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C# - Oracle - How To Connect C# with Oracle Using ODAC - ODP.NET

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C# - Oracle - How To Connect C# with Oracle Using ODAC - ODP.NET
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Julias Sam (5 months ago)
I usually use dotConnect to access Oracle database applications https://www.devart.com/dotconnect/oracle/ and I am pretty satisfied with it. Any comments on other vendors? Any comments on them?
Ruan Le Hanie (6 months ago)
Thank you so much ! I've spent the last 2 days trying to figure this out and this video is the only method that covers everything.
Safaa Al-Hayali (6 months ago)
you're welcome
Bernaa Demirkiran (9 months ago)
[INS-50013] Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET Error. Please install Visual Studio before you proceed with this installation visual studio installed but I encounter such an error
wire_jp (10 months ago)
hi, I am using an Oracle MySQL database which I want to link to Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. I followed the steps outlined in the video. I opened Visual Studio 2017 and I added a New Connection, then select "Oracle database" & "ODP.NET Managed Driver" . I received an error message "Failed to find the default tsnames.ora file". I ignored the message and in the Add Connection dialog box, I enter my settings. When I test the connection, I received an error message: ORA-12541:TNS : No Listener. Can you kindly help me to resolve this issue. Thanks
Ayan Adak (11 months ago)
are you using with oracle 12c or 11g? I am having trouble connecting it with oracle 11g xe
FP SANTOS (1 year ago)
I love you <3
Safaa Al-Hayali (1 year ago)
Farah Oubelkas (1 year ago)
Thank youuu
Owais Kath (1 year ago)
Hi Safa, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am receiving the following error when I am trying to connect to oracle server : Network Transport : tcp transport address connect failure. Connection String : CONNECTION TIMEOUT=150;DATA SOURCE=ip:port/ORA9I;PERSIST SECURITY INFO=True;USER ID=userid;VALIDATE CONNECTION=True
Linh Cận (1 year ago)
Hi Safaa, I'm using vs2012 and conect to Oracle 10g with error: "ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor". Help me pls!
Unknown Code (1 year ago)
terrible ! i cant install.... no any error during install but install stop perform checks step. we cannot resolve this step how to fix it ? please help me
Flow (1 year ago)
Environment variable: "PATH" failed...
Owais Kath (1 year ago)
Hi Flow, how did you resolve the error : Environment variable: "PATH" failed...
Flow (1 year ago)
I solved it but now i have another error... "Failed to find the default tnsnames.ora file"
Safaa Al-Hayali (1 year ago)
what did you do to get this message I mean in which step. or line code you got this error? could you please show me the full message of the error.
Flow (1 year ago)
Step 7/10
Waseem Tahir (1 year ago)
Hi Safaa, I am using Visual Studio 2017. there is an error if we select "Install for visual studio". i can't proceed with installation.
vinay reddy (1 year ago)
At the time of writing this doesn't work on VS 2017 Community edition. You got to have VS 2015.
siMohamed ELASRI (1 year ago)
i have the same error
Safaa Al-Hayali (1 year ago)
"Error message is install visual studio first." is error message happened in which step? 2:12 maybe when you select oracle developer tools for visual studio? is that right? how many oracle instance you have?
Waseem Tahir (1 year ago)
Error message is install visual studio first. If I unchecked this option setup will proceed without installing visual studio component. If I install separate oracle for visual studio VS will not open. Again :(
Safaa Al-Hayali (1 year ago)
Hello, and welcome, okay what is the exact error message?
RockSerbia (1 year ago)
I way on the edge of quiting doing this oracle shit, after watching several tutorials and days of installing and deinstalling various software, all untill I accidentally came up on this video. It was done in a minute. Awesome man, thanks!!!
Jorge Acosta (1 year ago)
internet super rápido.
Atiol Raphael (1 year ago)
Thanks a bunch.
Safaa Al-Hayali (1 year ago)
No problem, Happy to help you.

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