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Congratulations Microsoft! You Screwed Over The Xbox Brand And Fans With Terrible Announcement!

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It's no wonder Sony has run circles around Xbox this entire generation. Microsoft never seems to learn from their own mistakes or the mistakes of others in the gaming industry. I simply do not understand how they continue to take so many missteps. ((SOURCE))https://www.windowscentral.com/how-much-does-xbox-one-s-all-digital-edition-cost SUPPORT M&C SHOW PATREON- https://www.patreon.com/MCMornings Follow Me On Twitter- https://twitter.com/The_CrapGamer Crapgamer merch- https://www.redbubble.com/people/crapgamer/works/25478767-scorpio-master-race?p=t-shirt&style=mens&body_color=black&print_location=front Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/crapgamer/ XBL Gamertag- MOH Crapgamer PSN- Crapgamer
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Text Comments (280)
sovannv (4 days ago)
Some genius is playing them.......what happens when the man tries to milk every penny from you pleasing stock holders and mot customers
chrisapete (4 days ago)
Who cares about disc drives anymore.. 100% of my games are digital.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
sovannv (4 days ago)
The sad look on your face when you cant download your games again
brian truhn (5 days ago)
I truly hope you die so that you stop making videos
TDrew 3 (5 days ago)
This is just a test console to see how people would react to all digital console to see how it would be for their next gen console, I guarantee after the reactions to this, they won’t have an all digital console for their next gen console.
Braden Richardson (5 days ago)
It would be nice if they added more hard drive space at least, but they’re not even doing that. This is the reason I’ll be saving for a ps5 in the future, because, they don’t think so much about the money the company makes. Yes, that’s important, but when you compare this to the specs of the ps5. They’re is an obvious difference. Sorry Microsoft, I’ve lost quite a bit of faith in you.
Shaun VanWyk (6 days ago)
Microsoft makes me CRY! Time for a change. Sony seems to improve and we see progressive results over there...maybe they can make me hold up some tears.
Felix Jr (7 days ago)
Tomorrow will be the oposite lol
Tempting Fate (7 days ago)
Nope... moving on. Good going MS
evil Dead vampire (8 days ago)
Mr. Sweets (8 days ago)
Bison3000 (8 days ago)
Why is it $300? S.A.D. indeed.
D Harris (8 days ago)
😂 😂 😂 these titles
Graham Davies (9 days ago)
Ok I agree with the price point it's a bit much but the fact it's being released next month and Microsoft have a big Windows 10 update at the end of that month, which should allow for XBox One games to be played on a PC ( digital only no disk ) might have something to do with it. That's of coures if the update goes live right now as it's been availible too insiders for a short time. Think XBox One digital/ PC XBox One games digital the idea makes sense.
Byron Boyer (9 days ago)
It would be cool to own in 20 years because no body bought one
Craig N. (9 days ago)
Should have been smaller and $100.
gottabump (9 days ago)
So can get an S for under $200 but a discless for $250? lol Lbox is just trash
There goes your "exclusive" 4K Blurays!
ManLikeNaz (10 days ago)
Should have been 99$. 199 with 2 years XBL + Game pass. If it's 99 upfront that's garuntees sales. All customers would have to buy all their stuff digital which is where they could have made up the difference
Brandon Andres (10 days ago)
It should've been 2tb for that price since its all digital
DARK DRAGONITE (10 days ago)
I was expecting at least 2TB HHD.
Jesse Darby (10 days ago)
And to be honest crapI think the price is wrong that price tag was for the Euro price not America I have a feeling it's still going to be 199 been there might still be a lot of people that just want to go that route and not have physical anymore
Jesse Darby (10 days ago)
Crap what's happened to you man you seem like you went the route a next-gen I never thought that a few I still got love for you but man what the hell you doing switch to PlayStation pom poms
David Payton (10 days ago)
I’m switching next gen. Im tired of this shit.
Christian A (10 days ago)
Phil Spencer told you to buy it, so stop asking questions and buy it!
