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Microsoft Lumia 535 tour and first impressions

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Microsoft's first branded Lumia is the Lumia 535 Windows Phone. Although it is yet-another budget phone, this time Microsoft gets a lot of it right. More information and HD photos can be found here: http://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-lumia-535-first-impressions Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WindowsPhoneCentral/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/windowscentral/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/windowscentral
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Text Comments (552)
sm1else (1 month ago)
I have no idea why this video popped up on my feed, but I do miss my Lumia. If only Microsoft hadn't screwed the pooch with it's phone business. I do have SwiftKey on my iPhone. Pour one out for Windows Phone.
Valeria Rodriguez (2 months ago)
nightofthecastle (3 months ago)
Ah, back when 8gb was good storage and 1gb of RAM was a nice feature..
Darkiller (3 months ago)
nightofthecastle hi
wow super
YouTube User (4 months ago)
Milind Chouhan (5 months ago)
hate Microsoft
Jim Kelly (6 months ago)
Complete garbage now discontinued just like windows mobile don’t you feel a fool
Dude Sensitive Ass (9 months ago)
Ikram Ramli (9 months ago)
watch this in 2018..
AMARDEEP WAHENGBAM (10 months ago)
What's the box price of lumia 550
Ranjit Yadav (10 months ago)
James H (11 months ago)
*OH GOD ITS GREEN* Reporting in from 2018, Windows Phone is dead. I got this phone in 2015, and I loved it. I still have it and use it as my daily driver. Even if it breaks, I'll never throw it away. EDIT: I was one of the people who had problems with the touch screen. It wasn't accurate at times and sometimes didn't respond to the touch. A reboot fixed it, though.
Mikko T (3 months ago)
I wish I still had a Lumia.
Anshuman Jha (5 months ago)
Jade Yup I still use my Lumia 540 it's awwwwwsome...
رزاق حسن (11 months ago)
Microsoft NOKIA📱🎆🎉😇😃😇😶🎉🎇🎍🎏📱💵😶🎊🎄🎁🎂🎈🌎🌙🌞🔧🔨🚴🛣🏍
I'm using this phone more than a year now and I like how the quality works and its amazing because it has its own originality not like all the phones out there like vivo who copies the design of the apple phone and the apple phone copies the Samsung phone like r Yu kidding. Me its ridiculous so I prefer using Microsoft even tho it's expensive
Erase Planet (11 months ago)
elisha blaise trinidad First of all, go improve your English. Also, improve your KNOWLEDGE.
Samad Reed (1 year ago)
R.I.P 😭😭
Noscir Oremor (1 year ago)
RIP+ windows phone
Basty Akmad (1 year ago)
How do I unlock the code, I have this lumia but I can't use it ,, it said enter unlock code ,,
LeeThePuggo (1 year ago)
I know this may make you feel like I'm being a rich kid but I don't want an iphone I want this phone iphone is kinda boring so I want this phone (Mostley cause I like halo and on this phone cortana is on there)
amresh sahani (1 year ago)
how to download and install Google duo app in this phone...please reply soon
mostafa mahmoud (1 year ago)
blu or green the phone is awesome
Tiny Burmese (1 year ago)
can I download some app in the phone,like Barclays, some shopping app?
Jack Evans Vlogs (1 year ago)
double tap to wake annoys me when i listen to music it turns my phone on then pauses my music or changes songs or restarts the current song
Gias Uddin (2 years ago)
how to installed clash of clans lumio 535
AB Shedique (2 years ago)
Can I upgrade my lumia 535 to Windows 10?
ItsRickysChannel (2 years ago)
Yes.  I did. One complaint I have is the battery life with the phone as a whole, however I think Windows 10 has and improved battery management system as I feel the battery life is a little better.
