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Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018

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The Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018, with recommendations for both FREE and PAID options to suit every Mac video editor, no matter what your budget or video style! -- LINKS -- ► FREE: (Best FREE Video Editing Software for Mac) - iMovie: http://primalvideo.com/go/imovie - DaVinci Resolve: http://primalvideo.com/go/davinci-resolve ► UNDER US$200: (Best Video Editing Software for Mac under $200) - DaVinci Resolve: http://primalvideo.com/go/davinci-resolve - WeVideo: http://primalvideo.com/go/wevideo - ScreenFlow: http://primalvideo.com/go/screenflow - iMovie: http://primalvideo.com/go/imovie - Adobe Premiere Elements: http://primalvideo.com/go/adobe-premiere-elements/ ► US$200+: (Best Video Editing Software for Mac over $200) - Adobe Premiere Pro: http://primalvideo.com/go/premiere - Final Cut Pro X: http://primalvideo.com/go/finalcutpro/ - DaVinci Resolve: http://primalvideo.com/go/davinci-resolve - WeVideo: http://primalvideo.com/go/wevideo - ScreenFlow: http://primalvideo.com/go/screenflow - iMovie: http://primalvideo.com/go/imovie - Adobe Premiere Elements: http://primalvideo.com/go/adobe-premiere-elements/ Affiliate links used where possible! *** GEAR WE USE *** https://primalvideo.com/gear 🚀 Join the Primal Video Accelerator waitlist: https://primalvideo.com/pvaccelerator 🚀 Learn how to build an audience, generate new leads on autopilot and SCALE your business with video step-by-step in our fast-track Primal Video Accelerator program! -- ~ Learn the ULTIMATE Process for Editing Videos Faster (FREE DOWNLOAD): https://primalvideo.com/the-primal-video-method/ ~ Subscribe to Primal Video weekly updates: http://primalvideo.com/subscribe -- Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018 -- There are a TON of options out there when it comes to Mac video editing software. Whether you’re new to video editing, or are a long-time seasoned PRO Mac video editor, it can be difficult to keep up with all the software available to make sure you’re using the right program for you. Every 6-12 months we do a full review of the video editor landscape on both Mac and Windows, and update our recommendations on the best video editing software for every budget. In this video we do just that, with a full review of the best video editors for mac, and our recommendations for every budget! ********** GEAR WE USE: http://primalvideo.com/gear Check out all the gear we use and recommend at Primal Video! ********** --- Related Content --- - 5 Tips to Edit Faster in Final Cut Pro! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8t75uIcKlQ - Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro: Best Video Editor? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1DcYYWf2Uw - How to Make a Video Intro for YouTube (Full Tutorial!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbF-GI558q8 DISCLOSURE: We often review or link to products & services we regularly use and think you might find helpful. To support the channel, we use referral links wherever possible, which means if you click one of the links in this video or description and make a purchase we may receive a small commission or other compensation. We're big fans of Amazon, and many of our links to products/gear are links to those products on Amazon. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and related sites.
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Text Comments (216)
Shantal Byfield (2 days ago)
Thank you so much for this!!! This was so helpful. I have a MacBook Pro and I am interested in downloading DaVinci Resolve on my laptop. Do you think it is a good idea to have his software on my mac along with other basic adobe software I already have? I am really just concern if it will slow things down or put too much load on my computer.
TheHappyEnforcer (7 days ago)
*too cheap*
Jay Postman (7 days ago)
Literally iMovie is free and already installed on your mac. So I’m confused why is it under “above $200” section in the description.
JMR Rider (16 days ago)
I am a new video editor. I've been using iMovie.
John Scott (17 days ago)
I'm using Vegas Pro 16 Suite. But it's definitely time for a new machine. I'll either build a PC or invest in a Mac desktop. I just need to be sure I make the best move and not halt workflow any longer. If I get a Mac though, will I be able to use the plug ins that I got with Vegas Pro 16 Suite (like Ignite Pro, NewBlue FX, etc.) with Final Cut Pro X?
Kevin Revallo (19 days ago)
Way TOO much Talk and FaceTime - had to go on to another review
Bikinibxttom (19 days ago)
I use sharefactory for ps4 can I get a f in chat
TT RACER (21 days ago)
i love you so much
Ruca Rebordão (24 days ago)
Thank you Justin, that was a great help. Best
Happy to help!
