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Ugly Guys Have the Best Personalities | Is It True?

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There's this idea that the more attractive one is the less attractive their personalities will be. We put 4 lovely ladies on the spot to test this theory out. #IsItTrue #AllDef #ADD @IamCel1na @SnatchedByTara @SpicyMari @deborahmorgan Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 → CONNECT WITH ADD ← https://twitter.com/AllDefDigital http://instagram.com/AllDefDigital http://bit.ly/ADDfacebook http://bit.ly/ADDgoogleplus [CREDITS] Starring: Celina Whitfield, Morgan Smith, Kate Quigley, Melissa Shoshahi, Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredericks, John Grogan Producer: Katherine Harris Director: Katherine Harris Director Of Photography: Carlos Medina Camera Operator: Nathan Kelly Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan Makeup: Tara Arroyo Production Coordinator: Rene Bowers Post Supervisor: Trish Pelefoti VFX: John Norris Editor: Chris Russell Asst. Editor: Justin Johnson
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All Def (1 year ago)
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islam islam (1 month ago)
All Def Watch face and Lms , y'all ... You guys are the biggest scums on the face of this earth ......drilling this lie into the general population 's minds , along with these suoermodels as your accomplices .... Guys , These videos are just distractions for beta males , in order to keep them away from truth.
ZeiN Cloud (1 month ago)
These girls got some nasty faces
Hooman Tay (1 month ago)
yall dont know what ugly is these are all perfectly fine guys
Trinitybietch131 (3 months ago)
Kristin Whitaker (3 hours ago)
2:41 oof
That vegan tho🔥
Quincy Randall (8 hours ago)
She straight curved him at the end. Poor guy
Kate O (9 hours ago)
there are NO ugly men in this video
Nevaeh Watson (1 day ago)
the guys were not ugly
I02I Ceu (1 day ago)
So I guess I’m cute
kitty chrisy (1 day ago)
The “hot” guy in the beginning seemed so creepy.
krok2003 (1 day ago)
I dislike every thing about this video. I mainly disliked the girl in the red dress.
tndj h (1 day ago)
they carried that bald guy 😂😂
Lil Hocky (2 days ago)
Bruh all these girls have square heads
JayStoneTheMogul (2 days ago)
Fat dudes sound fat lol
Ayyits Ther (2 days ago)
*looks for ugly people* *finds none*
Infinite slime (2 days ago)
It’s easy to guess when they put ugly for number 1 every time
bluebird girl (2 days ago)
So...comedians vs. Models?
Hola Bruv (2 days ago)
I thought ugly people had ugly personalities?? I must be in the wrong here
Christal Fisher (3 days ago)
somebody link me to the white guys ig please
Angelique Valadez (3 days ago)
in my opinion none of them were ugly they all looked pretty average to me
YungHlo YungHlo (3 days ago)
3:25 mans hit that lightskin face real smooth
B Babe (4 days ago)
Ugly pretty labels labels just stoppp
Alim_plays (4 days ago)
damn feminists i bet they won't do ugly girls version i don't see any ugly people
bikinibeach (4 days ago)
The f**k up stage of a MK media, foolish kid game , dont let this put you in a state of !am i UGLY OR ATTRACTIVE , WE ARE ALL HUMAN'S AND HAVE THE RIGHT ONE SOMEWHERE.
brando ovalle (4 days ago)
chicos feos
Where the ugly guy? CLICKBAITE
Mona Limona (5 days ago)
Where are ugly mans??? Brhhhh...guys you are stunning👌💖
Ethan Mattaliano (5 days ago)
Its very tru because we deserve good types of girls not girls who just walk all over us, the jocks get the hot girls but treat them like shot but us ugly guys get girls who just walk all over us demandine everything he own
There is no ugly people in this video
Kiviana Lang (5 days ago)
Don’t like how they want to just rate people as ugly that’s just so rude 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️😡😡
Anthony Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Tara ugly
Harish Chandra (5 days ago)
This vidio is so bad. Stereotyping people. No one was ugly but the girl in red behaved really rude for the last so called ugly but smart guy. I disliked the vidio.
Farhana Mehjabin (6 days ago)
Wow this video makes me feel like crap
Kaleb Merchant (6 days ago)
Man they shoulda put me on this shit I'm bouta 3 but my personality a 7 so basically I'm a 10 in recovery lmaooo
Feel the Pain (6 days ago)
Sarah meh (7 days ago)
All the men are hot!
whatever_ImAGirl (7 days ago)
Love Terry. Anytime
Aulusive Music (7 days ago)
WTF is wrong with these women?
Laura Huynh (7 days ago)
All these guys were not ugly. They are handsome.
nerdTM (7 days ago)
These guys have THE WEIRDEST head shapes on planet Earth
MonroeSim (7 days ago)
0:38 she ugly lol
Anthony Rodriguez (5 days ago)
MonroeSim they all are ugly
Ryan Rediger (7 days ago)
The big guys know about the snooty fox lol
Floof (8 days ago)
6:08 did he say “how art thou” 💀💀
Vanessa Varela (8 days ago)
Sorry but good looking guys normally are good at manipulating women. They know what girls want. Ugly guys are less experienced and are dicks most the time These girls like to be demoralized I guess.
Rule 34 (8 days ago)
God damn, I'm chastising my self for watching this millenial shit, but at 3AM its alright.
Ash_River (8 days ago)
Well no one is ugly.... if you want to test something like this say less-attractive not ugly.
Ely Powell (8 days ago)
These girls are not good looking at all, they were all too dark for my taste!
Chloe Steele (8 days ago)
Ruben Corral (8 days ago)
And a special shoutout to our sponsors for this video, Ugly Guys!!