Aby Power (10 days ago)
crap is so worried about a company who doesnt care at all about him or anybody they'll do what they want no matter how much youtubers cry
jc n (10 days ago)
I think I've disliked the last 50 videos..
DJ Xboxfan (10 days ago)
Does anyone actually care? Most people who have an Xbox already is not buying this thing. Most people who don't have an Xbox is not going to buy an S that is all digital. People who get confused will deserve it, how about reading before you spend 250 bucks.
Turniplord (10 days ago)
If MS were smart, they would have sold this at around 100-150 dollars and made a bigger loss on the console - why? Because all sales of games will have to be through them, so they make their money back through digital sales (as the second-hand market and physical media no longer are part of the picture). Instead, just like the PSP Go, this thing will be dead on arrival.
Give Me Your Jacket! (10 days ago)
Glass half empty on Xbox. Rumors, hearsay, predictions. What's with you lately, Crap?!?!
Reclaimer 117 (10 days ago)
He's got to earn that $ to pay for the wedding.
Christian A (10 days ago)
Cry some more.
paccacio 29 (10 days ago)
Im hooked on dragonball fighterz on the one X so a discless xbox means nothing to me,however the all digital should even smaller and cheaper 149.99 no more
rashaddow (10 days ago)
MS has record profits with minimal good games and the most variations of controllers ...systems and paid services. Why? Because their fans are gullible!!!!! Wait till they drop the next generation xbox starting at the same price as the xb1!!!Lol suckers. You paid 500 bonehead bucks for a xb1 with forza and gears at the end..2 years later MS dropping a faster more powerful system for the same dam price. Congratulations you played yourself.
Bill Navarre (10 days ago)
I totally agree I think this is a dumb move!!
White Knight 5 (10 days ago)
Don't know how or why this would sell at that price point when I bought the S for cheaper almost 2 years ago. I understand Microsoft is likely trying to give people something to play out of the box, along with a larger hard drive to download their games on, but let the consumer decide what they want, don't make choices for them and expect them to pay for items they may not have wanted. The idea was supposed to be cost savings..
Better_Call Paul (10 days ago)
This console is nothing more than a way for Microsoft to gauge the interest in disc less consoles and most retail stores won't carry the previous generation of consoles very long after the release of new hardware.
Danny (10 days ago)
ok chill out its not that big of a deal
gizmo (10 days ago)
Crapp gamer is back to being a Psychic he knows what's going to happen to the company because they decided to do something he can predict a future. I hope one day I can be as great as crapp gamer is. hes my idol he can predict the future
unsungtalent21 (10 days ago)
Do not buy xbox
Damian Underwood (10 days ago)
$250 is a lil much for an all digital console. $199 would be sufficient. I doubt they will sell it. Especially the S model. It’s about to be the thing of the past. It would of been nice to see a 2 TB hard drive in the all digital Xbox One S. If Microsoft is putting a $250 price tag on this console. It makes me wonder what the price would be for the Scarlet? Or would I want to know? Lol
Goat G (10 days ago)
I would buy a all digital console if it had 4 TB and up If its nice looking console and they through in 6 month game pass with it. And if the console had other enhance features. I only buy custom or limited edition consoles. Its got have good features to want me to replace My gears of war or minecraft console. If they came out with a sea of thieves console like my controller that is my favourite xbox controller then I would buy it.
hollinsd (10 days ago)
Maybe they will see the push back and make $199
Z3RO (10 days ago)
Microsoft failures as always
Quincent Saiorus (10 days ago)
Wait a minute now, hold on just a second here, y’all have been cool with and giving Microsoft all kind of props for them giving y’all OLD GAMES to play this ENTIRE gen though. NOW the price of XB1 hardware is an issue but weren’t you diehard Xbox fans completely fine with spending anywhere from $1500-$2000 on just that, HARDWARE, alone THIS gen. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE backwards compatibility BUT wasn’t this EXACTLY what y’all were praising Microsoft for, especially you crap🤨😏🤔? Welp you reap what you sow I say.