GabiPro420 (2 years ago)
Should i get this one or 550 cuz i need it mostly for gaming but i cant find it in the stores (the stores named as a sim card)
ItsRickysChannel (2 years ago)
I would recommend you got the Lumia 640. There are issues I find with battery life which is a problem if you play games with DRM, in such case requiring the wifi to be on to play.  The 640 although similar in look as far as I am aware is better as an option.
Is this an upgrade to Samsung galaxy grand neo plus?
Subhan butt (2 years ago)
i currently have Microsoft Lumia 532, i was thinking to upgrade to this phone, is it worth it?
Yes, it is worth it. 535 is excellent. It is better than 550.
Gage Bamber (2 years ago)
no go for the 550 or 640
Frank Cantero (2 years ago)
There all pretty much the same all boring
ItsRickysChannel (2 years ago)
what do you mean boring?
Karn Mistry (2 years ago)
does microsoft phones have youtube?
Adnan Parkar (2 years ago)
Karn Mistry no built-in app
Barney Tage (2 years ago)
Only 2 word for you FUCK YOU
jazreel salagoste (2 years ago)
i have this phone for almost a year . running win 10 official build it's nice but the touch issue is not fixed .when charging. hoping the microsoft will fix it . ! . in next update
Netlife (2 years ago)
i much preferred my Sony for texting. This phone is terrible for texting, which is important in a phone! Good review, no ums or arrs no pauses. My battery is rectangular, otherwise same phone. Camera and video quaility good, colours better than Sony, greens more natural. But writing email and text.... $hite. Why? You make a mistake and want to place the cursor to correct, good luck. You end up just erasing the whole word. so cursor placement, and accuracy of keyboard for those of us with larger thumbs, unimpressive.
Lamborghini Aventador (2 years ago)
I love this smartphone
Sachin Dwivedi (2 years ago)
phone is a shit mainly screen my gorilla glass 3 is broken when i just put my hand on it........... wtf its so shitty and annoying ......... even i had got to change the back panel in thee last 2 months after buying............ so disappointing from ms..........
realgamer27 (2 years ago)
I have one of these xD
The Entitled Gamer (3 years ago)
Where is the freaking review? Oh... this was 2014... didn't notice been waiting for that long...
emy villa (3 years ago)
En argentina viene sin auriculares y sin usb ;( so sad! solo cargador :C
Luke Molnar (3 years ago)
How does it compare to a 4 year old iPhone 5?
petrol head66 (3 years ago)
S***t phone
Aneta Madej (3 years ago)
czymozrsz muwivi popolsku😠😠
horrible phone 480p video recording runs windows 10 badly and has rubbish battery life and a terrible touchscreen
Bey Boy (3 years ago)
i like how you said it was a bit washed out... IT CHANGED THE HEADPHONES FROM GREEN TP CYAN
Jong-Jong Slownely (2 years ago)
"bit washed out" lol
ChicaPhoto (3 years ago)
This phone doesn't have an alarm clock or voice recorder. Be warned.
it actually has both
ItsRickysChannel (2 years ago)
Windows 8.1 it does also
Russell Bagley (2 years ago)
+Subhan butt Windows 8.1 or below did not have a timer and other simple things even a feature phone has.
Subhan butt (2 years ago)
it does you retarded bitch, did you buy an 10$ fake copy?
Russell Bagley (2 years ago)
+Burgerpants it is actually pretty great! What phone did you use?
Remi V. Tomsa (3 years ago)
I have one of these and i'm happy with it ! Beautiful and complete phone at a lower price ! Just get one and see .
Dude Sensitive Ass (9 months ago)
Remi Tomsa Sadly, they are dead now.
Remi V. Tomsa (3 years ago)
Course .
Lightnin991 (3 years ago)
I can't work out how to end a call or to stop the phone ringing when there's no one there to answer it. The dial screen with all the numbers on it sometimes disappears and with it the "end call" option. It's driving me nuts!!
