by society. I have the utmost sympathy for Vavra, who, right or wrong in all of his assertions about 15th century Bohemia, seems to be SINCERE, and gets absolutely no credit for that fact from his critics. And I'm not just saying this as "I am a GGer and therefore agree with him so assume he's sincere", I am saying this as "I am a GGer therefore I am hugely suspicious that anybody who touts my talking points while trying to sell me a product is trying to rip me off like those Hatred devs did to GG, therefore took a pretty harsh look at this dude to make sure I wasn't being someone's mark".
Akroma Martell (1 year ago)
They're so white that Germans are an *ethnic* minority. XD
Bobby Bee (1 year ago)
I respect you because you are not an ideologue, gamergate for example, please don't ever change that, I disagree with you on many things but value your opinion because you try to be honest with yourself and we need more of that in the world.
MiKey MoonShine O_O (1 year ago)
My father's family is from Malta and like I guess i look italian-ish but still white. But yeah the moors were very "diverse" many did have dark skin as we can see from various artist renditions. This controversy is insane. Could there be a dark skinned moor or two in bohemia at the time period? Maybe but there is no evidence there were any, if there was everyone claiming the developer is wrong would have produced it by now.
Utroll (1 year ago)
the police chief officer of Bohemia was a big black guy and he had the voice of Eddie Murphy ! But those racist just white washed him away.
Kenny Omg (1 year ago)
>Slavs >White But yeah, you would see eunuch south Saharan slaves owned by Moors. But the majority of Moors that you would see so far Northeast would be traders. Why would Moors go move there? There was literally nothing to be gained from that.
Lucien Star (1 year ago)
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle -
WiseDrums (1 year ago)
Once again, another video filled with perspective and logic. These videos give me hope for the internets future.
MalloonTarka (1 year ago)
I had no idea this was a controversy. But thank you for adressing it. I learned something today.
Raios Ephi (1 year ago)
Sargon mentioned that the studio is against Brianna Wu's shitstorm. A buy for majority of players
arcluz77 (1 year ago)
I never thought of it like that. The people under nazi and communist occupation, unlike most of us in the West, they truly were oppressed and truly knew the full force of censorship... Dios Santo.
Timon Ferguson (1 year ago)
Sigh, ok time to get on the history train here. This whole controversy is stupid, on every side, let me start by saying that, and let me also say I don't care about any of this beyond how it interacts with my field of study, which is history, EVERYTHING ELSE is getting pushed to the side for this post.Ok, with that out of the way, Im so sorry Liana, you're just wrong about a whole bunch of this historically speaking. Both "Moor" and "Saracen" are much broader and more complex in their meanings. At various times Saracen was used to describe ALL followers of Islam, INCLUDING the Moors. Moors is Slightly less murky because its more linked with North Africa, but at the time (and now) there was a rainbow of skin-tones there due to the Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan trade networks. This is why it gets used as a way to add black people to media set in the medieval era, because it's the Most Likely way for someone we'd recognize as 'Black' to appear. There were likely 'Black' people amongst the Romanized Moors, and there was likely some who then moved to Bohemia at the time, just by the fact that there were some 'next door' we can say this, because most history is educated guesswork. Using that pic was.... bad, sorry Liana but, there's a few hundred years of intermixing between the era the game is set and when that picture is from, it took ~100 for most of the 'Black Pioneer' Families in BC to be indistinguishable from the white majority, so using it was just bad history, and so is using Modern Statistics to argue a historical point. While the Moores COULD have been North African Arab, they ALSO could have been any one of the other groups called Moore at the time, we Can NOT definitively state what ethnic makeup they were. Back when this controversy started, which was a while back, it started over someone asking if there'd be non-white characters in it at all and being told it was not 'Historically Accurate' I remember when this got into a slapfight and http://medievalpoc.tumblr.com/ got caught up in the middle and what a mess it was. At My Uni, the dev and his 'historian' got openly laughed at by the History Department, for their dogged insistence on something that's more of a grey area. People hide behind history alot, and as someone who's primary training is in history Im having trouble seeing what else this could be. I don't even think its about race, I think it's about laziness, not wanting to add something more to the game than what had already been planned. Speaking of, http://medievalpoc.tumblr.com/search/Kingdom+Come%3A+Deliverance <Its been a long while since I read through any of this but I may as well leave a link. Look I stopped paying attention to this game years ago when it became clear that it was trying to sell itself through bad Historical Scholarship, and this IS bad historical scholarship make no mistake, and their decision to 'go down with the ship' around the ethnic makeup of a fairly heavily mercential nation in medieval europe is what sunk any hope I had that the game would be as historically based as they touted from the kickstarter onward. Right, that's it. Time for me to be Pilloried, -Timon
Viktor Samoja (1 year ago)
I am from Croatia, we are not that far from where Moravia was. Before i moved to UK i saw a black person exactly 5 times, only one of them was a native, rest being tourists, and that is in the capital of the country with modern transportation methods and no particular barriers. Sure enough it is possible that you could find a black person in 15th century Moravia of you looked really really hard, but seriously, chances that you would not run into one are way higher then chances you would actually run into one. Now from your speech patterns i can surmise you are native from UK, so your understanding of exactly how homogeneous Eastern Europe is is likely very skewed, so let me put it to you this way, say you had a full pot of white beans, and you threw a single brown bean into it, now give the pot a vigorous shake, can you see the one brown bean?