Muhammed Afsal (24 days ago)
Hi Justin, Adobe Premier Pro & Final Cut Pro X What's best in your experience?
Roberto González (25 days ago)
Can I use Premiere on Mac air 13 inch ?
Yep, but it might be slow
Everything Mac (1 month ago)
Final Cut Pro X on a 2009 iMac
rajaa111 (1 month ago)
Great video, excellent info, thanks!!!
Thanks a lot! :)
Be Yourself World (1 month ago)
so helpful, thank you so so much!
My pleasure!
Dewa (1 month ago)
What a very nice video you got there mate! Thank you for the tips and keep it up!
Glad you liked it!!
Wilhelm Enns (1 month ago)
I use Final Cut PRO x
zhongijboss (1 month ago)
Oreo's Life (1 month ago)
Filmora for Mac. But it's watermark is a trouble.
FADE optix (1 month ago)
if you sub to me and reply then ill sub to you
FADE optix (1 month ago)
this is help full
Nicky Muge (1 month ago)
Thank you, Justin! Very informative video! Has anyone here used Adobe Premiere Elements? Thinking of purchasing this software. Any thoughts?
Nicky Muge (1 month ago)
Justin Brown - Primal Video thank you!
Grab the trial first and see how you like it, also check out Adobe Rush (their new one)
Nancy Colez (1 month ago)
this was so useful as I have only just got a Mac!! I also love your accent haha
Thanks and thanks! LOL
Nishchay Kumar (1 month ago)
2019. Make another. HNY btw.
Watch this space :P
Motorhome Journey's (1 month ago)
Once again a fantastic video, well informed. However in MY opinion Adobe is not the answer for beginners. The monthly cost sucks, Premiere Elements on Mac no longer supports DVD writing and the earlier version was full of bugs. I believe for the Mac Final Cut Pro or Davinci is the answer. Keep up the great work, you are a breath of fresh air.
João Ferraz (1 month ago)
About Screenflow now... I have this one, I love it but I suggest people not to buy it because the newer versions are full of bugs and causing damage to videos, there are an entire community complaining about it and it´s bugs.
João Ferraz (1 month ago)
Very good reviews and tips, I think that Resolve is so cool but at the same time so bureaucratic to just simple export a simple video render that I founded several tutorials over 10 minutes on how to do just that task! Mannnn the most basic simple thing in a video editor is a visible and friendly RENDER/EXPORT button to do your job done! Resolve has an unbelievable suffering workflow to just do a video render. Well one more tip for free video editors! Blender 3D, yes, Blender has an internal an complete video editor suite for free and simples to use, more simples than Resolve. I understand the quality and professionalism of resolve, what I not understand where the hell are the idea of the designers and coders os resolve to create such painful system for exporting your video.
Shawn (1 month ago)
so final cut pro is the best then? Thats what I basically heard in the beginning.
Jade Zhang (1 month ago)
Im using iMovie. iMovie is ok it is good to edit but it is kind of annoying for audio and texts. I don't like how you have to do a specific place for text when other editors makes you out the text any where you want. iMovie is also a little confusing. I really want to upgrade but I don't know what to use. Im not allowed to buy any thing on my MacBook Air so I need something that is free but also affective.
TechPimp (1 month ago)
You should look into the New Filmora Pro 1.0 it's pro software
Mikhail Lambuson (1 month ago)
great presentation, exactly what I have been looking for. GoPro Studio does not work anymore and I am searching for an editing video that includes speed meter to show how fast I am riding and terrain condition. Thank you for your help and please continue what you are doing!!!
Mikhail Lambuson (1 month ago)
+Justin Brown - Primal Video Can the Adobe Premiere Pro capture GPS data - to show speed tracker, speedometer, GPS track and G-force taken from GoPro 7 black?
Thanks and glad to know you find this helpful. 😇
Dr. Alan Weinstein (1 month ago)
What software do you recommending to desqueeze video shot with anamorphic lens?