Kohaku Rinko (3 years ago)
i got my Lumia 535 just today, but i have noticed one odd thing that u cant put your own favorite mp3 as your ringtone, for that you have to a lot of stuff.... i wasn't expecting that...
Kohaku Rinko (3 years ago)
tnx for the idea...
MissFM art (3 years ago)
+Sramana Disha Adhikary there is an app fr that in the store BTW... called ringtone maker... saves you the trouble
Remi V. Tomsa (3 years ago)
+Sramana Disha Adhikary Yes you can .
Kohaku Rinko (3 years ago)
thank you so much for the help man, i was without my fav ringtone...thank you so much..hugs¤
Ferro Yudha (3 years ago)
+Sramana Disha Adhikary just plug your phone using a compatible USB Cable to a computer, and copy your mp3 to the ringtone folder on the device. Don't forget to reboot your device.
d productionz (3 years ago)
will this update to windows 10. and is it good for games.
Miljan Trajkovic (3 years ago)
+Guma i dont thinks so. I have to Windows 10 on lumia 535 and works pretty well. Do you hard reset the phone?
Muhamed Bilinovic (3 years ago)
+dzh sneakerfreak - D2H better dont i had w10 in my lumia 535 and it sucks
Rubo (3 years ago)
+dzh sneakerfreak “D2H” yes l535 will update to windows 10 mobile.
Z.R. Cai (3 years ago)
I don't know about the updates but the touchscreen isn't that good. If you have like sweaty hands or something like that it'll go crazy...lol Regrets? A little bit
MegaChrissie61 (3 years ago)
I am new to this type of Phone .. I know i might sound a bit stupid but ... How do i answer a call ????
Rubo (3 years ago)
+MegaChrissie61 slide up and press "answer button"
MegaChrissie61 (3 years ago)
+Zheng Rong Cai Thanks for your reply, much apreciated .
Z.R. Cai (3 years ago)
Just tap a button...that's it
Marian Cruțu (3 years ago)
@Train_titan Games Me too, but color cyan and with protective cover.
kevin dickenson (3 years ago)
£40 in uk
kevin dickenson (3 years ago)
+Joseph W-Tang no mate it may of been because it was black friday but they match deals that they may of done before I think
kevin dickenson (3 years ago)
carphone warehouse mate i bought 2 of them you need to buy £10 credit as well so nocks it up to £50 phone is unlocked too so anynet all sims welcome
reinaldo nilo nilo (3 years ago)
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Bambang Sukoco (3 years ago)
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kingkong (3 years ago)
badass phone i have ever seen ... I'm using this from one months .... touch and apps everything bulshit .... -_-
sundara1957 (3 years ago)
unable to get youtube in front page how it can be installed?
jeremiah alvarez (3 years ago)
The phone suck because I got one and does not let me download apps or games and does not have any unlimited gigs
Craig List (3 years ago)
@Veljko Veljkovic G2 Mini.
Tharindhu Thiwanka (3 years ago)
Hi my form microsoft
Lawrence (3 years ago)
Will this work with a Pebble time smart watch does the Windows App Store get the Pebble time app
Telxor (3 years ago)
the lumia 535 in colors is got a plastik bat i dont know how to sey bat is not like black lumia its rubber
Veljko Veljkovic (3 years ago)
lg g2mini or microsoft lumia 535
RG Rohit (3 years ago)
I love window phone. its phone is tooo good
Patryk Sprenger (3 years ago)
Planetary Citizen (3 years ago)
I'm new to smartphones but am very pleased so far with my Lumia 535. I've not gone online with it yet but will probably do so soon. I've downloaded a book to read (pdf) on my laptop and transferred it to my phone. It's showing up in Documents but I'm unable to open it. Will I need to get an app on my Lumia to enable me to do this? Also, is it possible to change the colour of the individual tiles? The way I've organised it, I seem to have mostly blue ones at the moment :-(
Planetary Citizen (3 years ago)
+Vincent Zarate Thanks. I'm able to read this and other books on my phone now using Adobe Reader.
