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People Falling Off Cliffs Part 1

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People Falling Off Cliffs Part 1
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Nuck Cruz (11 hours ago)
Let’s all scream and not make an attempt to save him/her
0:26 Patchy: Wow Sheet! Man: Are you alright? Patchy: Patchy!
If u are laughing this is not a luagh in matter
Hypercionn (1 day ago)
These people are idiots
Isaac Ford (1 day ago)
man:falls of cliff Also man:holy shit is my camera OK
james Blight (1 day ago)
Glass Half Full (1 day ago)
One Continuous Nightmare
I literally watched the Survivor episode when it aired. LMFAO.
Freedom Rider (2 days ago)
Did you literally watch, or figuratively watch?
Jsin Manrique (3 days ago)
Every single person deserves each fall. Morons.
JJ Playz (3 days ago)
2:06 my grades after elementary school
Don’t read my Name! (3 days ago)
Manuzziya (3 days ago)
what the fuck i laugh so hard LMAOO
shally est (3 days ago)
this shi give me anxiety
Lemons (4 days ago)
*Falls off mountain into snow* Checks camera first
Ruata Vc (4 days ago)
Good work crazy people 👍
Brandy Bechard (4 days ago)
I feel like a bad person just for clicking on this
DrTheKay (4 days ago)
0:40 thisnis so clearly FAKE. Omg you people are retarded. DISLIKING
BETTERWORLD SGT0589 (4 days ago)
In real life it don't work like Wile E. Coyote!!!
Verbal Assassin (5 days ago)
*Video full of dumbass people*
alex miranda (5 days ago)
What's misty doing up on the mountains? Searching for a legendary Pokemon or something? . . .
Freedom Rider (2 days ago)
Misty is looking for a Mountain Hop.
John Doe (5 days ago)
That is what you get you stupid adrenaline junkies
Mr. MadManManny (6 days ago)
Me:*thinks there's still ground* *Falls* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Gachy Boi (6 days ago)
Y are we watching thisss?
michael jurnakins (7 days ago)
Hallie_LoneWolf 07 (7 days ago)
That bike trail in the woods looks familiar I think I’ve been there but idk bc the trail I went on was in Arkansas
dorian2489 (7 days ago)
Coyote falls Coyote:dId U gEt ThAt On CaMeRq
Timmy the Spider (7 days ago)
On the first one the reason why he said thank you was because he is thanking who knows what that he’s alive
Obrien11 (6 days ago)
or the lord
Dark Coven (8 days ago)
Natural Selection at it's Finest..
Muted Poison (8 days ago)
all these niggas died
Raptortamer 1 (8 days ago)
PITTY THE FOOL (9 days ago)
Stupid as Stupid does!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigma The inkling (9 days ago)
Is it weird that the first cliff fall reminded me of red vs blue
dragon master (9 days ago)
It's a bird! It's a plane!! Nope it's my uncle falling off the cliff
CloudStreets (9 days ago)
3:17 the moment you realize clipless pedals may not be the best idea.
Zak b (9 days ago)
All these fucking women screaming
Magaly Vega (9 days ago)
Shadow Apox (9 days ago)
WhyI do I watch this shit.real life is craizer be then any fiction
Lillian kline (10 days ago)
You lucky it was snow not a huge rock
Michael Janes (10 days ago)
Person : ima take a selfie really quick k? Me: stand 100 feet away Person : nah Me:ok fine have fun! Two sec later Person : X-X
Jemal Rankin (10 days ago)
Wait ! I spoke to soon ! There was a black person in the video . At the end . We have to many other things to kill us fuck that !!
xXAlexa WolfXx (10 days ago)
This karma?
pardi melas (10 days ago)
Hhhhhhh stupid
pardi melas (10 days ago)
Aweasom hhhhhhh
Fuze (10 days ago)
Death: *pushes girl off cliff* Plant:YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL
Roberlan Fernandez (3 days ago)
death cant die if its dead
AidanTheMonika Lover (10 days ago)
Russians climbing the mountains ps I can’t think of a -Doki Doki Literature Club comment so #monikaforever
Lo L (10 days ago)
anyone else here besides me being like “ah, I’m so comfortable at my house chillin on my bed” when you see the snow clips lol
Real Life (10 days ago)
You make great vids
Gordon Schnick (11 days ago)
0:06 *you find yourself in a cart* "Hey you, you're Finally awake".
General Grievous (11 days ago)
Me when I get knocked off the map in Minecraft bedwars
Geir-Arne Bentsen (11 days ago)
Some people are just so damn lucky to be alive! :)
GXR4T 263 (11 days ago)
I once nearly fell down a massive slope but managed to grab onto a tiny tree sapling and stopped my self tumbling.
