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Business Casual Attire For Men & Dress Code Explained with Lookbook Outfits

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Full Business Casual Guide, here: https://gentl.mn/2yWhx4p BUSINESS CASUAL SHOES: https://gentl.mn/2FhMPZ0 So how do we get from suit, dress shirt and tie to a very relaxed dress code with khakis and Polo shirts? Well, it all started with Aloha Fridays. This trend became quite popular in Hawaii and was eventually adopted on the mainland. Subsequently, people were familiar with it and wore it more often. So what does business casual mean in a nutshell? Basically, it means no suit but also no jeans. 1. White collar business casual - Bank, law firm, accounting firm The core piece in your wardrobe would be the dark navy blazer. Stick with just dark horn buttons. Stick with a single breasted and notched lapel look for a very normal appearance. You can also go with other kinds of sports coats that are patterned. When it comes to dress shirts, you should invest in some oxford shirts. They have a nice 2-tone appearance to them which makes them more casual and perfectly suited for business casual. When it comes to pants you can either wear chinos or khakis or dress pants in grey, light grey, mid-grey, not blue, especially if you have a navy blazer because it's too close but not the same. Basically, you want to have a certain amount of contrast. As far as accessories go, you can have a pocket square, you can go with a dressy watch or maybe with a naval strap to mix it up and make it more casual, depends on your specific office. When in doubt, always go a little more formal. For shoes and boots, you can basically wear anything in the color brown, reddish brown, or dark brown, maybe even tan. Since you're at the office, you should always bring a bag. A proper gentleman always carries a bag. It could be made of leather, of canvas, or a mix of the two but leave the backpack at home and only use it when you go hiking. 2. Service business casual or more relaxed office environments If you have client contact, chances are you are required to wear a jacket, sportscoat, blazer, at all times. If you're not, maybe you can get away with just wearing a dress shirt or a polo shirt. If you feel a sportcoat would be too formal, you can also try just to go with a vest because it's dressier than just a dress shirt but less formal than a jacket. For shirts, button down collars are good as well as long sleeved polo shirts. Neckties are entirely optional. At this level, denim or jeans are still not okay to wear, go with chinos or khakis. During the colder months of the year, sweaters of all kinds are great, you can either have them with a tie or without. Alternatively, have a cardigan or a sweater vest. Simply an ideal look for this environment because it's dressier than just having a shirt. As far as shoes go, I personally would suggest you go with classic shoes such as derbys, monk straps, loafers in brown because they work with everything and are just the perfect business look. Of course, the bag you should have can be a little more relaxed so it can be canvas, could be more weathered. Of course, a vintage leather patina bag is always appropriate and looks phenomenal. 3. Startup Business casual It's always to your advantage to put your best foot forward and that means, dressing up a bit more. Wear a polo shirt even if it's short sleeved. Rather than wearing shorts when it's warm consider maybe a pair of seersucker pants. Instead of crocs or flip-flops, switch over to boat shoes, you can also go with driving mocs and a sockless look. When it's cold outside, you can't just go to the office with just your blazer so ideal companions would be a trench coat in between seasons. When it gets much colder, you can get something like a peacoat which is shorter but it covers your jacket and it's very warm. If you want something lightweight that's more fun, you can think about something like a quilted jacket. #businesscasual #dresscode #notsponsored _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Most Popular videos: How to accept a compliment - https://youtu.be/_EKXNmM1PUo 101 things that change when you dress up - https://youtu.be/JyGDd_iYaCI How to tie a Bow Tie - https://youtu.be/2I3cfa0BOOc __________________________________________________________________ Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2cef8bx Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2bBMjEm https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2cef8bx
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Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
What's your take on business casual?
Robb Gregor Richard (1 month ago)
This is the dress code I follow at work and during free time. My work environment is VERY very casual, so I don't want to be too much dressed up compared to others. I align my style with my boss (a woman), who wears business casual. For special occasions like important work meetings and seminaries, I dress up within this dress code. In my free time, still within this dress code, I dress down.
fountainhead (2 months ago)
It's probably my favorite dress code. Allows me to still maintain a professional look and feel but grants me more freedom to have fun mixing and matching different patterns, colors and fabrics.
Rafique Adzam (5 months ago)
gentleman's gazette Your clothes are perfect
Ramy 216 (1 year ago)
Black Oxfords, black Socks, a black pair of trousers with a black lether Belt, a White shirt with a black tie and a V neck sweater. Maybe a watch if you want.
