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The Secret - Law Of Attraction FULL

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Ashish Kumar (12 hours ago)
sir download karne ka link deejiye Hindi me
carl smith (13 hours ago)
أَنَا عِنْدَ ظَنِّ عَبْدِي بِي،  iam as my servant thinks i am or you could say i am as my servant expects me to be. This is a saying given to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
Jes Correia (2 days ago)
Being Wealthy has nothing to do with money,...wealth is in the hearts of mankind, not in a bank account, your wallet, the house you live in, the car your drive that is the riches, Rothschilds, Bushes Queen etc....
Lucas Williams (2 days ago)
If you are still watching after 3 minutes, then you most likely are retarded. This is a huge load of bullshit!
Steven Carter (3 days ago)
This Is that real deal Secret that everybody should listen to my martial arts Sensei my Seafood was telling me this way before the secret even came out he just didn't tell me how to apply it what the weather for things used
JP_615 (6 days ago)
I tried reading the book fell a sleep after the second page tried watching this twice the first time I fell a sleep after 10 min second time lost complete interest this crap is not for me I think is full of shit
sinthia carr (7 days ago)
When is the “hat man” featured in this video... creepy
Tristan Silver (9 days ago)
Lol this is a really crude way of explaining meta anything 🕉️
EggsEggsEggsLasagna (9 days ago)
Erfolg (9 days ago)
Are they all stoned?
Erfolg (9 days ago)
Why is the illuminati shown in the background?
SAMPSON LEEVON (10 days ago)
yeah thats hard when you have Major depression. just to feel normal is hard.
Dudleydudzz. (10 days ago)
I dont think it was a good idea to put subtitles over.... subtitles. Anyway, good film.
حسين محمد (9 days ago)
you crezy becuece not think this ideas
Bama Funderburk (11 days ago)
The secret has helped me in understanding the power of thoughts and Brabbel has helped me control them! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teraception.brabble&hl=en_US
Ebun321 (11 days ago)
I’m going to stop fighting myself I have everything i need I’m not even joking I have the tools but haven’t been using them properly
Brugar18 (12 days ago)
Wow... and hour and a half of talking of delusions that an individual can control anything that's happening in the real world by just thinking about it...
Ramotar Rawat (13 days ago)
X6 (13 days ago)
+++++++++++++++++ 13:50 +++++++++++++++++
Enomas T (14 days ago)
Nat Lusero Bermuda (15 days ago)
I’m thankful for being 17 and learning this knowledge, I know this will help me live the life I want to live in. ,,,, showed my mom this movie today and I know it changed the way she sees things, my mom is a person who does nothing but worry and complain about things and she said starting off today she is going to practice banishing all the negative thoughts and replace them with nothing good good thoughts
Morbid Angel (8 days ago)
Nat Lusero Bermuda i hope everything turns out just as you and your mom want❤️❤️
Bio Hazard (15 days ago)
Dank u universum voor sandra
John Johnson (17 days ago)
If you take this video seriously, you should not be allowed to reproduce.
Mark Ugartechea (19 days ago)
This is the most bullshit scam I have ever seen.
Brijlal Prjapati (19 days ago)
Hindi me dijiye
Roosh (19 days ago)
Savannah Phillips (12 days ago)
Roosh 🙏
Renan De Morais (19 days ago)
My tip: Do not focus on the house, car or money. Focus on what you gonna do when you have the house, the car and the money, focus on the benefits. 😎
Ralph Garcia (20 days ago)
this book and the secret is truly A SECRET! its the best book ive ever read in my life! tx to u Rhonda i Finally meet the women of my dreams! then i achieved my freedom and next its my wealth! keep reading ppl cuz it realy works! best book EVERR...
Chabouya Moreno (20 days ago)
Money by selling your soul first by giving to the beast all those white people killed innocent people by lies n murder lies by giving to the father of all lies
Robin Luich (20 days ago)
I welcome joyfully all Gods earthly blessings he wants to give me.
Robin Luich (20 days ago)
I've always been grateful,and joyful naturally.
Robin Luich (20 days ago)
I know why this is called the secret because I kept my natural ability to manifest a secret.I felt it was not for all to know,it was my secret.