Zain844 (10 days ago)
Quincent Saiorus this has nothing to do with back compat. There is a difference between microsoft allowing people to play games they already own on their xbox one And coming out with a new console and packing it with old games.
MANIAK 730 (10 days ago)
paccacio 29 (10 days ago)
It feels that way 😭😭
titan2793 (10 days ago)
I really hope this device is for the Japanese and other overseas markets who don't purchase xbox console. Crapgamer the Sony lovers in my house are laughing at me. This is crazy. They are running around the house singing X going to give it to you, from that rapper DMX. This a mad house, a mad house.
Rem (10 days ago)
More undeniable proof Xbox is trash. Even their biggest fanboy is turning on them. lol
Bi9Tim (10 days ago)
Since when does he bash Xbox for anything he's a PS4 Fanboy now or does he even know what he is anymore
The Baked Potato (10 days ago)
Hes opening his eyes to the stupid decisions MS has been making that ps4 players have been talking about since thw telease of the one s and stupid gamepass idea
1975supermike (10 days ago)
No one want all digital consoles I wish they would f### off going down this route.
paccacio 29 (6 days ago)
+Joe Mott cant wait
Joe Mott (6 days ago)
paccacio 29 I think E3 this year is going to proper good.
paccacio 29 (6 days ago)
+Joe Mott yeah maybe they even just made a few all digital xbox one s,one is for sure microsoft is making move and those studios they bought aint sitting their asses,watch the uo coming E3
Joe Mott (6 days ago)
paccacio 29 that makes sense.
paccacio 29 (6 days ago)
+Joe Mott now i thinknthey are doing is pushing anyone who wants an xbox to get the one s versions with the disc drive to get them out the stores maybe
Allstargamer1000 (10 days ago)
So what's the complaint. People probably going to trade in there old xbox to get a cheaper xbox digital edition. 249.99 is not a bad price but who is this console for? The 1 percent of gamers who get all digital and I probably get it just to have a digital box.
Squiggy2010 (9 days ago)
Way higher than 1%. GameStop lost their shirt on physical sales last year.
James Copeland (10 days ago)
I guess they are doing kinda right. The disc drive is always the fist to go before the system dies.
mike mcelwain (10 days ago)
wow crap has been hard with Microsoft , Sony boy now
mike mcelwain (10 days ago)
+Christian A made me laugh out loud
Christian A (10 days ago)
How dare he disagree with Microsoft! I'm calling Phil immediately!
Richard France (10 days ago)
Its news like this that makes me glad i gave up on Xbox years ago. - Xbox 360 = One of the best consoles ever made. Xbox One = It offends me that it even exists lol
Haunted cake (10 days ago)
I know what I'm doing April 16 getting dreams early access
Jarred T2067 (10 days ago)
Haunted cake ME TOO!!!
Timothy Clark (10 days ago)
thank you for calling microsoft out.
schooljackson (10 days ago)
LOL. No one has “announced” anything. this is a leak and the pricing is based on another region. I'll wait for Microsoft to actually announce pricing, availability, and any sort of incentives they may offer rather than rushing to judgment. I know critical thinking isn't the norm for this channel but this is getting ridiculous.
Gilroy PRO (10 days ago)
When crap worships Xbox -It is all lies When he trashes Xbox -He finally gets it
Mr Kambeng 101 (10 days ago)
xbox really need new ip,single player only...its been a while since they have like real sp games...just one game..no micros,no dlc,pure single player game..no multiplayers bullshit..i really want to see that and this comes from a sony guy...scalebound really did have that potential😅
Idiotic Tirades (10 days ago)
$99.99 is the only price point that could succeed for digital only.
paccacio 29 (10 days ago)
Id say 150,all digital is good most of my games are digital on the one x,why not just make the one x all digital though
ranat22 (10 days ago)
£120 and people who might want both consoles with access to all console exclusives through gamepass might have jumped in.
ranat22 (10 days ago)
Meh,if you buy this over a XB1S you deserve to have you money taken for being so dumb But i'd wait to see the price of lockhart before i started slagging MS pricing
Callofz 27 (10 days ago)
ranat22 If this shit happens the best choice is to get the X
simon abbott (10 days ago)
Good bye Xbox,hello ps4/5 that's where I'm off!