Thomas Brennan (1 year ago)
White socks are purely casual.
Josh Bobst (1 day ago)
What do you guys think about a nylon computer bag in the relaxed office setting?
Mary Cahill (5 days ago)
Your advice here is spot on!
SteelWarrior115 (9 days ago)
So where do say, sere sucker, light brown, bolder patterned, etc. suits fit in to a dress code.
Sampy Hardin (9 days ago)
Since when did Peewee Herman start making fashion videos?
Ramy K (1 month ago)
Here in Canada people have taken casual Friday to a new high , every one looks like they're going fishing all the time , its terrible.
Stephen Pickètt (1 month ago)
Brown DOES NOT work with anything!
spookysama (2 months ago)
Cory McKiver (2 months ago)
Great video.
Clyde Kimsey (4 months ago)
REAL men don't need bags unless it is holding a laptop.
Clyde Kimsey (4 months ago)
Sweaters in 95 degree San Antonio weather?
Edward Williams (4 months ago)
So whats difference between business casual and smart casual
1337eddie (4 months ago)
Does anyone know what brand and/or model the quilted jacket at 10:19 is?
Julian Martinez (4 months ago)
"don't wear a backpack because it makes you look like a little school boy" lol
MrJeebusWalks (4 months ago)
this guy is one of the most disturbing looking dudes Ive ever watched... that smile...
MrJeebusWalks (2 months ago)
He helped me a lot, I respect him
Syntronic (2 months ago)
Keep your negative opinion to yourself
MrJeebusWalks (4 months ago)
good content though
Helen Hebert (4 months ago)
Gabardine, not grenadine. LOL. That messed me up trying to think of the right word for an agonizing 5 minutes.
Sulaymaan Kingseed (4 months ago)
He seems like a delightful fellow but he really needs a speech coach. His fluctuations are killing me- I can't follow him with the ups and downs with his speech tempo..
Jose Alejandro Garcia (4 months ago)
All good minus the purse. I mean bag. Don’t think I could ever bring one of those to work. No one absolutely no one at my workplace has one
prince jay Charles (5 months ago)
SIM/CADE AUTOSPORT (5 months ago)
Can you wear A diamond tip Bow Tie with denim dress shirt and Chinos and Loafers? To A Walmart Job Orientation?
Mal (5 months ago)
this is so useful! I need to get some new wardrobe for my fancy new workplace and I really needed this guide. thank you, good sir :)
Leo Trainor (5 months ago)
SchwarzerFürst (5 months ago)
Sehr hilfreich! Vielen Dank!
Caid Shileikis (6 months ago)
Wow, I love the color on the Double Monks at 8:05. Could you share the details of those shoes w/ us Sven? Thank You!
Grant Huling (7 months ago)
Save the Bell
D Singh (7 months ago)
that was really good boss, thanks.
Spring Fox (7 months ago)
That jacket is the meaning of perfection.
I Am Worthy (7 months ago)
I learned nothing!
Point one, Point two (8 months ago)
Please stop saying dapper. You could try using words like stylish or sharp, just don't use dapper.
Brian Hawkins (29 days ago)
You are wrong; dapper is the best word!
heyitismyusername (9 months ago)
Business Casual to me means: 1) On the fancy end: Collared button down shirt, black/grey dress pants, some sort of dark dress shoe. 2) On the low end: khakis and a polo shirt 3) Never jeans, unless you know its allowed. 4) Never T-shirts. 5) No suit jacket required. 6) No tie required, but if you want, wear one to be fancy.
Lord Queezle (9 months ago)
Thank you for this guide. Very simple instructions that get the point across.
Evocati (9 months ago)
Wrist bangles look childish no matter what. especially with a suit, it looks ridiculous.
John Miller (10 months ago)
Fantastic video. Very thorough, but with a clear message. Thank you.
cartossin (10 months ago)
I love this channel. Maybe one day I'll be well-dressed.
NI3 (10 months ago)
Does the polo have to be solid color only?
tb_nt (11 months ago)
lol this video is horrible....just get to the point. And why is he talking so choppy?!
nikoli gogle (11 months ago)
Made my day! Thank you! :-)
midnightskate (1 year ago)
I can feel this guy judging my appearance through the computer screen. Are you trying to tell me that my sweatpants AREN'T business casual? Like, please...
