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Japanese Romantic Movie (2014) _HD (Eng. Sub)

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Japanese Romantic Movie (2014) _HD (Eng. Sub)
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https://youtu.be/8If-64EtYG8 Watch my brother channel if know Hindi and please also support
Mary Kathleen Sapp (19 hours ago)
🦋 thank you for the English subtitles!!!
Oscar Tom (30 days ago)
Kurururi gave Susu a love slap
Flory g (2 months ago)
Amo esta pelicula
Fashion designer (3 months ago)
did u know the name of acter
Galilea Soto (3 months ago)
Mary Kathleen Sapp (19 hours ago)
🦋 a sweet movie, but if it had been a female teacher and a male student??? Soxiety would not be as accepting!!
New Girl (1 day ago)
The best😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mopsdackel spitz (1 day ago)
360p gang ?
I'm so inlove... I have never felt falling inlove in years now i've almost forgot how to feel this way so thank you for reminding me how great it was.❤️
Jo Lolopp (2 days ago)
Super cringy
Sam2017 S (2 days ago)
kissing under the table. oh no😍😍😍😍
Reynaldi Syahrul (3 days ago)
I'm bad in Math and not good enough in English. I think I can't study in U.S because they're teaching Math in English. Wkwk...!
Jeun Joonkii (3 days ago)
What is name of the movie
MS. BLUE (4 days ago)
MS. BLUE (4 days ago)
Honestly I am very shocked that main leading man is a teacherrrrr
Im really inlove with this movie thanks hope there's a continuation
Yesenia Ramirez (5 days ago)
It is a good movie, it's worth your time , so now you can stop scrolling down and watch the movie :)
Vinace Salazar (6 days ago)
Isn’t she the girl in that other japanese drama “drowning love”? Or am I wrong?🤔
john mcmahon (6 days ago)
Carl Tanedo (6 days ago)
i love it😘😘😘😘
Jazel Daine (6 days ago)
Amiratul Adilla (6 days ago)
6:26 peach girl its that u ? 🙈
June heavens (7 days ago)
The female lead is the same one as in the movie black devil and white prince, and the female lead's friend is from the movie 🍑 peach girl... Am I right?!
Margie Onio (7 days ago)
Watched it too over and over 💞👌
9 Noble (8 days ago)
She Looks like Blackpink Lisa 🖤💗
Yo she be lookin like blackpink's Lisa Manoban and her bestfreind kinda sounds like Jisoo of Blackpink *hMmMmM?* Nobody: YG: i pulled a sneaky on ya
Jackie Lou (8 days ago)
I thought the gjrl is Lisa Manoban
Tenzin Nordon (8 days ago)
She looks like lisa!
wan aini wk (9 days ago)
I don’t why but I keep laughing watching this movie😂😂😂
Ieri Selene (9 days ago)
The manga was so angsty
k k (11 days ago)
My heart is..patn.
Praveen Rajput (12 days ago)
Heart touching movie.
Emely Codilla (12 days ago)
Its so cute how she made her confession " i hate you sensei but i also like you what should i do?" and bein kissed under the table...So irresistable...😍❤❤❤
Maria Hendiana (13 days ago)
Name movie?
Aurora Liam (13 days ago)
42:16 this was the most unexpected and most cutest scene I've ever seen💗...oh god loved it so much.😍 1:52:08 beautiful ending.. hahah. 😍💗
Siddhi Patil (13 days ago)
Can any one help me with the name of this movie?? & with the actor's name as well??
Aaliyah Fiaz (14 days ago)
What movie is this called is it called honey someone plz reply
Angel Ferreira (14 days ago)
So funny hahaha the teacher says I like you and the girl with autism replies bad haha
Sharmistha Nanda (14 days ago)
Gal can't act !!!
Zelidia PlayzRoblox2 (14 days ago)
Omg I need a part 2 O-M-G!!!
Angel Ferreira (14 days ago)
I would like to fuck that teacher.She is so hot.
lucky 8 (14 days ago)
Nana komatsu G-Dragon ex girlfriend?
myself neko (7 days ago)
No..it is kiko
Tina Clarke (14 days ago)
Oooooooooo dam she slap that asshoollleeee back to the toilet Edit: 28 or somethin minutes in idk
Stsphanie Soberanes (15 days ago)
What is the song called in @23:38
Stsphanie Soberanes (15 days ago)
What is the song were he carries her
Creche Casey Acedo (15 days ago)
I really love this movie... and it's the first Japanese movie I've ever watched
Pasasna Amarasinghe (15 days ago)
So much dragging and running 😂
Tameka Murray (15 days ago)
at first I was kind of thrown off a bit by the fact that the acting really resembled an actual animated cartoon in a way then I figure of course they may do things differently then us not going to lie if it wasn't for the sub I don't know where I'd be right now this movie was hitting aka the bomb they got me crying at the end I am so wack but that's okay because I added this to my favorites LOL
Yeri Ri Se (16 days ago)
Yamashita looks so handsome here...❤❤❤
Kanra (16 days ago)
Sensei reminds me of goro akechi...
11Fe Jessile Misa (16 days ago)
Why does he look more like a chinese guy rather than a japanese?
Shady 90 (16 days ago)
I thought this is a movie with Nakatsu as teacher...where is that movie??
subaru tachibana (17 days ago)
I love this movie there's manga of this right
Azusa Matsuoka (17 days ago)
Kawaii ne
minnie Yam perez (17 days ago)
I liked this so much sensei are so handsome yuni are so beautiful i liked them i liked this movi very sweet im always watching this when i have mood its make me sad and blush especially happy like this message i you agree love this😍😘😍😘
Brooke Cisecki (17 days ago)
Such a sweet movie!
