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Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

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Now in Black. Go beyond traditional laptops and think in color with the new Surface Laptop 2. Sleek, light and ultra-slim, just slip it in your bag and make every day more productive. Surface Laptop 2 comes with a 13.5” PixelSense™ Display, an 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ processor, and a luxurious Alcantara® covered keyboard, for both style and speed. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2NkWTzg
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Text Comments (1285)
Codec Leaper (5 minutes ago)
I love you so much..... I want you so desperately 😍
herpsenderpsen (9 hours ago)
Overpriced, and repairability is non-existent. You guys have really copied Apple in the worst way possible. Sad.
Rahul Nayak (16 hours ago)
Tell me that background music name please..
Microsoft Surface (15 hours ago)
The song is Flombae by Phi Bui. Learn more here: http://msft.social/3bvDmN
AppleSauce (20 hours ago)
Who cares that there’s no usb-c. I think you still need thunderbolt 3 tho
Animesh Upadhyay (1 day ago)
Macbook pro killer...
K MC (1 day ago)
1. The fabric is awful I have a surface pro 3 and it gets so dirty and hard to clean. Microsoft should go leather. 2. Completely lost me at not having a usb c thunderbolt 3... I’m a software developer that uses a heap of VM’s that are around 35-50gb each... I would need thunder bolt 3 for an external ssd to be able to either run my VM’s on or swap around... Me and all of my colleagues were going to probably get this laptop but now are either getting HP Spectre, Dell XPS... Hugely disappointing...
Huge Apple fan boy - but this advertisement is making me rethink everything.
Microsoft Surface (17 hours ago)
We'd love to have you join the Surface family! Which features caught your eye?
fuck (2 days ago)
GTX 1070 would’ve been an instant buy from me.
Sam mie (3 days ago)
I’ve got the surface laptop and it’s amazing. No doubt this second version will be exceptional
Microsoft Surface (21 hours ago)
We're happy to hear it! Thanks for your support.
Matthew Lowery (3 days ago)
Still no USB C though. Dealbreaker.
Electro Boy (5 days ago)
Is this available in the Philippines?
Juan Ramirez (5 days ago)
Gotta admit the black looks beautiful
Microsoft Surface (4 days ago)
We thought so too!
Dhruv Rawat (5 days ago)
No thunderbolt and USD C !! Come on Microsoft it's 2018
Rafiq de Rafew (6 days ago)
That alcantara keyboard sucks....
Vladislav Vladislav (6 days ago)
Ahahaha, nice leptop without Type-C XD
Canadian Lynx (6 days ago)
dont buy an i5 with 4gb of RAM i have one and it is soooo slow spend the extra 200 dollars or whatevery it is and get a good computer
Miss Controllerism (6 days ago)
micorosft lowered the prices and gives you 4 cores and 8 thread for less price... and you are complayining for type C port... ahah epople will never be happy they are greedy and dumb...
Miss Controllerism (6 days ago)
microsoft always better than apple
Microsoft Surface (5 days ago)
Thanks for the love!
Lisette Uribe (6 days ago)
Black?! omg they did that.
Microsoft Surface (5 days ago)
Yes, we did that!
watching this on the surface laptop 2 black ..... so beautiful
+Microsoft Surface i had the first gen surface laptop but it got stolen ( because of the sexiness i guess) and the second gen is exactly as the other one ....but much better . the upgrade/refresh is really noticeable.the only bad thing is that there is no usb c ( i understand the risks on usb c cable problems but still...) Besides that, the laptop is very well made that i had to wait to buy the second gen ! Also , there should have been a gift went you preorder this laptop (2200$ is not cheap) and you guys should make and anti-theft spy programs to protect the investment (lojack for laptops). thx you microsoft
Microsoft Surface (6 days ago)
This just made our day! We'd love to hear your first impressions.
Will Gilmore (6 days ago)
Haven't upgraded my laptop for 6 years, was holding out for the Surface Laptop 2 hoping it would have USB-C ports and be somewhat future-proofed. Might have to look elsewhere now.. disappointing Microsoft!
sirroger1 (7 days ago)
If you want USB-C Thunderbolt, like this post
C A R L O S (8 days ago)
Microsoft is updating...