Dr. Alan Weinstein (1 month ago)
Justin Brown - Primal Video can I do it in Screenflow? I use that all the time
Any of the pro ones should have no issue doing that.. might be worth a quick google search to see the different workflows and options you have with the software you're most interested in
小青SmallGreen (1 month ago)
im using imovie..you can see my edit for vlog 1..is funny haha.. i wanted to make it more creative but...haha
Andalalin Bim (1 month ago)
SmallGreen nice :)
the best video i sew
Thank you :)
lui6link (2 months ago)
3:10 Starts
MaggieGetsAnimated (21 days ago)
Ty also 5Ub 4 5UB
Cups (1 month ago)
thank you for you sacrafice
Andalalin Bim (1 month ago)
Yes haha
A N G E L G A C H A (2 months ago)
Who’s stuck with windows? 🙋🏽‍♀️
WenSaiPanther (2 months ago)
I love your reviews of video editing software, but I also need photo editing software that clears up hazy pictures. Any recommendations?
I don't do much with photos but SnapSeed and Lightroom are good options
Annaelle Anfisa (2 months ago)
Great video! Thank you 🙏🏻
You're welcome :)
Charles Wandero (2 months ago)
Am learning how to editor what do you recommend
Sas Kan (2 months ago)
Should I get the 2018 Macbook air or 2018 Macbook Pro??? Will the base model 2018 macbook air be sufficient?
will really come down to your budget and what else you need the laptop for
Pavlo Kozelo (2 months ago)
What camera do you using to capture yourself on this video? I like the image a lot!!!
Thanks! Panasonic GH5 with a Sigma 18-35mm lens (needs an adaptor called a speedbooster to make it work with this camera)
bonzology (2 months ago)
I use pro tools and resolve, I ditched final cut, premier is a money pit! Resolve and black magic designs are gonna take over the world with how great their products are! The fusion addition is gonna crush premier in the not so long run.
Nice, yeah will be interesting to see what happens with where each are moving
NaDeZ_ Clan (2 months ago)
When you ask for a gaming pc and your mom gives you a Mac so you end up using sharefactory on your ps4
Hahaha 👍
HELLO I PLAY LEAGUE (2 months ago)
guys if you're like me (mac user) I want to use I movie but it requires the latest update, I personally hate then new os updates and cant use I movie. so I found this editor called Movavi basically an alternative to I movie
Younghomiezoee (2 months ago)
I’ve been using iMovie but I think it’s time to graduate 🎓 Final Cut Pro 🎬 here I come !!
Omnizoa (2 months ago)
I imported 10 images into Lightworks and it showed I imported 3. I imported 10 audio tracks into Lightworks and it showed I imported 8. Instantly uninstalled.
PiCkle BroThers (2 months ago)
Starting a channel with my cousin, I need some help on how to edit intros thumb nails and all that other stuff.
Try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp3dFF-Bts0
The Urbex Person (2 months ago)
I'm using I movie but I nee to upgrade
MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez (2 months ago)
Wow!, Well done sir. Awesome presentation. I'm about to buy an iMac but your review certainly sprung me forward to video editing in earnest. Thank you very much.
Glad to hear Migel!! 🙏
Vibrans b (2 months ago)
Free :) 05:58 <200$ :) 11:33 >200$ :) 19:44 👇I appreciate it 👇
Pls_No_Kill (2 months ago)
Any one here to start a channel?
Lil Riggs (3 months ago)
Great insight! Thank you for posting.
Cheers Lil Riggs!
_kontact (3 months ago)
I want to use my video editing software to edit together everytime you say "video editing software""
HAHA I know. Any suggestion on what to say instead?? 😜
_kontact (3 months ago)
great video though ;) lol really helpful
BlondieNextDoor (3 months ago)
Great video, as always! This is the video I needed now. I am looking in getting a new laptop, not sure yet which one but probably Mac book pro. I am not too knowledgeable about technology, but I'm learning. It's scary to decide to spend 1K or more on a peace of equipment you don't know much about.
BlondieNextDoor (3 months ago)
Perfect, no need to upgrade to FCP! use whatever the easiest / fastest one is for you to get the videos out :)
BlondieNextDoor (3 months ago)
Thanx for the reply! That’s what’s I’m heading toward in the future, to use FCP, but for now I will be staying with iMovie even after purchasing Macbook pro.
Thanks! Yeah it's a tough one, I use both mac and pc almost every day.. love my macbook pro though and will be purchasing another one soon. Having the ability to use both FCP and Premiere a huge + for me..
Andres Hurtado (3 months ago)
Hey bro, nice video I would like to be able to have 2 individual screens for my videos doing song covers, is it possible to get this and Multicam editing in a not so expensive <$100 video editing software?
