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How To Dress for Work: Chic 9-5 Style

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See how to dress for work in our 9-5 style masterclass with Candice Lake. From suits to shirting, dresses to coats, plus shoes bags and accessories, we reveal how to stay smart and stylish all week long. Subscribe to NET-A-PORTER: http://thed.it/A2nvb8 Shop the video: http://thed.it/uGykPa Watch more styling videos in our style masterclass playlist: http://thed.it/GikG5S Products featured: Cairo pinstriped cotton and linen-blend top by Totême: http://thed.it/JmQAvl Cropped pinstriped wool tapered pants by Lanvin: http://thed.it/BQe26P Asymmetric double-breasted bouclé coat by Rosetta Getty: http://thed.it/eKzpPw Patent-leather point-toe flats by Nicholas Kirkwood: http://thed.it/Gxrnj8 Ingrid wool blazer by Stella McCartney: http://thed.it/Z7iPTU Thread 18-karat rose gold diamond eternity ring by Ileana Makri: http://thed.it/T3GaPH Dara silk crepe de chine shirt by Joseph: http://thed.it/JoRo0n Wool-blend trench coat by Carven: http://thed.it/14Qjx8 Darylin suede pumps by Jimmy Choo: http://thed.it/NWyhSn Leather-trimmed silk-crepe dress by Gucci: http://thed.it/Yky58r Bar 18-karat rose gold diamond necklace by Diane Kordas: http://thed.it/CDTs0p Baxter crepe top by Joseph: http://thed.it/JoRo0n Iconic stretch-wool straight-leg pants by Chloé: http://thed.it/0fQrdB Le Classic washed silk-charmeuse shirt by Frame Denim: http://thed.it/UWzDZF Christy lace-up leather pumps by Aquazzura: http://thed.it/bZDiiu Vivian wool-twill slim-leg pants by Stella McCartney: http://thed.it/jT7zg2 Bag by Victoria Beckham: http://thed.it/TIFTt7 Stretch-wool culottes by Stella McCartney: http://thed.it/jT7zg2 Ribbed-knit turtleneck sweater by Michael Kors Collection: http://thed.it/l8Ka0s Python pumps by Gianvito Rossi: http://thed.it/4soTaI Cuff by Eddie Borgo: http://thed.it/kyQTh8 See more from NET-A-PORTER: Web: https://www.net-a-porter.com/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/netaporter/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/netaporter Twitter: https://twitter.com/NETAPORTER Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/netaporter/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NET-A-PORTER/
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Text Comments (600)
Iam Sophia (3 days ago)
Hermoso No me canso de repetir el video....
House of Fashion (7 days ago)
OOw what a presentation 😍 So lovely.
Sailor Girl (15 days ago)
If you could would you buy 10 classic quality pieces at double the price BUT would last you years instead of buying cheap crap you need to replace all the time because it's trend ware and the billion dollar industry changes the trend annually to keep consumers purchasing? You can do a lot with a smaller wardrobe. Think smarter, think minimalist, think zero waste. Everyone can do something. Do we really need all the stuff? Shift just how you buy clothes and you could save for a vacation and see something outside of your world. The more we give up of instant gratification consumerism the more we can spend on thriving, not just surviving! Rant over...
Flute Player Victoria (16 days ago)
The amount of layers is kinda overkill
Pinot Noir (17 days ago)
Yea...bla bla..if I want to see and buy real designers & brands, real hand made - slow fashion I go to european KLODIER. And...remember I told you about them! Thank you is enough.
Gaea (22 days ago)
Not a fan of the hash rock music, it doesn't fit the aesthetic of the fashion
Sun Lee (22 days ago)
Looks great!
minticecream17 (28 days ago)
If she is a stylish, I think she 's a bad one.
W. Zhang (1 month ago)
Those clothes very beautiful, but not match my life style, cant images wears that to Walmart 😓
Debra Eaton (1 month ago)
Cropped pants just make legs look so short to my eye.
