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Roccbox - Pizza Napoletana in Garage at only 48 Degrees Fahrenheit!

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I didn’t think I could get the Roccbox up to temperature because is was so cold and window outside, but I was able to make a 90 second pizza, in the garage! The Roccbox is so insulated that it got to temp, and maintained the heat really well!
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Mike Rich (2 months ago)
Perfect ! in 1m 45 secs (approx) :)
Roshan Damesha (3 months ago)
How much is it cost?
Tom Cheng (3 months ago)
Roshan Damesha $599 USD.
fab lan (3 months ago)
How does it perform outside not in a garage
Tom Cheng (3 months ago)
Check out my other videos, outside. It works great, but it was rainy that day!
SeeEmm (3 months ago)
do you have a recipe for the pizza dough?
Tom Cheng (3 months ago)
Search the Gozney website where Adam Atkins has a nice video, and search Vito Iacopelli, as well! In any case, I also use the PizzApp on iPhone!
yanxiang meng (4 months ago)
It takes 40 min to preheat? That seems rather long. Does it heat faster on a warmer day?
Tom Cheng (4 months ago)
yanxiang meng Yes, way faster on a warmer day! I like to get it up to at least 430 degrees Celsius, though.
Focal Point Images (4 months ago)
My Roccbox is on the way. Will i need to buy a different regulator to hook it up to a regular size propane tank? Online, they look like a UK version.
Tom Cheng (4 months ago)
I had mine delivered, and depending on what country you live in, they'll deliver the correct regulator!
Joe Wertman (4 months ago)
Hey just got my roccbox for Christmas. You need to have a dough making video
Tom Cheng (4 months ago)
Congrats! You're going to love it! I use the PizzApp, using fresh cake yeast. I've found that kneading the dough for 15-20 mins, then letting it rise for about an hour, then balling, then a twenty-four hour ferment gives the best flavor. I usually make a huge batch, then freeze balls in a tray, before bagging. The next time I use them, I put them in the tray to thaw, then let them ferment for 24 hours. In terms of the process of dough making, you should check out this guy. Very entertaining! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-VRntrbypI&t=5s Vito Iacopelli also puts out great videos!
Mark W (4 months ago)
Awesome Demo
Micke Eklund (5 months ago)
I'm in Sweden where we're at 14 degrees F now! It's working just fine anyway!
Ian (4 months ago)
Here in the closest-you-can-get-to--Sweden of the US (Minnesota) and roughly same temperature, no problem here either getting Roccbox up to temperature. This weather really makes you appreciate the 90 second cook time. Can just throw a light coat on and get in and out quick.
mcatun (6 months ago)
Are you in the Midwest?
Tom Cheng (5 months ago)
Yup! Wisconsin.
Tim (6 months ago)
Nice car
Tom Cheng (6 months ago)
Tim, lol. Thanks.
RM Domainer (6 months ago)
Are those legs prepared with screw-holes, so you can attach it to a table or counter-top?
Tom Cheng (6 months ago)
No problem! Check out Peddling Pizza on YouTube, and on the Gozney Facebook page. Go back to Adam’s old videos, when he used to tote them around on a bike!
RM Domainer (6 months ago)
+Tom Cheng Thanks for a quick answer. I am thinking about putting up a mobile unit, so fastening it down would be essential.
Tom Cheng (6 months ago)
They aren't, but it's pretty heavy, so I never have to screw it down. I looked at them closely, and if you drill holes, it shouldn't be a big problem. Lots of Roccbox owners have screwed the oven down, but I like to keep mine inside.
Joe Wertman (6 months ago)
I love your pizza videos. Totally want a roccbox. How do you love it so far? Would you recommend?
Tom Cheng (6 months ago)
Thanks! I highly recommend it! Best portable pizza oven around!

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