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MEUTE - You & Me (Flume Remix)

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Berlin, Görlitzer Park: Techno Marching Band MEUTE getting ready for summer with a live performance of their new version of Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle's track You & Me, originally remixed by Flume. ALBUM & TOUR INFO: www.meute.eu Get in touch: http://bit.ly/MEUTE Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/you-me/1390123962?i=1390123968 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/you-me/1390123962?i=1390123968 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1MdbDBwEEecnlLiyWChJFh?si=R-BNMxnPTO2iYNA2xJCCEg Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/64710392?utm_source=deezer&utm_content=album-64710392&utm_term=1713187982_1527677626&utm_medium=web Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07DCRRGQ8/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk1 Tidal: https://tidal.com/track/89411966 MEUTE on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meutesound Video filmed, produced and directed by Christoph Szulecki www.thisisblanco.com YOU & ME Written by Eliza Sophie Caird, James John Napier, Guy William Lawrence, Howard John Lawrence Published by , administered by Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Salli Isaak Songs Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Ltd. / Universal Music Publishing GmbH
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MEUTE (4 months ago)
Currently on tour across Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France and Spain! Join us: www.meute.eu/live 🚀
Monika Kindlová (1 day ago)
Please stop in Prague!!!
Mukel River (6 days ago)
Any chance u guys coming to Scotland?
A Hiker's Journey (8 days ago)
Come to Kyrgyzstan guys!!!
zrider100z (11 days ago)
Hope you come to Poland one day :)
avitzavi (15 days ago)
come to NYC!!
44r0n :D (5 hours ago)
5 minutes of goosebumps! Amazing
Pradnya Paramitha (7 hours ago)
Karol Koksa (9 hours ago)
Check Poland ... We got best national food on this planet... it's like yours music ;)
Nicole Dugan (10 hours ago)
Respect 💯
Daniel Shalev (15 hours ago)
Rats, Assemble!
Jace Hancock (17 hours ago)
There has been a German telivision advertisment ad playing on T.V. in the U.S and it features Meute in it. Super cool!! Its called wunderbar together if anyone wants to find it.
František Smolka (21 hours ago)
Yeaaaaaaaaa,total helllllll <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
D T (1 day ago)
This is amazing if I was there I would had been singing the lyrics 😂😂😭😭😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤
Will Vieira (1 day ago)
kimster14 cui (2 days ago)
best ever
Somniator (2 days ago)
Hardest challenge in life: Not looking cool while playing the saxophone.
Raph Crafter (2 days ago)
Just the best music. So nice.
Vinicios Samuel (3 days ago)
Perfect mens!
Chris Plunkett (3 days ago)
Sounds great! I'm glad Tom Cruise could show up and dance at 3:57. That was nice of him.
Тіма Дятлик (3 days ago)
Frank Sauvage (3 days ago)
1 19
Juan Nadie (4 days ago)
People out of spain discovering charangas
이병호 (4 days ago)
Amin Sham (4 days ago)
everybodies triggered to dance on the chorus😂💙
skelagervej423 (4 days ago)
Still makes the hair's on my neck stand out..........
Lutz lob (4 days ago)
Fantastic music, great combo, but how the heck did they pass the Berlin gender police without a female quota in the team???
Jaune Landers (4 days ago)
Just imagine now ? if the hole werld just picked up music instruments created sounds for interaction instead of destruction.«{°°}»
Robert köstlin (4 days ago)
Wessel Tieleman (5 days ago)
Hello Meute, i see that you also going to the Netherlands. now i have the question's, when and where . cause you're great artists and i wanna see ya up close. i hope to get an response off you guys :D (Y). lot's of dutch greetings.
여승규 (5 days ago)
Inathi Njobeni (5 days ago)
So amazing👌👍💜
My ringtone!
Daniel Schmitt (5 days ago)
Damaris Ramirez (5 days ago)
A M A Z I N G .
Cool !
Ma Ru (5 days ago)
boooooor, ich kann nicht mehr... so eine Energie die da in my face, in my herz, in my alles !!!
Ma Ru (5 days ago)
Ich schreie vor freude laut .. das ist sooooo gut!!!
Ma Ru (5 days ago)
Bor jungs.. schon die ersten 20 sekunden, so mega.. richtige energie am start! Face: Indigo Art und Yin Mirrow Yang :D
DubKei (5 days ago)
Fucking Chills
Parth Akholkar (5 days ago)
2019 anybody?
Super Divinus (5 days ago)
jeder einzige trägt dazu bei dass die truppe so berlinisch aussieht. musikalisch stark dazu
sérgio silva (6 days ago)
So good! Portugal need this! Thank you! And, come to Portugal! You Will enjoy!
Dar Foggy (6 days ago)
Can’t get enough of it
La mera verga estos vatos!!!!
Ewelina Dworniak (6 days ago)
Muchacho (6 days ago)
Fantastic..... Fantastic guys!!!
