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Colorful Spring Glam Makeup Look!

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Text Comments (111)
Caitlynn Collins (2 years ago)
You stay slaying baby 💜💜💜
Andrea Marie’ (3 years ago)
Dee Beauty (3 years ago)
one word.. BeAUTIFull with double all🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
Angela Ekan (3 years ago)
This is so good for prom😍😍
Monique Ortega (3 years ago)
Beautiful! 😍
Apryl Mayy (3 years ago)
Ahhh! That eye look was so beautiful! Gorgeous as always Ash!
SolelyVanessa (3 years ago)
Yass the purple is giving me all the feels!
Curnisha K (3 years ago)
I love this look !! I know shorter videos are less tedious but this one does seem rushed . Since a lot of colors and different palettes were involved, a longer clip of them and how you blended everything would've been helpful! Love you Ashley ❤️
Tykeesha Harris (3 years ago)
I love the eyeshadow colors, they're beautiful !!
Ashleigh Inez. (3 years ago)
Yes Ashley! Love this look for spring. I will definitely be recreating it.
Jasmyne Phillips (3 years ago)
Love this look !!
TaySimone (3 years ago)
Great job! Loved the eyeshadow
wondergurll (3 years ago)
Sani Shahnwaj (3 years ago)
+94714325425 imo
M Bell (3 years ago)
Beautiful...you inspire me to play around with make up...thanks
Simply Massa (3 years ago)
I made a look so similar to this!!!
Yvette Arnold (3 years ago)
Absolutely amazing
Patra S. (3 years ago)
this is a beautiful look Ashley!! thanks for another amazing tutorial! I think that this would be flawless for a prom look & I may actually try it on a client!
cmtenison (3 years ago)
your skin is looking soooooo good!! you're a really beautiful young woman and whatever you're doing is working. skincare update video?!
Diamonds Lady (3 years ago)
So beautiful 😍❤️
iMadameJay (3 years ago)
Beautiful look!!
BlakBeautie (3 years ago)
Tiffany Pace (3 years ago)
This is such a pretty look!!
Caitlyn Kreklewich (3 years ago)
Amazing spring look! I can't wait to watch your channel grow!
MsShayelove (3 years ago)
Beautiful Ashley
trinigirlchrissy (3 years ago)
Look at u girrrrl!...experimenting with color n stufff!
Drea Jaye (3 years ago)
xoBritneyMechelle (3 years ago)
Really nice finished look.
Beautiful Daze (3 years ago)
I hope I do not Look like a clown when I try this! You apply so effortlessly !!!!
Esther Adé (3 years ago)
You look amazing! Love your videos xxx
TheBabyfaceBeauty (3 years ago)
I swear I overdose on you videos...I rewathed them like 4-5 times...thus is my 3rd time between 2 days in this video...lol...
Latifah MUA (3 years ago)
Love it! 😍
Naturally Me Naomi (3 years ago)
You are slaying your Color Series! This look is so beautiful on you! :)
Alicia Collette (3 years ago)
Completely in love with this look! You slay (with and without) and never disappoint. I'm a little scared of color but wanted to try a colorful spring look for Jazz Fest tomorrow and you uploaded this just in time for me🙌🏽🌷🌷 Do you think this would look good with blues or maybe green??
VRTIST (3 years ago)
I love this look!!!!
jollof (3 years ago)
so gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
Sharr Smith (3 years ago)
👏🏽👏🏽 love all the purples. & that lip combo 💄💄😍
Irvisha Car'chelle (3 years ago)
Yes for the spring look Ashley !!
nicadrmar (3 years ago)
Fancy Thomas (3 years ago)
Pretty look
India Gibbs (3 years ago)
Yes mama continue to give us these colors you did that !!
raven smith (3 years ago)
ForeverShakiaXo (3 years ago)
This look is so beautiful , I love it !
Trevi Vashun (3 years ago)
Your best work yet. Amazingly Beautiful 💁🏾
Kels Kreations (3 years ago)
I'm loving you in this color....
Adelaide B (3 years ago)
Your skin is looking so good Ashley!
Joanne Lia (3 years ago)
Love your makeup videos
Alvita Patrice (3 years ago)
Cute look, love love the purple...
DreaB. (3 years ago)
your skin looks soo goood!!