Vipa (1 year ago)
Well that's great, so in the end both, your department (of whichever uni) and Vavra's historians, got a good laugh out of the same thing, win win I guess..?
phagelives (1 year ago)
I’m shocked I say shocked to find out u were part of gamer gate!
Sebi99p (1 year ago)
Liana, you might understand why us eastern europeans absolutely loathe socialism, especially when it comes to speech. SJWs don't care to understand, just enforce their view of the world. And we've (eastern europeans) have been through it and will oppose it.
Shadowfury333 (1 year ago)
I've found in my experience with people in eastern Europe (Poland, Estonia, and Russia specifically) that most of them are jovially irreverent, both in what they say and in how they use the English language (Polandball comics pretty much sum this up, and are also often quite funny). It's also obvious they their intuitive understanding of social issues is just different from ours, as you pointed out, since it is not the US or Canada. Combine that irreverence and cultural divide of people in eastern Europe with a typically US-centric and isolationist media approach of Americans online, and it's easy to see why this sort of outrage happens.
TheMadMattster (1 year ago)
not to be a dick, but even "during communism" they were unique, you had the "non aligned" countries, and you also had places that were better off under communism than others that were, like comparing West Germany to the terror that was Romania, for example
oguns iron (1 year ago)
someone correct me if wrong but Moors probably derive from the name given to the inhabitants of classical age Mauretania. Mauretania is basically the north-african coast from present-day Algeria to Morocco and it included some of the interior. We're talking amazigh/berbers here. Zinedine Zidane. Cousins of the ancient Egyptians (who waz not kangz). The romans were very familiar with Mauretania. They knew very well the difference between mauretanians and what they called "ethiopians". It's frustrating discussing ethnicity when so few ppl are aware of the pitfalls of the terminology. Be aware of what ppl meant when they spoke of "africans" or "ethiopians" or "Moors". The meaning then is not necessarlily the meaning now.
krellen d20 (1 year ago)
I think a_man_in_black needs to play more Crusader Kings.
Nathan Rudy (1 year ago)
You mean the moops?
Chris W (1 year ago)
If outrage warriors ever actually listened to others and learned from them, they'd have little choice but to see themselves as the spoiled brats they are. Compared to a lot of communist and socialist countries before the wall fell, not having video game characters that look like you is pretty lame oppression. You and I are old enough to remember these are real things in the news and media. My mother's family got out of Stalin's Russia just in time for the great depression, then spent generations in poverty to which my mom has a lot of stories that would sound inconceivable to the cell phone generation (ice cream only once a year, how can that be possible). Then of course my disability puts a lot of the world in a different perspective as has most of my volunteer work with people worse off than me. I guess that's why I've never seen an SJW as anything but a spoiled brat in need of a grounding.
Jolly Yellow (1 year ago)
What you say about the job of a reporter almost sounds like a fairy tale. These days most "reporters" and media sources don't seek understanding they seek to get views, clicks, likes, and people going "THIS". And the best way to get those things is to misrepresent, misdirect, misconstrue, and even lie about the things they talk about rather than just present the facts.
Bluehawk2008 (1 year ago)
I listened to this video while playing Kingdom Come, and it greatly improved my immersion (my RP Henry is psychotic and hears youtube videos in his head). PS. Are you saying "Czechless-slovakia" on purpose?
Fat Tiger (1 year ago)
Despite what they say to the contrary, SJWs tend to be very America-centric (which is weird because that is something they share with right-wingers). Race isn't as simple as skin colour in the rest of the world. There are different ethnic groups that may look the same, but hate (hate might be too strong of a word in most cases) each other. I remember seeing a facebook post that said something along the lines of, "white pride is bad but black pride or asian pride is okay," as if every asian or every black person loves each other. As a mixed heritage person that is half asian (Laotian and Chinese) and is very interested in various asian culture, I can tell you there is little harmony between the people of asia. Koreans hate the chinese and japanese, chinese hates japanese, everyone else hates chinese because of how they throw around their power. Hell, there are ethnic groups within the countries that are discriminated against. But, to a white american, they think all asians look the same, thus they all get along. Same thing happens in Africa and the middle east and even in Europe. Hell, british-descended protestants in the US used to be terrible to Irish, Italian, polish and any catholics as recent as the 20th century. IMO the problem isn't racism, but boneheaded tribalism. We never really grew out of the hunter/gatherer mindset of setting ourselves in groups and being paranoid of every other group. The modern obsession with identity politics and forcing everyone into categories are just the 21st century version of caveman groups fighting for scraps of a woolly mammoth corpse. Until we can start seeing each other as human beings rather than black, white, asian, straight, gay, male, female etc. there will be the same problems over and over.
