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People Falling Off Cliffs Part 1

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People Falling Off Cliffs Part 1
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The Chaotic Phoenixx (6 hours ago)
I cant be the only one wondering why you would climb a cliff in shorts? You skid down your leg skin is going too
Not Vladimir Putin (19 hours ago)
3:00 didn't need it.
Danny Nichols (1 day ago)
I hate ski fanatics and rock climbers, they should be locked up
Niko 000S (1 day ago)
In wich part of youtube am I?
Sir Henry (1 day ago)
Pls guys: wich camera does pictures like this: 1:40
Abomb Gaming (1 day ago)
And I thought tripping over the last stair was bad
Nicolas Paz (1 day ago)
People be fucking up man. Stay away from cliffs and mountains!!!!!!!
Eagle1 (1 day ago)
Nobody died!!??? Snore...
PEESS TAKER (1 day ago)
Push it to the limit 🎶 🎶 🎤
Vend Master (1 day ago)
Ha ha ha...it funny cause he fat
Christopher Nadal (1 day ago)
This girl really said ooooohhhhh hes dead
McSaucey (1 day ago)
1:43 is so fucking fake there weren't people screaming in the Real video at all
Wolfie Grey (1 day ago)
1:42 *Baldi has left the chat*
TheEpicGamerGuy (1 day ago)
3:15 was oof I’ve seen those
Darkpaw1 (2 days ago)
HappySlime Fluff (2 days ago)
*Luckily snow was soft*
Jay moparrt (2 days ago)
Lucky bastards
Krako CO2 (2 days ago)
1:42 you okay dude
Lil X (2 days ago)
I fall off a clip if was not accident I just did it I ran down the hill
Murat (2 days ago)
Why the fuck you doing this stuff you guys know extreme dangerous
Chariot posts (2 days ago)
I appreciate that they show that the people are ok
Robert Young (2 days ago)
Why does gravity have to be so cruel.
No Clickbait (2 days ago)
did they turn the falling damage off?
Andreas Landen (3 days ago)
Dumme Chinesenfresse
Victor Rasmussen (3 days ago)
I felt 0:00 In my stomach
Jackson P2788 (3 days ago)
Poor judgment your videos are fucked you probably like this you sick disgusting bitch why tf do u make videos of people fucking almost dying you fucking sicko
Anxiety Potato (3 days ago)
Me falling: AHHHHH People falling of a cliff: im ok
Jedi Bob (3 days ago)
Falling through roofs is funny but cliffs is scary and depressing and I feel bad
Janet Harned (3 days ago)
People with a wish to die or be paralyzed!!
Kane K4nZ0u (4 days ago)
get married obama
Jay the Gacha girl (4 days ago)
If there is snow then your a ok 👌☺
Ryan Duffey (4 days ago)
Could you not show the rescues plz
Keri Vogt (4 days ago)
Next up: stupid people decide to climb a really flat clifff
EricaYE6 (4 days ago)
What is it with White people and cliffs?
noa grainger (4 days ago)
Lol 😂
Dead_Afro (5 days ago)
52 fall damage
Serperior Chaos (5 days ago)
Thee Furaribi (5 days ago)
Tbh that first clip is what i wanted steep to be like in first person
taco tuesday (5 days ago)
0:03 it was at this moment he knew. He fucked up.
Forest Huang (5 days ago)
1:47 coyote from brave wilderness! Sorry it was 1:41
John Doe (5 days ago)
Disliked video because of screaming animal.
주호 (5 days ago)
산에서 반바지는 뭐임
MidnightFlower13 (5 days ago)
Some people: Fall off cliff, land on their back, and only get a few bruises or at worst a broken bone Some people: Sleep in bed wrong and die
OfficiallyDraggo (5 days ago)
man: woman: *SCREAM* HE'S DEAD!
Adam Halsey (5 days ago)
georg2010cz (5 days ago)
2:15 I can feel the pain in my arse just from watching
Jon Dillinger (5 days ago)
See I don't feel bad for any of these Idiots 😂 if they go out there jumping and playing around cliffs like this then that's what u get should of stayed your stupid ass as home
moonflower 1 (6 days ago)
1:19 his glasses dont even have a scratch
Copy Paste (6 days ago)
If you fall of a cliff I will laugh at you
Emily Graham (6 days ago)
I knew I would hate this, so why did I click on it???
dfshjb44 (6 days ago)
2:39 did this bitch just get airlifted for a skinned knee?
dfshjb44 (6 days ago)
oof never mind, just saw the leg
monkey toucher (6 days ago)
Brandon Thach (6 days ago)
It will be fun outdoors they said you will embrace nature they said They got the embracing right
Bendykid983 6 (6 days ago)
*when you take fall damage in Fortnite and lost 56 HP with no shield* FRICK!