Purple_Meifwa Miss lps (11 days ago)
My favorites were 0:00 to 4:15
la_noche_de_desmadre_ (12 days ago)
This videos copied
eric maloney (12 days ago)
2:32 I like my chicks to be flexible!
Anna Beck!!!! (12 days ago)
Omg look at the girls right leg at 2:34. Ewwwwwwww
XxBlackRosexX (12 days ago)
1:26 where is that?
K P (14 days ago)
1:40 u see the fakeness they trynna want us believe...like is high up in the mountain...cunts
lol king (14 days ago)
Me: Omg Faze Kay: THatS InSaNE BrO
Lorraine Macrae (14 days ago)
I hope these idiots pay the rescue bill
ZeusTheMoose685 (15 days ago)
3:12 lol "GO GO GO GO GO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!"
Yasmeen Irfan (15 days ago)
Trigger his butt
SouthwesternEagle (15 days ago)
2:13 DAMN that's some *extreme* skiing!
Noah still Better (15 days ago)
0:16 does he look like scout from tf2 or not?
RylanDusWrk ForMe (15 days ago)
So that’s where Keebler cops channel went
_ErinFrl_ ÙwÚ (15 days ago)
i love this omg
michael greer (15 days ago)
And there always surprised to have an accident. Emergency services should bill them
Werner Runkel (16 days ago)
what expenditure for brainless idiots - those dumbasses get what they deserve ...
Jason Voss (16 days ago)
Man vs Gravity.
Morning Night (16 days ago)
The first thing YouTubers say when they hurt themselves is the camera rolling like if agree
Charles Fuentes (16 days ago)
Should've called this "Gravity...Friend or Enemy?" Or just call it "Hey Stupid, Going Down?"
V Caffy (17 days ago)
It’s not like gods gonna put out his hand and catch you Jeese.
Janola Bleach (18 days ago)
gogobebe (18 days ago)
poor judgement, r u a sadist
SharkGamezMC (18 days ago)
That first one looks exactly like luke skywalker from the empirie strikes back
Bert treB (18 days ago)
3:22 *_so way back in the mine,got my pickaxe swinging from side to side,side-side to side._*
Bert treB (18 days ago)
Only real gamers know this reference
Akok Longkumer (19 days ago)
If you fall and get up first thank god..
Captain levi (19 days ago)
Honestly sometimes I think these people are retartarded
DB (19 days ago)
The guy at 1:13 fell because his hipster glasses weren't big enough
{Sarah Burke} (20 days ago)
1:53 “That’s a thumper” “DiD yOu GeT tHaT oN cAmErA??” Gotta get that quality content 😂
Viktor Berg (20 days ago)
bin bin (20 days ago)
I'm scared of heights, now it's even worse :/
Cristiano Raggi (20 days ago)
"...guardate 'ntorno, cerca tra 'sta ggente, qualcuno co' lo sguardo inteliggente..." F. Califano.
N/A (20 days ago)
wow, that went steep real quick
SasukeAMV (21 days ago)
It seems coyote Peterson can survive a bite from an alligator. But cant survive a 5 foot drop
SasukeAMV (21 days ago)
I’m coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild *falls of cliff*
SasukeAMV (15 days ago)
Buzzy yeah
Buzzy (15 days ago)
“Did you get that on camera?”
Crown Your Life (21 days ago)
And here is the key to not falling down cliffs dont look down😐
Blixen (22 days ago)
*Que Ali-A Theme*
JseBigFan069 (22 days ago)
I recognized that clip of coyote Peterson immediately. It scared me still tho, but then I remembered this guy willingly got stung by a bullet ant. Falling off a cliff is like stubbing a toe for him. Hurts at the moment, but takes 2 minutes to completely recover
Octavio Zenteno (22 days ago)
Hay gente muy weona que buscando notoriedad se creen inmortales y cuándo les ocurre lo obvio hacen gastar recursos al país. Deberían dejarlos ahí por weones.
Vene C (23 days ago)
GD Zodixc (23 days ago)
Lip stick (23 days ago)
Hahahahahaah, I am in shock!!! There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said...
That Nintendo Gamer (23 days ago)
2:06 all I can think is why aren’t his skiis coming off
JackArcherVlogs (24 days ago)
“ go, go, go, you got it go!” “fuck.. fUCK”
Brad Carver (24 days ago)
no new footage? boooooooo!
mellotronage (24 days ago)
Gravity + places you don't really belong = entertainment for the rest of us. 😎
Vic And Eve!! (25 days ago)
You know I watch this stuff every day. Actually I watch people jump off of buildings
Kevin Tyler (25 days ago)
You seriously needed a helicopter at 2:55....lol
Jurassic World Fan (25 days ago)
holy shit its alot of pain

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