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sas proc sql database

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for SAS online tutorials contact email: [email protected] SAS ACCESS to oracle database Pre-requisite: prior knowledge of sas , libname , database
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E. Allan Montes D. (11 months ago)
I think you need to show the initialization.sas file
Siddharth Fashion (1 year ago)
pavani pavani (2 years ago)
Hi, Nice video for beginners and easy to understand also Catch Experts http://www.catchexperts.com/sas-certification-online-training offering SAS Courses, Videos and Online and Classroom training. Thanks, Pavani.
Renuka Nissankararao (2 years ago)
Good explanation! Thank you
Eleanor Carr (2 years ago)
this video was utterly worthless. first of all, if you have no textual representation of the names and expressions you are saying, make sure you pronounce them well. and then, the most important thing was to see how you get connected to the database which you have apparently solved before the beginning of this video. i doubt if anyone has much problem running their sql queries.

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