Anonim Anon (20 days ago)
A conscious attempt to extract energy without my oral consent is secured by a deadly curse.
Anonim Anon (20 days ago)
To Doloers Lopez: It is Impossible! You must create your own good energy. There is no such thing as sending energy to another person! My consciousness (my spirit) is coded that in my case I do not take energy or send energy from people and animals. I can direct you to the right track, give you good advice, comfort you with a good word but never ever energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robo Rat (21 days ago)
great book, I'm just starting out with the LoA but this docu seems to swim against its own principle especially with the business dude. LoA isn't about 'action, it's about the realization that your thoughts carry a message and how to use the Law to attract the things you want, versus the things you do not want.
Jesica (21 days ago)
Our purpose in life is to learn lessons we were born to learn and grow.
Andrea Reyes (22 days ago)
When I watch this video my life found how to be happy and full fill to achieve whatever i want in my life. For me my life start to begin again like how to be found and live to be true happy in our life. Because if we live a unhappy life, our life is miserable and can't understand what is life for, but when the time I watch this video my mind is full of excitement because I have the power to believe that what I want in my life, is I got to manifest in my life. And I really believe what's on my mind is doing act to what I really want in this world.
حسين محمد (23 days ago)
Remy-J Knott (24 days ago)
I really liked this version
Hajo Brillis (25 days ago)
this actually worked so well for me when I made a tape talking about everything i have now, believing and enjoying the things I wanted! with only pennies in my bank then boom!!! a year after! God made them come through! Exactly as I envisioned! material things don't guarantee happiness always though
Michael Coleman (25 days ago)
Im very grateful to have the opportunity to listen and watch this video, Great stuff ;). The law of Attraction really works. Thank you all very much.
Josh Sparr (26 days ago)
This is the best book ever I used this when I was weak and it inspired me to change my life I got all the material things I wanted but realized I wasn't happy after I achieved them materialistic shit doesn't matter
lISONA PK (26 days ago)
Mark Kroif (26 days ago)
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glista grand (27 days ago)
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Saharin Cuker (27 days ago)
It's rare that I'm impressed however watching this really caused me to say wow I need to ask - do viewers realise there is a hole in the law of attraction? people all over this planet are living the lives of their dreams after finding the missing ingredient? I learned about this missing ingredient and manifest abundance, wealth, health, love and more by studying resource called Hartlyn magic plan. This secret will literally force the universe to give you all the tools that you need to create financial, emotional and spiritual abundance... check it out look for Hartlyn Magic Plan on google
Dejan Jankov (27 days ago)
I've been spending time with the help of my son researching into the laws of attraction and discovered an awesome website at Hartlyn magic plan (google it if you are interested)
make money online (27 days ago)
When I first tried listening to your tracks, I was totally skeptical. Especially when I didn’t experience “instant” results in the first day or two. But I stuck it out, and I am so glad I did. Something powerful happened between week two and three. Relationships started getting deeper and more meaningful. My bank account started getting fatter. I had more energy. I even had friends ask what was up with me! I just smile and point to my headphones.” For more information click here https://bit.ly/2LI8TdB
Gwen Dawn (28 days ago)
I need good and positive energy.. Thanks
maria maldonado (26 days ago)
It's Was allgood till they Japan no subtitule started lmao
S Raju (29 days ago)
Some tuf tym in soil of my land gives all this and much more...
Jemz Wiari (29 days ago)
My life changed today after watching this
Billy Mild Chemwe (1 month ago)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about best law of attraction guides try Panlarko Instant Abundance Planner(just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got cool results with it.
Doulos Ministries (1 month ago)
the law of attraction is the Occult , play with fire and get burned !
Jesse Hernandez (1 day ago)
Lmfao that was funny the occult
MAGA MAGA (28 days ago)
Doulos Ministries You don't know what you are talking about. The law of attraction appears in the bible.
Trung Phạm (1 month ago)
Dị vãi vietsub mà toàn cm người nước ngoài
Houndmother (1 month ago)
This isnt the Secret. Thanks a bunch.