I'd look at Davinci Resolve
Magical Moments (3 months ago)
Where is the Lightroom and Avid? These are also top tools. And davinci resolve is amazing but hardware hungry.
Both got mentions in this video..
Koalarsky (3 months ago)
if you have a bad mac DONT GET PREMIERE PRO it made my computer so laggy and i had to click the export button like a million times to get the menu to come up
/ ZachCDY \ (3 months ago)
Thank you for this amazing information, it’s super organized with a no bs attitude👌
Thanks! That's our goal 👍
OmegaMan X (3 months ago)
I use iMovie app but I need something excellent for uploading and editing videos for YouTube purposes
iMovie should work fine.. but lots of other options covered in this video too :)
• Mystic Updates • (3 months ago)
I've watched every mac pc video of yours because i might be getting one soon and i don't know how to use it so i am watching these video's so i can be good and you've helped me alot!!
Awesome! Glad they helped 😊
SilentStuff (3 months ago)
my Davinci Resolve crashes.
Milena ELZINGA (3 months ago)
Hi, I have downloaded DaVinci Resolve on my laptop, however, it lags a lot. It's a new MacBook Pro. My old laptop had the same issue. Is this issue frequent with laptops or is just mine? I wanted to download Final Cut Pro but I am worried that it will be laggy as well. Do you have any advice?
ShaunCo TV-MNL (2 months ago)
Milena ELZINGA use the free trial before you purchase.
Gayle Jann (4 months ago)
Hi, I am shooting my videos with my iPad mini 4 and recording with a Tascam DR 10L lavelier mic and recorder. I was having a problem with audio drift and then I did a test and it seems like if I film at 25 fps it will solve the audio drift problem. (It appears the iPad shoots with a variable frame rate per second and the Tascam records with a constant fps but that may not really be the problem or even true.) Is there any problem shooting with 25 fps? The default with the apple camera app is 30 fps but that does not work with the Tascam recorder because there is audio drift after less than 3 minutes. I would really appreciate some help with this!
Montaguesh (4 months ago)
Starts at 2:35
Yasmeen Kayyali (4 months ago)
i have downloaded after effects however i don’t know which editing app is the one i seek. my aim here is to edits videos of series i watch and add dialogues here and there while enhancing the resolution and colours. i want to have all of the tools to do that however i don’t know which app to depend on for now as im still a beginner. i used iMovie for the past 2 years or so and thought it was such a great app, yet now that i know there are many better ones. i wanna know which one i should start using. so my question here is that what app should i use for my aim, and where could i learn more about it? does after effects serve my aim or should i go for something like premier pro for better portrayal of the serials’ scenes. if you have any tips on which app should i use and where to learn about it i would really appreciate it. thank you!
Tjitze Kranzo (4 months ago)
Honestly this is a great help in showing all the options that are out there. More research than I can say I've done!!
Mike Brancatelli (4 months ago)
great video. which software would you recommend for creating Instagram and snapchat videos? videos that are long, vertical and can have text without cropping it out.
Michelle Pearlbeach (4 months ago)
I use wondershare filmora its ok but I hate how you cant add your own songs unless you record it
Laura Brett (4 months ago)
Haha, I'm using a steam-powered 2010 iMac. Is there anything that will actually work smoothly (or at all, ha!) on my machine? I have iMovie, but am wondering about Screenflow as it has screen capture.
TechTVusa (4 months ago)
I think if you used Premiere Pro on a $1600.00 PC you would enjoy it much more.
vegasrenie (3 months ago)
I'm learning Hitfilm Express, and it's running okay on my 5-year old iMac. It challenges me, and allows for flexibility that I just can't get from iMovie. I wanted Davinci Resolve, but no, not on an older computer! One of the reasons that I chose this when I wanted to upgrade from iMovie, is the fact that it can use multiple cameras. I am not doing multiple cameras now, once again it's a learning thing, but I wanted the ability to do it. And, it also allows for multiple audio tracks as well. It feels very professional, but the cost fits my budget! UPDATE: I decided to go ahead and splurge (for me) on a new Mac Mini, slightly upgraded, along with a new, larger and brighter display. When I get my new setup going, I think I will be testing final cut pro, hitfilm, and resolve, before I decide which one will be my permanent choice. I've long since outgrown iMovie, and I figured it's time to put on my big girl pants and jump in!
