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Intel 9th Gen Announced!!!

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Share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with Synergy: https://symless.com/synergy/TechLinked Twitter: http://twitter.com/TechLinkedYT Instagram: http://instagram.com/TechLinkedYT Facebook: http://facebook.com/TechLinked NEWS SOURCES: DRESSED TO THE NINES https://www.techradar.com/news/intel-9th-generation-processor-launch-live-blog-intels-desktop-launch-event-2018-as-it-happens https://www.anandtech.com/show/13448/intel-fall-pc-desktop-live-blog-starts-at-10am-et https://www.cnet.com/news/intel-launches-9th-gen-core-i9-9900k-8-core-cpu-and-more/ THE UPDATE NEEDS AN UPDATE https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/6/17944966/microsoft-windows-10-october-2018-update-documents-deleted-issues-windows-update-paused https://mashable.com/article/microsoft-paused-windows-10-october-2018-update-over-deleted-files/#L1eCWKihyPqQ https://venturebeat.com/2018/10/06/microsoft-halts-windows-10-october-2018-update/ https://twitter.com/donasarkar/status/1048612272287834112 BRING ALONG A PLUS SIX…T https://www.gsmarena.com/oneplus_6t_market_launch_october_30-news-33633.php https://bgr.com/2018/10/08/oneplus-6t-release-date-close-press-conference-date/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2018/10/08/oneplus-6t-specifications-new-york-launch-release-date-tickets/ NOT SUCH A G’DAY https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/07/apple-watch-series-4-daylight-saving-time-bug/ CHEATERS NEVER WIN https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1027721/Fortnite-season-6-warning-Battle-Royale-scam-update MY PATIENCE IS GETTING DDOS’D https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/damien-cox/some-users-still-cant-play-assassins-creed-odyssey-after-ubisoft-resolves-ddos-attack/ X MARKS THE SPOT https://www.wired.com/story/spacex-sticks-its-landing-after-a-showy-california-launch/ IN SOVIET RUSSIA, PHONE TOUCHES YOU https://hexus.net/mobile/news/accessories/122918-mobilimb-robotic-smartphone-limb-demoed-ahead-uist-18/ #Intel9thgen #OctoberUpdate #Oneplus6T
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Text Comments (1366)
venkat kandukuri (2 months ago)
Wait, so no 9th gen “U” series chips weren’t released?
Riki Mumul (4 months ago)
linus will get mad if he see your t shirt thought
Kesal (5 months ago)
My phone has a D***
Cole Farlow (5 months ago)
Good lord. I click video to hear about intel processors and I hear about everything else under the sun including fortnite, and spacex....
otto dharmawan (5 months ago)
I'm totally envious of your hair :-/
BL (6 months ago)
Intel 9th Gen Locked hmm now what was the password again?
Roach DoggJR (6 months ago)
Damn, I'm still using a Haswell-E.
whiteandnerdytuba (6 months ago)
Nice that the dim has some soul.
jimshaly1 (6 months ago)
What is wrong with your lips?
تعلم واستفد (6 months ago)
https://amzn.to/2NGvpUY Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0 GHz Turbo Unlocked LGA1151 300 Series 95W by Intel $529.99
It's JEEZ! (6 months ago)
I like that dude
nothing isnt As it seem (6 months ago)
want to do what intel did? you ll need JB WELD https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0411/5921/products/8297_HighHeat.jpg?v=1418307668
KillerDamian14 (6 months ago)
Why are cpu getting so much more expensive... i7 9700k for €549 ($635) and 8700k for €509 ($588) it was €399 ($461) before :l
Charles Yeo (6 months ago)
Can't wait for the soldered TIM
kainenable (6 months ago)
What about covering the biased testing intel commissioned for this chip. Intel is doing some hella shady things recently. Disabling half of the amd cores for ashes is not going to do anything, rite guys?
It’s Fortie (6 months ago)
”Vegeta! What’s the amount of numbers that comes with the i9?!” ”It’s over nine thousand!!”
Mr11ESSE111 (6 months ago)
intel add 2/4 core/threads more on 8700k (9900k) and call it 9th gen!!
noneedforaname (6 months ago)
Notches and dongles... SCREW YOU INDUSTRY
Rerin Lunghar (6 months ago)
OMG that robo finger😂😂😂 idk y but that's so funny
WILL D (6 months ago)
Now 1+ fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Hitarth Dixit (6 months ago)
OnePlus just settled for no headphone jack. #NeverSettle
newmasterB3ar (6 months ago)
its goobisoft stupid
Lan Moua (6 months ago)
obli 789 (6 months ago)
This is one of my favorite tech news channels now... good work LTT & Tech Linked
Defiant Clone (6 months ago)
5:01, is that a d*ck?