Aaron holmberg (1 month ago)
rmcdaniel423 (1 year ago)
Wait, wait, wait ... did you just reference "Saved By The Bell" as a founding influence in the "Business Casual" genre of style? LOL
BikeStuff (1 year ago)
my workplace went from a casual clothes (no hoodies or hats) office and they just asked us with 1 weeks notice to wear business casual. everyones been complaining, we have no clients come in and we work nights. its bullshit.
misteroz (1 year ago)
Nice guide.
Ben Kopacz (1 year ago)
I work in the tech industry, and all of my coworkers, and boss, have laptop backpacks. Nobody carries bags. I would be the odd man out not carrying a backpack.
My Name (1 year ago)
Does anyone else have an interview coming up??
Max Zip (1 month ago)
My Name yup 😂
Garion Kyler (1 year ago)
I grew up seeing looks as tertiary and function over form. I must say, the transition from that to business casual feels arbitrary, and doesn't make too much of a logical sense. But this video is teaching me things I could never figure out on my own.
Chet Ripka (1 year ago)
You sir, are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for the consistently fantastic videos and articles.
Gentleman's Gazette (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Peter Ryan (1 year ago)
what if you have to carry a laptop and some hard drives ? How can we carry that in a bag built for documents ? As to what I know backpacks do that job really well - Could tell what to do then ?
Steve Conquest (1 year ago)
Hello Raphael, I have watched your videos with great interest and have enjoyed them immensely. Just an observation from an individual who has also had bespoke suits and hacking/norfolk shooting jackets from Savile Row, you should go with darker suit/jacket colours. You have relatively dark features and lighter colours are immediately overpowered. Just a passing thought. Cheers, Steve
CatatonicBug (1 year ago)
I wear "business casual" at a Credit Union, and that, for us, means a dress shirt with a tie, but I would look totally overdressed with a jacket of any kind. Even the CEO doesn't wear a jacket to the office. So far, I have never found a time outside of church that I would ever wear a jacket (i.e., suit, blazer, sport coat, etc.), and even in the winter, in sub-freezing temps, I am only outside for 30 seconds at a time (from my car to the door of a heated building), so I never have a need for things like scarves, gloves, pea coats, or trench coats. Even a sweater is too much cloth, and I'd roast at the office if I ever wore one.
Roy Johnson (1 year ago)
Get to the point man jesus christ
Time Well Spent (13 days ago)
+Alexandre Borges Or, more likely, they are short on time
TheMasterfulcreator (2 months ago)
go away you adhd child
Alexandre Borges (5 months ago)
i.e. tell me exactly what to wear because i have the attention span of a dog.
Fahd Al-Guthmy (7 months ago)
2HardBackRub (1 year ago)
Great video! Fantastic channel as well!
Bob Mob (1 year ago)
Business casual at a law firm means suit, no tie. Lol.
Definitely Indefinite (1 year ago)
this was very helpful
Patrick Pray (1 year ago)
This is a fantastic site, unbelievable info. I also loved the Nomos watch cameo, such a great company...
Bryanjedi82 (1 year ago)
So what about if you work in retail? I work at Sam's Club. We where vests but other than that the dress code is pretty relaxed. Mainly no offensive shirts and they most be clean and have no holes. But I want to step my style game that works in the context of retail environment where I am also very physically active.
Bryanjedi82 (1 year ago)
Yeah, I am a Center Associate so white shirts are mixed. We got plants outside again. On one hand a white shirt keeps you cool. On the other hand they run into the problem you talked about. They get dirty easily.
StepAnine (1 year ago)
I work at Sam's Club too! As a produce associate myself. I found as a floor worker it's okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt, no holes in either of them, clean sneakers, and the shirt can have decals so long as they are not offensive. If you're unclear if something is offensive or not I'd suggest just not testing the waters with them. I learned that wearing a white shirt isn't a good idea as you might get dust/dirt on it that would leave the shirt looking dirty, but the same also goes for light colors, you might want to keep it dark. Shorts are acceptable if they are at/below the knees but nothing higher. I tend to wear long sleeves and turtlenecks year round (even during the summer) because at times I might work in the cooler.
whatmeworryhahaha (1 year ago)
I have to disagree with wearing a pea coat over a jacket. A pea coat is not suitable as a 'top coat' or 'over coat' in that it does not provide room for the padded shoulders of a proper jacket. I suppose you could size up if you insisted on wearing it with a suit.. but a pea coat is best simply worn over layers such as a aran sweater &c. IMO.
