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Opening Lion Funny Roar Robocop 2014

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Amine Zerouali (1 month ago)
came here from Nostalgia critic review just to make sure that roar sound was real
Tyler Buck (5 months ago)
What happen to the lion roar? 0:28
Sharkonabicycle (5 months ago)
lmfao wtf!?
Justice For Mii Fighters (5 months ago)
Who’s here from Nostalgia Critic?
Drew Landry (5 months ago)
Same here
Sharkonabicycle (5 months ago)
I am, LOL I thought he added this sound in, I immediately had to see if it was real.
Buckwheat Jackson (5 months ago)
Robocoo: This time, it was just too good not to use again.
Dave Kitsune (5 months ago)
@Buckwheat Jackson Robocoo: This time he's a pigeon. LOL!!!!!
Buckwheat Jackson (5 months ago)
Robocop: This time he’s a pigeon.
Zachary Erickson (5 months ago)
For a moment I thought the Nostalgia Critic added this sound effect in. What the fuck was that? Robocoo, this time He's a Pigeon!
Nathan Cruz (1 year ago)
0:28 😂
Mike D (2 years ago)
R. R. (3 years ago)
had to look this up bc I was so confused...
Zachary Erickson (5 months ago)
I thought the Critic added this sound in when he reviewed it.
Laynie DeSenzo (1 year ago)
R. R. E
R. Ryan Heath (4 years ago)
R. Ryan Heath (4 years ago)

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