Thyeah Thyeah (9 days ago)
Yeah windows version of the MacBook
I like the music
Microsoft Surface (7 days ago)
The song is Flombae by Phi Bui. Check out more here: http://msft.social/q5qRYm
Will Burns (9 days ago)
Now if only I could get money...
Scarlett_r8 (9 days ago)
please make it turn 360 degrees.
Bara' Adel Awwad (9 days ago)
I just came
SEUNGJOON LEE (9 days ago)
Even no iris graphic!
Dol _ (10 days ago)
I'm already graduating fam, I don't need it at the moment
Rebecca Chassin (10 days ago)
so pretty 😍
Rebecca Chassin (7 days ago)
Can you send me one? My mom is in dire need of a new laptop. And thanks for responding. Love y'all :)
Microsoft Surface (7 days ago)
Thanks for being a fan, Rebecca.
lord Lancelot name (10 days ago)
The only time people will buy it is when these are advertised as luxury and priced 2000$
Tommaso (10 days ago)
2018 and still no usb-c!
Aziz Shn (10 days ago)
I wanted to buy it but the when I knew it was touch screen I didn’t buy it
HIvanH91 (10 days ago)
I said this when Microsoft first introduced their original surface laptop and I'll say it again... Why would anyone interested in buying a surface product buy this over a surface pro or surface book? It doesn't have the same versatile form factor as the pro or book and can't fold all the way to enable comfortable use of the surface pen for artists. Additionally, faster, more capable laptops can be had for cheaper elsewhere. I don't get it.
Stehvin Leh (9 days ago)
I had a surface pro 4 and I switched to the laptop- the of the best decisions hands down. The surface pro has a huge border, runs out of battery fairly fast, and I didn't need the tablet form at all.
MsVic_ (10 days ago)
I'm so ready for this to be released
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
We love the excitement!
Hans Li Engnell (10 days ago)
I got the Surface Laptop for my wife for Christmas last year. Truly a beauty (yeah, the computer) and a great computer. Don't see much change here, though. Would've liked another usb port.
Alex Diaz (10 days ago)
Hari Triyanto (10 days ago)
kinda miss lenka, pure imagination, fly me to the moon and you're the one that i wanted
Sulaiman Aljabari (10 days ago)
If there is anything missing miscrosoft is micro-drop as airdrop that apple has
A. Saeed Khawaja (10 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
Surface Laptop 2 starts at $999 USD. Learn more here: http://msft.social/oOhLYZ
Fadli Rizaldi (10 days ago)
what a lol power button ... ! :D
Don Davinci (11 days ago)
What about the Surface Book 3?
Carl Miller (10 days ago)
Don Davinci October 2019....
Marusi (10 days ago)
Thanks for still including Mini Displayport and USB-A Microsoft. I don't need USB-C.
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks for sticking with us.
e (11 days ago)
i just bought the blue one a month ago rip. i mean, there's not much difference but i want the black one lmao
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
The black is definitely eye catching! Which Surface Laptop features sealed the deal for you?
Zarnaih Marchessa (11 days ago)
I want this so bad.
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
We think you'd love it! Which features caught your eye?
At least Microsoft has enough balls to enable comments on their videos unlike Apple.
not important (11 days ago)
I hate the alcantara keyboard
Farens (12 days ago)
Only 9999999$ without taxes :)
F 1 (12 days ago)
Can I install Linux on this stuff?
Erick J. (12 days ago)
Wonder how much bloatware this comes with
Erick J. (12 days ago)
Lol weakass wanna be MacBook Pro 😂 try again
Prathamesh Khairnar (12 days ago)
The girl on video chat 👸 anyone knows her Instagram id??
Ethan Martinez (12 days ago)
But can it run crysis?
Emmanuel Medina (12 days ago)
USB-C?!!!! Come on man.