Shiv (3 years ago)
should I get this or stick with the moto g (1st gen)
Shiv (3 years ago)
+Colin Chatfield no..none at all Its just I hardly have any storage left and as you know its not expandable so that's why I'm looking to upgrade to the 535. I'm just considering other options
Colin Chatfield (3 years ago)
+Shivam Kailey i have the moto g first gen and I'm really looking to upgrade to this. My moto has had massive slowdowns ands tons of lag. Do you have the same issues??
CANDLE COVE (3 years ago)
lenovo a6000 or lumia 535?
I'm getting that phone on Thursday
Hi, i have lumia 535 but i no have a cortana pls say me how download it
it has a selfie camera ???
Aris Terzidis (3 years ago)
Εχει και ειναι 5 mega pixel!
MARK TIONGSON (3 years ago)
Finally, Iv'e got this phone. Many of my friend said that this is not good but I think it's really great, I don't mind what they said, when I avail it. :) #Lumia53
Ginger Katy (3 years ago)
I switched from my LG L3 II, and it's kind of 50/50. The thing that I'm disappointed is that it's battery life, screen touch sensitivity, it's transfer my files, and when it restarts on itself for no bloody reason. My LG L3 II have a long battery life, the fact that it's numbers are less than this lumia 535. Same usage but this phone just drains up so fast. I always have to bring my powerbank with me. And the transfer my files app. I hate it that They transfer anything even the application folders. The screen touch response is poor even after the update. Sometimes you accidentally touch an app even tho your scrolling. And sometimes the touch doesn't respond. I just hope this transfer my file app will fix this. And another problem, the transfer my file send me like 10x copy of a single picture. And i just hate it. I need to check it one by one to delete the other copies. And i don't want to reset my sd card, because I've already erased the pictures in my previous phone and i already have some memorable pictures in my phone.
chris solo (3 years ago)
should i get this or an iphone 4s
Nicol Aguirre Quiroz (3 years ago)
That. Phone. IS. COOL
Christopher Alewine (3 years ago)
Can you get a extended battery for lumia 535
Benjamin Gordon (3 years ago)
8:58 what happen to the color on this camera ? the headphones are green . but in the screen you can see light blue ???? wtf ..and its looks like wierd and fake photo looks closly ..
Waliul A.I (3 years ago)
Saw this on argos for £70. Then in Carphone warehouse as a pay as you go upgrade for £40,
Molly James (3 years ago)
Is that blue or green? I wan that color when I get mine
Bey Boy (3 years ago)
its green
Mostor (3 years ago)
I see it green tho
Mostor (3 years ago)
Definitely it starts war
sjneow (3 years ago)
+Molly James I believe it's Cyan, the evil color where half the population will call it blue and another half green, these things can start wars.
2nd Question (3 years ago)
How much is it??
Roni Pränny (3 years ago)
JohnMichael Pierce (3 years ago)
I get my lumia 535 in green yesterday, love it!
Aleksandra (3 years ago)
hi, i have a huge problem. I have this phone and it is great but few days ago i got the mesage that i have 4 viruses on my device and that my batery is damaged. They said to me to download some g-data android antivirus or my phone will be ruined. But i can't do that because it's a windows phone, not android. Also, i found information that there is no antivirus for a windows phone and that can't be infected by viruses but i' m sure my phone has a viruses. I tried everything...please, HELP! And sorry if i've made some mistakes in spelling...
Subhan butt (2 years ago)
don't worry, that's a fake virus AD, Windows phones can't get infected by virus easily.
FrostyCreeper10 (3 years ago)
Thats a fake message. Its probably a failed ad. XD Dont worry.
Edwin Ramirez (3 years ago)
Sayyed Danyal Hussain (3 years ago)
When did this phone release on to the market?
Hilandar (3 years ago)
...Finally, some colours...
