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Eighth day of the daily upload grind. Snapchat girls are blocking me because i wont send photos omg . NEW VIDEOS EVERYDAY :D Instagram - officialjaketheflake Snapchat - flaakkeeyy Twitter - jaketheflake27 Banner and Logo Pic by TPJNR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMq... What i use to edit - Final Cut Pro Camera i use - Canon G7X Don't forget to subscribe and like the video, a comment is also appreciated. Have a good day, peace out :D
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Text Comments (24)
Potatoes Are cool (1 year ago)
Ohhhhhh myyyyy god
Ear Shrimp (1 year ago)
Hello "Jake the flake" after careful analysis I have come to the conclusion that you display homosexual behavior, tendency's and mannerisms. For instance the hand gestures you create in your intro are common in men with higher estrogen levels as well as your body type. At first observation one will notice that your voice is higher than that of the standard male with the persistent pubescent monotone in the back of his voice. The lack of confidence and commitment to statements made in your video is the common anxious behavior of a closet gay. The lack of muscle evident in your fore arms is also common in people with increased estrogen levels, Acne is also common in gay men. Facial features you have such as a broader chin leading into a sharp angle is also common in gay men To conclude I have drawn the conclusion that you are infact a common closet gay, it is OK to be gay So make an effort to come out. Considering you support depressed fans, and that you are gay your self I highly suggest changing your Homophobic ways.
Local Hypebeast (1 year ago)
Potatoes Are cool (1 year ago)
Ear Shrimp he is not gay he is my brothers friend and there is no one gay at our/his school except for the guy who tried to kiss him
NumberOneUploads (1 year ago)
I are can make better thumb nail than you without try! you are bad at this idiot!
NumberOneUploads (1 year ago)
Ha ha you are insult my English? i speak 3 other languages English is hard to learn. Any way the point stand that you are shit at make thumb nail. If you can do is insult grammar it clearly mean you have lost the argument you idiot
JakeTheFlake (1 year ago)
your english is so bad :d are you 8 years old?
motuib (1 year ago)
this video is shit
c5m (1 year ago)
Focus your camera
Cook Poo (1 year ago)
Thot begone
Game over bro (1 year ago)
Like your vids nice how do you edit please do a tutorial and I won’t a shout out please
JakeTheFlake (1 year ago)
Game over bro hahah dm on Snapchat, and I’ll explain to you guys how!
Robert (1 year ago)
Not enough omg to be honest
Wickezoid (1 year ago)
0 My gaodd
Em Nawrocki (1 year ago)
Lol this ain't special to 2018, this is how guys treat girls all the time. Welcome
wqe22 (1 year ago)
are you a guy?
JakeTheFlake (1 year ago)
Em Nawrocki yeah I know, and it’s fucking disgusting 😪😪 like girls are so much more then dolls 😩
Jasmine Gregory (1 year ago)
Lol she got so angry so fast 😂😂😂
JakeTheFlake (1 year ago)
Jasmine Gregory true
Tahlia Raeburn (1 year ago)
I’m sure this has happened to girls plenty of times before too. It’s sure happened to me
JakeTheFlake (1 year ago)
nawww hope you're okay!
Couchpotato98 Lulz (1 year ago)
Early I’m Ethan’s brother
Local Hypebeast (1 year ago)
R u sure u didn’t send any back.... 🤔
JakeTheFlake (1 year ago)
no :D

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