King Cobra devil (10 days ago)
No game games are going on nintendo switch and pc playstion have games
Sibohan Grey (10 days ago)
Hi everyone I like to give my opinion and what I think about this Xbox one s all digital edition console. Firstly I don’t think it’s meant for xbox one console owners to buy if they already own an Xbox one s or X, I think it’s meant for families who are coming to the Xbox community and yeah the price is a bit to much and yeah Xbox had us fooled but that’s life secondly I won’t be getting one because I can have two choices either buy digital games or physical games and thirdly I think it will sell well
It's about choice at the end of the day, the Xbox brand has never been stronger, atleast Xbox Game Studios is growing in studios. This Xbox One S All Digital Edition is for another room and not your main console
W3TFART (10 days ago)
Fuckwit reviews
Fittedbubbles74 (10 days ago)
Pause Dislike Look through the salty comments
Emmet Farrell (6 days ago)
xCARLOx RO, and what does that make them
xCARLOx RO (6 days ago)
+Emmet Farrell Have you looked at Crap? That is sad!
Emmet Farrell (10 days ago)
You two are so sad haha
jc n (10 days ago)
I try to pause them before he gets a chance to speak. Then the dislike button is absolutely smashed to smithereens!
RealityCheck (10 days ago)
Seems like only yesterday Crap was hyping up the "scorpio", bragging about 4K 60fps and how it made high end PC's irrelevant and would crush the PS4 HAHAHA!!! Look at what the Xbox one X turned out to be. A console that can't run the vast majority of its games at 4K let alone 4K 60fps. And it has no exclusive games. All that talk about 4K textures too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Edmgamer 8K🤣 (10 days ago)
+RealityCheck 😁🤗😂🤗😁🤗😂🤗😁🤗😂🤗😁🤗😂🤗
RealityCheck (10 days ago)
+Edmgamer 8K🤣 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Edmgamer 8K🤣 (10 days ago)
Wait and see when the Scarlett comes in 2020!😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆
David Weinstein (10 days ago)
But...but...but...but atleast we have betta' graphics than rhe gaystation 4 - crap gamer
Shannon (10 days ago)
If this news is correct it could only mean that the xbox s will stop being manufactured. It makes no sense to keep both s and digital console platforms when the new system are coming.. As for the xbox one x, it will be interesting to see how long will be around for...
100 million people figured that out years ago here's crap nearly 4 year later
Mathias _1231999 (10 days ago)
Mr Glass the numbers don’t lie PS4 100 million >>>>>>Xbox 30 million 😂🤣👌
Mr Glass (10 days ago)
Bobby Hawkins you think you're in a special club.....how cute
David Weinstein (10 days ago)
LMAO! Your name! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bud The Cyborg (10 days ago)
Given everything I've heard about physical media lately, Xbox One SAD will probably sell well. We should expect to see it hit $149 on Black Friday.
TheDeviantPro (10 days ago)
Here before Crap deletes this video.
ravi teja kolacina (10 days ago)
I mean 250 is a still the same as the one s and we don't have a CD drive but they are giving you 3 60 dollar games with it so I can understand why they asked 250 for it.what would be the cost if they sold only console without any games.
Turniplord (10 days ago)
They aren't giving away three 60 dollar games though - they are digital codes, so they have cost MS nothing to generate and they are their own games, so no need to even pay to package them in the bundle. They would have been better just giving you a year of Gamepass or something as two of the game, and the superior FH4, would have been included.
