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Sexy TV Injection Girls part 1

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Some of the sexist girls on TV & in the movies get the needle!
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Radya Ichwandiputra (8 months ago)
do you know whos the actress at 2:23?
Ramiz HADITALAB (1 year ago)
Where is the video starting at 2:23 and ending at 6:15 ?
James Bond (2 years ago)
What is title of movie in 8:40 at 9:05 ? Thanks
Red Flame (5 years ago)
tell us what movies these clips are from
theinjectiongirls (6 years ago)
wich one was sexy let me know? yes its BOWIE!
kain7777 (7 years ago)
Can you tell us the name of the movies.tv shows?
jetsetbob (7 years ago)
@samosrebernjak : at 12:12 there is a bottle with the name "Olivia Dunham" written on it, so the series is "Fringe".

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