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How To Get A SLIM BODY ! SKINNY Girl Life Hacks You NEED To Know !!

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Hello Loves! Today I will be showing you guys how to get a slim body! I will be showing you guys some exercises to tone your body and slim down, that will help your legs, butt, abs and more! I will also be showing you some skinny girl life hacks you need to know! Hope you enjoy!! LIKE UP FOR MORE !!!! SUBSCRIBE to the Nicolette's FAM JAM !! LATEST VIDEO: DIY beauty hacks to SURVIVE the Winter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_zwI8y51PY ▶▶ LET'S BE FRIENDS ♥ INSTAGRAM: @nicolettaxoyt ♥ TWITTER: @nicolettaxo ♥ SNAPCHAT: nicolettaxo VIDEOS MENTIONED: 1. How to Get a Curvy Body: Curvy Girl Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euImPJ5siA4&t=38s 2. How to Get a Bigger Butt: Butt Life Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrTxR7VFHVQ&t=2s 3. How to get a Flat Stomach: Flat Stomach Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnU7Xm9qM1g&t=23s 4. How to Get Bigger Boobs: Boob + Bra Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8dfXiJke70&t=25s FITNESS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdyZ5CwGaxYkmlpI-XH4UlgLZ9Hsz9FBr Come Check out my Celebrity Beauty Hacks Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdyZ5CwGaxYlpvCQWajaTCBFMq6-7bNeC FTC: This video is NOT Sponsored. All opinions are honest and my own :) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY: [email protected]
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sophia Aiden (4 months ago)
I watch A LOT of YouTube videos and never found the YouTuber that posts things that interest me and are just very enjoyable to watch BUT I FOUND YOU
Nicoletta xo (4 months ago)
omg thank you welcome to the family beautiful xo
Kelsie Atwood (5 months ago)
I can’t find my band size anywhere😭 I’m a 30
I went to the Hospatial And I had to get my Shot And They Saw My pounds And It was Only 30pounds I LOVE YOU❤️❤️😂🖤🖤🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦋
Alisha Hey (6 months ago)
Make a Meghan Markel Video
Vanessa Amaya (6 months ago)
I hope those will work completely, but all I do is make myself more skinnier, and I made myself gag than puke all the junk out of my stomach when it was 30 ounces, I was about to throw up over and over till I get slimmer, skinner, and more weight loss till my rib cage cup sizes will shrink more, and it all make me feel healthier and wear cuter clothes. I like to be cute, I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror because I’m big, and I’m self consciously hating myself because I felt like I was being publicly humiliated because of my body type. I’ve seen people who are that skinny, and I feel like a big giant ape with fat arms, and chubby sides. I wear black a lot of times, in such, and being big sucks. And I’m glad I got the breast reduction by the way.
jasmine powell (9 months ago)
Can u plz do more fit and healthy videos I 💜u
Angelina Aguirres (11 months ago)
can you go and please spam my sister account on instagram please she loves watching all ur videos please do it please and you mean a lot to her her instagram is kaylee.marie.nicolr and she has a R at the end of her username not a E
Some random ass shit _ (11 months ago)
Here I am eating icecream watching this
RasheemaXDAddY Badest (1 year ago)
whileee this really works?
Lynn H (1 year ago)
Your intros r too long❤
min kookie (1 year ago)
Lemon water actually work if u drink it for a month
Patsy Uitz (1 year ago)
I am really fat and that is cause of my grandma :(
Jackie V (1 year ago)
Also maybe a video having to do with face masks and which ones would be the best to help a girl/guy out to get rid of acne/acne scar's and get a clear and glowing face 😄😄❤❤
Billie Vanderpol (1 year ago)
GURRRLLL i see u playin ariana in the background ;) #arianatorforlife
iiAstra (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips! I’ll be skinny in no time!
Leslie Sanchez (1 year ago)
How to get abbs
papayaria (1 year ago)
OMG thx
WWE WOMENS' PAGE (1 year ago)
How to get rid double chin
E R (1 year ago)
WWE WOMENS' PAGE To loose any type of face fat, you have to loose body fat. You have to exercise, I suggest cardio because it burns the most fat. You also should change your diet to a very lean diet. No high starch foods like rice or potatoes. Usually for my breakfast I eat steel cut oats cooked with water (try to cut down on dairy) with mixed berries as topping (which are GREAT for weight loss). For lunch I eat a vegan salad but you could do any salad. For dinner I eat black beans, brown rice and vegetables. Since you're probably not vegan (just an assumption because I don't know you lol) eat cooked chicken breast with steamed vegetables. Don't eat any added salt because it's really bad for your body while trying to loose weight. Remember to drink a LOT of water!!! Most importantly love yourself! If you begin to understand your body you will have an easier time trying to reach your goal of getting rid of a double chin. Stay happy, stay healthy and stay safe!