The Punisher (10 days ago)
PS4: -Fastest selling console (100M) -First console to have VR -First console to have 4K -First console to remoteplay -First console with this many exclusive variety
Billy Gunn (10 days ago)
+LordMaledict Yep I know he is but that's not a console.
LordMaledict (10 days ago)
+Billy Gunn I think he's talking about that failed virtual boy that nintendo brought out back in the 90's.
Billy Gunn (10 days ago)
+Mr Glass What nintendo console had VR? LMFAO!
Iver Ulfengrad (10 days ago)
+The Baked Potato I said most are upcales not all.
The Baked Potato (10 days ago)
+Iver Ulfengrad no theres some native 4k games
Ediie mendez (11 days ago)
Since when money is a issue? Oh I forgot ps Fanny’s are broke ...I see my bad !
Ediie mendez (10 days ago)
Dan 84 oh I hit a sweet spot there ha old man 👴 and no everyone knows ps makes ya broke look how you used your cukkoo check to buy your consoles lmfao
Dan 84 (10 days ago)
+Ediie mendez social security checks.... Wow you really are salty aren't you. But i guess you lack the brainpower to manage what i did since you think owning a Xbox that cost the same as ps = being rich. Lol American trach = being rich.... Good joke 😂
Ediie mendez (10 days ago)
Dan 84 sure old man keep getting that social security check happy retirement 🤣
Dan 84 (10 days ago)
+Ediie mendez yeah I'm so broke that i have all systems and have retired at 30. Keep bringing that salt poor boy 😂
Ediie mendez (10 days ago)
Dan 84 I am rich cause of Xbox pathetically rich ty very much broke @ss
Entertainment (11 days ago)
Soo you get a better Xbox one and 3 free 60 dollar games but your complaining that it’s 50 dollars over your price point? It’s half the price of a x calm down. I do believe this is a huge waste when new consoles are on the way though it’s a waste of their money lol
ElShmiablo (10 days ago)
Better... How? It has LESS features than the regular S.
Mandingo Bars (11 days ago)
Next video Xbox completely redeems themselves HUGE Announcement!!!
Felix Jr (7 days ago)
Hahaha it’s always like that with crap shit
Emperor Lars XVIII (9 days ago)
Xbox did it again!!! Sony fans are upset!!!
SuperCarmelo Show (11 days ago)
That's crazy lol 😂
CrossXaberS (11 days ago)
Cheaper to make with less hardware More profit (user can't resell game) Same dimensions/size Same price WTF!!
Better_Call Paul (4 days ago)
+holamoco17 First of all, I'd be willing to bet this console ends up being sold at a cheaper price than the base One S by most retailers. Next, I'm well aware of why some prefer physical media. I do, but only when it comes to music. I don't anyone borrow either, because nine times out of ten I don't get shit back in the same condition I loaned it in. Microsoft sees increasing numbers in digital purchases every year and this is them testing consumer interest. If successful, they do it again next generation. If not, they wait a while.
holamoco17 (4 days ago)
+Better_Call Paul All consoles are already fully digital. There is no sense in buying a disc-less console with the same price-tag as OG Xbox One. You get the Blu-ray discdrive. That counts. And you can trade your games, borrow from friends etc
Better_Call Paul (10 days ago)
+Shawn AdamsWhat's there to damage control? Going fully digital would be a consumer choice and the disk drives they use in these consoles are cheap. Those are facts, not damage control. Also, simply because something is listed to sell at a certain price doesn't mean it will at all times. The X is still listed to sell at 499.99, but can be found for $399.99 at select places.
Shawn Adams (10 days ago)
+Better_Call Paul damage control alert
Better_Call Paul (10 days ago)
Obviously if somebody buys the console, they are making the conscious choice, so I don't see the issue. Disk drives aren't really that much added cost either.
Bigsteelguy4 (11 days ago)
Each week he will be a Browns fan, or Steelers fan if the Ravens are playing shitty. This guy changes gaming consoles like he changes his underwear. That is if he does changes his underwear.