Karlmalone321 (5 months ago)
whatmeworryhahaha did not know that, thanks
Aaron Goukhman (1 year ago)
Are turtlenecks ok?
Henry Jacobsen (5 months ago)
Aaron Goukhman I second this, too Steve Jobs esque?
Yajurvendrasinh Gohil (1 year ago)
Are full-winged brogued derby [light brown/ brown] considered "OK" as a part of business-casual attire ?
Lycosa (8 months ago)
Yes they are.
Pramayuda Saleh (1 year ago)
what group does an engineer goes to? obviously not white collar type
Karlmalone321 (5 months ago)
Pramayuda Saleh tie less, suits. But bow ties for meetings
HondaPro Mehmet (1 year ago)
Very informative video! I've recently made a career switch to a "start up" kind of company, and whilist I was on tour I noticed all the staff is wearing hoodies with jeans. I'm going into a sales position, where I will be dealing with costomers & parts vendors and such. I want to dress more professional/business like. I'm assuming a blazer/suit will be a little over kill in this enviroment. I am thinking shirt & tie however I don't want to be judged for being "overdressed" It's quite tricky to figure out
Anon amous (1 year ago)
When I was in the MBA program there was an older student who was an executive with a large corporation. He said that once the A/C in the building shut down and the email went out that you didn't have to wear a suit coat. So, he went to the next meeting in shirtsleeves. Everyone else was wearing a suit coat. He asked why. They laughed at him and said because they wanted to get promoted. Lesson learned. I have always tried to dress at the top end of the dress code for any function. I need all the help I can get to get promoted.
Paul Schmidt (1 year ago)
Hello Raphael This video is awesome! But I just don't know how to dress at home. I want to throw away all my "old" T-shirts and pants and I want to look more like a gentleman. So do you think its a good idea to be dressed up at home as well as "outside" ? I mean you have a lot of awesome ideas and tips for dressing up and improving the style of an gentleman but I am not sure what to do at home. Greetings from Germany!
Worth Less (1 year ago)
i just wear blue, navy, and charcoal dress trousers with a variety of button downs. nice shoes. ill sometimes wear suits with and without ties but i usually take the jacket off right after i get to work and only use it for the most important meetings.
Sander Blum (1 year ago)
Hello Raphael, first of all I really appreciate your great content, all of it! In this particular video, you address bags and say that a gentleman should always opt to carry a bag, no backpack. In my situation, however, being a student in the Netherlands who bikes basically everywhere that takes you less than an hour it can be very convenient to have a backpack. Any thoughts or tips? I try to take a bigger bag whenever I also go to the gym, and use this as an excuse but that is not always it is the case. Thank you, Sander
Vasily Posters (10 months ago)
Sander Blum in principe denk ik dat rugzakken ook gaan. Maar geen eastpak of zoiets dergelijks. Want dat ziet er kinderachtig uit.( vind ik)
Dave Salvato (2 years ago)
Love this video so much!
Alpha Maze (2 years ago)
LOL "Save the Bell" lol
RJay (2 years ago)
Being a big fan of that show (still ^_^; ) I don't think I could have laughed harder.
ikarachadzis (2 years ago)
Best source of classic mens elegance knowledge! But... For me the videos seem too formal, "prepared"... In the end it is youtube ;)
KEKistani (2 years ago)
i live in Hawaii and most of us would wear aloha shirts to accommodate the warm/hot weather here. I mostly where a casual button up shirt tucked in but aloha friday is pretty much everyday for us. Layering is not recommended here, but its okay to layer with a sweater, carigan and hopsack blazer since its breathable.
Jolly good video! Will there be any primers on aloha shirts, or is that more in the too casual to have camp?
Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
We'll add that to our list and we'll see.
Bou Baker (2 years ago)
do a video about teacher look and to dress as taecher
Colin Joe van der Bij (2 years ago)
Great explanation! I always feel so much more educated when I've watched one on this channel. I'm planning on upgrading my wardrobe and dressing a little better since I've been watching your video's. I'm in college and I'm wondering what would be the perfect mix between dressy and casual in this setting. I guess I'll have to experiment a bit with what I'm comfortable with and what degree of formality is appropriate. Anyways, keep up the good work, you've been so helpful already!