Sharon Shazz Nembhard (1 month ago)
The video by Rhonda Byrne is definitely Stage 1 of this teaching.
dimz77 dimz77 (26 days ago)
Is the original secret video?
dorothy lasiak (1 month ago)
Thank God for providing
Safeer Hussain (29 days ago)
U thanked god in first place. . .
utkarsh chauhan (1 month ago)
I think.. it's the best motive ever known... Feel the beauty of yourself and will surely change your perspective..will help each of you... It's my uttus guarantee 💯...😄😄😄😆
Deborah Bonney (1 month ago)
For me, visualization was key after I was able to heal from childhood trauma. I didn’t express obvious signs of trauma, but after an accident and illness forced me to learn to forgive, internalize that I was worth love, happiness, peace-as well as a whole person in-spite of all the damage. We have to Internalize our divinity as God s child. Then we can begin to “Wow! I’m worthy! I am fine!..”
Deborah Bonney (1 month ago)
Mohammed Bouazghi (1 month ago)
this illuminati movie and show us part of new world order
Boney Dixon (1 month ago)
Aao Jane (24 days ago)
Avarice (1 month ago)
dude calm the fuck down
T South (1 month ago)
Interesting but not the secret
Courtney Hall (1 month ago)
The answer to The Secret that THEY don't want you to know: https://offendedmillennial.com/blog/protest-resist/answer-to-the-secret
The healing word (1 month ago)
Jesica (21 days ago)
You were always worthy.
The healing word (23 days ago)
+Learnzz go to my first comment you'll see. I am WORTHY of everything that God created me with. That the devil think he could steal them from me.
Learnzz (26 days ago)
Worthy of what?
jawlineofprosperity (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me what Masaru Emoto says at the start of the health section (40 odd minute mark)? English translated subtitles is overlapped with the hindu subtitles.
Vyoma Hadkar (1 month ago)
Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you're open to it
sɔıɯoɔ ɔ&ʞ (1 month ago)
Colt Magnus (1 month ago)
The seven Hermetic principles.
Mar aquilante (1 month ago)
Im needing some good energy my way please 💗
Ideal Man (1 month ago)
I just bought these books and reading.
Hosi Mucanyi (1 month ago)
I love this movie. This was an eye opener to a human being called myself.
Anjiwike Susan Kikuli (26 days ago)
The Secret has helped me. I created a vision board. I literally just google all the things that I wanted for my life and saved the pics. It’s amazing how my life had changed since knowing about the secret in 2010. I was homeless at the time. I now live in 5 bedroom house with 2 garages, I have 2 handsome boys, I am living my life as a stay at home mom. All these were on my vision board and the prayers were answered 100%. I was so specific and things turned out just the way I wanted. I could go on and on. I had a house of this huge house back in 2010 when I was homeless. I now live in a house that looks exactly like it. The doors, the windows, the staircase, the chandeliers in the house. Everything just like in my vision board. I’m going through things right now but I am so hopeful because God has been so good to me. I still have a lot of other things on my board that haven’t manifested yet but I know like I know like I know that all that I want will manifest. I just want to encourage someone who is down. Make sure you go wild with your visions and it will be so much fun as the things manifest for you. I’m i awe because God granted me my breakthrough and I’m looking forward to many more breakthroughs. Life is exciting. I’m not shaken by my lows because I know it’s all temporary. My mind right now is going wild with visions and imaginations of what I want my like to be.
Rose (1 day ago)
+Milorad Radovanovic stop selling stuff!
Rose (1 day ago)
+Tygon CaoHartlyn Magic plan which you recommend here looks like a Scam to extort money. Are you the owner? Hi everyone- Just follow the principles recommended in the Secret or visualisation techniques available for free online of mental imagery to achieve your dreams. Don't fall into the trap o paying for extra things that people are trying to sell here!
NvmMind 0616 (2 days ago)
+Emputada Something subconsciously is keeping it back, or someone around you is holding you back from achieving it. Do you feel weird/bad vibes around anyone in particular - this would be something blocking your full intuition - do you have any thoughts that make you anxious or depressed? That will effect your intuition as well.
Deborah Sumrall (2 days ago)
Urameshi Yusuke The only true God. The God of Moses Abraham and Jacob. The Almighty and most Powerful Jehovah God.