Bigsteelguy4 (11 days ago)
While Crap trashes Xbox today, right after E3, he will slap on that Xbox hat once again and start praising it. He is the most whiny and bitchy YouTuber on the net. Although the only thing I agree with him is Forza Horizon 3 should be in game pass along with Forza Motorsport 6,7 and Cuphead.
spectre xr1 (11 days ago)
Stupid and a waste of time
rayburr80 (11 days ago)
Smh! Hopefully Microsoft can give me a reason to replace my XBOX 360 this upcoming E3😌
Daniel Smid (10 days ago)
With multiplatfroms..? Better buy pc
Almighty Rated DJF (11 days ago)
Digital only with any console will FAIL PERIOD
Almighty Rated DJF (9 days ago)
Andrew Thompson. I am not deciding. I’m stating facts Streaming will be an alternative Option only dude for now and maybe 2-3 generations from now. Most folks will prefer disc and not streaming due to poor internet. That’s the truth and facts.
Imadeyourun (10 days ago)
+The Baked Potato Why should I buy a game that I already own? It's actually funny that you asked me to buy a game that I am currently playing. Such a coincidence, lol.
Imadeyourun (10 days ago)
+The Baked Potato I don't think it's 10 - 15 years away, that's just wishful thinking. The road to an all digital future has already been paved. Heck, hardly anyone buys music disc these days, it's mostly all digital nowadays. The same will happen to games and movies.
The Baked Potato (10 days ago)
+Imadeyourun thr all dogitsl future is still at least 10-15 years away. Ms is jumping into it esrly, and it will cost them.
The Baked Potato (10 days ago)
+Imadeyourun go and try to buy forza horizon 2 from the ms store. Ill wait
Almighty Rated DJF (11 days ago)
You see Crap, do not believe anymore in Xbox. It’s games as a service. There is the SAD edition. It’s sad man. 250$ way too much for that. Seriously dude. I rather keep the X
Lansville Paul (11 days ago)
Ronnie Williams (11 days ago)
Still better than any shit Sony sells.
Kingsley Jackson (11 days ago)
Paying more for less
Truewiddy - (11 days ago)
Sounds like EA Ubisoft and Activision
Claude Dixon (11 days ago)
"It's no wonder Sony has run circles around Xbox this entire generation" Uh, "this entire generation" you've held Xbox on a pedastal. 🤣🤣🤣
Momentum (4 days ago)
​+Entertainment Crap has been damage controlling Xbox for the past 2 years straight. I don't know what you're talking about
Anonymous guy (5 days ago)
Claude Dixon He’s like a fanatic Republican that turned democrat
Entertainment (10 days ago)
AjAirStyles more ignorant people in the world the more smart I look so keep going 🧐🤤
Donald Wilson (10 days ago)
On God!!!
AjAirStyles (10 days ago)
+Entertainment Crap is the biggest Xbox fanboy of all time.
Dion Landon (11 days ago)
Yeah that's a little nutz CrapG...I'll just stick to my xbox one X for as long as I can.
GamerkillahBlaze (10 days ago)
Dion Landon nope he’s telling the truth
Mohammed Akbar (11 days ago)
Microsoft don't care about gamers! Xbox is just a pointless brand now
Edmgamer 8K🤣 (10 days ago)
I get it! MS had too may troubles with Xbox and their fans for the past 6 years like they don't know what their true vision is all about. But after months and years of learning lessons from other guys like Sony, they can still do better than ever to win old fans back or else, it could be a missed opportunity.
The Baked Potato (10 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson if that were true, why havent they released their games on ps4 then?
zinou music gamer (10 days ago)
+Jbap 69E3 YOU WILL SEE NEW IPS AND KEEP SAYING THEY NOT CARE THEY HAVE STUDIOS NOW AND THEY WILL ADD MORE THEY CARE MORE THAN SONY IF YOU NOT KNOW they have bad 3 years but things will change soon microsoft and xbox and pc they will comeback with great games
Dan 84 (10 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson lol the only reason they are putting there games on multiple devices is because keeping them exclusively to fail box would give them less money.... Lol consumer friendly.... They are the only ones having free games behind a pay wall 😂
Jbap 69 (10 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson Microsoft doesn't care about making good games anymore. Something alot of xbox fanboys don't realize. Putting your games on multiple devices doesnt help worth a shit if your games are trash. Its also another reason to get a PC over the X.
