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The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Spanish Castle Magic (Copenhagen 1969 Late Show)

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Performance recorded January 10th,1969 at the Falkoner Centeret in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Cosmic Man (1 month ago)
Thank you jimi for helping me now at this time.my friend and brother forever.thanks and god blessings to the poster .aum amen amen.........
Papa M (5 months ago)
Jimi started each of the three shows I saw him with Spanish Castle Magic. All three performances were truly magic from "the Man with the Guitar".
Tiger Mane (6 months ago)
insanely good
Fabric - Chasing Sun (2 years ago)
Amazing performance..... never heard a SCM where Hendrix leaves the script so fully behind. #endwriter
mjimih (3 years ago)
Jason Lee is not right.

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