Kyle K. (12 days ago)
Great add ngl
Islam Youssef (12 days ago)
wait does the logo light up now?
Christian Wurm (12 days ago)
Where is thunderbolt 3
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
Hey, Christian. Surface Laptop 2 comes with 1 full-size USB 3.0, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a mini DisplayPort, and 1 Surface Connect port. Learn more here: http://msft.social/5HIB0L
Deniz (12 days ago)
If only, it wouldn't be so expensive...
Egory Ageev (12 days ago)
Ваш новоиспеченный ноут - полная хуита
Abhinav sai pingali (12 days ago)
Everytime these are in my recommended I think they are parodies
Bepske Kaatje (12 days ago)
That black one gives me chills, now let's get money lol
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
We appreciate you being a fan!
markuks (12 days ago)
My concern the cloth material for the keyboard is okay in the beggining, once it ages and a few drops of coffee later, it look so worn out. The surface pro can change keyboards after but the laptop cannot. Surface Pro over Surface Laptop for my preference.
DoNotSayTruth (12 days ago)
bitly? seriously microsoft....
제로 (13 days ago)
I want full size keyboard
Fantastic Games (13 days ago)
What is music, guys?
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
The song is Flombae by Phi Bui. Learn more about the artist here: http://msft.social/7NowFZ
Thremore (13 days ago)
Can i play dota with this laptop?
sprakful (13 days ago)
Is it fanless?
Juan Jonatha (13 days ago)
Can you give one for free? I really need one to study.
Rover Atvist (13 days ago)
ˢᴼ............ ᵂᴴᴬᵀ'ˢ ᴺᴱᵂ?
Fiki Firmansyah (13 days ago)
Mohd Sufian Mat Ali (13 days ago)
Did Bruce Wayne bought Microsoft?
Hashim Alsawi (13 days ago)
I don't think they more successful than the macbooks
RAHMAT SIDIK (13 days ago)
There is one thing that make macbook can't be beaten by any other laptop pc that is zoom in on the browser that really smooth
It,s Great!
오디세이 (13 days ago)
한국엔 언제 출시될까...
Thomas Cowley (13 days ago)
no usb-c, no buy
Paul (13 days ago)
Omar Ali (13 days ago)
But I just bought the first one :((
Archit Koli (13 days ago)
jut one word WOW
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
There's no better way to explain it!
Fero R. (13 days ago)
Very impressive video 💞
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Thank you, Fero! We appreciate it.
sparkleclipse (13 days ago)
i dont have money, this is sad
Alexa B (13 days ago)
Does it come with the software installed or do we need to get it somewhere separately? Because that is the exact reason I love apple's prods more... They come with a software. In what concerns the laptop I mean
Jesus Christ (13 days ago)
Runs Windows Who would buy that?
Shield S. (13 days ago)
Congrats for making a computer less repairable than a macbook! Never thought it was possible!
Elon 123 (13 days ago)
Only when I get a job.
Raaj Raaj (13 days ago)
Cant buy but still watching... Dont know why.😐
Bryan Lee (13 days ago)
Surface laptop 2 vs Macbook which is better ?
SashavdBroek (13 days ago)
100 % garbage
hetstandaardkanaal (13 days ago)
But, does it have *Battle Royale mode?*
Priyanshu Mishra (13 days ago)
When they will be launched in india 🤤
gabriel (13 days ago)
Shut up and take my mineral kkk
Artemiy Jirniy (13 days ago)
worse than apple yet
étu (14 days ago)
Ayush Nayak (14 days ago)
Pratik Yadav (14 days ago)
i love this thing..... but the only question i keep repeatedly asking ... when are you guys bringing the surface phone..we need windows phone beating apple and google in terms of everything
midnightwill (14 days ago)
Expected GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Card to be inside, but never mind....
Ayush Jain (14 days ago)
Cheap macbook
Neko Chan (14 days ago)
Sounds like SimCity 4 soundtrack
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
The song is Flombae by Phi Bui: http://msft.social/AxtUoX
introducing now in *BLACK* *INNOVATION*

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