Emmanuel Arthur Baidoo (11 days ago)
Microsoft need to stop confusing people stick with one system and change the damn name
Andrew Thompson (10 days ago)
+RealityCheck I know tell me about it
RealityCheck (10 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson WOW! What mental gymnastics HAHAHA!!!
Truewiddy - (11 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson I know but does seem like Microsoft is trying there got to be a point where it becomes costly I know Microsoft has money but really
Andrew Thompson (11 days ago)
+Truewiddy - every company fails in some way its how they overcome it and get better
Truewiddy - (11 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson possibilities of failing you mean how many times are they going to screw up
Edward Reiman (11 days ago)
Funny thing is people will buy it. Look how many people bought the disappointing 1080p PS4 Pro which is the worst console ever made! 😂😂😂
Christian A (10 days ago)
Keep on crying Edward Gayman.
Hey SpitShineMe (10 days ago)
+C'mon Son He won't answer cause he's too asshurt to tell the truth.
Pains Champ (10 days ago)
People won't buy a 720p/900p garbage and overpriced console with no hardware and no games
Mr Kambeng 101 (10 days ago)
only westerns buy xbox...in asia,that thing collects dust man..even if someone buys it,he sells it after a month...there's barely any xbox games sold here...true story
TheDeviantPro (10 days ago)
Just how people brought a console with no exclusives with the Xbox One.
Andrew Thompson (11 days ago)
Then don't buy it dude stop complaining jeez you sound like ur on ur period
Christian A (10 days ago)
Phil said to buy it so stop asking questions and buy it! Keep up this attitude and I'm calling Microsoft corporate headquarters!
Dual Purpose (11 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson they ake you pay more for less....it doesn't make sense. He's justified. You can only be upset by him doing that if you are a big fan boy. Otherwise why are you annoyed at him complaining about what he doesn't like?
Andrew Thompson (11 days ago)
+Dual Purpose there is a difference in opinion of a product vs outright complaining about it cause you really don't like it
Dual Purpose (11 days ago)
+Andrew Thompson yeah crap should stop complaining against things that are outright illogical....yeah okay buddy
Andrew Thompson (11 days ago)
+Carlos Crespinn how does me telling crap to stop complaining make me a corporate peasant. The guy is literally complaining about something everyday
Adrian Stringman (11 days ago)
Been following you for sometime and it does seem your trying to pander to a certain community
Ryan Nelson (11 days ago)
Thanks Crap.
MySt1c 7 (11 days ago)
Keep the disliked videos coming crappy...
C10 Live (11 days ago)
the flip flop gamer seems to be a major sony fan this week smh,, flipflop gamer is the worst, guess he'll be a a xbox fan again next week
Dual Purpose (11 days ago)
You aren't a real xbox fan. You dont want xbox to survive. He wants it too so he points out the things MS shouldn't do so they can help xbox do better
MySt1c 7 (11 days ago)
Crapgamer your a mistake 2 the Xbox community!!! Always have been.. always will b... your a pony... get out of here!!! Another dislike!!! Change your NFL team!!!
Above the Lies (11 days ago)
Edmgamer 8K🤣 (11 days ago)
So X1 ain't enough to impress everyone. But MS will bring better hope with Xbox Scarlett in 2020🤑
Sonu03785 (11 days ago)
wake up dummies Microsoft = Microshit & Phil Spencer = Fail Spencer = a SNAKE 🐍
Andrew Thompson (11 days ago)
I'm still buying Xbox that's just what I like
Edmgamer 8K🤣 (11 days ago)
A snake called Anaconda🐍

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