CoffeeSquirel (6 months ago)
Remove background music
Dtarchon (6 months ago)
Wierd comments by some posters. I think this current balance is pretty good with minimal banter. Remember making a comment on this a while ago. The content and phrasing is king, not gimmicks,
danmar007 (6 months ago)
I just can't generate an iota of sympathy for the idiots who still don't do system backups before installing FUCKING OS UPGRADES!!!! Sorry, but it's your fault. I wonder if it's always the same fools. I haven't heard of it but do your files reappear if you do a system rollback?
Justin Baughman (6 months ago)
Disliked for the "soul-derred"
BloodyIron (6 months ago)
How long before we've had enough Windows crap? Like seriously, deleting uses files, with an update that you cannot opt out of. And you fucking pay for that. What a rip.
Whiskey (6 months ago)
Reese Tuts (6 months ago)
Oh so it’s an encrypted engram and it could give you shit
Samira Peri (6 months ago)
As a long time player of Elite I like the i9 packaging.
And the fucking COiNtel paid reviewers to lie to consumers about their so called the first 8 core mainstream processor and the first 5GHz chip. Fuckin bullshit cuz AMD already did that many years ago! And i9 price tag is absurd!
Bleack (6 months ago)
Can't decide if that looks like a dong or just a creepy severed off finger
Jeremi Salinas (6 months ago)
So glad they brought Riley on the LTT team! :D
Dave - TechX (6 months ago)
Trust me, us cheaters win. I paid for my gaming PC by selling hacks for online PC games lol
AndyAndromedaArt (6 months ago)
Lolz North Americas don't know how to use G'day properly. G'day doesn't directly translate into "Good Day", it's most commonly used in replace of the word "Hello" or "Hi" Thus the caption, "Not having such a G'day" is wrong that really just says "Not having such a Hello"
AndyAndromedaArt (6 months ago)
Riley's voice sounds different. Does he have a cold?
Turn (6 months ago)
McClone I (6 months ago)
Nick August (6 months ago)
Intel issued engrams only be able to open them with a DIY cryptarch
Cubic Ralsei (6 months ago)
But it is already out.
Sara Valestine (6 months ago)
I feel like games will run worse with 8 core HT... I'll just keep my 8700k
Manik Chowdhury (6 months ago)
A phone powered x toy? And they haven’t fixed the battery problem yet...
Jesse Bruffett (6 months ago)
The Windows Store/connectivity issue can be fixed by resetting the network in Settings -> Network and Internet -> reset network. Microsoft Apps also dont work if you disable IPv6 in the adapter properties.
Destroyer 645 (6 months ago)
sooo, i just bought the sponsored product because it is something that i have been looking for. so i bought it and i can't seem to get it to work. could you guys help me out? i know im not very good at this stuff, but i still would like it to work. any tips?
gameflux (6 months ago)
Hm !
quadrplax (6 months ago)
How is that robotic arm thing not an april fool's joke?
Christian Mccollough (6 months ago)
I'll hang on to my 3940xm for a while longer. My laptop might catch fire, but when it's not smoking it nearly ties the 7700hq according to userbenchmark. So I'm fine. Call me when there are noticeable gains in an area aside from Intel's bottom line.
cho. (6 months ago)
And we just got 8th gen on MacBook pro
Lloyd Share (6 months ago)
Who's tim?
cac2244 (6 months ago)
Riley, we need to see more of you... I like the complicity with Dennis.
fightmeirl (6 months ago)
classic ubilost fucking up at everything
Nudge (6 months ago)
4:51 mechanophilia warning
Nudge (6 months ago)
Just delete System 32 to fix windows 10 Also, it downloads more RAM
Abdulrauf Tashkandi (6 months ago)
That's a nice engram
Aliamus (6 months ago)
See that robot finger caressing its master's hand ever so gently? i had a mad case of uncanny valley over that...
_ Doljani (6 months ago)
wow hard 'L'? not cool bro
Kyle Logan (6 months ago)
Go away!!! Your not allowed! Il tell mum on you.... !