Phon2324 (1 month ago)
Why shoes and handbag different in color. Black shoes but brown handbag isn't match.
Nata li (1 month ago)
Модэль кросотка😚😚
Rachel Li (1 month ago)
I love all the looks!
Klaudja Serdari (1 month ago)
New to this channel , great tips 😁will be using from now on 😄
baby april (1 month ago)
Most of these looks, are awful.
Shaz Dla (1 month ago)
This is a breathe of fresh air.. I for one I’m tired of tight fitting suits
Mia Porriciello (1 month ago)
I loved it. Here's another lovely skirt I found on Amazon. Sooo flattering and elegant, I can't get enough of it... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K2KTC8P
Axl.W. Rose (1 month ago)
Designer of stylists’ top?
ABCD12345 (2 months ago)
Why don't they have short, bigger people....We go to work too
CHIONG YANG-JOHNSON (2 months ago)
I love this! Memories of women's fashion industry.
Sandra Winfrey (2 months ago)
I would think this employee is confused and lacks ability to make sound decisions keep her away from clients.
Thuy Luye (3 months ago)
Still watching in 2019!!
The Gamer (3 months ago)
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Doplang I (3 months ago)
Terimakasih style Anda Sangat membantu
NesaFashion Channel (3 months ago)
https://www.nesafashion.com/ Online Shopping / Free Shipping
Xo 9 (3 months ago)
I hate 90% of these looks
Amina Amina (3 months ago)
Jasmin Raf (3 months ago)
Woow😘😘 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzoG5gxvsIgjATpWsdBoWIg
Martha G (4 months ago)
I have seen this video so many times. I love every outfit!! Now my fave page is this one
Makeup Rush (4 months ago)
This Video was perfect
Studio T (4 months ago)
Shirt dress and camel coat look were my faves
Carrrmen (4 months ago)
Will you please be my stylist 5 years from now when I'm done with college and become an accountant?
TOWANDA the STYLIST (4 months ago)
Love this you Styling Queen! New Supporter here 😍❤️
LylieRandale (4 months ago)
Ventura Hernandez (4 months ago)
Gu"era pero porque no modelas tu la ropa tu eres perfecta la modelo pareses tu y el autffits que traes esta padrisimo salydos de mexico⛄❄🎄🌟🎁🌲⛄❄🎄🌟🎁🌲👱
Joseph Worby (4 months ago)
just love the outfit of designer or dresser of this young model (the wife)
marino patti (4 months ago)
Why the shit have to roll up their sleeves? this blonde is a stupid
ن ن (4 months ago)
واووو 😍😍😍😍
Samira Krimona (5 months ago)
So good 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗
Nata li (5 months ago)
Модель великолепна.....
Flourish Mandy (5 months ago)
way too quick i couldnt see anything
Laetitia Gondallier (5 months ago)
Hi! Can you please do more videos like that! On weekly bases 😬🙏🏻?
Nany Imam (5 months ago)
هى المودل عميه وطرشه وخرسا ولا ايه
Chéri (5 months ago)
may I know bramd and model of the camel coat?
nina-sta11 (5 months ago)
I love every single piece of clothing in this video. If I would have what's on those stands at home, that would be my complete wardrobe. I would not need anything else. Love it!
enyu tzou (5 months ago)
the model tried hard not to laugh, lol
last is amazing
Heaven Priam (6 months ago)
When u have such a great body. U can wear anything and those thing always look good. Doesn't matter that clothes are cheap or expensive
Zi Hye Han (6 months ago)
Your model did not pull off all the clothes. She lookd dumb on those.
Nhu Anh (6 months ago)
I love it....<3 #KhanchoanghoatietNhasilk #Nhasilk #AoluatotamNhasilk
Kelly Brooks (6 months ago)
Please Do more videos like this .
Mario Mercier (6 months ago)
Interesting but all these clothes seem to be expensive.
2wearwhat (6 months ago)
How to dess and To wear what????
