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MLP: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games 'Pinkie Spy' EXCLUSIVE Short

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Pinkie Pie isn't the best at covert operations. Watch the premiere on Discovery Family on 9/26. Available on Blu-Ray and DVD on 10/13. Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: http://j.mp/1gKHx7x
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Text Comments (1789)
Ryan Ciccarelli (5 days ago)
Ahmed Taki (5 days ago)
Baby Songs - Baby Shark & Johny Johny Yes papa https://youtu.be/AUys3t9xegY
Dash AJ (1 month ago)
*"yOu SmELL LiKe VaNilLa"*
Art Flor U 05 (1 month ago)
Very ironic that due to how Rainbow is angry that Pinkie’s not listening about spying she ended up blowing their cover.
Autumn_Blazing_Wolf (1 month ago)
I’m a lot like pinkie pie
*DianaTheAltean* (2 months ago)
Guy at the end:*shrug*
Minh Cam (2 months ago)
Kjvfxbkj kfxjnilrx lk lk lkrx o
Pear Butter (2 months ago)
This kinda reminds me of that scene from season 1, Over a barrel...😱😅
Vũ Xuân (3 months ago)
It reminds me about tf2 because that will be the name for Pinkie pie if she a Spy
Sick Nick (3 months ago)
2:06, Mission Failed
Ben Sam (3 months ago)
omg Pinkie Pie is the funniest thing EVER! !!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Lavette Reynolds (3 months ago)
1:24 zoom! 1:23
Lavette Reynolds (4 months ago)
Lavette Reynolds (4 months ago)
1:29 💛🎈: (screams)
Joshua Dunford (4 months ago)
Mission Failed! Well get em next time
Julian Monsalve (4 months ago)
0:59 so they have a military in their world?
faustoelotro (4 months ago)
Best short ever
TwilightJLO (4 months ago)
In 1:27 its reminds me of the movie "IT" Pinkie pie is like penniewise "IT" movie references
Late 2015 january
Lightening McQueen (4 months ago)
Now you've done it, Rainbow Dash. XD.
x_p4 (5 months ago)
RBAGADIONG (5 months ago)
Wait guys did dash eat a cake if it is that Is why pinkie says she smell like vanilla 🤔🤔
2:16 *Coach:* What do you suppose that was all about? *Dark green-haired jock:* I don't know.
Rj Anderson (6 months ago)
Whoa, I didn't know the teenage mutant ninja turtles were training rainbow dash
Bonnie Bunny Buddy (6 months ago)
Trip Away (7 months ago)
That Pinkie is a spy! *Backstabbed*
Cosmico StudioZ (8 months ago)
How did they survive that fall?!
fnafRjLetsEat94 rules (8 months ago)
You know I've been wondering where's button
Vũ Xuân (9 months ago)
Is that Spike mask 0:52
Ben Sam (9 months ago)
omg Pinkie Pie is such a trip! 💖
Shamia Imtiaz (9 months ago)
Pinkie, Why?
Daleina Aliferos 021 (9 months ago)
Hey rainbow I like it
Carl Ulph (9 months ago)
Mlp_fan 325 (9 months ago)
Pinkie can be really screwy at times like this
Kittywaffle11 Guzman (10 months ago)
Amber dolphin1210 (10 months ago)
she knows when to run.
marsh mello (10 months ago)
Pinkie pie is so so spy and cool
marsh mello (10 months ago)
pinkie pie is awesome
Zaina Aslam (10 months ago)
The dog mask looked like spike as a dog
PupsicleLps (10 months ago)
I Luv The Quality!!:3
SparkleGirl100 (10 months ago)
This reminds me of season 1 over a barrel
Rionna Santos (10 months ago)
0:49 pinkie has another meaning of spy...
NawtShure (11 months ago)
And 10M views because........
Kulwant Chawla (11 months ago)
raindow - we nedd to be quite me - yes but you are not
Miss_Sakura _Taru (11 months ago)
I like that Rainbow tries to hide but she’s the one who gets them seeks out!
Pinkie knows nothing about camouflage.
Giordan Diodato (11 months ago)
that thumbnail is the stuff of nightmares...
min yoongi (1 year ago)
2:3 hahaahahaaha
ingela johansson (1 year ago)
In tv shows all the pipol run super fast lik pinki pie and Rainbow dash
Julia Crishen Brecia (1 year ago)
Fluttershy is a tree. Pinkie pie is a tree. Andrea Libman is a tree!!🌳 Btw how did rainbow dash pop all those balloons at 1:21? I think she has a needle or something.