Candice Tonge (3 days ago)
Emputada look at it everyday and write it down,say it everyday. Believe it if you desire it , it is already done and be clear.
Manoj Ajmera (1 month ago)
Very common part of Ancient Indian sculptures..you will find even way more...
Lolita Jews (1 month ago)
24:24 love yourself part
Just Once (1 month ago)
we need money to do anything.
Thakur Timmy (1 month ago)
Greate secret of life thanks
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Micaiah makaike (1 month ago)
This isn’t attraction, you are not bringing these things to you, you are only opening your mind and your awareness and then pursuing these things yourself.
Alec Fortune (2 months ago)
What is this crap? This is not the secret!
Morbid Angel (8 days ago)
dimz77 dimz77 its on netflix
Alec Fortune (26 days ago)
You can find the first 20 mins of the original one here on YouTube. It's a good start. I'm not sure where to find the original one.
dimz77 dimz77 (26 days ago)
Where can I find the original one.
christopher mahan (2 months ago)
38:15 “why are we whispering” (whispering voice) 🤷‍♂️😂🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭
lai Oicangi (2 months ago)
the secret is just feel good always
Avarice (1 month ago)
not true, because then the secret would be sex
Isabel (2 months ago)
It would mean so much to me if you checked out my page: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/yvubvp-the-law-of-attraction
james M (2 months ago)
Wow or my God
Samir Nurani (2 months ago)
Patrick Kennedy (2 months ago)
as above so below is a term used in witchcraft
Caramel Sundae (1 month ago)
Yup. Baphomet. Illuminati. Freemasons? But i believe in the power of thoughts. Law of attraction.
Just Our Testimony (2 months ago)
What is this
Take-away Love and our earth is a tomb.
omar rangel (2 months ago)
There are several components to the power of the mind to attract everything you need. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Teds Mind Guide (check it out on google) it's the most useful plan that I have ever seen. Check out all the amazing info .
[email protected] (2 months ago)
This is not the real movie.
lISONA PK (26 days ago)
Don't think about that
dimz77 dimz77 (26 days ago)
How do I find the real one?
sammed anigol (2 months ago)
I have changed my life by reading the book! And I will do the same , trying to explore more of this!
Reyna Romo (2 months ago)
Please send positive attractions to reyna and Garrett Rogers health wealth and abundance and. Above all happiness bless it be
Anonimus zero (2 months ago)
Hancy Henry Jr (2 months ago)
This is Dopeness!......but I just wanna comment at 40:40 when Mr Emoto came on, the captions were low key Hilarious! What a genius whoever that person is....Not. Lmao. Other than That, I appreciate this. It is insightful and it feels Right.
Chantelle Grobler (2 months ago)
i am very emotional watching this, happy emotions because my life has completely changed for the better
dimz77 dimz77 (26 days ago)
So it really works
Net World (2 months ago)
Enid Knight (2 months ago)
I am following the path... really it is powerful.
TeAnns OdysseyMyx (2 months ago)
Goddess of miZfitZ Amy (2 months ago)
I’m at the beginning of this movie and it’s not really a secret cuz the law of attraction has been practiced since pagan times. It’s a part of the Wiccan rede and it’s even in the Bible where god speaks about our tongue is the the power of life and death(meaning our words) and he also says as a man thinks so is he. Meaning what u put out there is what u will have and what you are. I been practicing this for years. However I’m trying to be more consistent lately But at least this msg is being spread.
Yuwei Guo (9 days ago)
Goddess of miZfitZ Amy listen, Christian follows the law of attraction. Almost all the religions follow the law of attraction. When you believe in god, you are in a statement of security, safety, abundance... and you are then in the alignment with the universe.
Tarz Thomas (15 days ago)
It's the gospel of Thomas, and parts of it where removed from the bible
Matthew Massey (26 days ago)
Literally everything you said was wrong.
John Barnes (1 month ago)
Watch/listen to Abraham Hicks on Youtube. She fully explains everything
Seth MacLeod (2 months ago)
Good thing you’re aware that’s this is taken straight out of the Bible. It’s the secret cause about 98-99 percent don’t know or understand this. Such as wide is the path narrow is the gate to eternal life. God really does love us.
Caroline Donohoe (2 months ago)

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