Mami Perry (6 months ago)
Second style i love it
adf adf (6 months ago)
I would have preferred her without any clothes on
n (6 months ago)
lmao at women just bitching and moaning that its too expensive or youre too fat to wear it
soonsims (6 months ago)
Step 1: Be skinny That's all, everything looks good :)
Lucia Osuska (6 months ago)
Pri niektorych to vyzeralo horzne
Sarina L (6 months ago)
Her portion is perfect, she will look good in anything even forever 21
Yasmine B (6 months ago)
Youtube is so full of useless videos! That is one of them. Same content pretty much from so many bloggers &...
aminata kunda (6 months ago)
Hinaf Touseef (6 months ago)
What's the name of the font ??
yushi911 (7 months ago)
All the garment looks chic and hight quality but i'm sure i like outfit set. I think is too garçon looks for me. I like feminine with some curves, sophisticate and more classic. Also the color composition looks odd for me...maybe this is too modern for my taste.
Arty Paris (7 months ago)
the model haven't right smile?
Sara Loscalzo (7 months ago)
That look at 2:50, *gag*
Yi Yi (7 months ago)
Could you try all of the close on a girl who ist just 158cm? I hope
Nepoznata Zenska Osoba (7 months ago)
Beautiful and basic...I lovee itt😍😍
ch lin (7 months ago)
Definitely my style!!!
Ying Ye (7 months ago)
5'1 me just walking by. Those coat long enough to mop the floor on me.
Mouna LaVanna (7 months ago)
Booooooof que de grandes marques
kdmil2002 (7 months ago)
If I walked into work like this everyone would say, "Why are you so dressed up?"   The workplace has become very casual in  most places.
Amira Tounekti (8 months ago)
The stylist's outfit is better than the ones she has created .
Beau-queen Flores (8 months ago)
Every single one of them are very beautiful.
Iya tevdora (8 months ago)
remarkable! Keep working on, you have an amazing style!
sonia hachemi (8 months ago)
Waaaaaaaaaw it s amaaaaaaaazing !!!😀😀😀😀bravo !!
NesaFashion Channel (8 months ago)
Olivia Tomlinson Styles (8 months ago)
Plz make more vedios like this
Dr Radjenovic (8 months ago)
happy to be a doctor and wear scrubs all day 😀
Aegon Targaryen (9 months ago)
You need at least 10 grand to afford that rack minus the accessories 😂
june seghni (9 months ago)
I prefer what the stylist is wearing over any of the looks she showed.
Master-piece of clothes (9 months ago)
The model looks like she is not alive.
Nissi (9 months ago)
Damn it so fast!
MsLouisV (9 months ago)
Mostly impractical I wish they would get real
MsLouisV (9 months ago)
Model looks bored
Diana Poma (9 months ago)
I loveee it, the way you combined everything was absolutely perfect 💕
Mauvy D (9 months ago)
Leyla Rustamova (9 months ago)
Could someone please get me a picture/link of these white pants that the "teacher" was wearing? And those burgundy sleek flats too)
Gladys Navarro (9 months ago)
wow, love all the mix and match styles
Lily Ichirauli (9 months ago)
Amazing! Wow!
Sheesh Kebab (10 months ago)
I love this video. All the outfits look very luxurious
a k (10 months ago)
Wonderful, ty for sharing it
Happy day (10 months ago)
it is difficult to follow your video, it is toooo fastttt ,I expected to get something back but nothing
Shreya D (11 months ago)
What crack is this lady smoking..... If I walked onto a trading floor wearing 3/4s of those outfits, my boss would have a heart attack good LORD
Shrestha Roy (11 months ago)
Only if I was rich enough
Prisca Nemger (11 months ago)
Love the shirts and coats!!! 😍 I prefer pants past ancle though. 👍💞
Elena Savin (11 months ago)
Thank you
if I go like this in the lawfirm they will ask me what the he'll this black thinks she is...
The noob youtuber (1 year ago)
Leave the model alone tf!
arc 1393 (1 year ago)

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