Anthony Donohue (7 days ago)
What would it take to get you guys to come do a North American tour? Please!
Andre Nelisi (7 days ago)
Sabrina McDonald (7 days ago)
RUFUS- Innerbloom
Elise Guimarães (7 days ago)
alguem do Brasil?
AbSolute-5 (7 days ago)
I see freedom in the atmosphere, the dancing crowd, and the music.
Léon JACQUET (7 days ago)
Yes yes and yes I LIKE
Johara Molina chavez (7 days ago)
I love it!!! 😉💅
MiharuSanbonGu (8 days ago)
nice work. i have subscribed. please come over and subscribe to our channel.
rattaschwanz (8 days ago)
unglaublich geil!!! seit 2 monaten mein absolut liebstes stück! höre es praktisch jeden tag ...mehrmals ;-) see u in zurich on feb14 yeahhh!
Lara K (8 days ago)
After months of watching this video I finally realized what makes it so great. The sax intro is so damn sexy!
Vone Vone (8 days ago)
help me to know WHAT MICROPHONE you use to record such quality song)????
Tuğcan Tiryaki (9 days ago)
Onuralibeğ in sayesinde burdayım arkadaşlar ay lov it
Dante Mance (9 days ago)
Them boys tearing it up!!! Nice!
Faron Henderson (9 days ago)
edited fake audience and sound but kind of alright faking it.
Thalia Graniel (9 days ago)
Thalia Graniel (9 days ago)
FlyBoy USAF (9 days ago)
I'd bet you that more than half of those people didn't know the original song. Its just such a good song
Eddie Morrone (9 days ago)
Thank you! This song is amazing.
Jorge Caba (9 days ago)
They are not famous here in Spain, but I found them on YouTube and OH MY GOSH hope I see them live some day
Mark Nembhard (10 days ago)
Sold out at the London Jazz cafe. In March:(
Äryqc Qnc (10 days ago)
Baleria Melnikova (10 days ago)
господи это божественно!
P Mil (10 days ago)
This song, when hearing first few notes, immediately brought me back to the summer of 2016. happy times man. This video brought me to a mindset where I now believe I can achieve the impossible in school and life and enjoy every moment. This mindset just brought me visions of a future where my work doesn't feel like work, and I can live life.
Rebekah K (19 hours ago)
That sax player with the solo is hot. What's his name? Super hot. >.<
Lecsa Rahhab (10 days ago)
Wooooooow putos makinas putain c est genial im down its amaizyng chapeau
Das Böse (10 days ago)
Just few blocks from my home :)
daniel smolle (10 days ago)
I love it so much <3
edjae david (11 days ago)
Happy new year, everybody..
votedvomit (11 days ago)
Thumbs up if your in 2019
Edilson Coimbra (11 days ago)
santiago elenes (11 days ago)
Molt bons!!!
18. MEUTE - You & Me
Steban JR (11 days ago)
How did you get the live sound quality soooooo goood?
Stefan NEWELS (11 days ago)
Thank YOU!
Erwan Maloisel (12 days ago)
Juste sublime !!
Biode88 (12 days ago)
I would pay to go see this one jam
Tom Wolf (12 days ago)
o mój boże!!
Anne Elizabeth (12 days ago)
A secular worship song.
Martin Šefranko (12 days ago)
CSTAR 17 Top 2000
Kedefors (13 days ago)
I'm a music producer and I made a tutorial on how to make rap beats. Check it out!
Steven Wellington (13 days ago)
Awesome Piece! Great Performance! Excellent Crowd Participation!
Moritz Schottmann (13 days ago)
Ich finde es ja total lustig dass die mal bei mir zuhause in so nem übelsten Kaff waren. Ich bin da so durch die Straßen gelaufen und auf einmal hör ich genau diesen tune und ich wusste einfach garnicht mehr was abgeht
WOODY WOODNUT (13 days ago)
Outstanding I loved that
Mislav Orehovec (14 days ago)
Im speechless :O
Nathan Spaulding (14 days ago)
The trombone has some dancing skills my dude
Wim Bruynseels (14 days ago)
Ian F. Fleury (14 days ago)
fantastic !!!!
Jake Xie (14 days ago)
Where can I find other music just like this? I've never had a song move me like this one.
Jose Manuel Orts (14 days ago)
Demicksn (15 days ago)
Congratulations MEUTE. Excellent work ... Greetings from Guatemala, Central America
jessenia Jimenez (15 days ago)
Nathan Spaulding (15 days ago)
Never seen a band do this.
Diane M. (15 days ago)
Magnifique!!!!!! :O :O Supeeeeerbenmêm!! =D =D
Paloma Gondar (15 days ago)
Excelente, Me encanta!
Grim Song (15 days ago)
This is so good it makes me want to learn to play an instrument so I can jam with them.

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