GabiPro420 (3 years ago)
The bad thing about this phone is that it has a speaker on the back, so you gotta watch out when you put him is the sound going to be clear or is it going to be lower and bader...
Amani Longishu (3 years ago)
NYC phone
K Dawg (3 years ago)
+Windows Central would you say buy the windows lumia 535 or blu win hd lte
Matej Hrg (3 years ago)
cool phone
GeorgeDoesRandom (3 years ago)
No stuttering in my phone, guess a software update fixed that. About this phone, definitely recommend it, just I need to put some things aside. First the display doesn't look as good in the sun, second although the camera is GREAT, I'm sad that I didn't get the Lumia 640 (which has 8mpix and full hd recording). Great phone for the price, waiting for an Windows 10 update.
kb l (3 years ago)
i can't download apps seriously don't buy this phone
James Whittaker (3 years ago)
The knowkia is a pretty nice phone ;)
Thanos (3 years ago)
is this better than windows 8?
James Hall (3 years ago)
I have only one problem with my 535 it looses signal indoors, other than that its great
Rausyan Safwan (3 years ago)
Mine works fine eventhough i don't upgrade it yet 😊 love lumia
Md. Abu Motalab (3 years ago)
This phone is really very very bad especially the touch. It hangs so much.
Lights Out (3 years ago)
I bought the Lumia 535 yesterday. It's absolutely amazing. A big step up from my old Samsung Galaxy Fame.
Rubo (3 years ago)
+Mayssem Harbaoui that was software problem and its fixed.
GabiPro420 (3 years ago)
Tobias (3 years ago)
+Lights Out would you recommend for a first w8 phone?
Lights Out (3 years ago)
+Mayssem Harbaoui I haven't noticed any issues, especially with the touch screen. As to my general opinion, It's sleek, it's fast, and it's genrally a great phone. Like I said, I've had no issues with it.
Mayssem Harbaoui (3 years ago)
Please can you u tell me about your general opinion about the phone ? It is true that there is an issue for the touchscreen ??
Roko Prović (3 years ago)
Can someone please tell me which phone is better to buy? Microsoft Lumia 535 or Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus Duos? Please can someone answer me.
Roko Prović (3 years ago)
But that's not a phone.
Alfonso Orfinada (3 years ago)
welcome sir :) Microsoft Surface pro 3/3 are good too... sorry for my english
Roko Prović (3 years ago)
Ok,but i changed my mind im buying Microsoft Lumia 640 dual sim.Thanks for everything (;
Alfonso Orfinada (3 years ago)
Luyang Che (3 years ago)
Is this phone still designed and manufactured by Nokia? Cos if it is, this phone should be durable and good to go.
Conor reilly (3 years ago)
Can I get rid of apps I dont want on the windows os on the phone? Im new to phones old to pcs
reinaldo nilo nilo (3 years ago)
Take action guys: use this link ...before they runs out !! Links Here!! --- https://www.facebook.com/1009371402456654/photos/a.1009372602456534.1073741828.1009371402456654/1009372462456548/?type=3&pidid=d9e7c891-5e07-477f-8556-1b0906d6a8cb === !! Guides placed right here commonly working. Just got that 9999999 Credits Microsoft Lumia 535 tour and first impressions
sjneow (3 years ago)
+Conor reilly not for the actual Windows built in apps, similar to PC you can't uninstall stuff like Internet Explorer or Media Player, but you can get rid off manufacturer specific softwares like the Lumia stuff in this video here
Suiseiseki Desu Desu (3 years ago)
let me show you the camera desu, oh wait desu, those headphones became blue desu~!
I bought mine few days ago quite happy with it  and the price was really appealing :)
GabiPro420 (3 years ago)
+Tobias Gallas No, at all.I experienced it at my brother (he has that phone).It is actually really good and there is no lags at all!
Tobias (3 years ago)
Looking into getting one, any experience with touch screen lag?

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