Sha-Meese Greene (3 years ago)
Hey Ashley, what did you use to like your waterline? & how good is its longevity? Everything I put in my waterline is gone within an hour 😓
Devon Finley (3 years ago)
I just love you're smile! so infectious!!! looooved this look!😍😍💜💜💜💜
DestinyLashaeMakeup (3 years ago)
Soooo flippin gorgeous 😭😩😘
The McConners (3 years ago)
gorgeous, per usual!
Whittney Caine (3 years ago)
And here I was starting to question your makeup skills because you always played it safe with the neutral looks. but girl, you just snatched my hair & slapped me in the face with this one. You definitely killed this!!!!
Claudie J (3 years ago)
najah7791 (3 years ago)
MallarieForever (3 years ago)
Girl you a beast with the eyeshadow i be learning from you, aaliyah Jay, and Dreyah (from Snapchat not BbWives Dreya) ALL 🌳🌳🌳 OF YALL, I RESPECKIT !!!!! (Baby Voice) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
KenyaMarie (3 years ago)
I've been WAITING on this look! SO beautiful!
Alyce Richardson (3 years ago)
This was so gorgeous 😍
Simone Wade (3 years ago)
You are so pretty!
Zuki (3 years ago)
SoulStyleBeauty (3 years ago)
toohruu (3 years ago)
hair details?
Rena Abraham (3 years ago)
Yes girl your eyeshadow is popping yas
Breanna Faith (3 years ago)
Awesome spring look ❤️
Claudine Augustama (3 years ago)
can u do a review on the airspun powder. I'm debating on buying it
Jazmin Carothers (3 years ago)
it's really light tbh I don't wear foundation so it makes me look washed out and pale. I usually go over it with a powder that is my skin color
Leah Gordone (3 years ago)
Tiyana Smith (3 years ago)
Peyton Maree Charles (3 years ago)
Very gorgeous hon!
AyanaLayon (3 years ago)
Loved the eyes omg so cute!!!
AdajahMonae (3 years ago)
Yes! Love the purple 💜💜
Victoria Annette (3 years ago)
Yay AshSLAY using bright colors. It looks great boo 💜🦄💕
Sinead P (3 years ago)
Love how you stepped out your comfort zone! This is beautiful . But Ash, it's an-tee-guh as in the Caribbean island lol I know it's been a struggle
Karisa Jaye (3 years ago)
Soooo pretty love this look
Lala Diya (3 years ago)
This look is gorgeous!!! Love the color
Naye Rae (3 years ago)
Beautiful girl!!
Adrian J. (3 years ago)
Go head girllll 🌷
Sammy James (3 years ago)
MakeupBy Jai (3 years ago)
So Islandy. Very Pretty 🏝
Stasha Fierce (3 years ago)
This is so beautiful I will be recreating this look😍❤️😍
TheFlyLife (3 years ago)
You really been stepping your makeup game up! I 👀U!!!!!
Baybaydastylist (3 years ago)
I love it I wanna recreate this look
Shadow Desires (3 years ago)
I love purple shadow, great work love!
Zack Morand (3 years ago)
Cool video
Asha Sharron (3 years ago)
Very pretty 😫❤️
Shanteau Bucknor (3 years ago)
This look is gorgeous.. Your eyeshadow is so cute 😍😍😍
Keanu K (3 years ago)
love this so much!
KiKi Pepper (3 years ago)
OMG! I LOVE THIS ----> You look beautiful ❤︎
SincerelyAlisa (3 years ago)
Purple compliments you so well! i love the look😍
Katrina Dunston (3 years ago)
Absolutely stunning..... Yassssss.... SLAY ASHLEY!!! 😘
Tameka Gonzalez (3 years ago)
AshSLAAAYY, yaaasss
FLING FLING (3 years ago)
Love your channel! Thanks for all you do. This look is amaze.
Beautiful Madness (3 years ago)
I am IN LOVE with EVERYTHING about this look!!This is only the 2nd video of yours that I've watched and I will continue!
Steph Monique (3 years ago)
Omg beautiful
Sharae Dotson (3 years ago)
Love this look on you 💜
OhThatsAshleyShannet (3 years ago)
Im here for the color series...Loved it AshSLAY!
Diamond Doll (3 years ago)
Y A S S you better werk
Diandra Beckford (3 years ago)
I love the nudes , but congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone with the colours ! 😍
Cleveraintit (3 years ago)
🌷🌷🌷 you betta slay snapchat gang know what's up
Kayla (3 years ago)
Super pretty makeup!!!! You look gorgeous girl!!💜💜💜💜💜

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