Colin Joe van der Bij (2 years ago)
Gentleman's Gazette Yes, that's exactly right, thank you!
Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
Good idea! It's good to have a foundation and guide, of course, but you also have to see what works for you. Best of luck!
Calvin Smith (2 years ago)
Accounting firms on the west coast seem to be following local business trends and are going more casual. Jeans are now acceptable in the office.
Caleb Gallegos (1 year ago)
Calvin Smith west coast in general is extremely casual so Im not surprised
justilyou (2 years ago)
I have a question: how can we choose a "good" knit tie, how can we identify the quality?
Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
Elio Castro Larenas (2 years ago)
I came here from Antonio Centeno's (RMRS) video on his favorite Youtube channels. Subscribed!
Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
+Elio Castro Larenas glad you like it.
Imran Jazib (2 years ago)
Peter Rivera-Pierola (2 years ago)
Great guide! I work in a corporate office that has instilled a business casual dress code that even accepts slim, dark denim. I believe this places it between the 2nd and 3rd types of your spectrum. Also, as a younger guy (mid 30s) on the design side of the business that frequently meets with hip creative agencies, I feel jeans more acceptable.
Rob Salem (2 years ago)
I was blocked by your Facebook last year for no reason! 95% of comments I made you'd like... Sooooo... I don't know if you were hacked or something, but how can I get unblocked?
Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
+robert salem we were not hacked. You must have not exhibited the behavior we expect from members. Please fill out a contact form using your facebook email and we will reconsider
Frank Gadson (2 years ago)
Good video just one question about business casual having one work in a corporate business atmosphere it was require that shirt tie and suit be worn Monday thru Thursday however we were allowed to dress less formal on Friday which was known as "Casual Friday" so are you referring to that on implying business casual can be worn 5 days a week? Thanks again for the fine information.
Mandeep Baweja (2 years ago)
In my opinion the top 4 dress shirt colors a man should own are: - 1. White 2. Light Blue 3. Lavender 4. Pink
Vinh Nguyen (6 months ago)
Agreed. I prefer light pink over normal pink.
Eye Heart Sushi (10 months ago)
Also a Navy shirt is a must.
Eye Heart Sushi (10 months ago)
Rex Erection Definitely Burgundy but I'd also have a pink one. The lavender can wait.
LateToTheParty7 (2 years ago)
Another great, informative guide.
Syed Ameed (2 years ago)
Can u share the link for the sneakers at 7:58, they look quite good.
UrbanDanger ! (2 years ago)
Seen people wearing Flip-Flops in the Office at the Company I work. Ridicouless people.
Polar Bear (1 month ago)
+Nick Lock exactly
Nick Lock (4 months ago)
C'mon guys. if it's just an office job, with no fancy suit required, everyone is allowed to wear whatever
MoosufYohamed (5 months ago)
What's even more "ridicouless" is the fact that someone is criticizing a person's attire whilst making simple grammatical errors themself.
SugarForYourCoffee (5 months ago)
Mannie Gregg What's even SADDER is the people here who ridicule other people for working how they feel comfortable. Many like dressing up, many just want to wear relaxing clothes, other are in between. Nothing says, "Hi, I'm immature" than someone who degrades others because they don't follow their beliefs.
Mannie Gregg (6 months ago)
whats even sadder/ridiculous is the idea that the shoes you wear effect your productivity as an employee
mattias (2 years ago)
i've got the jacket at 10:21 , Polo Raplh Lauren. Such a great jacket. Or rather a quilted blazer. 5/5 toast.
Kostas Kougkas (2 years ago)
A small question, where is the screenshot from 5:09 from? Great work as always :)
Nathanial Arias (2 years ago)
Business casual usually means I just go with dark trousers and a dress shirt!
Omarni Karnley Jarbie (2 months ago)
Nathanial Arias what are dark trousers
Prem Shanker (2 years ago)
Piss Troop General (2 years ago)
Legend has it if youre here within 30 minutes of an upload, you get a reply from Gentlemans Gezette...
Gentleman's Gazette (2 years ago)
Only good comments warrant a reply normally ;)
Joshua R. Poulson (2 years ago)
I work for Microsoft, which has a tradition of "no tie".
Maria Perez (2 years ago)
that would suck for me because I love wearing a tie
Tailored Gentleman (2 years ago)
Thanks for the guide, I really needed that

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