Odysseas G (1 year ago)
Shrimp There's no such thing as Macedonian population.
exlibrisas (1 year ago)
Fat tiger - agree so much. And yes, SJWs seem to be USA centered. That means they put America's standarts for the rest of the world forgetting that different time periods and different geographical locations existed.
Shrimp (1 year ago)
My girlfriend is from Bosnia, her entire country and the countries around it are nothing but racial tensions from many different ethnic groups. I'm a French-Belgian and there's massive tensions between us and the Dutch-Belgians. I don't know what feminists think but even in Europe we are far from unified. Nobody ever gives a crap about racial tensions like the Albanians and the Macedonian population, or the Circassians and the Turks. The only racial tensions people ever care about is black vs white or Middle-Eastern vs white.
Christopher Kunst (1 year ago)
Mister Archivist (1 year ago)
stcredzero (1 year ago)
Yes, the ability to talk to a reporter is freedom. Also freedom: A press which is genuinely interested in the neutral, truth-seeking dissemination of information and isn't a propaganda arm. Ironically, it's we here in the United States who now must be cautious when talking to the press. Hell, there are many occasions when we have to say jingoistic things demonstrating our loyalty to some cause or the other or one side or the other, or we will be targeted.
Declan Needham Church (1 year ago)
First commenting on your vids despite following you since your "refutation" of Sarkeesian series of videos that I watched while completing the Sith Warrior class questline in SWTOR. Greetings from the UK too I suppose. Love your style of video so even when I disagree with you I find your reasoning fascinating. Sidenote, you shouldn't even be saying Czech Republic but Czechia. And your comment about the three territories of the Kingdom of Bohemia missed out Silesia, which was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia until the War of Austrian Succession. Obviously this matters little but this is mainly for the comment dwellers than any attempt on my part to be "most accurate".
Milan Prucha (1 year ago)
The name change to Czechia was not a popular decision as far as the citizens are concerned. Most Czech's continue to refer to their country as Czech Republic ( it tends to be foreigners that use 'Czechia' ).
Declan Needham Church (1 year ago)
And Moravian aren't really distinct from Czechs. To identify as Moravian would be like identifying as a "Maritimer" or a "Lancastrian" in Canada and the UK respectively. And also, where are you getting this Moors/Moravians thing from? The Moravian tribe from whence the country/region name derives were very much West Slavic (which today includes largely Czechs, Poles and Slovaks). You did capture the Eastern/Central European attitude towards Communism and Nazism well though.
Alphonso Frett (1 year ago)
If someone wants to make a game about the history of a nation with 100% accuracy I don't see the problem
Joshua Richardson (1 year ago)
The problem is that nation isn't Wakanda.
Mr9TalesFox (1 year ago)
Great story and concept, love hate relationship for me. After 14h it just not fun because of the bugs. I just got fed up after couldn't finish side quest about catching birds. Will wait for few months and try again.
Tomas Smith (1 year ago)
Mr9TalesFox yep, my bird cage disappeared. rough. few other rough patches are in there which keeps the game from being great. def needed more time baking, but im having a blast still
Mr9TalesFox (1 year ago)
Probably yes. At first problem was you complete quest give it to NPC and can't leave conversation, just stare to each other. After loading older save, can't even do quest 3 bird cage disappear. Other bugs was just annoying slowly collecting frustration, this quest was breaking point for me, fun i get is just not worth it.
Tomas Smith (1 year ago)
Mr9TalesFox AhFUCK am i bout to be stuck with 2 bird cages?
salizharis (1 year ago)
That went a bit long. I like where it ended though.
odysseus9672 (1 year ago)
Second most Canadian thing I've heard Liana say, "I'm sure we've all had that moment, yah?" This could be supplanted by a serious use of "eh?", but the King is well ensconced, "I'm sorry." :) Enjoyed the video, btw. Keep up the good work!
Vienticus (1 year ago)
First off, I really have to say no shit that class divides are a bigger problem than racial divides. That's how the minority (because I refuse to use the term upper) class keeps the majority class in check; by inciting racism, nationalism, sexism, etc. Hell, one of the paths in the facist regime handbook includes getting people to torture, rob, and kill off every race that isn't yours then when there are no more left you can start torturing, robbing, and killing your own people. Also, I wish the "games" press would just shut the fuck up. No one with half of a brain actually gives a shit what they have to say anymore. Every time they pop up in discussion the only real question is 'great, what are these idiots doing now to ruin my life by pretending to be gamers or some other bullshit that they're not?' In all honesty, the 'games' press is just the gaming version of mainstream media: a bunch of filtered shit paid for by someone's agenda that gets a bunch of idiots who don't pay attention to what's really going on pissed off at whatever the next target is.

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