Ritíshã RTSA (1 year ago)
ummm hope it works
D N (1 year ago)
I’m very skinny and everyone talking about how skinny i’m it’s really sad to hear that’s talk.... i want to gain more weight.
mette langemeijer (1 year ago)
Haha slim means smart in dutch 😂😂
Majken Smart (1 year ago)
I’m not private - I comment on your latest post that I’m from this video 😘
Ana3alouch El kasli (1 year ago)
Ur body 😍 😍
Vaalentina Smith (1 year ago)
2:59 video actually starts
JKrystal7 (1 year ago)
Wow. She talks really fast!
Wrestling Newz (1 year ago)
Can you plllleeeaaaassseeeee do a hair hack video
Janika Kauppinen (1 year ago)
If you want to skip the intro 2:32 (:
Long term depression (1 year ago)
The video starts at 3:00
Alina thao (1 year ago)
I have such a sad life because all my family including my cuzins and just a lot of ppl call me fat they say I'm ugly because I'm fat I hate my life soo much I want to commit suicide 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I don't know how many years imma go through with this sad situation
Keyanna Martin (1 year ago)
What do you do after a workout?
Ana Hudson (1 year ago)
I have skinny legs 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😋 date me guys
Alyson Da goat cheese (1 year ago)
Hey could you do a slimmers theighs video. Ik I didn't spell things right but Idc. Great vid❤️
Runsson Esthell (1 year ago)
Is it just me or is it so enoying when a person tells others to become slim when themselves are not even that. Or maybe you're thin, you're just looking wide becous of your wide waist❤️#nohate
Eliza Valentine (1 year ago)
She's so real and relates to the viewers 💙💜💛 Love watching your vids!
Joker Card (1 year ago)
everytime i watch "get slim" videos I look at the legs and if the person's legs are muscley I dont do it because i want skinny legs not big muscley legs
Kimli Marwa (1 year ago)
Pearl Bullen me too 😭😭
Karena Montgomery (1 year ago)
EmmyX Gachaz (1 year ago)
im a fat type...
g lITch ba ng Ta n (1 year ago)
here to get yoongi's legs and arms, jin's wide shoulders, jikook's bread abs and jhope's screaming after the result
Jennifer Olmos (1 year ago)
this makes me sad because I know I'll never look like her.
CATZ Hug (1 year ago)
she kept on blabbering blah blah blah for about 2 mins
mr. asdfghjk (1 year ago)
3 minutes of introdution lol
Nicole Palacios (1 year ago)
how to get skinny thighs
M Martinez (1 year ago)
Girl.. keep your voice low You re yelling
Eynition (1 year ago)
Am i the only one that's watching in 2017
Rem Wealth (1 year ago)
and all dat good stuff, u say dat a lot but still love u❤
Alex Fülle (1 year ago)
You look great c: thanks for the video. But... you're not skinny, just very fit c: and trimmed. Not meant as a hate- I just imagine someone extremely thin when I hear the word skinny.
Create a Finer Life (1 year ago)
just started watching you and ur laugh is so adorable. love it girl.
Amie Shadlu (1 year ago)
You are FIT and FABULOUS!! :-D
Anee BT (1 year ago)
This life hacks video starts at 2:30 ☺
2:32 - the beginning.
WOWing (1 year ago)
You have so many different work out shoes! :o XD
Princess Nia (1 year ago)
I normally just suck my gut in #LAZY!!!!!!!!!