Lee Hafner (6 days ago)
Most of them forgot to point their toes...fine point to remember
Ceresjanin blow (6 days ago)
0:26 And that's how you become a plant my friends
You lucky your pocket China 5G Smartphone can't control human but China 5G Smartphone chipset can auto....control your Car & drive u off the Cliff.. ....!! .....OMG....
L B (7 days ago)
Those 2 girls rock climbing with no gear whatsoever and wearing short shorts .... 🤔
Brett Jones (7 days ago)
I really wish these people were all die then we wouldn't have any more videos to have more idiots put videos up like this they all need to just die you're just training more idiots to make more videos
PIRATETHEDOG 111 (8 days ago)
In Soviet Union.....cliffs fall off you *soviet anthem blasts in background*
Marcel Miller (8 days ago)
You guys put yourselves in these dangerous positions then look stupid when you get injured.
Bazkerville Rouge (8 days ago)
Best thumbnail on yt
Tomb Raver (8 days ago)
There's people getting hurt *Aka hit in the face with a ball, slipping on a wet floor, grinding on a rail and falling on your crotch* And then there's people getting hurt like this which really makes me cringe. Why do I torture myself?
Scotty Weißmüller (8 days ago)
Dont know why i laughed at most videos
LKF (8 days ago)
This is the thing about cliffs It’s not the pain But the few seconds you have to think about how much this will hurt
Nipun (9 days ago)
3:54 Wtf?
Luca Muraca (9 days ago)
Me: Watches this. FBI: *Why are you watching this?*
Jack Frost (9 days ago)
"You just fell off a 200 ft. cliff and crashed onto sharp rocks. You're very lucky--right?
Obi M (9 days ago)
Nature: exists Me: Thank you, next.
KMPlays (9 days ago)
I was putting my bindings on, but then... I BOP of the mountain when I get down I say *THANK YOU*
Prince Echo (9 days ago)
That tree at 2:32 just saved her life. Wtf was her dumbass doing up there anyways
DJ Pony (9 days ago)
People falling of cliffs. Everywhere: we need to help him! Asia: WAAAAAHH!!!
Amelia Equestrian (9 days ago)
1:41 I'm sorry. That just cracked me up 😂😂
Snowden (10 days ago)
keth (10 days ago)
Please use safety equipment to protect your skin and joints
Justin Reyes (10 days ago)
It's all fun and games till someone falls off a cliff
ROBLOX AND FRIENDS (10 days ago)
I fell of my toilet when I was 18 *FBI and ambulance came*
Hyperbeast (11 days ago)
1:33 omg I saw somebodies underrated coment below so Ill coment the same thing 'get married obama'
once i fall down from a peruvian hill, my 2 legs got hurt (couldn't walk normaly for some days) and i still can see a little soft scar in my arm.
Ariana Tusini (11 days ago)
1:40 me trying to be an adventurer😂
Steven Rodriguez (11 days ago)
You see this is why we kids don't go out and use 🎮 all day
I’m never going snowmobiling in Alaska again
The Mob Builder (11 days ago)
Sghs Hdhdnd (11 days ago)
2:26 that's only god telling her don't do it again that is not luck
tart gamer639 (11 days ago)
2:11 rip camera
Crowstudio (11 days ago)
Total Score: Nature 1 - Idiots 0
Bxn 14 (11 days ago)
Satisfying video
rohit kaushik (11 days ago)
0:37 never leave opportunities
O-doggy Fun (12 days ago)
" Robert it do go down!"
PotatZo (12 days ago)
Holy shit that was funny hahahahahaha people are fucking stupid....
Skskskksjsjskk (12 days ago)
I’m still wondering why I’m here, this makes my heart drop help pls 😓😨
Margarita Torres (12 days ago)
Umbreon _ (12 days ago)
First clip, when your clad it’s snow and not sand
Meme man Reacts (12 days ago)
I seen a cat fall and sadly die
big boss (12 days ago)
stupid ppl
kuban mangos (12 days ago)
At a barbershop somewhere Dude: I tripped on the sidewalk outside lol Other Dude: I fell off a Cliff.
Leighton_vlogs (12 days ago)
I hope there ok when people fall
TotallyNotA Bot (13 days ago)
2:08 maybe look very painful but you have to realised his adrenaline rush will block out some of the pain he will feel it tomorrow
Bradley S. (13 days ago)
Well... Don't do stupid shit...
steve french (13 days ago)
Makes you wonder what the conversations before were like .... Guy #1 " Hey man, we should go hit some trails today" Guy #2 " Bro, I know one that would probably fucking kill one of us." Guy #1 " Great, I'll get my bike."

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