Imny Castro (9 days ago)
Is having some weight on you supposed to make you 'ugly'?
The_Walking_Grape (9 days ago)
Them: A long ring finger makes you attractive. I checked my damn ring finger. Y'all it ain't going good over here. I'm never leaving my house again.
Abraar Alsilwadi (9 days ago)
I didn’t know who was the ugly guy second round
samena akter (9 days ago)
so by this video i learnt that fat ppl are ugly and skinny ppl are good looking, nice......
Mr Classy (10 days ago)
I am handsome and I am offended.!😡
Adrian Balaj (10 days ago)
Fuck yall bitches u just said a ugly guy better but u fringe wen u see that last one and still go with the guy that only wanna fuckkkkkk haaaahahaaahaha dumb people do exist i guess
Julian Tramontano (10 days ago)
Teddy ain’t ugly
cicak caaA (10 days ago)
Is all depends on someone #fact
Alicia U (10 days ago)
Tara is kinda ugly
Anthony Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Alicia U yeah wtf is wrong with her jaw
the StarBoy Louiexv (11 days ago)
Number one look like a Town & Solomon Vandy?😅🚸🐆🐯🐒🐽🐏👶
Sparngle (11 days ago)
I don‘t see any ugly person! Be thankful and happy for what you have!
the StarBoy Louiexv (11 days ago)
The b**** in the red look like Tracee Ellis Ross🤰😅🚸🐆🐯🐅🐒🐽🐏
the StarBoy Louiexv (11 days ago)
The dark-skinned chick look like she part of the Wauconda I f****** her in nurse's scrubs cuz I don't want no scrubs🤰😅🚸🐆🐯🐅🐒🐽🐏👶
Sasy xx (11 days ago)
Mmh guys sorry my english,but I'm shocked,a guy with whom I spoke on instagram made me believe that he was Igor...I immediately recognized my fake in the video...
- X (11 days ago)
Why is Tara’s chin like that?
halt (11 days ago)
Number 1 is not really ugly
Arabella Arabella (11 days ago)
I don't see ugly but I don't see hot either
camille marie (12 days ago)
Igor is cute af
Sierra Gabrielle (12 days ago)
Honest opinion(That probably doesn't matter but I wanna play anyways XD) Round 1-number 2. Personally trying to get healthier so I'm down to try the vegan restaurant. Also, never been out of the country so let's do this thing! Number 1 was talking about feeling her up in front of families and kids, nah I like mini golf but not like that. Round 2-number 2. Coring, all the yes. Number 1 was talking about going back to the house already, no, get to know me. Round 3-number 2. Number 1 said no to if his girl is a stripper, nope. Let the girl do what she wants. But hmm...tacos... Honestly their looks had nothing to do with it. All number 1's mentioned sex in theirs. No, like, get to know a woman.
a space (12 days ago)
The first round number two was my choice
toad ass (12 days ago)
so dumb
You should switch it!
Stephannie Vlogs (12 days ago)
Dangggg that cute boy was hot af first one btw
Sweaty Thigh Gaps (12 days ago)
What a bitch.
ShePlaysMinecraft MSP (12 days ago)
Tara’s jawline is-
Anthony Rodriguez (5 days ago)
ShePlaysMinecraft MSP square
MattHybels (12 days ago)
Double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon
Mon F (12 days ago)
For everyone saying girls are average looking... whaybdo you expect all women to look like Instagram models smdh... not even Instagram models really look like their pics...I'm sure you guys aren't perfect either
Mon F (12 days ago)
Those women like mean men....
Mon F (12 days ago)
Contestant number one was just mean smdh
Alma N. Berger (12 days ago)
Those facts were like REALLY dumb
Tandav Koushik (13 days ago)
under the circumstances the tables were turned on women youtube would shut it down before all def can even say "UGL-"
captain cakerz (13 days ago)
Is it true they only cast ugly women to judge these men?
lexaa j. (13 days ago)
the guy ina black hat 😍😍😍😍😍
Meme Boi (13 days ago)
That man is not ugly
Number 6 (13 days ago)
All "ugly" guys are comedians apparently.
Audrey Lawson (13 days ago)
none of them are even ugly...
Neia from France (13 days ago)
8:51 woooow ! She's so disrespectful !
Stella Delevingne (13 days ago)
This is so sad. U see ppl thirsting in the comments for appearance. Makes u realize how shallow humanity has become.
Stella Delevingne (13 days ago)
This was so painful to watch 😂
ace sunny28204 (14 days ago)
This shit is fake I'm not saying that there were ugly or anything but the shit they be saying is just fake
terrica m (14 days ago)
2 out of 4 of these women are ugly so i assumed this was ugly girls have the best personality for a moment.
MysticMushroom (14 days ago)
dude, these guys ain't ugly the fuck?
Queen Jay (14 days ago)
Who white boy❤️😍what’s his IG I COULNT REALLY READ IT
Lola Nunez (14 days ago)
"I'm hustling for the future. You hustling for today" true 😂😂😂
Dior Diorrrs (15 days ago)
Lol they arent gonna even date them haha
Armandito (15 days ago)
"She like meat" And he said that to his face
Gal Eri (15 days ago)
N G (16 days ago)
Ugly guys are comedians? Lol ok
DJ (16 days ago)
8:50 this guy kinda look like a black homer Simpson ngl
cniknik98 (16 days ago)
I would totally pick Igor, Michael, and Antoine.
xRE4VERx Gaming (16 days ago)
The problem with this video is that "ugly people" means funny black COMEDIANS in this, so they aren't as shallow as the other choice.
Gitana Fox (16 days ago)
Damn, how you gon' do them like that?
Samantha E. (16 days ago)
I honestly couldn’t figure out which one was supposed to be “ugly”

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