Liz (16 days ago)
Brooke Cisecki me too! Hah glad I found this instead
Brooke Cisecki (17 days ago)
I was actually looking for another movie called My Teacher when i found this lol
soshi roll (18 days ago)
i like the movie but what is it's title though-- 😂
Ara Girl2 (18 days ago)
i thought at first that BLACKPINK lisa used to act at a japanese movie before debut 😂😂😂😂
Nazia Parveen (18 days ago)
I like that actress she's really cute Japanese and her voice to 😍😍😍💗
Ayesha Tallo (18 days ago)
Goodness this so funny & cute!!!!i have n't even completed and iam rolling on my bed with laughter..😂🤣😍 totally love it!
April Rose Mulo (18 days ago)
She looks like Lisa and her bestfriend's voice sounds like Jisoo. Hahaha Blackpink in your area! 😂
karthika jayesh (19 days ago)
why is she always running ??
Kaori 27 (19 days ago)
he is a teacher is he arested doing that
Blue Thunder (19 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what is the title of this movie?
shakhawat jhony (20 days ago)
what's the movie name? can anyone inform me pls
Hannah Natalie Machado (17 days ago)
Close Range Love
Grace Alcantara (20 days ago)
peach girl is that you? 😅 36: 56
Ann Line Play (20 days ago)
I noticed that too!😂
talia michaela (21 days ago)
Question - does anyone know the main actor's name? I believe I've seen him in another movie I just recently watched.
talia michaela (18 days ago)
+Rana Ashraf thank you! I'd like to look up any other movies he may be in....
Rana Ashraf (18 days ago)
talia michaela Yamapi
talia michaela (21 days ago)
This was my 1st movie I watched - now I'm addicted to foreign films!!! This movie is so worth watching! Beautiful love story. Great Movie, wonderful storyline - truly a must watch! Enjoy!!!
Timespace Amv (21 days ago)
At 32:50 it’s the slogan of all might!!!!!!one for all all for one!!! Kakkoiiiiiii
Timespace Amv (21 days ago)
Damn she looks kinda dualipa😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Blue Phoenix (23 days ago)
Can a "sensei" do al those things.... won't she'd be in trouble from his "fan" ....😑😑😑😑
Selina (23 days ago)
Anyone got an idea of the name of this movie? Would love to know.
Liz (5 days ago)
Yuki Furukawa with his perfect English would have been perfect for the role as the English teacher
kari Freudenthal (18 days ago)
Or Mackenyu
kowaiila x (24 days ago)
Why is it like a little bit awkward to me?
Bb Kk (24 days ago)
Ah Smell (24 days ago)
Her friend Nami- chan is also Momo- chan from peach girl right? ♡
lucaia lucy (24 days ago)
she is gifted with a beautiful face 😭
Liz D'Angelo (25 days ago)
This probably sounds really bad but does anyone know the name of this movie?
Feli Zote (26 days ago)
Sometimes the female cast look like blackpink Lisa cause she has a big eye and full lip☺☺
Min Asalea (26 days ago)
Her friend is from the movie PEACH GIRL right???
czndr. (26 days ago)
Yuni looks like Lisa nami-chan sounds like jisoo WAT IS GOING ON???
•Hewo Yui• (28 days ago)
She looks like the girl in “The black prince and the white prince”
Terricia Campbell (28 days ago)
I would watch this a milion time i love this movie 😍
Halimatun Halimatun (29 days ago)
srsly the best movie ever
Kemate (29 days ago)
Damn! Her smile in this part 1:52:15 got me real good. Argh! 😍💖
Gabrielle Marie (29 days ago)
Kakapoy bas iyang trabaho ui. Cge rag dagan. 😂
Lucy Ladera (29 days ago)
She kinda looks like lisa from BLACKPINK
Sarah Carter (29 days ago)
Nami-chan is the lead actress in Peach Girl
Oscar Tom (30 days ago)
The movie remember 4 me something I really loved it
Oscar Tom (30 days ago)
Kurururi gave susuri a love slap
Weiba The Blink (30 days ago)
Lisa's doppelganger 😍😍
Aryaa Dixit (1 month ago)
The actress looks a bit like Lisa from Blackpink
Krishna bhusal (1 month ago)
Very nice movie.... 私は 初めて 日本の 映画 見ましたが この 映画はとても良いです
Dark Fly (1 month ago)
What is the name of the movie?
Rafiya Shaikh (1 month ago)
I am the 10k th like😆
Bea Rodicol (1 month ago)
6-8 years difference. Nice. She's 18 and he's most likely 24-25-26 since it was implied that he just got into teaching at the school in April. The only issue is that he is HER teacher she is HIS student. But since Yuni's already graduated, there's no more problem standing in the way other than people who ... nevermind.😂😂😂😍
Jocel E. Aquino (1 month ago)
Nana komatsu♡
Hey i loved your DP "stay with the CEO" :)
Jezafe Morin (1 month ago)
41:25 1:02:52 1:05:14 my favorite 😍😍😍
Jezafe Morin (1 month ago)
41:25 my favorite 😍😍😍
Maiah D. (1 month ago)
Tomohisa looks like Kim hyun jung❤❤❤ both looks soooooooo pretty. And Nana looks like Lisa of BP.
What is the name of this movie?
cute piepie (1 month ago)
Yieela Umman (1 month ago)
so its momo chaaaaan {her best friend} from peach girl waaaah kawaaaaiiii
Emaan fatima (1 month ago)
What’s the movie name ?
Rika Tan (1 month ago)
Sensei! is more controversial than this

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