Sophiesticated Books (4 months ago)
Lol, I'm using iMovie at the moment, but I want to upgrade.
Benjamin Fra Svalbard (7 days ago)
Sophiesticated Books same
Scarce Jev (23 days ago)
Sophiesticated Books same
Crypto Feez (1 month ago)
Sophiesticated Books I’m scared I’ll buy Final Cut Pro and I will not doing anything better than I’m doing now
Marcus's Vids (2 months ago)
omg same!!!!
FireTrux (2 months ago)
imovie sucks
Enlightened Ingression (5 months ago)
Resolve crew, where you at ...
Aashish (5 months ago)
Reviews start at 1:46. Thanks for the video man, your stuff has actually been real helpful in figuring out what I can use now, with an eye on what to upgrade to.
For a while now, I've been using your suggestion about putting my hand up to remind myself that one was the keeper. That works great, especially when I'm batch recording and can't remember later how it all came out.
Jeff Nitschke (5 months ago)
Final Cut X and iMovie depending on the video project
Jeff Nitschke (5 months ago)
Sidenote ~ youtube just released a video editor in Studio beta
oneleggedlifter (5 months ago)
Hee Justin! Thanks for al the great videos! I recently bought a samsung S8 and i always edit with powerdirector as you recommend, so i went to settings in my camera and selected QHD, but when i record at this quality powerdirector says my device does not support it when i am trying to edit. Do you maybe know what the problem is here?
Tungy (5 months ago)
Imovie good as it’s frre
Bjarne Nilsson (4 months ago)
Tungy so is resolve and unless you are stuck with an underpowered comp way more feature rich' It even includes full motion graphics cs/vfx tools comparable to Adobe after effects (tho ut is node based instead of layer based)
daily sport (5 months ago)
Justin please can u make video of screen recording and programs used
Powerless Hero (4 months ago)
Hey dude
Frank Stonehouse (5 months ago)
I use FCPX for detail video editing and chroma key .... ScreenFlow is good for quick stuff and the newest version ScreenFLow 8 has a nice stock media library for an extra annual subscription fee. But, the chroma key features on ScreenFlow are rudimentary and not very useful. Even the ScreenFlow evangelists have green casts on their faces and hair. Adobe's subscription service is not to my liking. So for a suite I use FCPX, Motion 5, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo.
playing Pub G (5 months ago)
Thirstytraveler41 (5 months ago)
Wow...Great informative video...Adobe Premiere Elements then for now...Thanks for sharing
Jesper Agerbæk (5 months ago)
Is Filmora any good?
Marmee Cruz (5 months ago)
Final Cut Pro X for me!
Chris Winter (5 months ago)
Hey man, not sure if you're gonna get this buy i'm coming back to aus today for 3 weeks. I'll be in qld for a little while. You got time to catch up? shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're keen! Speak soon.
Definitely keen, just sent you an email 👍
Tommy Brown (5 months ago)
FCPX :) Started on Avid many years back, then FCP 7, then Premier but prefer FCPX.
Nice! I was Avid for YEARS, wasn't a fan of FCP7.. but premiere and FCPX are definitely solid options now 😀
Judi Morningstar (5 months ago)
Thanks for the great review. I'm using an iPad pro with Lumafusion currently. I'm looking for a new laptop but the Macs are so expensive. Which Mac notebook would do the job & what processor would you recommend?
Judi Morningstar (5 months ago)
Justin Brown - Primal Video Are there minimum requirements to look for? processor speed or type? ie Core i7 vs core i5. I have a core i5 laptop that the salesman said would handle videos - it doesn’t. It’s not Apple :(
Will really come down to your budget there.. You might be better off getting a second hand one or even a new one that's not the latest model to save you some $$
Hexspa (5 months ago)
Can anyone tell me if any of these offer automatic audio fades, or even crossfades, when splitting clips? How do you all deal with clicks and pops?
Most of them have the option to fade and crossfade audio.. as for automatic will depend on the software.. but there's usually a way to bulk apply, especially in the more pro programs.
Dunkin (5 months ago)
What about best iOS editing apps?
Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUjr3RlSY0g
Joan Evans (5 months ago)
What? No mention of HITFILM? Compositing, SFX and editing. They even have a completely FREE version. And if you really like it, you can buy the full version.