Aaliyah Wooten (1 year ago)
I told you that you are my favorite youtuber and I made my own choker but I put a earing through it and the pointi thing I just folded it to the left and put in the choker is that good
Aaliyah Wooten (1 year ago)
alveyro roblero (1 year ago)
Mary E. (1 year ago)
*proceeds to eat an entire carton of oreos as I watch this*
Mary Jeneration (1 year ago)
She becomes my new favorite youtuber because she posted video that I was seeking for long time. You know my mind, girl ❤️
Rosalia Lopez (1 year ago)
My advice to inspiring YouTubers: get to the fucking point
DogDogDog231 (1 year ago)
I thin u are SO cool so I subbed ^w^
Prince Peacock (1 year ago)
I'm only doing the exercise and food hacks cause I'm to lazy to do everything else
Faith Iris MacIlvaine (1 year ago)
You look great in this video, not sure if it's makeup or hair but you look beautiful! Great tips! xx
lydia stokes (1 year ago)
why do you shout in your intros fml
K Family (1 year ago)
If u guys are impatient like me then the video starts at 3:00
Alexandra Rivera (1 year ago)
i am super skinny and people judge me for that how can i look a bit thicker
Srish Moonchild (1 year ago)
Your videos are great and so are you!! They are really helpful and i am following these hacks myself now. P.s you are pretty!
Shaylee Miller (1 year ago)
i only started watching u today but i have seen like 6 videos and i love this channel
Lizzy Southard Breece (1 year ago)
Do a thigh fat video!!!
Maria Minda Beldad (1 year ago)
how to slim in one day HAHAHHAHA
Ellie Vodden (2 years ago)
im 17 , I'm a size 10 which obviously isn't huge but im very flabby all over my body and don't have a flat stomach, I don't want to lose weight I just want to be more lean , help! 😣😔
Panicking Pilots (2 years ago)
2:35 for actual vid
Graeme Hasan (2 years ago)
4 sets of 15 has done me so good
Dimpy 18 (2 years ago)
Do chocolates makes us fat??? 😱😲😲
eugenio danilo (2 years ago)
Thrifting hacks please. And lookbook. 💞
Jeyasutha Sivathas (2 years ago)
There's always hacks where to loose weight but like I need to gain weight I think im to skinny everyone comments on my body:( is there hacks to gain weight
Kaylie Lozano (2 years ago)
how can we look younger
its keyshiee (2 years ago)
Thats_ Alo_ (2 years ago)
Love youu🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️
Abbey Neale (2 years ago)
Hi I added u on snapchat please spam me
Pretty Skittles (2 years ago)
Hi your teeth looks awsom tell some havks for whitining our teeth
Thea Tisell (2 years ago)
I play handball 3 times a week, and then I run 3.5 kilometers x2, but I haven't seen any different in half a year... what should I do?
ItzMimi Z (2 years ago)
I drink a lot of water it's just the food I eat
Autumn Childers (2 years ago)
stephaniesanders09 (2 years ago)
nicoletta you should do some videos were u try new things .one of them that u should consider is the strapless push up bra and the butt lifter! plz consider themmm!!!!!
Zeynep Erbas (2 years ago)
Btw again can u make a vid of " How to get thinner legs" , i rlly need 😂🙌🏻💓💍
Zeynep Erbas (2 years ago)
U are REALLY inspiring me!🙌🏻💓 U always have the videos im looking for!!😍 ILYSSSM😘
LJMartin M (2 years ago)
I just noticed that I was watching this video to get skinny while I was eating sweets ( I'm not going to be good at this 😂
Jess Lawson (2 years ago)
thank you sooo much it works
Queen Cookie (2 years ago)
Wow new world record intro to the video is 2:33 minutes long wooooooow amazing
Katelyn Higgins (2 years ago)
You just got a new subscriber
SUPREMA (2 years ago)
fuck skinny bitches.
Asia Chheut (2 years ago)
your so skinny I want to be you 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
LpsSpaniel122 (2 years ago)
Good thing is im lactose intolerant so no bloating for me
Ariel xx (2 years ago)
exactly. you should workout to get Skinnier.. not fucking eating nothing!
CrystalCupcakes (2 years ago)
Skinny isn't the same as slim.....
paulina Sanchez (2 years ago)
I'm not trying to lose weight just cause I don't like my body it's because I'm so bored of this body I've been with this body for years and I'm so over it . just saying .and you all are perfect the way you is.
rachel sanderson (2 years ago)
do a full workout routine so i can copy you ,, ur so goals
Jessica Ashley (2 years ago)
When you know you will never be Peng Sat eating Comfort food watching Youtube.
Emily R (2 years ago)
Why is she yelling
Life AsCathy (2 years ago)
it didn't work
Life AsCathy (2 years ago)
can you do how to get six pack pleaseeeeeeeees

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