Caramel Puppy (1 year ago)
Pinkie said camouflage but she isn't!!! 😂 😂 😂 lol she is pink and the bushes are green ok pinkie i was laughing so hard when she said camouflage!!!LOL Plus Rainbowdash said:it means to keep quiet!!!!!!!! Lol she did not even keep quiet lol
Caramel Puppy (1 year ago)
Hi lol
Robbank (1 year ago)
Analyn Barranda (1 year ago)
pinky py
Hunter x Hunter fan (1 year ago)
in the first the picture is pinkie pie but she is a POOOOOO-O-O-O-N-Y-Y-Y-Y-!
Stam Leader (1 year ago)
It's Joe Da Noob! (1 year ago)
0:27 classic spiderman landing
I don't like Rainbow Dash
The Rick Reviewer (1 year ago)
Hasbro, teaching kids to spy on their opponents.
Ho Choi Har (1 year ago)
Jago Stach (1 year ago)
Equestrian Girls
Khafleim (1 year ago)
Annemarie Meares (1 year ago)
God Chree Gi
Paige Music (1 year ago)
0:36 Hey Rainbow!
Diesel Marcus (1 year ago)
Its A Me! Fahrin! (1 year ago)
Pause at 0:11 Did anyone notice that the guy look like Timber Spruce (Twilight's Crush)
darkside grin (1 year ago)
darkside grin (1 year ago)
1:27 me: reminds of pennywise
[email protected] (1 year ago)
Nazaria Fletcher (1 year ago)
What's rainbow dash doing in the trees with pinkie?
Space Whale33 (1 year ago)
Personally my favorite is.......... Tree
Izzah Aleena (1 year ago)
And Rainbow too
Izzah Aleena (1 year ago)
Pinkie is JUST like ME
I love My Little Pony very very very much don't you know that I love only ponies and I am Twilight🐎
sabrinaaa mundo (1 year ago)
Reibon dall esta enamorado creo nolose like si entiendes
“You smell like vanilla!” Rainbow wears perfume...?!
Funny girl (1 year ago)
Pinkie pie is so funny !!!
Dilesh palecha (1 year ago)
How can some one dislike this vidio
mega anggraini (1 year ago)
Flim ini sangat lucu
jedzenie (1 year ago)
I'm shiping this girl and boy in 1:45. It's really cute!
lady Ingrid (1 year ago)
Im the better spy
Nasss_. Kamiliaaa. (1 year ago)
Pinkie so not easy to quiet
Christian Parrish (1 year ago)
Pinkie pie is terrible
Kagiri Kung'u (1 year ago)
GREAT REVENGE (1 year ago)
1:33 lol the way rainbow dash was shaking her head😂
Maryam Latag (11 months ago)
Maryam Latag (11 months ago)
bumblebee scout fddd😂
Shiun Ann Chiam (1 year ago)
bumblebee scout rlrl
Princess Power Time (1 year ago)
I watched this thing again then I though at 1:27 Pennywise?
Pinkie will you ever learn????
Prot07ype (1 year ago)
0:57 *Stealth: ↓* *Camo index: - 20%*
sweet emo (1 year ago)
I love pinkie pie and rainbow dash💛💛💚
Roger Fabro (1 year ago)
camille galute (1 year ago)
I think when she pop the balloon
Vallary Rainbow (1 year ago)
Smell like vanilla.... hmmmm why... She smells like a girl?! For whom?! Maybe for a boy?! And for whom boy?! Hmmmm......🤔🤔🤔 It pushes me to one ship...😐😐😐😂 Yay, Soarin and Rainbow Dash...But i didn't see him in Equestria girls..But see in officially book...Anual 2013...hmmm...Although in the cartoon many times hinted that they will be a couple...shipper is glad....😂😂😂
Shadowwolf Jenny (1 year ago)
Epic fail XD
Liainett (1 year ago)
0:55 lol
michael 992 (1 year ago)
And that's why I love pinkie pie
Moonlight Avenue (1 year ago)
We need another Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie episode. Like now!
hey does this remind you of a scene in mlp? remember the episode "over a barrel"
Victoria Kabeya (1 year ago)
U smell like vanilla lol pinky pie is funny and weird!!!😂😐
Isabelle Pectol (1 year ago)
I am going to be 7
Tlin (1 year ago)
(- _ -) Not bad.

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