Duribethin (6 months ago)
1:34 - After update, Edge named #1 safest web browser! 👍
uberDoward (6 months ago)
Riley - too serious sir! Lighten back up :)
Aiden Tingley (6 months ago)
Bring back James
Ubisoft feel like we’re cool guys we made the first multiplayer game that doesn’t require Internet connection and while we’re at it let’s just throw in a single player game that does
WellBeSerious12 (6 months ago)
I unsubscribed for Riley's lack of energy!
Eric Marcus (6 months ago)
Windows 10 Update. I had the issue with the Edge browser not connecting and found that the Internet Protocol Version 6 wasn't check in the ethernet properties. Once it was checked I was able to use Edge again.
Oprize (6 months ago)
Soooo, I just ordered a 8th gen processor a couple days ago....
KL33R (6 months ago)
*Another hand touches the beacon*
Metatron's Cube (6 months ago)
stop with the soy faces
Andrew Smith (6 months ago)
Glad I don’t put any personal things on my computer or internet
Max G (6 months ago)
I would choose Riley/Keys over Chris Evans or even James Reid anytime of the day and I don’t even know why...
Sulu Chemo (6 months ago)
Needs background chatter! This episode felt empty without the peanut gallery in the back.
Jack Fetzer (6 months ago)
Why is Dennis so Asian
Sam Willfull (6 months ago)
At some point they will start to sell tablets with mobile phone capabilities and we'll just buy into it. Btw at one point I was so desperate, I almost bought an iPhone because Apple was and unfortunately still is the only one that has a small phone with decent performance.
Sumith Salluri (6 months ago)
He sounds so tired
coolnick tech (6 months ago)
Does the i9 9900k come with D&D starter pack in the box?
Limp Wibbler (6 months ago)
Correction on the SpaceX thing. Them landing on land for the first time on west coast has nothing to do with their reliance on drone ships. They still need them. The reason they landed on land was because they had enough reserve fuel to make the trip back and usually they do not. Thus landing on a drone ship. They have the same amount of reliance on drone ships as before.
Pizza Kat (6 months ago)
basically windows stealed all the information so it can get your files....Or see how many times you porbably opened pornhub in google chrome i love windows
XantheFIN (6 months ago)
So synergy handles clip board too? It would be so sweet if i would need that honestly.
256shadesofgrey (6 months ago)
Everyone should pirate Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Developers making single player games require an internet connection should suffer. But considering they are doing this crap since AC2, I won't hold my breath.
XantheFIN (6 months ago)
This Windows update is pretty close to my own app updates.
Mic_Glow (6 months ago)
There is a Windows store? Does every friking company nowadays need an unique web store/ another junk app? Also never buying a phone without a headphone jack, so bye Apple.
ThePhantom4567 (6 months ago)
Riley sounds sick.
Keerah Borg (6 months ago)
I had Win 10 apps internet problem. Just go to your network connection settings and ENABPLE IPv6 Protocol, worked for me.
Skullies ! (6 months ago)
really riley? Ooo-bisoft? its You-bisoft xD
FUBAR 00 (6 months ago)
i9 990OK
Justin Gathright (6 months ago)
👍!👍! Just can speak for myself, but I thought it was a great episode. I could be wrong, but it seemed toned down just enough, & a little more focused on the topics. Great job.
2muchjpop (6 months ago)
Last news story... Men: dafuq... Women: dafuq😍
Grumpie (6 months ago)
Did riley get a new voice modulator?
Kegan Centala (6 months ago)
Is he holding an edge transit engram?
The Automaticist (6 months ago)
Edge no longer connects to the internet? Did it ever?
Thomas Milburn (6 months ago)
Pewtha (6 months ago)
fortnite cheats stealing passwords :/ why did they stop with the ransomware
kayumust (6 months ago)
where is jack.. :(
Randy Mitchell (6 months ago)
Oueee, sounds like the microphone has improved in quality!
SolarMoth (6 months ago)
P. (6 months ago)
I refuse to buy phones without a headphone jack. Fuck adapters.
Hells Assailent (6 months ago)
Must be tired. Thought he said water porned ships.
Dekadis (6 months ago)
"Steve, this is your Iphone - Becca. we had a great time last night didn't we. So please reattach my finger and I promise it won't hurt this time."
Tyler Watson (6 months ago)
The Porn Dildo. Watch porn--from your dildo. 4:47

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