Joan Evans (5 months ago)
I didn't see it listed in the description.
Hitfilm got two mentions.... in both FREE and Paid categories..
Howard Cogan (5 months ago)
first of all i make dumb videos for fun but I'm a true geek and bounce between Adobe PP and FCP X I tried Resolve once, but couldn't get it to play more than 3 frames in a row without freezing. Unless you are making a multi million dollar project with a large team and tons of effects then go with FCPX especially just to tell a story you are crazy not to use FCPX. I tell all my editor friends they would be home 3hrs earlier from work and probably have an extra 2 mos a year free when you add up the time saved. Also with Adobe they don't make the Hardware or the OS, so it's an exercise in insanity with the crashing and instability on the various platforms and hardware. But kudos to Adobe cause I know they care and keep improving their products but i'd rather be an editor than an IT guy.
Hey Justin , another great , informative video as ever 👍🏼 I’ve moved from I movie on my I pad pro onto I movie on my new Mac book pro , so much better . I am really enjoying editing our videos . Amazingly we have just hit 1600 subs and 200 k views since April , absolutely mind blowing . You have been a massive help and your channel is our go to for any questions we have , thanks and keep up the great videos .
Justin Brown - Primal Video . Thanks , you’ve been a massive help 👍🏼
Congratulations! That's so awesome. All the best with your channel 😀
Real TV1 (5 months ago)
I movie is my life
Jorge Torres (5 months ago)
Hey, Justin Brow, thank you for your review. But you forget said two things extra about DaVinci Resolve, one, he come with a integration inside with Fusion, a powerful software (like After Effects). In fact, no need edit effects outside. This in the free version and obviously in the pay version. And second, the pay version have multi user collaboration features to work in same project at the same time. And for me and extra, DaVinci, bring me a great experience with the usability design, really I love the easy and powerful is to work, no need have panels for everywhere (like Premiere). Well I hope you can make in a future video a great review only for this programs. Thanks again and see you soon. Cheers
Jorge Torres (5 months ago)
+Justin Brown - Primal Video thanks, and see you soon!
Thanks Jorge, We may do a full review / walkthrough sometime in the future.
Diego Oliveira (5 months ago)
I'm editing my YouTube videos entirely on DaVinci Studio,and although I think it doesn't get the most out of my 2011 machine still is such a good workflow to me that I'm on the fence about switching, but I think this video will help me a lot with this. Thank you Justin!
Thanks Diego, if you've got a solid workflow already then there may not be much point moving, unless you're missing something or there's a killer feature you're missing in another program.
Beaument (5 months ago)
Can you meanwhile export in different frame rates in Resolve?
Rhys Adams (5 months ago)
Final Cut Pro is excellent and if you can, purchase iTunes vouchers when they are on offer then buy from the Mac App Store. I saved quite a bit
Francisco Valenzuela (1 month ago)
Ronniel Javier but how many viruses will be in it?? You think that’s safe?? What link??
Larry Baxter (2 months ago)
+Issa L 4 U Brilliant! Thanks for this tip, what a deal :)
Ronniel Javier (2 months ago)
You can the fcpx for free in torrent sites lol
Colton 0409 (4 months ago)
You, are a genius!
Issa L 4 U (4 months ago)
Rhys Adams I’m in the US. I think I’m just gonna spend $200 on the bundle that includes FCPX, LPX, Motion 5, compressor 4, Mainstage 3
Arcanethesis (5 months ago)
Can you do a video about how you approach a more complicated edit with multiple takes (like 3 or 4 clips) on Final Cut Pro X? Because I learned to edit on Premiere pro and switch to final cut but I'm having a hard time with how the timeline works and most videos on youtube cover simple edits with one or two clips.
There's some really great full in-depth training available for FCPX both paid and on youtube, but here's some tips to get you working faster in there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8t75uIcKlQ
Anthony C (5 months ago)
Bookmarked. I appreciate this succinct assessment. I especially like the unexpected aspect of judging them all together (and not just in their respective categories). Thank you.
Thanks Anthony!
belmont93 (5 months ago)
Love the video. Just got started into the video editing but I got scared of those prices. I didn’t want to commit. It’s just me learning so I picked DaVinci Resolve and it’s been a awesome experience. Thanks
Thanks belmont93! All the best with Resolve!
PersianOcat (5 months ago)
cheers Justin
No problem!

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